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February and Emily Makes A House Call

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The Party at Dana Point had ended just the way the following paragraphs read in his diary for Anne and him, Eddie. He thought about how sexual their first swinging encounter had been, how surprised he continued to be as Anne nightly kept their once stale sex lives inventive and lusty ever since. She loved him enough to trust him and of course that night at the party got to experience recreational sex just as he had with other people for the first time since being in their twenties.

Here?s what the diary said though he?d read it several times since then:

?I found out on the way home the next day that all the women had these little cards and they had all, including Anne, handed them out. I think Anne knew a little more than she had said but at least my dick was adequate enough to get invites. It turns out that the hosts have these parties once a quarter and there are about 20 couples who regularly in different four couple groups meet for just such gatherings. We?ve been invited to the March 28th gathering and we?ve agreed to go.

Anne has been fucking me every night since with inventiveness and solid passion on the basis of what had happened New Year?s at Dana Point. I never thought she?d love me enough to try this but she does. She?s asked me several times to tell her everything about who I fucked and she?s told me all about hers. We always fuck hard after one or the other stories now. Two days later, she even surprised me by telling me she?d given Emily one of her cards and invited her over to do both me and her if Emily would let her suck that wonderful camel?s toe vulva of hers.

I?ve had a hard time forgetting the answer when I asked Anne what Emily had said in response when she said that. ?She?ll be here by herself February 1st honey. Save up!?

He got hard every time he read the page he?d written that on and it had been part of how they?d gotten right here, six thirty on February 1st. Despite the excitement of the thought, he hadn?t really thought Emily would show up and was more focused on the March event during January but he did think about seeing Emily and wondering if she came if Anne would let him watch the two women together or if Anne actually had the courage to do Emily or let Emily return the favor.

The month of January had flashed by pretty rapidly and he hadn?t heard much more specific about the invitation and Emily so he finally had asked at dinner on the 30th about it. The exchange, as he remembered it, went something like this:

?Anne, honey, what?s happened with Emily? Is she still coming over on the first or was that just a polite ?yes? that she didn?t really mean??

Anne didn?t miss a beat with her soup. ?Well, you know we?re scheduled to go to that house in Corona Del Mar March 28th with the hosts of the Dana Point party and two other new to us couples, right??

?Yes, I knew that. I still have the invitation card we got for it. I don?t think Emily will be at that one though if they do what they say and vary the couples, right??

?Yep, that?s what they say and you are right, I don?t think Emily will be there then. She is planning on coming over here the first though about seven or so and told me on the phone this morning that she was looking forward to seeing both of us.?

?Cool. You still want to try being with a woman, Anne??

She laughed, ?Oh, yeah, I?ve had wet panties for two days thinking about it and what you told me her pussy was like. You might like the surprise Emily says she?s bringing along too!?

?What surprise??

?Can?t tell, honey. It will whet your appetite to wait!?

His had been whet alright, more than whet for two days now and when he glanced down at his watch he saw the time was six thirty and the date was February first. Showtime!

That?s what brought him and Anne to tonight and the ringing doorbell.

Anne called from the kitchen to him when she heard it chime, ?Can you get that, Eddie? I?ve got to finish getting something out of the oven. I think it?s Emily and her surprise.?

He was slightly nervous or more properly, slightly excited, as he answered. ?Sure, right now.?

His footsteps clicked on the foyer tile as he reached and opened the big door. When the door was open there stood a very demure Emily smiling and pleasant and a woman about six inches taller, substantially more to her as well.

He said immediately, ?Well, hello, Emily, great to see you. And who is the surprise?? He reached out and wrapped his arms politely around Emily and pulled her into the house while extending his other hand to the tall blonde next to Emily.

Emily gave him a welcome hug and responded, ?Eddie, I?d like you to meet my surprise, my fraternal twin sister, May.?

May squeezed his hand and winked at him. ?Hi, Eddie. Emily tells me we are in for an interesting night.?

His laugh went back as far as the kitchen where Anne heard it and spoke: ?Bring them back here, Eddie.?

The three walked to the kitchen with Eddie tagging along behind admiring Emily?s long ass with wide at the bottom hips and imagined her vagina and how he remembered its camel?s toe shape, his first ever that looked classically that way. It was going to be fun watching her do Anne and vice versa. May was no slouch to watch walk either. Her body was more substantial and everything on it moved beneath the simple dress she had on.

When they got in the kitchen Eddie made introductions and watched as Anne hugged Emily first then May in greeting before inviting them all into the great room where they had jazz playing in the background. Eddie bought wine and the four sat and talked without ever mentioning what they expected to happen. It got a little awkward as neither he nor Anne knew if May was there to participate or if so, who she was going to participate with.

Finally, May stood up and asked directions to the nearest bathroom and when she was gone Emily winked at Eddie and said, ?You know, Anne invited me over here so she and I could play but I want you to feel free to watch or join in. When May heard about what a good lover you were, Eddie, she told me she wanted to come along and keep you company and maybe get to meet this fantastic wife of yours too if I wanted to share. How does that sound to you, big guy??

Eddie stood up as May walked back into the room, glanced at them and walked over to him and put her arm through his and said, ?What?s the answer, big guy? Shall we??

All he could do was put his wine glass down and laugh as she curled her arms around him, turned her front to him and squashed the nicest pair of boobies against his chest and started a long kiss.

May had her answer and so did Emily who moved over to Anne and put a hand on each side of her hips and carefully slid her body against Anne?s more lush curves before gently turning her head upward and opening her lips to Anne?s kiss.

Eddie watched as their lips touched. One second Anne was tentative and the next she was opening her mouth to Emily?s tongue and letting Emily grind her mons against her own tummy and leg with a passion that was immediate and strong.

May was without inhibition and reached behind his belt and down the front of his slacks to find his cock and held it while she kissed and began to breath stronger and stronger. Eddie returned the kiss and the heat of sex kicked in as he reached down to the hem of May?s dress and lifted it behind her to reveal a tiny white pair of panties covering a very nice ass.

As he and May kissed and explored each other, Emily and Anne in full view of Eddie and May continued to kiss and fondle one another as they stripped their clothing off. When Eddie dropped his pants and spread May?s legs while they stood there almost naked to put his cock against the silk of May?s wet panties, Emily was already touching Anne?s bigger tits with one hand, squeezing first one then the other, and had slipped a finger apparently inside Anne?s vagina, making Anne?s legs a little wobbly.

May whispered to him between kisses, ?Listen to your wife moan, Eddie. She?s getting her first kiss from a woman and she?s going to cum before she even gets her clit rubbed!?

Sure enough, Anne?s legs gave way and she fell on the couch as her body shook and spasmed from what Emily had started. She lay there looking not at Eddie, not at May, both of whom were engaged in standing, fucking and trying to do it without falling down, but at Emily who had shed her panties and was standing in front and above her, slowly rubbing her camel?s toe of a pussy with its big, full lips with the hand covered in Anne?s juices.

Anne?s eyes rolled back and her own hand found her pussy and pushed it as her body shook again. When the shake was over she reached up and pulled Emily towards her, standing over her, and with no hesitation in front of May and Eddie, slowly inched her tongue up and down the engorged camel?s toe slit that was Emily?s pussy. The other three in the room could hear Anne?s nose breathing in, smelling Emily?s juices, could see the push that Emily made as Anne?s tongue reached her clit then trailed down her gash and lost itself in the opening before re emerging. Emily was holding Anne?s hair and helping move her head.

Eddie got glimpses over May?s shoulders as his cock went in and out of May?s extremely hairy pussy when she humped against him or away from him with her legs as he held her butt with both hands to keep her the right height. Her tits bounced and flopped against his chest and he began to sweat. Some of the sweat was the effort and some of the sweat was from watching Anne bring Emily to a face crushing, bone rattling, shaking orgasm that lasted for twenty seconds as Anne?s hands held Emily?s butt and pulled it to her, smelled her, felt her heat and lapped juices right from Emily?s pussy.

It was too much and Eddie went over the edge, filling May?s vagina with spurt after spurt of thick white cum which started May on her second orgasm matching his liquid with her own.

First, Emily fell down when her legs wouldn?t hold her then Eddie had to lean against a wall with May who had her eyes closed and was sliding down his leg with her wet pussy leaking his cum and hers against his leg all the way down. It wasn?t long until all four were horizontal and for a moment or two, spent.

May pulled his balls, whispered in his ear, ?Eddie, you?re a great fuck. I?ve never enjoyed it more.?

?Honey, it was fantastic for me too.?

She was watching Emily and Anne who were dr*ped over the big ottoman when she spoke again while caressing his semi soft, wet cock hopefully back to full life. ?Watch Emily, I think she wants her turn and is just getting started.?

Sure enough, Emily kneeled and used her hands to spread Anne?s thighs and get a view and access to Anne?s wet pussy as they watched. He and May could see Anne?s outer lips were full and swollen, with moisture covering them, hair wet and stuck to the lips and the sort of clam shaped ridge where the two brownish lips spiraled up and down her opening which showed hints of pink wherever they weren?t gapped together. They watched and touched each other as Emily looked for a few seconds at Anne?s pussy, used a finger to feel Anne?s thighs then sunk her face towards the crotch and made contact with her mouth which drove Anne to start rhythmically humping her hips up into Emily?s face.

Eddie knew Anne very well but he?d never seen her from this far away in the throes of passion nor seen her be this passionate with anyone else. She as all animal, all lust and all cumming the minute Emily?s tongue hit her clit. She grunted, groaned, writhed and ground her lips and hips against Emily who started to move herself.

May knew her sister well and spoke in his ear, ?Honey, your dick?s hard again, get it wet and push it in her ass while she?s fucking Anne with her mouth. I want to let Anne suck my pussy and take some of your cum from me.?

He was helpless and didn?t even think, just walked over holding May?s hand and helped her straddle Anne?s head and squat as his hardened cock rubbed Emily?s gorgeous butt until he found the little rosebud at the top of her crack below her spine where her hips divided. He opened her buttocks and looked first. He saw not pink or flesh color but a brown area along both sides of the crack leading to a perfect but wet bud where his cock was going to go.

Emily reached under and moistened his cock with some juice from Anne?s pussy and a little more from Mays, rubbing it on the head and raising her hips inviting his cock in. Carefully, his hand guided the tip and slowly, Emily pushed backward until he was in and past her sphincter and moving in and out of the first ass he?d ever fucked. May?s pussy was right in front of him with his wife?s tongue lapping her clit and drinking the wetness that he knew was both his and May?s.

Once he was in Emily?s ass and they were fucking, he reached forward for May?s tits with one hand and Emily?s side with the other alternately squeezing Emily?s small tits and pulling a nipple and groping Anne?s big tits that we mashed against May?s legs.

They were four people completely tangled like a pile of monkeys all fucking all directions all at once when Anne stopped sucking May?s pussy and her muffled voice spoke, ?You will spend the night won?t you all?

They all broke into laughter and the pile of monkey?s fucking dissolved into legs, arms, hips and hands against one another in a big pile with sweat, cum and body fluids glistening everywhere.

No one knew who was touching whom. Eddie only knew that he was going to see how May felt about having her ass fucked before morning and he was pretty sure he?d get a chance to lick Emily?s wonderful camel?s toe. Anne was going to be darned busy fucking the two women and being fucked if she didn?t pass out from the excitement. He knew that the evening was already a success for her and it was only going to get better.

Just then, he wasn?t even thinking of Corona Del Mar and March 28th. He was just too damned happy with the surprise he?d gotten and wondering how well the camera was doing getting all this on tape.

He had a lot more to thank Anne for now and it was only February first!

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