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First Time (MMF)

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My girlfriend and I had our first threesome experience recently, and it was absolutely delicious! We had fantasized about it for years, and the reality was much better than we ever could have imagined. I love when Jasmine is at the height of sexual pleasure, and she most certainly was during and after our encounter.

We met Chuck on an online swingers? site. I was showing her some prospects one night when we received an IM invitation. Much to my pleasant surprise, Jasmine said to accept. We asked what he would do if he were with us, and he responded by telling us that he would massage her slowly and then work his way down her body before entering her from behind. She liked the idea, and so did I. It was late, so we exchanged phone numbers and made tentative plans for the following day.

Sunday came, but we were too tired and too far away, so we postponed our plans. I wasn?t sure if she was serious, but I showed her Chuck?s picture anyway. His response to Jasmine?s photo was ?very sexy,? which she is (5?3?, 140 lbs. with beautifully large breasts, spiky dark hair and a very pretty face).

About a week later, I texted Chuck and told him that we had not forgotten about him and that we would like to meet for dinner. He said he was available Saturday night, so I made dinner and hotel reservations near where he was staying. In order to get ready for the evening, we abstained from intercourse for about a week. We usually make love about three times a week, but that week we only engaged in touching, talking and fantasizing (although I did eat her Wednesday night), so she was really horny (as was I) when Saturday rolled around.

We arrived first at the restaurant, nervous, but excited. Both of us acted nonchalantly, but we felt anything but as anticipation of the evening filled our thoughts. Jasmine looked gorgeous in a hot black dress that afforded a generous glimpse of cleavage. Although we?ve been together for several years, I still can?t keep my eyes off Jasmine when we?re together. The idea of another pair of eyes checking her out had my cock standing at attention.

Chuck showed up a few minutes later and joined us at our table. He was about 6?2? (much taller than I) and appeared to be in excellent physical condition. After introductions and some pleasant conversation, I went to the restroom to give them a little time to themselves. I texted Jasmine to see if she wanted to invite him back to our hotel, but she was so engrossed in conversation that she failed to notice my message.

As dinner would down, Jasmine turned to Chuck and asked, ?So what?s the protocol for this? We?ve never done anything like this before.?

?It all depends,? said Chuck, ?on what you?re comfortable with.?

I had wanted to speak to Jasmine privately, but that didn?t happen, so I asked her in front of Chuck, ?Would you like to invite him to join us in the hot tub??

?Yes,? Jasmine said emphatically, so we gave Chuck directions to our hotel. He went back to his place to put on his swimming trunks while Jasmine and I headed back to our hotel room where we kissed passionately before heading down to the hot tub.

I looked around nervously for a sign of Chuck as Jasmine and I hopped into the hot tub. He texted to say that he would join us in about 20 minutes. The water felt wonderfully relaxing as we sat back and let the jets splash against our backs.

Out of nowhere, Chuck suddenly appeared. I had been scanning the entrances to the pool, but I somehow missed his entrance. He placed his towel down on a chair and slowly stepped into the tub.

We shared a bit more small talk until Jasmine made a comment about no one wanting to have sex with her when she was heavy. I expected Chuck to say something about how things were different now, but he didn?t take the bait. I almost made a comment, but I sat mute, afraid of what to say and afraid I might be in the way.

?I?m going to jump in the pool,? I said as I left Chuck and Jasmine together in the hot tub. My heart was racing and my head spun like a helicopter blade as I jumped into the deep end of the pool. Slowly, I breast-stroked my way around the pool with my eyes glued on Jasmine. Chuck soon disappeared from sight and my heart shifted into overdrive as butterflies exploded in my gut. Straining to see, my eyes were on Jasmine, but Chuck was not visible. Climbing the ladder, I headed back to the hot tub while Chuck excused himself to take a turn in the pool.

?He gave me a foot massage,? Jasmine confided with a devilish grin.

?Really? How was it??

?It was great!?

The words off Jasmine?s tongue tantalized me as if she were licking my hardening cock. ?What do you think?? I asked, trembling with fear and anticipation of her answer.

?He seems really nice,? Jasmine said as Chuck emerged from the pool and walked toward us. ?Would you like to come up to the room with us?? Jasmine asked.


With that, we gathered up our stuff and headed toward the gate. It was then that I picked up my cell phone and saw that I?d missed five calls, all from the same guy. A somewhat whacky friend from whom I had not heard in several months had tried to reach me several times over the past half hour.

?I can?t believe this. I haven?t heard from this guy in months, and he called five times. I better call him back,? I said as we walked through the lobby to the elevator. Arriving on the third floor, we entered the room together.

?Would you like to shower, Chuck??

?Yes,? he said as he closed the door behind him.

?Could you find a jazz station on the computer?? Jasmine asked me.

?Ok,? I said as I felt my flushed cheeks glowing. Jasmine and I shared a hot, passionate kiss before I turned my attention to the computer. It wasn?t long before the water stopped, and Chuck came out of the bathroom wearing only a pair of shorts. It was then Jasmine?s turn to shower, so I found the jazz station and headed toward the door.

?I haven?t heard from this guy for quite a while,? I said to Chuck on my way out. I better see what?s up. ?I?ll see you in a little while,? I called to Jasmine through the door.

?Ok, honey,? she said as I walked out and headed toward the elevator. My head was spinning as I descended on the elevator and dialed my friend. Much to my delight, he didn?t answer, so I left a message. Concerned about his welfare, I called another friend to let him know about our mutual friend?s plight. All the while, I was scanning the windows of the hotel, trying to catch a glimpse of my lover with Chuck. It was a large place, and I couldn?t figure what room was ours, but my mind was racing with possibilities. After leaving a message, I headed back toward the lobby when I got a call-back from my troubled friend. I took the call, but I could barely understand him since my mind was on my hot, horny honey.

Finally, I said goodbye and strode through the lobby to the elevator. I had no idea what I would find upon my return. Would they be entwined in some sort of passionate embrace, or would they be sitting apart, chatting? My heart raced as the elevator doors opened and I headed to the door. Inserting the key, I got the dreaded red light. Again I stuck the key in, and again I was denied entrance. Was this a bad omen? Finally, I got the green light and stepped into the room.

What met my eyes was quite the sight! Jasmine lay on her back, totally naked, while Chuck, also naked, knelt near her head, one hand massaging her breast, the other between her legs. Wanting to put them both at ease, I asked, ?What did I miss?? as I entered the room. They both laughed which created the perfect atmosphere.

?She attacked me,? Chuck said.

?I did not,? Jasmine said with a laugh. I was amazed at how comfortable we all were as I got on the bed next to Jasmine and gave her a wet and wonderful kiss. It was then that I noticed that Jasmine had Chuck?s huge cock in her hand, stroking it gently. Then I stood up, shed my clothes and rejoined my lover and her lover on the bed. Jasmine loves having her right breast massaged, kissed, licked and sucked, but, unfortunately, I was on her left side, so I took her left breast into my mouth while Chuck?s fingers furiously worked Jasmine?s clit.

Chuck got up from the bed and reached for an extra-large condom in the pocket of his shorts. It was then that I positioned myself for what Jasmine and I had always dreamed about. I dove between her legs and drove my tongue deep inside her hot, wet pussy. Many times we had fantasized about me eating her, getting her wet and ready while a well-endowed young gentleman waited to drive his hard cock deep inside her.

It wasn?t long before Jasmine was moaning with pleasure. Jasmine squirts when she comes, and her hot juices exploded in my mouth. She loves to taste herself after I eat her, so I worked my way up toward her hungry mouth and kissed her deeply as Chuck moved into position between her wide-spread legs.

With our lips together, mouths open, tongues entwined, Chuck began rubbing his rock-hard cock against Jasmine?s pussy lips. Between kisses I glanced down and caught a glimpse of him rubbing the head of his penis on her swollen clit. After another kiss or two, I looked down and saw him driving deep inside her.

?Oh, Chuck, you?re so big!? Jasmine announced with glee. ?It?s been a long time since I?ve had a cock that big inside me!? Not a twinge of jealousy or inadequacy did I feel. I was just overjoyed that Jasmine was enjoying herself so thoroughly. Chuck fucked her hard and fast and then long and slow. Periodically, he?d take a break and let his fingers do the work rhythmically rubbing her sensitive spot. At one point, he had her hips up off the bed as he drove himself in and out of her dripping pussy. I had always fantasized about smelling her erotic scent while she enjoyed the pleasure of another man; and as I knelt at the foot of the bed mesmerized by the hottest sight I?d ever seen stroking my hard, wet cock, her musky smell filled the room as did the sounds of sex. Jasmine moaned loudly as Chuck continued driving his full length deep inside her, his sack slapping her ass again and again.

Finally, Chuck exploded with a moan of his own as did Jasmine. He continued pumping her as they both hit the peak of ecstasy. After an exchange of pleasantries, Chuck dressed and headed out the door, leaving Jasmine and I on the bed together to enjoy each other.

?So what did I miss??

?Well, I came out of the bathroom, and he was sitting on the bed. I walked up to him, and we started kissing??

?What were you wearing??

?Just this.?

?No panties??


?I would have cum in my pants seeing your gorgeous ass coming out of the bathroom.? Jasmine smiled, and we kissed as I stroked my cock. She was a little sore from her encounter, so I pleasured myself as we talked. ?Then what happened??

?He reached up and slipped my strap off my shoulder and started caressing my breasts. Then he pulled my top all the way down and kissed and sucked my breasts.?

?Oh, that?s so hot! I honestly didn?t know if, when I opened the door, I?d find you fucking or just talking.?

?We were doing more than talking.?

?Obviously! Ok, go on.?

?Then I pulled his shorts down. His cock was so big. I stroked it. Then I licked it and started sucking him.?

?You sucked his cock??

?Yes! Then he pushed me back on the bed, and the next thing I knew, you were holding my hand.?

?That was so exciting!?

?Yes, it was!?

She was a little sore from her well-endowed lover, so we replayed the events of the evening as I stroked myself. It wasn?t long before I exploded all over my sexy lover. In the morning I was still horny, and so was Jasmine, so we started the day with a bang.

What amazed me most about the experience was how normal and natural it felt, not to mention tremendously exciting. We?ve since had a few other experiences that I?ll share at a later date. In fact, tonight we?re meeting another gentleman for a late night rendezvous, and after several hot texts throughout the day yesterday, I?m sure that will prove to be another night of hot passion.

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