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I walked into the bar a little nervous, it was our first meeting. The emails had been fun, and the pics were awesome. Was he everything that he said? He said 11? and I had never had one that big inside me before and was anxious to try. I sat at the bar and ordered a double, I am always nervous the first time I meet someone new. I was sitting sipping my drink when I felt a tap on the shoulder. I turned and looked up into a set of deep brown eyes and I was lost. Then he smiled and said, ?I am Steve, nice to meet you.? We sat and made small talk for a bit, and I grew increasingly more comfortable, and wet!! We ordered another round of drinks and moved to a table to continue talking. A slow song came on and we went out to dance. As I moved closer to him, I could feel his cock against me, it felt huge, and hard, now I new that we were both attracted and the evening was going to be fun. I leaned into him on the dance floor and let my chest press against his, letting him feel that my nipples were hard and I was in agreement. He nuzzled at my neck, which sent chills down my spine and a jolt to my center. His hands traveled along my back, and made me feel warm and cozy; I could not get close enough. When the song ended, he leaned down and gave me a toe tingling kiss. I was wet and ready. We sat back at our table, and flirted a little more. His hand was resting on my thigh, and when he leaned over to kiss me again, he let his other hand brush along my breast. I rested my hand on his knee and began stroking slowly upwards. I was really enjoying what I was feeling. He was stroking my inner thigh now, under my dress, he was soon going to find out that I had no panties on! Steve could feel how wet I was, and he leaned in for another kiss and I felt his finger stroke my pussy. I moaned into his mouth. He touched my clit and I squirmed. Steve kept his mouth on mine as he fingered my pussy. I was in such a state, that I forgot where we were. I shuttered and came on his hand. Then I pulled his fingers to my mouth and sucked the juices off.

Just then I heard an ?Excuse me?? behind me. I thought the management was going to ask us to leave, but it was a friend of mine that I had played with on several occasions. Pete just smiled and said, ?I see the meeting is going well.? Steve asked him if he would like to join us for a drink, so Pete went to the bar and got us all another round, and sat on the other side of me. I now had Pete on one side, who I knew could do great things to me and Steve on the other, who I knew I wanted to do great things to me. I was having a good time and could not wait to see how the evening ended up. I excused myself and went to the ladies room. When I came back the 2 of them were smiling and there were shots on the table. I looked at both of them and I knew something was up. They both just smiled and Steve handed me my shot, we drank to ?Old friends, new friends, and new experiences.? I thought at that point Pete would leave, but he stayed and sipped his drink. Next thing I know, they are both kissing the sides of my neck, and each has a hand on my thigh. I did not mind, as I was in heaven, but I had never been with two men at the same time before, and did not want to turn Steve off, as this was our first meeting. That is when Pete whispered, ?I know what your fantasy is?. And Steve whispered, ?And we can make it happen tonight.? As fingers reached my pussy lips from different sides, I could feel the moisture flowing from my pussy. Pete had known that I had always wanted to be with 2 men, but had never followed through with it, and apparently he had told Steve this while I was in the lady?s room. I reached down and felt that they both had hard on?s. I was getting really exited and then felt one fingering my clit as the other fingered my pussy. I had another orgasm right then and there. I smiled, gave each one of them a kiss, and said I thought we should take this party elsewhere. We decided to go to Pete?s place, and we all got in our vehicles and followed Pete home. My mind raced the whole way there, wondering what it was going to be like. When we got there, Pete fixed us each a drink and put some music on. Steve and I then began to dance in the living room. His hands were roaming my body, as mine were exploring his. Then Pete came up behind me and the three of us danced together, as two sets of hands moved around me. Next I felt my blouse being un buttoned, and then my bra being removed. I should note that at a 40D, I am too large to go without a bra. Pete then began playing with my breasts and nipples from behind, as Steve?s hand made its way up my skirt. I leaned back into Pete and opened my legs wider for Steve to have better access. I felt my skirt fall to the floor, and was now totally naked between these two wonderful guys. Pete then took his clothes off as Steve kissed me, and then he turned me around and kissed me while Steve undressed. We were now all totally naked and ready for more play. Now, I should tell you, Pete has a beautiful cock, and I love the way it feels inside me, but I was totally unprepared when I turned and looked at Steve. Holy Shit, he was everything he said he was, here was 11? standing tall and proud, I could not wait to get my hands on it. I reached out and with one hand on each cock, began stroking, going back and forth with kisses, as each played with a nipple. We then moved things to the bed room. I sat on the edge of the bed, while each man continued to play and suck on a nipple. I also felt hands on my thighs, and spread my legs wider. They were playing with my pussy and clit, kissing my nipples, and kissing me. One of them then put his fingers inside me and began to stroke. My eyes rolled back, and my body started to shake. That is when Steve found out that I can be a squirter. I only squirt when I cum really hard, and boy did I!! Steve then knelt in front of me and began his attack with his tongue!! And he did attack, he was licking me from my clit to my ass and back again, and I was squirming. Pete continued to play with my nipples and kiss me. I lay back on the bed so Pete could straddle me and took his cock into my mouth. I ran my tongue around the head of his cock, and down the shaft. Then I moved down and took his balls in my mouth and gently sucked on them while I stroked his cock with my hand. All the while, I am getting eaten like never before, and finger fucked at the same time. I took Pete?s cock in my mouth and sucked on it while licking it with my tongue. As I am sucking, Pete leaned down and began to suck on my nipples. My whole body started to shake with all the sensations going on, I convulsed into the strongest orgasm I had ever had, and sucked even harder on Pete as I came. After I came down from the monster orgasm, I still had 2 hard cocks on my hands, so to speak. Oh, what is a girl to do? I asked Steve to lie down on the bed; I then straddled him and began slowly moving his monster cock inside my tight pussy. I was very wet, so that helped. I took it slowly, as I had never had that much in me before, and was not sure it would all fit. As I relaxed, I started moving so he got a little deeper. I stopped to adjust, Pete then leaned in and kissed me deeply, he knows his kisses make me forget everything. Next thing I know, Steve has grabbed a hold of my hips and thrusts his entire 11? inside me. I bolted upright, startled, and just sat there getting used to the feeling of having something so big inside me. I felt great. I have never felt so full before. He then rolled me over, still inside me, and began stroking slowly in and out. He was hitting spots that I never felt before. He began moving faster, as Pete reached down and started playing with my clit. I came again in waves; it felt like I was having one long orgasm after another. I started yelling, Oh yes fuck me harder!!! I was flying, I like to be fucked hard and fast, but this was beyond my imagination. I came again and again. Steve slowed his thrusts and I started breathing again. He then rolled us again so that I was on top. I just sat there for a minute, my hands on his chest, catching my breath. I leaned down and kissed him deeply, thanking me for the fuck of a lifetime. He laughed and said that we were not done yet. I said I knew this, but was not sure if I would be able to talk to thank him later. As I was lying on top of him, with him still inside me, Pete began to lick my ass. He then put some lube on his finger and began to slowly stroke it in and out of me. I am not much into anal, but this felt good. Next thing I know. Steve is kissing me and holding me still as Pete straddled from behind and slowly worked himself into my well lubed ass. I tensed, but Steve kept stroking my nipples and kissing me, getting me to relax. Soon Pete was all the way in. They both held still so I could get used to the feeling. Then Pete started slowly moving in and out of me, long slow strokes. I started moving against him, and this got Steve moving Pete reached around and played with my nipples as they found there rhythm. I was in heaven; I have never felt anything like this before. Soon they were both pumping into me hard and fast, matching each others pace. I could feel the 2 cocks inside me, rubbing against each other from the inside stroking faster. I just came and came. As I started to bear down on Steven, wanting to feel all of him, I could feel him tense up. Pete must have sensed this, because they both started moving faster at the same time. Steve grabbed hold of me, tensed, and thrust himself as deep inside of me as he could go. I did not know I had any room left. I could feel him filling my pussy with his hot cum. Just then, Pete started to pump harder from behind, and I felt him tense up too, he then shot his load in my ass. I collapsed on top of Steve, as Pete collapsed on top of me. I was sandwiched between the best bread in the world. Pete then pulled himself out of me and rolled off. I then rolled off of Steven, feeling very sad and empty when that magnificent cock slid out of me. I had soaked him with my constant state or orgasm. Pete got up and got us all some water, which was desperately needed at this point. Then the 3 of us just laid there for a moment, stroking and touching. When Steven got up to leave, I kissed him and told him it was wonderful to meet him, and that we had to get together again. Pete shook his hand and Steve left. Pete just smiled at me and said, I told you that you could handle more than one cock, you love cock. ?Next time,? he said, ?we will have to try four or five and keep you really busy.? I laughed at Pete, reached down and stroked him, and began sucking him to make him hard again, and just looked up at him with mischief in my eyes, and said maybe. That will be another story, I have to go fuck Pete some more now.

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