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First Meeting

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Big, blond and beautiful! That says it all about her. The knockout of my dreams Diane was and still is. She dazzled me when we first met at the train station. She was hot with her hair all neatly tucked into her style. She didn't wear too much make-up, which was a plus. I'm not a fan of a caked-on face. It gets in the way of the kissing and licking and such. She had a little eye shadow on and some rouge by her cheeks, lipstick and that was about it. I figure that it's a shame that so many women hide their natural beauty with make-up. This one had much beauty in her carriage and appearance. I knew that wouldn't last for long this day.

We had talked online and by phone for quite a while. Our talking had us primed and ready for the action soon to begin.

Women under the right circumstances, making love to a soul mate can be as vulgar as sailors. Saying what would never ever come out of their mouth, normally and wallow in the mud like pigs when elevated to an orgasmic state of bliss. Passion has a way of doing that. Diane was my soul mate. She wasn't vulgar but, we did wallow. She was more than ready for elevation I had promised.

Diane is lovely, rubenesque, comfortable and nearly six feet of beautiful woman. Being in our fifties we made quite an attractive couple being six foot four myself. She was one big, beautiful, shapely, bi-sexual erogenous zone, seething with sexual need.

Now possibly she reacts to every man or woman the same way she did to my touch. I didn't care as long as she reacted for me and she certainly did. All women get horny to the point of acting like a slut regardless of how beautiful or ugly men think they are. All have need. All are sluts when turned on the way they need to be. Don't get me wrong now. There is nothing wrong with being a slut and even more so when they are ladylike in their sluttish actions. It's exciting, shows her level of passion and turns me on. To the exclusion of all else she was my slut for now and I was mesmerized by her.

Our first meeting I took the train in from the city where I lived to another. She had driven in from her small town. We had talked at great length online and by phone beforehand but, she was understandably nervous at that first meeting. We got in her car and with my hand on her thigh she drove. Diane quivered with anticipation. I had hoped my hand was doing that.

I didn't know the city so we drove and talked until we came upon an empty church parking lot. I told her to drive in and park. Having the hard on from Hades, on the church property, I in someway just had to have

She would not kiss me in the train station but now it was different. Extremely sensual was our first kiss. It was tender, caring and loving but with one passionate goal in both our minds. We were hungry and starved and needy for tongues and lips and cheeks and necks or whatever body part got in the way. Teenagers in the throes of heat in the front seat of Dad's borrowed car. The buildup of months of talking and planning this venture had come finally to fruition.

Her kisses so sweet and hot were filled with the promise of what was yet to come. I hope to heaven I was giving her as much as she was giving me. I nearly came in my pants from her kisses and know she did as I raised her dress and told her to spread her legs. Her cunt was awash with crystal clear, fragrant cum. The panties came off then.

Long past sopping up her juices they were serving no useful purpose and I slid three fingers up her twat sliding in on the nectar. Diane came on my wiggling fingers and I would not let her stop cumming. Attacking her G spot and clit I worked her stuff good. My thumb on her clit and fingers strumming her G spot sent her into a tizzy. My hand was busy while our tongues were still dueling.

Diane screamed another long drawn out cum. The sound captured by my mouth upon hers, while her pussy was gushing another wave. She sucked my fingers of her juices while I kept kissing her neck and cheeks. Her orgasms so violent I asked her if she was all right. She said she was while shuddering out yet another aftershock. The kind women get that's similar to a whole body shiver. Multiorgasmic!

Recovering a bit Diane felt my dick through my pants catching her breath on the thickness of it and exclaiming, "Oh my! I've got to do something with that". "

You will darling, you certainly will, soon", I told her.

I had a plan. Didn't know what it was exactly. I was too dazed by her awesome sensuality. This beautiful person reacting to my touch the way she did. I could have died and gone to heaven right then and there. Loving the way she was I just had to have more. Greedy you say? Yeah! As they used to say in the TV show M*A*S*H she was the "finest kind" and I had to have some more, please?

Fixing our clothing and she her makeup, she drove out the church parking lot in search for a place to eat lunch. In fact we needed to cool our jets just a bit. Diane turned me on so much what I was doing with her could be conceivably called r*pe.

She seemed immersed in the heat we produced yet I could sense a bit of fear on her part. Fear from what we were doing. Fear for where we were doing it. Fear for the power that seemingly I held over her. Fear of the wanton desire and sluttishness she had for me. Fear of the r*pe at her doorstep.

I believe real women get off on pleasing their men...submitting to them...doing what pleases them. Real women get their pleasure from giving pleasure. By being a Whore. Pleasing her was getting me off. Watching Diane reminded me of that. She was a real woman. She pleasured me by just being.

Don't remember what we ate. We really wanted to be done with it and eat each other. Hurriedly we drove to a city park on the lake and picked up where right where we left off.

People walking past her car heard and saw us. One woman stopped and watched for a good while, joined by a teen aged couple. Clothing in disarray, heaving breasts uncovered, in throes of lust, we did not care. One high point occurred there. I discovered she enjoyed her nipples being twisted and pulled. Then she spread her legs wide. I put two fingers in her cunt, my thumb on her clit and the other two fingers up her ass, with spectacular results. I sucked a nipple and we stayed that way, while Diane howled like a banshee. Kissing, sucking and licking, while humping my digits, Diane created a hot, wet puddle of her sweet cum, in her front seat.

After what seemed like an eternity we waved to the onlookers, who scurried away, fixed our clothing and drove off. The last train was soon and I had to be on it.

The second high point of the day happened about a block from the train station. She pulled the car over saying she hadn't taken care of me. Interrupting me while I was trying to say I was happy pleasing her, she unzipped me and pulled my pre cum soaked dick out into the bright sunshine. I always enjoyed giving my partner all she could stand before taking my pleasure. Figuring she got what she needed then I'll get what I need. I need a lot so she got a lot.

Thinking I was going home with purple balls, Black men don't get blue balls like those with lighter complexions do, this was a welcome surprise from Diane. Hauling me out and stoking my girth and length she was tentative, at first. Kissing the tip of my pre cum soaked head and saying, "You were telling the truth about your size. It's really nine inches by three inches. I didn't believe you". I just grinned at cum strands now attached from my dick to her lips. Licking and kissing my hard on along its length she then took the plunge swallowing to the back of her throat. She gagged herself, while protesting she was o.k. Then she went right back and gagged, yet again. Now she believed and devoured me. No kissing the head, she ate the whole thing, running her teeth along the length and taking me deep into her throat. She sucked hard, and it took a massive dose of self-control not to shoot my load there and then.

Diane sucked my dick so good and I was so desperate for release at that point I began fucking her face. Humping her mouth until my balls slapped her chin. The slut in her took over as she got into a rhythm with my humping.

All thoughts of the train escaped our minds as we were working towards one goal. I now had both hands on the back of her head as I fucked her mouth. There goes the hairdo. She was better than good. Diane was the best I ever had and I told her so as I kept on humping her throat. Every move I made she kept up with. Her cheeks hollowed, lips slurping and sliding on the hardest dick I had ever known in my life. Tip to balls she was working me like her life depended on it when the first shot surprised us both.

Diane swallowed six or seven without missing a drop. I kept humping her face, fucking her throat as long as the good feelings lasted and she kept sucking and cleaning me.

When my dick finally popped out Diane had that deer caught in the headlights look. Mouth filled with traces of cum, from what she didn't swallow she shuddered out another cum of her own and said, "I've never done that before!" I looked in her eyes and said, "As good as that was you will be, again".

I kissed her well used mouth to seal the deal.

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