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Fill Her Up

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1. Introduction

Carrie was a submissive. The 21-year-old had been living with Anthony, her Master, for six months. She was content with her lifestyle as a submissive, as Anthony had a lot of money and saw to it that Carrie was well taken care of. Her main objectives in life were to obey, and never complain.

As long as Carrie obided by those rules, Anthony was happy.

Carrie sat in the rec room of the house, its door closed, awaiting the inevitable. She could hear several male voices outside the door, in the nearby living room. Anthony had invited four business associates to his house to close a big deal. They were also his friends, and Anthony promised them that they could all gang-bang Carrie if the business deal was reached, and signed.

This was nothing new to the submissive. Carrie had been the featured attraction in gang-bangs before, as her Master really enjoyed watching her have sex with other men. Carrie liked being gang-banged, because she loved being the center of attention. Just the mere thought of having sex with multiple men at the same time made her very excited. She became an inferno when these situations took place for real.

Carrie was told by her Master to stay in the rec room and not leave it, under any circumstances. Anthony was in the adjacent living room, finalizing the deal with his business associates. He told all the guys that once an agreement was signed, they could have their shot at his submissive.

Carrie was an extremely beautiful woman. Her hair was natural blonde and went slightly down below her shoulders in little ringlets. Carrie had a lovely face and smile, and a gorgeous body. She stood 5-foot-8 and weighed 120 pounds, and possessed very shapely curves and an athletic figure.

In the rec room, she sat in a large swivel chair, wearing a sexy, slinky dress and looking as good as ever. The dress was low-cut and displayed a lot of cleavage, plus it was black and made of fine silk. To top the outfit off, Carrie wore dark, thigh-high stockings and black high-heeled shoes.

She had been told to dress this way by her Master. In fact, he had chosen the outfit himself.

The young woman was lost in a daydream, but was jolted back to reality when the door to the rec room opened. Four men followed Anthony inside, and they all looked at Carrie with lustful eyes. "It's showtime," she said to herself.

2. Fill Her Up - More Introductions

Carrie stood up, hands at her sides like a good slave, and looked at Anthony. He glanced around at the four men and then focused his attention on the submissive.

"Carrie, a contract has been signed, thus insuring the construction work downtown will belong to my company. As an added bonus, as you already know, I offered you to these four men - kind of like a 'thank you'. Are you up to it?"

"Yes, Master," she replied, in an obedient voice.

"Good," the 34-year-old Italian returned. "First, I will introduce you to these men. This right here is Brian,"

Anthony said, pointing to the youngest man (age 27) of the group. Brian had light brown hair and a good build. "Next to him is Shawn, one of my best friends." Shawn had blond hair, along with a handsome face but just an average body.

"Over there, we have Derek." Derek was the oldest of the group at age 38, but Carrie considered him the best looking.

He had a nice face and big, strong muscles. "Last but not least, there is Mark." Mark was short in height and had a stocky build. He had dark hair and appeared to be the most eager to get his hands on Carrie. "Say hello to them."

"Hello," the submissive said to the group, tentatively.

"Guys," Anthony said, "this is Carrie. She is my slave and I am her Master. We have a light D&S relationship, one which is lenient and not too harsh. But when I tell her to do something, she is expected to obey me. Carrie has her orders, so I think it's time that the gang-bang start."

"I want her first!" Mark exclaimed, full of lust.

"We went over the rules and order earlier," Anthony told Mark. "You already know that for the first go-around, each of you will take turns on Carrie, by alphebetical order. So that means that Brian will get first crack at her. The rest of you can sit down and watch."

While the others took a seat, Brian smiled and stepped forward, his anticipation building at the thought of fucking this hot blonde. "What do you like, baby?" he asked her.

Carrie smiled and shook her head. "Whatever you like."

Brian took the goddess into his arms and kissed her with great passion and lust. Carrie wrapped her arms around his body and squeezed hard, trying to mold her perfect figure into his hard muscles. Brian kissed her feverishly, using his tongue, and then reached down and lifted the hem of her black dress. He reached underneath the dress and pinched her ass several times, making her coo and squeal.

Carrie reached down herself and squeezed Brian's cock through the slacks he wore. In response, the man moved both hands up near the back of Carrie's neck, and then unzipped her dress. Brian slipped the dress from her shoulders, and then down and off. All of the men looked on in delight at Carrie, who was now clad in only black silk panties, a matching garter belt and stockings, plus a pair of heels.

She had not worn a bra, and her large, plump breasts bounced and jiggled as she moved toward Brian for another kiss.

The blonde gave him a hand-job again through his slacks as their kiss resumed. Brian cupped her ass and pulled her tight against him, and kissed her even harder than before.

Almost out of breath, he finally broke the kiss and said, "Why don't you give me a blowjob?"

Carrie smiled and dropped to her knees in an obedient manner. She unzipped his trousers and pulled them down, then whipped his erect cock out from his boxers and licked her lips at the tasty sight. Carrie opened her mouth and then slowly closed it, half of his prick inside it.

Brian could not believe the sensations she was giving him. He remembered that Anthony told the group earlier that Carrie was like a well oiled machine - a sex machine which would always please and never quit. That was the way her mouth felt around his cock. No one had ever sucked him off so good before. No one!

Carrie was using her 'vacuum technique' and was really getting into the idea of blowing this big, beautiful cock, but was dissapointed when she felt it shoot off in her mouth. She loved the salty taste, but did not like his lack of stamina. The blonde wanted to suck his prick longer.

As a submissive, Carrie was not allowed to voice any sort of disapproval or anger, so she kept quiet and wiped her mouth with her hand and fingers as Brian pulled away, then licked them dry while waiting for the next guy.

"Derek, it's your turn," Anthony said to him.

Carrie looked at the other two men. Mark had his slacks off and was already masturbating at the sight of her.

Shawn was still fully clothed, but there was a huge tent in his trousers. The blonde licked her lips at the sight, unhooking her garter belt and sliding it off in the process.

Derek got up and immediately went over to Carrie, nude himself, and joined her on the floor. "My my my, what a lovely young woman you are," he told her in a deep tone.

"Thank you," she smiled, blushing.

"What do you want next? I'll do anything you want."

"I don't care," Carrie told him. "I'm a submissive. I'm your fuck doll tonight. Do with me as you please."

Derek smiled and laughed. "Man! I wish all the women in my life had that same type of attitude!"

The blonde shrugged her shoulders in a suggestive manner.

"Maybe you just haven't met the right type of women yet."

"Maaaaaybe!" the man smiled, excited, as he pushed Carrie onto her back. "I've always been a person who loves eating pussy. I've been wonderin' what you taste like ever since Anthony showed me a picture of you a few days back."

"Find out," Carrie grinned, spreading her thighs for him.

Derek smiled again as he slipped her black silk panties down her hips and thighs, and off. A thin patch of blonde curls barely hid what promised to be an exquisite pussy, the man thought to himself.

He grasped her upper thighs and held them wide apart while diving into her sweet muff with his mouth. Carrie arched her body high and grabbed her breasts in lust at the feel of his tongue on her clit and pussy. He really knew what he was doing, she thought inwardly.

Derek licked and slurped away at her pussy, enjoying its wetness and musky scent. He had Carrie in a sexual frenzy, as she panted and writhed around in lust beneath him on the floor. The spasms within her grew and became stronger at Derek's expert oral work, and soon she could not herself back any longer. The submissive screamed and wailed in pure lust as an orgasm ripped throughout her, her pussy simply overflowing with sweet love juice.

As Derek moved away, both Mark and Shawn stepped forward.

They had just agreed to fuck Carrie together, at the same time. Both men were now nude, as were all the other guys in the rec room. They all looked on in anticipation as Mark and Shawn took a seat on either side of Carrie.

Shawn turned her lovely face toward his and kissed her in sheer lust, his hands and fingers busy tweaking her breasts and nipples. Mark, meanwhile, rubbed her soaked pussy with his hand and kissed her shoulder and neck. Carrie moaned at all the wonderful attention she was receiving from the men, wishing it would never end.

Shawn broke the kiss for a quick breather, and then the submissive looked over at Mark. She found his lips and kissed him, while still moaning and now squirming in pure delight and pleasure.

"I want her ass," Shawn said, in nothing but lust. She broke the kiss with Mark and looked over at Shawn with a big smile. "Yeah, I'm gonna fuck your ass."

"And I want your pussy," Mark said. "Anthony told us that you really like being double-fucked."

She grinned and nodded her head. "Yes, I do."

In a matter of seconds, all three of them were in the neccessary position. Mark was flat on his back upon the floor, and Carrie was seated upon his huge cock, leaning forward so her breasts were touching his chest. Shawn, meanwhile, had moved behind Carrie and then forged his prick into her tight anus, after lubricating it with gel.

The two men caught a rhythm, and had Carrie in a blaze of fire and lust in no time flat. Double penetration was her favorite part of every gang-bang.

Shawn gripped her ass hard with his hands and thrusted himself deep into her anus while Mark shot his hips upward in a continual manner, filling her hungry pussy. Carrie screamed and cried between the two men, panting and gasping for oxygen in the process.

"Taking a third man has never been a problem for you,"

Anthony said to Carrie, dropping to his knees before her.

"I want you to suck my cock."

Carrie moaned as her eyes rolled back in her head for an instant before she opened her mouth wide for Anthony. He scooted forward and thrusted his prick into her awaiting mouth, and then she closed her lips around it and started sucking away, like there was no tomorrow.

Derek and Brian decided to get up from the sofa as well, and take a closer look at the action. Carrie was fucking three guys, all at the same time. Both Derek and Brian wished she had a few more orafices for them.

The submissive groaned and screamed, her mouth full of Anthony's fat cock, as Shawn and Mark pounded her down below with their own pricks. She was rocking back and forth in a quick, almost violent manner, much like a pinball in an arcade machine.

Shawn was the first to explode. He gave one final, hard thrust into her ass and buried himself there, then shot his creamy load into her, filling and flooding her bowels. As Shawn pulled out of her, Derek looked on in amazement, watching cum just seap and drip out of Carrie's anus.

Mark was next. He screamed outloud himself, then grabbed Carrie's hips and forced himself up into her, as far as he could possibly go. Carrie moaned in delight as his cock erupted in her, though her mouth was still full with her Master's shaft. Once Mark rolled out from underneath her, Carrie then got a full mouth-fucking from Anthony.

Anthony thrusted his cock in and out of her mouth, very hard and roughly, much like it was her pussy or ass instead.

Carrie gagged and would occasionally choke, but welcomed his strong actions and desires.

Anthony pulled out of her mouth and then blew his wad all over her face and hair. Carrie gasped for breath but smiled in delight as cum was now splattered upon her face and hair, dripping down onto the carpeted floor below.

Derek and Brian wanted a piece of what Mark and Shawn already had.

"I'll take her ass," Derek told his friend, "and you can have her pussy."

"I get her ass next time," Brian said.

Carrie had been thoroughly and completely fucked, but much like Derek and Brian, still wanted more.

She crawled over to Brian, who was now laying on the floor, and straddled his cock. Sweaty and still gasping for breath, Carrie lowered herself and then squealed as his hard prick slid up into her pussy. Derek got behind her on his knees, and punched his shaft into her puckered anus.

All three rocked together as she received another helping of double penetration. Sometimes, Carrie wished that her Master would bring home more men for these gang-bangs - like 10, or even more than that. The submissive didn't know if she could handle that many guys, but sure would like to try.

Neither man was worried about rhythm this time around.

They were each out for their own pleasure. Derek simply pounded her ass, while Brian nearly went insane, forging and thrusting his cock deep up into her sweet pussy.

Carrie was the first to experience an orgasm this time.

The blonde screamed and roared in absolute passion, almost letting the entire neighborhood know that she was having an orgasm. The loud display triggered both Derek and Brian to experience orgasms of their own, at the same time. They each stuffed their cocks into her, and let the juices flow.

Both moaned and growled in lust, and Carrie gasped, still trying to catch her breath.

Once the two men finally let go of her, and walked back to the sofa, Carrie was given a short time to rest. She lay on the floor, limp and tired, and used heavy breaths, her brown eyes closed. This was very exhausting work!

The blonde then opened her eyes and saw a foot next to her on the floor. It belonged to one of the men, who was standing over her, wanting to fuck her again. It was going to be a very long and satisfying night, she told herself.

3. Fill Her Up - The End is Near (Sorry)

For the rest of the evening, it was more of the same for Carrie and the five guys. They all took turns filling her up, from every angle and position, and in every hole. Each of them got to perform at least four sexual acts with her.

Carrie was fucked beyond belief, but still wanted more.

Once the group party was over, and the four men went home, Anthony took his submissive to their bedroom and made mad, passionate love to her. He could never get enough of her, although he had her several times during the gang-bang.

Anthony felt extremely lucky to have a slave whose sexual drive and desire didn't have any end to it. She was much like him that way, which he definitely enjoyed.

Carrie absolutely loved the whole night. The slut simply couldn't wait for her next gang-bang. Hopefully, she told herself, it would happen very soon. If not, well, she still had Anthony to satisfy and submit to. That sure wasn't a bad alternative for her.

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