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Dream come true . . . with a surprise

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I absolutely never thought I would be writing a true story to this site, but what happened a couple of days ago truly qualifies as something to share.

A little background is in order to "set the stage". I am a very "regular guy" in his mid-50's, who, kind of missed the sexual revolution of the 60's and 70's to a large degree and have been happliy married with many children for a long time. Never having strayed from my partner over that time because of a very fun and fulfilling sex life I noticed after 50 our sex life had started to slide. I joined this site in hopes of rejuvenating that fun but my wife just couldn't pull the trigger. Not being one to "go after" women I figured my sex life was winding down. As time went on I began to have a curiosity of playing and/or sucking another guy's cock, but only as a sidelight to a good MFM situation. Of course, I never figured anything would come of that curiosity, especially the way it did, but here is what happened.

I am a Realtor and was helping a client try to rent out her condo while trying to sell it. She was hoping to defray the costs of paying the mortgage in this terrible market while living in the city to pursue her acting career. The condo was virtually rented out to an old lady who was meeting me at the condo to sign the deal at 5:00pm but I received a call from a prospective renter named Olga, who sounded very Russian and a little frumpy and agreed to show her the condo before I signed the lease up. I was very anxious to get this rented as it would help my client hang in there a while longer. I told Olga it was as good as rentede but she said she would like to see it anyway.

Olga was a little late in getting to our appointment and I was just thinking she had bailed when I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. When Olga stepped into the condo (the front door was open) I was surprised to see a slight, dark-haired beauty of about 25 standing before me. Dressed in a men's work-shirt with the tails out and a pair of white short-shorts, her tan legs were the first thing I noticed. The second thing I noticed was an absolute beautiful girl behind her of about the same age, but of a very different body. This girl, I still don't know her name, was also very tan, but was filled out to perfection, including a very nice set of tits, that were exposed nicely in her low v-cut neckline sundress. She was very quiet and shy, but gave me a very cute, smile that shivers down my spine and some blood-flow to my crotch.

Of course, as most guys in their 50's would do, my mind first went to the fantasy of these girls ripping off their clothes and spending the evening in bed together. Naturally, it was tough to concentrate, and fortunately, my job was just to let them look the place over . . . while I tried to catch a glimpse of anything provocative from either of these two hot young ladies. Olga seemed very prim and proper, although as she looked the condo over I spent time checking her out and found she was a very pretty girl, slender, with boobs that could be no bigger than a 32 or 34A. She was very sexy in her shorts and I found myself drooling at the thought of circling her nipples with my tongue before moving on to bigger things. Those bigger things being her friends tits, which were much more on display and looked to be in the 36C category. Several times while talking to the girls about the condo my eyes would drift to their cleavages and several times when my eyes lifted I was busted. Olga and her friend both caught me sneaking a peek a couple of times and while Olga smiled, her friend just averted her eyes as if embarrassed. Feeling a bit of an asshole or at the least a dirty old man, I tried to end the showing as quickly as possible before they noticed my growing hardon and things really got embarrassing.

With the old lady scheduled immediately after, I informed the girls that there was someone else on their way and that the condo was as good as rented but I would call if it fell through. Thinking it was a sure thing I made it sound like a sure thing. They said they would like me to call if it fell through but I kind of blew them off and said "oh sure". My next client showed up, a truly frumpy older lady, who just hated the place. She was in and out in a hurry and I realized, "Damn, I blew that and now not only have I wasted my time but will have to keep on trying to get this place rented". As I was closing up I heard footsteps coming up the stairs again and was startled to see Olga stepping through the door with her friend and a solidly built guy of about 30 years old, who looked tough, but surprisingly submissive.

Uh, oh, I thought, looking over this guy who could rough me up with ease, what have I gotten myself into. I remembered checking the girls out . . . maybe they had gotten offended and brought this guy back to teach me a lesson. Olga smiled a shy smile at me me and said," We heard what just happened and we were thinking you might really want to rent this place to us now. What do you say?"

"I think we can make that work under the circumstances," I said, regaining my mental balance. I immediately lost that balance after Olga's next statement.

"We saw you checking us out when we were in here before . . . did you like what you saw?"

Busted. You'd at my age I would do a better job of checking out cleavage. As I hemmed and hawed over what to say Olga and her girl friend both smiled wicked smiles. "I'm sure your client . . . or your wife . . . would not like to hear about you checking out little girls tits," Olga said devilishly. "Did you like what you saw?"

Embarrassed to the core, with my mind working feverishly, I went blank and could only nod. "Would you like to see more?", Olga continued. Another series of blubbering nods. "Would you like to touch our tits," Olga said, her fingertips fiddling with her top button as she pulled her shirt outward allowing me a quick peak of a white bra. Glancing at her friend I could see her right hand moving slowly along the upper part of her breast as her left hand starting a slow glide up her left thigh, slightly raising the hem of her short dress. "We really want to rent this condo," Olga stressed, looking into my eyes as her fingertips slipped under her shirt to caress and then softly pinch her right nipple. I was transfixed by the sight of Olga fingers working her own nipple and then transferred my gaze to her friend who now had cupped her entire breast in one hand while her other hand was rubbing her thigh clear up to her panties.

Oh my God, I thought, I have died and gone to heaven. These two beauties are going to get naked right here. "You are in a bad spot mister," Olga said smiling coyly. "We can tell everyone about this day or . . . you can do what I tell you to do." Uh, oh. Now my dream might be a nightmare. Olga gestured to her guy friend to close the door and he quickly moved to shut and lock the door. My mind is going a mile a minute on either how to get out of this or how to get into bed with these unbelievable young girls. Olga was not one to let me think to long. "Why don't you take those clothes off for us now," she purred, continuing to fondle her breast. Things were looking up as her friend now how her right tit outside of her dress and out of her bra and was stroking the nipple and rolling it between her fingers. "Please take them off," Olga continued, "and we'll have some fun and then we can sign the lease." Ah, things were certainly looking up and feeling up as my cock began to rise inside my pants.

My hands went to my belt and I unbuckled it slowly while kicking off my shoes. Next came the socks and the boxers and I stood there just in my shirt with my cock standing straight in the air. Olga brought her fingers back outside of her shirt and quickly pulled her shirt over her head and the deftly removed her shorts in one quick motion. She moved close to me and smiled into my eyes as her hand found my thigh, and then my engorged cock. Her fingers wrapped around it softly and she gently slid her hand slowly up and down the length of my cock. I let out a soft moan, as I glanced over Olga's shoulder and saw her friend pulling her sundress over her head and then quickly unsnapping her bra and stepping out of her panties. Her hands resumed their fondling of her right breast and the exploration of her slit. Looking closer, I could see the faint sight of wetness from her cleany shaven cunt. Her left hand circled ever closer to her opening and then plunged in to the knuckle as she gasped in pleasure.

Olga glanced quickly at her friend and then smiled and beckoned her closer. Still stroking my cock she reached out and lightly flicked the end of her friend's niplle and then reached her arm around and pulled her closer. She dropped her head to her tit and licked around the nipple and then sucked it in and gave it a little nip with her teeth. Her friend's breath drew in quickly, as she quickened her pace with her finger on her clit. "You would like to touch us, correct," Olga asked playfully, looking at me sqaurely. "Oh, yeah," I panted, enjoying painfully slow hand job she was still giving me. "That can happen . . . as long as you do two things," Olga continued. "What?" I almost screamed in panic. I'll do anything, I thought to myself. "First, do you agree to let us have the place?" "Absolutely," I said, as Olga's friend dropped to her knees, stuck out her tongue, and started licking the tip of my cock as it appeared through the end of Olga's fingers. "What else?" I asked, as I inhaled quickly when Olga's friend hit a very sensitive spot of my cock.

"Well, my brother here," Olga said motioning to the tough looking guy, really wants his cock sucked . . . and we can't do that", Olga finished looking devil like again. "You want me to what?" I exclaimed, not quite believing my ears. So close and yet so far I was thinking about my fantasy threesome being exploded to bits. Olga looked up at me and said forcefully, "I want you to suck his cock and swallow his cum! If you do that" she said, suddenly sweet again," we will be yours." My mind was reeling, as although I had a curiosity about sucking cock it was not anything I ever expected to really do. How bad could it be, I thought, if the reward was these girls. Not too bad, I thought, quickly stealing a look at Olga, now stripping completely and her friend, who now had three fingers in her snatch and her other hand pinching her nipples hard.

Olga came closer, now naked, and started rubbing her body against mine and sliding her fingers slowly around my cock. "Take you shirt off," she hissed, as her fingers picked up speed on the hardest cock I'd ever had. "You," she said pointing to her brother, "get out of your clothes." Her brother obeyed and soon was stark naked beside me with a large hardon pointing towards the sky. "You see, my brother doesn't really like girls," Olga said, "but he likes his cock sucked. Olga released my cock and moved closer to her friend and pulled her down with her onto the couch. "Go ahead," she said to me with a grin.

I looked over at this pretty big cock, certainly larger than my 6" and wondered what to do. I glanced over at the couch and Olga and her friend were locked in a passionate kiss with Olga's left hand joining her friends fingers in her cunt. Olga's eyes were watching and waiting while she fondled her friend and finally broke her kiss and said, "What are you waiting for. We are yours for just a quick blow job."

I looked back at the cocjk standing upright before and back at the couch where these two vixens waited to take me to Fantasyland. Easy decision, I said to myself and I took the short two steps to her brother and reached out my hand to feel the first cock other than my own I had ever felt. Trying to just go on instinct I figured I would do to him what I liked, so I gently reached out, slid my fingers around it and started to softly stroke his cock. My other hand reached out and cupped his balls and played with them gently. His cock got even harder at my touch and I was amazed at how good it felt. "You're doing well," Olga said as she slid her tongu down her friends body toward her leaking cunt. Both girls eyes remained locked on my hands on her brothers cock, even as they enjoyed themselves. "Get on your knees and lick him," Olga's friend suddenly said urgently, as Olga's tongue found her clit.

Entranced and excited I followed her directions and sunk to my knees. Looking at this angle his cock looked huge, but I stuck out my tongue and licked the tip of his cock tentatively. Liking the taste and the sensation quickened the pace and began drawing a little more of his cockhead into my mouth. His cock seemed even bigger as I sucked and licked and swirled my tongue around his cock. I took in as much as I could and used my hand to stroke the part I couldn't get into my throat. I found I was enjoying the whole thing and got faster and better at what I was doing. Soon, I was getting the hang of it and was able to watch as Olga was taking her friend to the brink with her tongue. "Don't come until he makes brother come," Olga said to her friend, as she writed on the couch. "How close are you brother?" Olga asked. "Very close," he grunted in answer. I could feel this cock in my mouth expanding and his balls tightening up and Olga noticed to and screamed out, "Swallow every drop!" Just then he exploded in my mouth and spurt after spurt of hot cum was shooting down my throat. I took him as deep as I could to get it all and it tasted surprisingly good. Just then Olga's friend let loose with a scream of pleasure and looking over I saw her body convulsing in pleasure.

"Oh, that was well done . . . you desreve your reward," Olga said as she left her friend and made her way over to me on her knees. "Let's see what we can do for you now," she said and my mind exploded with possibilities. Olga reached out and grabbed my cock, shooing her brother to the corner to watch. "Look at this lovely cock," she said to her friend. Her friend left the couch and crawled over to kneel beside Olga, as they both looked up and started taking turns licking my cock and sucking my balls into their mouths. My cock was as hard as a rock, no small feat for a guy my age, and this was something I certainly wanted to savor. I pulled them both to their feet and we moved to the bedroom with big brother following along to watch. I laid them both down next to each other and then knelt between them on the bed. First, my attentions went to Olga and I kissed her neck and then her mouth, and felt her tongue darting in and out of my mouth. My hands, meanwhile, went to her friend, and I lightly stroked her inner thighs, moving my fingers past her still very wet pussy and up across her flat stomach. I let them linger there for a moment before circling each breast with my fingers before finally letting them graze her nipples, before grabbing them each in turn and rolling them betweens my fingertips. They were hard as a rock, so I broke my kiss with Olga and cupped those perfect breasts of her friends in my hands and sucked on them to my heart's delight. Then, it was Olga's turn, as I repeated my journey on her, finishing with a tasty treat of those little A cups and their pencil eraser like nipples.

Her friend had found my cock with her mouth and was gently deep throating me and causing me to grow even harder. I swung her around and tasted her pussy with my tongue and we pleasured each other as Olga watched. Saying it was her turn, Olga pushed her friends hips off my face and planted her pussy directly over my mouth. Seeing her protruding clit was it it took for me to dive in and soon she was bucking and squealing. Her friend, not to be denied, had mounted me cowgirl style and was rocking slowly up and down my shaft. I tried to thinmk of other things to slow my climax but it was tough with Olga's clit it my mouth and her friends perfect tits dangling over my face. Olga started to twitch and suddenly was squirting all over my face and when she calmed down she rolled off to watch her friend's ride.

The cowgirl started to move a little faster and now that I had my eyes, mouth and hands free I attacked her tits with my fingers and pulled her towards me so I could suck on one of those nipples. I went from nipple to nipple and sucked and nipped and had her friend at the edge again. I stuck my thumb down lightly onto her clit and her reaction was instantaneous as she started to thrash about wildly and ground herself onto my cock. Suddenly, she was done as she screamed out "I'm coming" and jerked and moaned and finally collapsed in a heap on my chest. Olga could see I had been on the brink and with her friend in temporary withdrawal, she gently pushed her friend off and jumped into her spot and started bucking for all she was worth. I reached out and grab her itty bitty titties and held on for dear life as she worked my cock inside her. Within a couple of minutes I was ready and Olga screamed out, "We want it on our tits!" She jumped off me and beckoned her friend close as they both went back to taking turns delighting me with their tongues. Within 30 seconds I was ready to blow and the two pulled back and continued to jerk me with their hands as my come spewed forth in streams I hadn't seen in years. The first stream landed all over Olga's little tits and the second was directed on her friends mountains. The other streams I tried to portion out equally and when I was done they each crawled together and licked my come from each others tits.

Needless to say they were able to lease the apartment and I wish I could say it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship but it was probably a one time deal. However, you just never know!

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