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Ex-Wife Pays Her Speeding Ticket

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This happened in 1975 with my ex-wife Sherri. I was in the Air Force and we both liked to enjoy all the sex possible. She had branched out to include some girl on girl fun and I enjoyed it as she almost always had me there too. One day she went to Winter Park and had gone thru a small town and had been pulled over for speeding. The problem was that we were on a tight budget at the time and had no extra money for things like that. Sherri told me she had tried to "whine" here way out of it but was still stuck with a ticket that would be about 200 dollars. She was thinking that the cop that pulled her over may have been implying that there may be more than one way to pay the fine. His words were, "The Judge sometimes provides special conditions and a person might be able to do some special public service." Wel, the time for her appearence was 3:30 in the afternoon and she took special care to dress very sexy. She wore a nice thin tank top and no bra. She had very perky firm 38DD titties then and her hips were nice and round with a nice firm ass so she wore a blue jean skirt that was just below her shaved "Y" just in case. Well I drove her to Apopka (a small town in the early 70s and dropped her off at the combination city hall court house. There were a few people around most likely paying fines and such. There were two police cars in front. I stayed in the car so she would be free to "Pay her fine" in any way that could be worked out. The following is what she told me happened.

I walked in and there was the officer at the inside of the court room door. He greeted me, Hi Mrs. ________, I am glad you made it to court. I spoke to the judge about you situtation and he is waiting in his office. Great she told him. He was looked at her up and down...and she noticed this and added, "I am willing to do any service to work off my fine." He told her that was all up to the judge. They went into his office and closed the door behind. There was another officer there and he stood next to the desk. You may approach the bench he told her. She walked up to the desk and smiled. I am here yur honor to take care of what I owe for my ticket. Officer _____ says you are willing to work off the 300 dollar fine, is that correct? Well, yes sir, but I thought it was around 200 sir. There are other costs he told her. Oh, well, I suppose that is how it is then she told him. Step around her Mrs. _____. She walked around the desk and stood in front of him...Yes, I think you will be able to work this off in two visits. Will that be satisfactory for you? Yes your honor. But what will I have to do. Take off your shirt he said. Sir? she replied acting as if she was not expecting it. Take off yur shirt and if you ask again the fine goes up another 100 dollars. Yes your honor and she pulled it over her head...His hands were on her e titties as soon as the shirt came off...Making her moan...Yes, I think two visits will take care of the fine, what do you gentlemen think. They had both stepped closer and agreed, Whatever you say Judge, you know what is best. Spread your legs ... is it Sherri? Yes your Honor,,,she moaned. She was already hot...she stood there and parted her legs...His hand went between her legs and found no panties blocking his path...MMM...looks like you were expecting to take care of the fine that right Sherri...Yes your honor...His fingers sank into her pussy...and what are you willing to do for the payment...She gasped a breathless .."Anything, anything at all." Good he said, Officers, lock the doors, we don't want to be disturbed while Mrs ______ pays the first installment on her fine. The doors were locked and The judge told her, on your knees now Sherri...She got on her knees and her skirt was unzipped and fell to the floor..Suddenly the judge had his cock out...there you are ,,, now suck it for dear he said. She took him in her mouth and began sucking slowly..making the judge lean back in his chair...the officers were undressing..then suddenly as she was leaning forward to suck the judge and up on her knees some she was rammed hard ... into her pussy sank a PR-24 baton...she moaned loud and it plunged into her...Good Sherri,,take the baton began fucking her pussy and after a couple orgasms the judge pulled her face down on his cock, cumming in her mouth...she swallowed it all down...then he told her to get up and come with them. The went into a room that had a large couch...she was laid on it and one officer get to his knees and began eating her pussy...she orgamsd again and then he got up and shoved a nice hard cock into her...the other officer was at her face and his cock disappeared into her mouth...the judge was near by massaging her titties again...the cop in her pussy growled and unloaded in her pussy...she cried out for him to not stop...he was replaced by the judge as she sucked the first cock more...after an hour of this they all got up...cuff her to the couch the judge told the officers...they took out 4 pairs of cuffs and spread her out...arms out and legs got his radio...Time to come on in right there. I watched two other cars drive up and two officers went in...they got in and stripped and got into took her ass, that had not really been broken in yet so she was crying out from pain and pleasure and the other shoved his cock into her mouth...sucking it all she swallowed loads of cum that evening...I saw her at the window later getting her shirt on and her I got up and walked to the door..and knocked..A cop came to the door..Yeh..Is my wife Sherri here? Ahhh, ah yeh, Judge the husband is here for his wife. They were all a little nervous it seemed. Okay, well, Mrs ______. That takes care of the fine. She walked over very dilerberately to the judge and grabbed his cock thru his pants...No it doens't she told him massaging his cock. I will be back next week to pay the second half...they all looked at us and she kissed each officer as she walked to me...She turned around and smiled at them, "And guys, next week, call for backup, it will take more than 5 of you to keep me under control." She turned and took my hand and we got in the car...The next week, she paid her fine and there were 8 officers there, a couple deputies from the county came in the back up the city police. All in all, she really enjoyed her public service...and we had a great fuck session when we got home.

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