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Donna called a couple of weeks later and said they were planning s party at their house and had invited some other couples and did we want to join them. There would be two other couples, them, and us if we wanted. Sherrie said sounds like fun. Donna said one of the couples were friends and the other couple were new and it would be their first swing experience, but both were excited and wanted to do it.

We arrived at Donna’s home and were greeted by David. Inside was low lite with candles. One other couple was already there Sandy and Steve. The new couple arrived. They and were Rita and Bill who were there for their first swing experience.

Donna had told us that in Rita and Bill’s ad they had described themselves as new to the lifestyle and she was Bi-curious. Apparently Sandy was also although hadn’t actually done anything with another woman. Sherry remembered on the first trip to the swing house that Donna had been rubbing her thigh while she was doing the guy and that it had felt good. Rita and Bill were much younger than the rest of us as they were 19 and 22. They weren’t married and didn’t live together.

So it was decided that spin the bottle would be a fun way to get started. The Ladies were in the middle and the guys on the outside. So the ladies did all the spinning. They could choose either the guy or the girl or both. They than had to stand or sit in the middle and do something sexy for two minutes. Donna as the hostess got the first spin and it landed on Sandy and she said both of you.

Donna was in the middle with Steve behind her and Sandy facing her. Steve put his arms around her. Donna give Sandy a kiss and Steve was pushing against her butt with his obvious hard on under his pants and reached around her playing with her boob’s while she was kissing Sandy. Soon the 2 minutes were up and they parted. Sandy looked hot as her face had some color red.

And so it went around the circle until just about everybody did something with just about everybody. We all took a drink break. Everybody was ready for sex.

It was decided that the couples names were put in a glass and the host would draw the name of a couple and that would divide us up for the first session. Sherry and I got Sandy and Steve. Sandy was 35 and beautiful and I was anxious and ready to have sex with her.

We went into a bedroom and Steve was really ready for Sherry and moved over to her and soon they were undressing each other and Sandy and I were doing the same along with passionate kissing. We all four ended up in the bed with me making love to Sandy and Steve making love to Sherry. Steve was watching me with his wife and said first time I’ve seen her with another man. We have been with two other couples, but in separate rooms.

Sherry pulled away and went down on Steve and soon they were in a 69. Sandy said lets do that and we were in a 69 as well.

I moved behind Sandy and was doing her from behind and Steve was behind Sherry doing her doggie and the two ladies were facing each other and Sandy leaned in and kissed Sherry. Sherry was a little surprised but went with the moment and returned the kiss. I felt Sandy cumming while she was kissing Sherry and she was making noises and pushing back against me.

I felt my cum rising and jerked and pounded into her and squirted. Steve seeing me cum in his wife grunted and slammed into Sherry and jerked and came in her and Sherry climaxed with him. We stayed there for a few minutes all breathing hard.

We got dressed and returned to the living room.

Sherry and I went outside to smoke and she said that was fun. I really enjoyed kissing Sandy. Well more will come I am sure. I asked Sherrie if she was interested in being with another woman, she smiled and said oh your fantasy. I said yes. Sherrie said it certainly would be something new.

I really am curious because I enjoyed kissing Sandy and having Donna rub my thigh. I need to talk with Donna and see what I will be doing if I decide to do anything. If I do, I want it to be with Rita or Sandy, they are beautiful and sexy and Donna said they are curious as well. I said ok talk to Donna.

Well Donna and Sherrie talked. Sherrie said that Donna had had one experience herself and had had fun. She told me what had happened and that the nervous part was when it came time to go down on the other girl but once she got into it she liked the effect it had on her and when she went down on me it was like a man doing the same thing and I was ok with it. I think you should start with Rita as she is really anxious to try it. Why don’t you invite her to go in private and just see what happens. I will tell her you will be asking her. I said what the hell why not..

Sherrie and Rita’s story I approached Rita and asked did Donna talk to you? With excited eyes she said yes, I would like to try it, it is the main reason I am here, hoping it might happen.

So Sherrie and Rita left the room hand in hand to go on an exploration of each other. Everyone else knew what was happening and watched them leave.

Sherrie and Rita were alone and uncertain. Sherrie as the oldest as she was 34 and Rita was 19 started by giving Rita a hug and a kiss and than more kisses and Rita asked may I undress you and Sherrie said yes and Rita unbuttoned my top and removed it and than my Bra. Rita said you are beautiful and removed my skirt. And all I had on was my panties. I followed her lead and undressed her down to her panties. I realized at that moment I wanted to make love to this lovely young woman and I was surprised. I pulled her close and our naked bodies touched and it was an incredible feeling of her boobs and mine pressed together and we resumed the kissing and touching each other. She was so hot for this and I was too. I leaned forward and took one of her boobs in my mouth and began sucking. She moaned and said oh yes, good, and than I did the other. She pushed me back and began sucking and licking my boobs and it was a wonderful watching this beautiful young woman sucking on my boobs. I was so turned on and wet with anticipation.

I had no doubts left. I wanted to touch and taste her all over. I slipped my hand inside her panties and moved down to her pussy and for the first time felt another woman’s wetness and it felt just like mine when I did that to myself. I felt her hand slip inside my panties and she was feeling my wetness as well. I slipped my middle finger inside her pussy and she moaned and pushed against my hand and I moved my finger in and out of her. She through her head back cried out and climaxed on my hand. I was so hot. She began fingering me and I slid her panties off and than mine. We laid there fingering each other and kissing and she said this feels so good, I knew it would be like this. I said yes. She said I want to go down on you and I rolled away and opened my legs and she lowered her self and I felt her tongue on my pussy and felt my cum rising and cried out and climaxed on her face, She said you are so wet. I said I want you and she swung around and without hesitation I buried my face in her pussy and we rocked together licking and sucking. I was so hot for her and she for me. We licked and sucked and fingered each other knowing we were building toward a cum. We were trying to time it so we would cum together and I felt her go rigid and she increased her attention on my pussy and began to shake and moan and I could feel myself ready to cum. We were locked in an embrace of intensity and I felt her cum and than, my cum and we held on to each other so as to not lose contact. We both stopped moving and laid there together quietly for several minutes with our mouths on each others pussies. Slowly our breathing returned to normal and we moved to face to face and began kissing each other and tasting each other.

I didn’t know what to say except I love you. I felt overwhelmed with my feeling for this lovely woman.

We actually had made love. I also realized that my willingness to have sex with new people was about sharing myself with them and them with me. That I was in fact making love not fucking and so any doubts about the lifestyle disappeared and I had become a true swinger.

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