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Fantasy party

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It was eight o?clock, the time we had arranged to meet at the house, but there was no Jon just yet, I watched the comings and goings of everyone just hoping Jon was still going to show. There he was just getting out of a taxi, a big smile appeared on my face, he looked so sexy, so inviting, I was going to enjoy tonight with him I just knew.

We walked into this big room together and there were some very pretty girls around, the men were nice too. The wine was being freely given out, and after we had all introduced ourselves, we all sat down to dinner. The food was great, we were all busy chatting and getting to know one another, I could tell I was going to really fit in to this party as they made me feel totally relaxed.

After dinner we all went into this other room, there were four couples and Jon and myself. I looked around the room and could see couples kissing, others touching one another up, I felt almost excited to be watching then, my nicks were beginning to get a little damp, I looked at Jon, looked into his eyes and just knew he wanted me as much as I wanted him, we kissed, our hands wondering all over our bodies, Jon made his way down underneath my skirt, feeling my nicks, mmmmm now he would know I was so turned on, they were getting wetter by the minute, I looked around the room and others were getting their clothes off, I felt so horny watching the others at it as well. Well we didn't want to look the only ones dressed in the room as by now everyone had their kit off, so many cocks all in one place, so many pussys all hairy and wet, I was so turned on by them all.

Jon was in front of me just wearing a hard on, god I wanted to suck him off, I looked around the room all couples were at it, some fingering their women, some giving blow jobs well I just had to suck Jon, my tongue running all over his cock, down his shaft around to his balls then back up, all this time Jon was fucking me with his fingers and tongue, we were having a 69, I wanted to cum and did in Jon?s mouth, I could feel Jon about to cum and I sucked and swallowed his cum, but not all of it, some I let dribble down my mouth, Jon got up and started to lick the cum from my mouth. With that a couple came over, ?We were wondering,? she said ?if you both would like to join us in some sex games?? I looked at Jon and he winked his eye, OK I thought this was going to be fun, they brought a blindfold over for me to wear, and I put it on and lay there. I could hear footsteps omg some one had just spread my legs open wide, oh I couldn't see but it felt so good, someone was licking my clit, god this felt good fucking good, I almost orgasmed, I held back, then I felt a cock on my lips I opened my mouth and the cock was so hard, I started sucking it off not knowing who's cock it was, god my pussy was truly being tongue and finger fucked so good, I couldn?t hold back any longer. I came, not sure who's mouth I came in, then I was being turned over, I could feel another cock entering my arse, I was sucking one cock being fucked by another, and I still had someone under me licking my pussy and fingering me, then they took the blind fold off, I was sucking off the blokes cock, Jon was fucking my arse and a woman was sucking my clit, I had cum in a woman?s mouth omg I?d never done that before, then both men were asked not to cum in me but to cum in the jug of red wine that had gone around the room, I helped Jon reach his orgasm and fill the wine jug with his cum, then I started to wank off the other guy to cum in the wine jug, I was still as horny as fuck, then they blind folded Jon.

Mmmmmmm, it?s Jon's turn I thought, then two woman came over towards Jon, one started to suck him off and the other one sat on his face pushing her pussy deep into his mouth, I could tell Jon was loving it his cock rock hard still, god I wanted to be fucked by some one, then I could see others wanking into the wine, mmmmm all the cum in the wine jug looked good, then a woman came over to me and started to kiss me, I kissed her back almost a little scared at first, then just went with the flow, we kissed with tongues, then she went down on me, she was good. Her being a woman I guess she new exactly where to suck and what to lick as she was a woman, I wanted to cum in her mouth, she started to finger me omg I thought this is so fucking good she knows exactly how I like being finger fucked, I couldn't hold back any longer, I came big time, she fingered me quicker and licked my clit as I came she knew what to do at what time, wow I thought to myself, then it was my turn I opened her legs a little more, gently licking her clit, this was the first time I had licked out a woman it felt odd, not right, but I couldn't not do this, I carried on fingering her and licking her clit and brought her to orgasm, then I looked over at Jon who still had the blind fold on and there was two guys with him, one fucking his arse, the other one Jon was sucking him off, you could tell they were about to cum, then the wine jug was brought over and each one came into it, by this time there was lots of cum in it, then we all sat, looked rather fucked for a better word, then the host of the party asked us one by one to drink the wine, the jug was passed around the room each one of us drank some, when it came to my turn you could see all the cum in it I drank it, it was good I passed it to Jon who drank some as well.

This party was going with a swing I thought to myself, then the host said that the men could cum anywhere they wanted now, one bloke came over and sat with me, his fingers doing a wander down to my pussy, I opened my legs, I wanted him to finger me, my pussy was wanting all this attention, id never been fingered, licked or fucked by so many people before, well in my life, this felt so good, he went down on me and I went down on him, sucking him off, tasting his cock, making him so hard for me, my tongue working wonders on his cock, Jon was being sucked off by a woman, and he was sucking another woman?s pussy, I couldn't help but to cum in his mouth, id lost count to how many orgasms I had had, then he lay by the side of me and cum over my face and tits, I rubbed it into me, and tasted it off my fingers, his cum tasted good.

Jon came over and said to me, ?Lynne I want to fuck you before we go, I wanna make you cum and I want to cum all over your body.? Jon went down on me licking and sucking on my clit, I was pushing his head into my pussy, making sure he was having a face full of my delicious pussy, his finger went inside me, he was finger fucking me and licking me out. ?Omg, Jon yessssss, I want you to fuck me Jon,? I said to him, then Jon turned me over and slipped his cock in from behind, finding my clit and playing with it, he was fucking me for all he was worth, god this felt so good he was fucking me faster and faster so hard and so deep, then I could hear Jon moan with pleasure, he was cumming inside me, I reached that point of no return too, feeling and hearing Jon orgasm just brought me to one. After, Jon started to lick me out again tasting our juices that had mixed together, then we kissed so I could taste my juices on his tongue and his juices too, we held one another, relaxing in the time we had left, I had to get dressed and go. ? Well, this was one hell of a party,? I said to Jon. ? Wasn?t it just?? he replied, with a huge smile on his face, we got dressed and said bi bye to the others and thanked them for a wonderful party. ... ?I think we will be back, Jon, don't you?? I said to him. ?Oh yes,? Jon replied, ?without a doubt?. We got to the door, went outside the house, we kissed the last time, I could still taste our cum on his tongue mmmmm we looked at one another and said see you next time darling xxxxxxxx

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