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Drive Thru Twice

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The following story is one of extreme exhibitionism. One that I would say borders on being a little TOO risky, but interesting nonetheless.It involves myself and my girlfriends fantasy becoming a reality. It's a fantasy of extreme public display and raunchiness.

" Drive thru TWICE! "

So there we were again...sitting on the sofa wondering what sort of mischief we could get into on a Thursday afternoon. The weather was extremely nice and it wasn't even dark out yet. My girlfriend, who I will call Princess, suggested that we go and grab a bite to eat. I said " OK. Where do you want to go?". She said, " Oh...we don't have to do anything special. I was thinking maybe go to a drive thru or something and grab a bite." I told her " Absolutely! That sounds great!". With that, she told me she was going to get some clothes on and then we'd head out. Sitting on the sofa, browsing through the channels, I noticed it was taking a while. I thought nothing of it really and just continued flipping the channels as a bored guy would. I had just took a sip of Coke and almost had to spew it out when I saw her come out of the bathroom from changing! There she stood, in all of her beauty that only SHE could muster up. She was wearing a very slinky little halter that crossed over her aereolas just barely and let her nice cameo breasts spill out from the side. She could basically just pull the material to the side slighty for one of her breasts to be free from it's restraints. The halter came up and tied around her neck. It was a sexy white halter with some glitter to it so it was snazzy! As my eyes relaxed from such a sight and lowered a little, I saw that she was wearing a pair of black booty shorts that litterally you could come up and squeeze her ass cheeks without a problem. They fit snug. I grabbed a quick feel as she stood over me and asked me what i thought! I smiled really big and reached around behind her and squeezed her nice butt cheeks that were hanging out of her shorts. Reaching up, I felt for underwear and she said " You can feel all you want but honey i'm not wearing any!", and winked at me really big. I smiled back like a child at Disneyland at my Princess! She looked totally hot, but it was that total slut kinda hot. That was ok cause she'd be bouncing up and down on my dick later that night anyway. There was no way she was getting out of a hard pounding and even SHE knew that! We walked out of my apartment and down the stairs. I let her go first a little ways and followed slowly behind, pretending to be fumbling in my pocket for something instead of looking like the total perv. But I HAVE to admit, and some guys understand where i'm coming from, that sometimes a girl in a short skirt or booty shorts we kind of like to see walk ahead of us so that we can stare at that ass and legs. Something about letting her take over the buggy in the grocery store and going down the dairy isle, nipples hard from wearing something a little too much next to nothing. Legs with slight chillbumps because the legs are just out there. I mean that's all you see and can concentrate on is ass and legs. Do you guys out there feel me?

LOL So I was saying, I let her walk on ahead and I walked slowly behind her, letting her do the leading. She was definitely leading this little horse to drink, and he was ready to slurp. So mesmerizing was the site of her plump ass. Princess wasn't a skinny girl. She was one where you had something to hold onto when you were fucking her senseless. I can remember times when we would be in bed lying sideways and I would be fucking her from behind. I always have her lean forward, almost to the fetal position with her ass just sticking out for me to fuck. I move in slowly under her, behind her, sometimes while she is sleeping even, and with a nice lubed cock i slowly ease into her. When the motion gets going good, I love reaching both my hands around her waist and basically pulling her up against the rock hard cock that's fucking her. She just leans forward, saying nothing, occasionally moaning, knowing that being submissive in nature, I pretty much get what I want, when I want. She'd been that way since I met her. And I know my Princess does it for no other reason than because she loves me and she wants her man to be happy, and that makes me always feel like a king. Sometimes I'll even call her my little fuck slut, but she loves it. Before I ramble on too much in detailing our private moments, I will continue with what I was saying about that particular evening. She continued walking toward the car, which was parked in an apartment complex. Lots of people are always going in and out, and there are a lot of hard working hispanic guys in my apartment complex. I always did think Hispanic guys were cool in that if they like something they will look, and it doesn't matter if you look back, they won't turn away. They desire to be right there, right in the action, and most of them are really cool. She crossed over the parking lot and was getting in the car. Suddenly she said, " Oh baby, hang on a second, I've got so much crap in this car, give me a minute to clean it out a little for ya." I was like ok. So by then I was standing beside her on the passengers side waiting for her to clean the stuff out a little. My eyes about bugged out of my head when she opened the car door up and bent over really far picking up pieces of paper, trash, etc, in the floorboard of the car. She basically looked as if she was bent over trying to touch her toes. Her beautiful cameo white ass cheeks were just coming right out from under those booty shorts. I couldn't help it. I came closer and while she was cleaning things up, I stood right behind her, and while making sure nobody was looking, I let my hands drop with my palms toward her ass and I grabbed a nice big feel right there. Here I was, in broad daylight, squeezing and fondling and massaging my girlfriends beautiful rump and I didnt give a crap who saw me really. I basically just wanted to make sure there was no police around or anything. I heard her say from inside " Are you having fun honey????" And i told her I was. She was good like that. She'd lean over as long as I felt like feeling her up. I backed off after about 5 good solid minutes of feeling that soft skin of her ass cheeks between my fingers. She finished and in I hopped. She came around and got into the drivers side and gave me a mischievious smile and asked me if i had enough fun or did i need more. I told her that more is almost always better when it comes to stuff like that. She told me to fasten my seatbelt, and then we headed off to the drive thru.

As corny as it sounds, we were just in the mood for something cheap so we went to that silver little burger joint that has the double sided drive thru. When she drove the car around, I noticed that she pulled into the side that allowed ME to order. I asked what she wanted, and began placing the order. As I was placing our order, I couldn't help but feel something stirring around at my zipper. I looked down and could barely concentrate on the order. Princess was undoing my zipper, right there in the drive thru!! I could barely contain myself, but continued ordering, but with one MASSIVE erection! She had my cock and balls out and was stroking me when I finished up the ordering and was waiting for the guy at the drive thru speaker to tally up my order. She leaned over and whispered in my ear that she was treating ME and that she would be paying. I was like ok whatever, that's fine. She was good to me like that, and never seemed very materialistic or high maintenance at all. I buy her things and she buys me stuff. I fuck her, but she does NOT fuck me! :) So anyway, she's really working my cock in her hand jerking it and getting it nice and hard while the guy is coming back over the speakerphone with the total. I said " Ok honey, here we go." I had to be a gentleman and tell her that we were about to move forward so if she wanted to maintain her composure she could. She said, " OK!", and with that, she leaned over and closed her hot little whore mouth down over my dick. She made it especially rotten by wearing her sexiest slut red lipstick that she could find, so she looked so fucking great sucking my cock, since she had her hair pulled back in a ponytail, i could see her cheeks bulge each time she took my dick in her mouth. Nervous as I was because we had never done anything quite THIS bold and risque before, I continued to pull up to the drive thru window with her head bobbing up and down on my dick. The guy running the drive thru came to the window. I'm open enough and confident enough in my sexuality to say that he was a good looking young guy, around twenty to mid twenties, brown hair, blue eyes and kinda built. She told me she thought the drive thru guy was really cute. He stood there at the register turning back quickly to pour up the soft drinks and turned to the window. I swear I thought that boy was going to drop both those drinks when the window slid open. There Princess was, working my cock in and out of her mouth making obvious slurping sounds. I sensed that he was liking what he was seeing and it made me want to give him a little extra to really blow his mind. I reached over with my left hand and pulled the really thin material of her sexy halter top aside, letting her boob just fall out right there. She moved her arm up and forward to give me all access to play with her nipples and get some great squeezes in. It was a good thing the guy was in the drive through window because I would have hated to see how fucking hard he was seeing what was happening. He just smiled and watched a few minutes while i continued to let her just go down on me and suck my dick, occasionally turning her head sideways to lick my balls for me. I added a " That's it baby, suck those balls you little slut!" She moaned " MMMMMM". Then i figured that since cars were now driving up behind us to get their orders, we better move things along. I was COMPLETELY aroused and turned on!!! I kinda grunted, as if clearing my throat and said " UMMM, Honey, It's $7.46. " She raised up as if embarrassed and said " OMG HONEY!! I didn't know we were already at the drive thru window!!! " She reached into her purse, her right tit still hanging out from where I freed it up from it's material. She probably didn't even notice that it was out. It happens a lot when we go out, she'll be walking or sitting somewhere with just me and her and I will say " may wanna cover it up!" , and she turns all red. The material of the halters I buy for her I make sure are pretty thin and extra slinky. She fished through her purse and produced a ten dollar bill. I fumbled through my pants, and produced a still rock hard erection with lipstick all over it! She leaned over me to hand the guy the ten and apologized and said she didn't even know he was there. He told her it was not a problem and she smiled really big at him in a teasing fashion. The drive thru window then closed and he proceeded to count out the change and prepare to get the order together. The guy obviously at this point didn't know whether he was coming or going. To my surprise, Princess then leaned over and told me she wanted to watch me jerk my cock and cum for her, but that she wanted me to let her know when i was almost there! She knew that if i so wanted, I could cum in under a minute from jerking. So with that, i started jerking my nice firm cock for her while she leaned over near me playing with the nipple of that breast I had pulled out with her left hand. She was so fucking beautiful in the sunset light, and just looking at those cameo boobs and knowing she just sucked me in front of another guy at a drive thru made me super excited. I jerked it until i just couldn't hold back anymore and I said " Ok honey, I'm about to cum!!!" and with that she leaned over and finished me off by taking my cock into her mouth and sucking it nice and hard and fast. I blasted her mouth full of cum, and kept on cumming I was so excited. The guy came over to the window again and opened it up to see her sucking on me yet again. I nudged her to let her know he was back at the window and she leaned up after swallowing my prescious semen down her slutty little throat. She took her change, I took the food and the drinks. As we were about to pull away, she told the guy that she was sorry, but that she was just really really hungry and hadn't eaten all day as she wiped her mouth. He told her his name was Phil, and that it was ok but there was one request that he wished to make to us for any future visits. He leaned down closer to our window, looked at us both, then looked back at all the cars in the drive thru. He said " Next time you guys think about doing something like this and there's a line of cars behind you, and if it's me especially working the drive thru window, i'd really appreciate it if you guys would....DRIVE THRU TWICE!! ", and he smiled. We drove off into the sunset, litterally, on our way back home. I looked over at her and said " You know what? You are SUCH a slut!!! But I LOVE YOU BABY!!", and that's when she reached over and started tickling me on the back of my neck and said, " I know you do honey...I know you love me....".

Hope you guys enjoyed the reading.....feel free to comment and give me feedback, and also read my other two stories.


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