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Driving home one night

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I was driving home one night after a very late shift at work. Matter of fact I'd to pull a double shift and I wasn't looking forward to the drive home as it was hot during my first shift and by the time the second shift started I was already worn out from working and the heat.

Any way, I pulled into a small parking lot that is for those that hunt or something as there was a bullentin board up listing those the rules for fishing limits and when what is in season. I pulled in and turned the lights off to rest. I'm not sure how long I was there when I heard a knock on the window. Thinking it was the conservation police or a county deputy, I pulled my drivers license out without thinking. I rolled down my window and they guy was laughing when I tried to hand him my info. I asked him what was wrong and he told me that it's getting ready to rain, for me to let him in the side and he'd tell me. By now I could see that it was getting ready to rain and he wasn't no officer. So I let him into the van that I was driving. He told me that he thought it was funny that a guy would give another guy his personal information just for a "hook up". I told him that I wasn't parked here for that, as I just couldn't make it all the way home after working a double shift. He said that was too bad as he was looking for a "hook up" tonight. Then it started to rain, and it rained hard.

Well, I don't know what came over me, but I just unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. I told him that I guess we have some time, as he'd get soaked just trying to get to his car that I couldn't even see with the rain coming down so hard. Now I never got the other guys name and he never asked me mine, so I can just guess his name was Dick. Dick took my cock into his mouth and sucked and sucked on it. I told him that we'd have more room for him to work my cock if I got into the back as the Van was an older model that had PLENTY of room in the back. Dick stopped sucking my cock and agreed to get in the back. I lead the way and as he did, he stared to feel my ass and asked me if I'd ever done this before. I told him that I hadn't, but that if he needed some cock, that I didn't have a problem with giving it to him. Dick never said a word, but just growled in a playful sorta of way. Dick helped me out of my pants and started to suck on my cock again. This time he was taking his own pants off. I couldn't really see what he was pulling out of his pants, but I guessed it was either a rubber or some small bottle of lube as I figured that he'd stopped here many times before.

Well he want back to sucking on my cock and now he had began to finger my ass. First one finger as he was sucking my cock and then a second. I was gasping as I was really enjoying what he was doing between sucking my cock and finger fucking my ass. He paused for a moment then started on me once again, but this time it felt different. That was because he had moved so that he could lower his cock into my mouth. He said try this as he put a 3rd finger into my ass. Now he had to have been used to working this spot in the dark as his eyes had to be well adjusted to the lack of light. Cause when he got that 3rd finger into my ass, he could see my mouth opening moaning. That is when he put his cock into my mouth. I started to protest but he pushed his fingers into me deeper and his cock into my mouth more. Then I felt something that I'd never felt before...A MAN'S CUM! It wasn't what I'd call a HUGE load, as I can cum more, but for my first time at getting a guy's load in my mouth, more than I could handle. Dick was groaning telling me to cum, but I don't normally cum when a gal sucks me, so wasn't going to cum for him. Dick got off me and licked my face as cum was still on it, despite me opening the window and spitting it out. I heard him open the van door and tell me that I needed to fuck him as he fucked me. I got out as it had quit raining and put a rubber on. He lubed my cock and told me to go easy. I told him that I'd never fucked a guy before, and he said that this would be even better as I'd not take as long as some do when fucking him. I pushed into him as he pulled his checks apart for me. He was very tight as I'd not fucked even a gal's ass before. But after I felt the head of my cock pop into him, he told me to go slow at first but just before I was to cum, fuck him good.

As I was following his instructions, I started slowly at first but what seemed like seconds, was fucking him harder and harder. During this time, he was moaning that I was doing him great for my first time fucking a guy and if I'd like to get my ass fucked for the first time also. I must have said that I did as I started to cum as he told me great, we'll do that. I finally pulled out of him and sat on teh edge of the van door, panting. I pulled the rubber off and dropped it onto the ground. Dick grabbed my cock and pumped the cum that was left in me out into his hand. Then started to stroke his cock with it.

I asked him if he was going to jack off again or something and he said something. I leaned into the back of the van to get my clothes when I did, I felt him behind me. I told him that I wasn't into this, but he said that I'd agreed to it and that he was going to finish. I started to protest and just as I did, I felt his cock push into me. He pushed into me as far as he had when he fingered me, so I thought not too bad. He pulled out and ask me if I was ok and told him that I was but glad he was done. He said that he wasn't done, just lubing himself more...then he pushed back in. Between the pain of his cock in me, the feeling of his cock hitting my prostate, my cock got hard again and shot all over the van door opening.

Dick came also, but pulled out to shoot his load outside the van. Dick told me that I was a good sport and that he'd love to "hook up" with me again. That never happened as I never stopped there again. But I think about it from time to time.

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