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Dont Move

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She sits naked on the bed, watching him enter the room. He takes his shirt off.

"Lay back" he demands.

A smile comes to her lips but she hides it. She's been wanting this for so long, but he has such a stern look on his face, it doesn't seem right to look so happy. She lays back on the bed, anticipation building.

He tells her to spread her legs, and she willingly complies. He lays down in between them, still wearing his jeans.

His places a hand on each thigh and pushes her legs further apart, his head inches away from her shaven sex.

He looks up into her eyes. "There. Stay just like that. DON'T move." She can feel his breath on her quivering pussy.

He shifts his weight, making himself comfortable. It looks like he's planning on staying there awhile. This thought sends a shiver down her arms and moisture between her legs.

His eyes focus on her pussy, his fingers touching and caressing the lips ever so slightly, exploring her. Her legs automatically start to come together, and his head jerks up, "I told you not to move". She lowers her legs, and again hides the smile that's forming.

Again, his attention on her sex. Fingertips lightly grazing every inch of her, making little circles, then lines. Starts at the top, gently around her clit, but not touching it, all the way around and back up again. He knows she's very sensitive and he's taking great care to make her relaxed and comfortable. She closes her eyes and sighs. He moves in closer and starts making the same rounds with his tongue. He pulls her lips apart with his fingers and starts to lick inside her, up and down, up and down. Her legs don't move, but she wiggles a bit. He stops what he's doing and looks up. Her eyes open to meet his. "I said don't move".

"Oh shit", she thinks, "I'm really in for it now". She nods her head.

Her mind, which had previously been wandering...about who knows what? The kids, dinner, errands...suddenly all she could think about is trying not to move. And the wonderful tongue stroking her. Her entire being is focused on his fingers and his tongue, lapping at her like a cat laps at milk. For as soon as she realized he was truly in charge, her juices began to flow.

It takes all of her effort not to move her legs. Not to grind her hips against him. To not wiggle when his tongue hits some very sensitive spots. Her breathing picks up. She feels his fingers moving to the outside of her lips, his tongue nestled inside. His tongue stops moving, he uses his fingers to press her pussy lips around and against his tongue, sending new waves of pleasure through her whole body as she feels his warm tongue taking over her insides. He stops and looks up when she trembles. "Please don't stop, I couldn't help it" she pleads. He smiles and looks down again, now focusing his attention on her swollen clit. She lets out a huge moan when his tongue presses against it, he runs it down her slit, back up again. Circles her clit, presses it, back down again. Her breathing is almost a pant now, its taking everything in her power not to move. She feels ripples of pleasure running through her legs and feels she could cum if she could just grind herself against him, but she can't. He won't let her. He senses she's close, and slows down, almost to a stop. "OOHHHH" she cries out in frustration. She was so close.

His tongues gently touches her clit, she feels his fingers roaming the area. He seems to be starting over. She wonders if she can move now, she wants to cum so bad. She wants to feel his cock inside her. She wiggles a little, on purpose this time, and he yells out "DON'T MOVE" without even looking up this time. He licks up the juices that flow immediately after. His finger settles on her clit, rubbing it slowly at first, then faster and faster. He runs his tongue up and down her slit again, with a little more pressure now. "MMM Yes, that feels so good". Looking at her, he runs his finger down her slit one last time before slipping it into her warm, wet hole. Two fingers. Three. She lets out a sigh, "mmmmmm". Now he puts pressure on her clit with his tongue, rotating his fingers slowly inside her. She's dying to hump against his fingers, but she's worried he'll pull his fingers out if she moves again. They feel so good inside her, she keeps moaning and panting, its taking all of her strength to hold still.

He starts pumping his fingers harder in faster, his expert tongue is moving so fast on her clit it feels like a vibrator. "YES! OH MY GOD THAT FEELS SO GOOD" "Please can I move now?"


New waves run through her body, her moans turning into a incoherent flow of "OH" and "MORE".

"Are you going to cum?" he asks?


he stops "NOOO" she cries He stands up and unzips his pants.

"Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

"As you wish" He smiles as he pulls down his pants..............

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