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Dinner was alright, but dessert was amazing

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Warning: contains sexually explicit content that may not be suitable for everyone. Contains content involving male/male, male/female, threesome, foursome AND group sexual contact. If you are easily offended, you shouldn't be reading this, if you are not of an open mind, you should not be reading this, if you cannot handle the sexual openness of an orgy, or interracial sex you might want to go back now! For the rest of you brave souls, enjoy what a few hours of boredom in my mind can bring.

Dinner was alright, but dessert was amazing..

“Hey, come over for dinner this weekend, we miss you two!” Wow, it was Tuesday, and Malachi and Alyssa were already getting invitations to have fun. “Yeah sure! Its been a minute huh?” Malachi (or “Mel” goes by to THOSE types of friends) said into the phone, “What time should we be there?”

“Hey brotha, I got some shit just came down the pipeline, how about eight pm Friday? But theres more I gotta talk to you about.” and with that, Johnny hung up the phone.

Malachi closed his phone, “more?” It had to be serious for Johnny to mention it, he unconsciously rested his hand on his cock, Johnny and Rebecca were a wet dream come true in this lifestyle except that they were carnivores. A simple thing really, but it made dining out rather hard considering Malachi and Alyssa's choice to be vegan. Finding a both bi couple with no hangups or drama was what they were searching for, it took 6 years to find them. They were good friends that just so happened to be good partners as well, it was more than they could dream of for a long time.

Malachi called his wonderful wife of 10 years, “Hey beautiful, Johnny called us, they're going to cook for us Friday night at eight.” He always called her beautiful, or sexy, or any complimentary term he could think of, she was his life. “Sweet!” she said in a hurry, “but I have to go, tell me about it later. I love you and I'll see you soon” and with that the phone ringing in the back ground drowned out Malachi's “love you so much sexy” and he hung up.

Malachi sat at his desk wondering what exactly is going on, everyone seemed so short with him on the phone. He wasn't used to that, his job required him to be friendly and talk as long as necessary to the people on the other end of the line, suicide prevention hot-lines in the mental health field are something that isn't rushed. With that the phone rang again, and he was back to work.

Thursday, a text came through on Alyssa's phone, “xpct xtra 2moro-5” from Rebecca. What the hell does this mean she thought, hell, she read it again, what does this have to do with dinner? Probably means they found a new recipe that they're going to try, and to come hungry. She deleted it without considering the implications of the cryptic message. At the same time, Mel received an email from Johnny “hey we invited another friend over, you'll like him, see ya tomorrow.” Well, he thought, there goes play time. Dinner it is.

Friday Malachi and Alyssa were preparing for the evening, showering getting dressed, packing up protection just in case and talking about their week at work. They work opposite shifts most of the time so they never get a chance to connect on a personal level until the weekend. It's not what they wanted to do, just what fate dealt them with their choices of jobs. Alyssa worked in an office, she dealt with business calls all day, the more she got, the more she made. She wasn't cold calling them, they called her, theres never a shortage of people needing a wedding coordinator. Mel sat by a phone Sunday through Thursday nights hoping it didn't ring. He was higher up on the ladder, he got the easy shift, he spent too many Friday and Saturday nights stressed out in the past. Now he hopes he only answers one or two a week. He never goes into details, as his work wont allow it, just if it was a bad week or a good week, and this week fortunately was a good week. They compared the messages, and between them they had considered the possibility that it wasn't in fact just for dinner, weighed the options, and had agreed that if it happens, what the hell? They were open to anything.

They arrived at Johnny and Rebecca's house early, 12 pack of beer, six-pack of rubbers and a bottle of wine in hand. Johnny answered the door, invited them in, and gave each of them a hug and kiss on the cheek, Rebecca was in the kitchen, she looked up from the counter and smiled.”Hey guys, glad ya made it, man I can't believe how hard it is to cook vegan! It makes everything more complicated!” and with that she concentrated on cutting the tomatoes on the counter again. Johnny grabbed the 12 pack of beer and took it to the refrigerator, “Hey Mel, you want one now?” as he pulled a can out of the pack.

“Yeah sure, sorry we're early, but we got anxious, its been too long since we got together last” He said as Johnny walked back. “No big deal, anytime is a good time for you two, Paul should be here soon, hes a vegan too, so we figured why not cook for everybody, he's bringing dessert”

An hour passes, still Paul hasn't showed up, talk of the evening has been good, Alyssa and Rebecca are chatting away in the kitchen, with an occasional gentle caress of the arm or butt in passing. They are sexy by themselves, but together its enough to make any man whimper in lust. Rebecca's light complexion and Alyssa's dark brown skin makes the contrast amazing, to see them together in bed is a dream. Mel is on his third beer, and Johnny on his second vodka and cranberry as the doorbell rings.

Johnny answers the door, bouncing as usual as he walked, he has such a happy disposition that its contagious, Mel cant help to smile. As the door opens, a single guy walks in, good looking, tall, and very skinny, Johnny does his typical quick introductions “Paul this is everybody, everybody this is Paul.” Alyssa looks up and stops talking instantly in shock. She didn't know him, but was shocked that Paul was black, she had never been with a black guy before, not that this bothered her, but it really could be an international delight tonight.

With that everyone gathered at the table and sat down to eat. Rebecca's cooking was amazing, and the conversation flowed naturally and lightly, Paul fit right in, he was polite, well spoken, had a good sense of humor and intelligent. Mel and Alyssa were beginning to see some interesting possibilities for the evening. After dinner, they all went out to the balcony to indulge in an almost ritualistic passing of the joint, that usually meant that at some point, someone was going to be naked and cumming if not everyone. Johnnys thick strong hand rested casually on Alyssa's thigh, his pinky finger massaging her pussy. He was a good looking guy, six-foot-two, two hundred eighteen pounds of muscle. He had shoulder length dark brown hair, blue eyes, and a smile that lit up the room all the time. He always was smiling, and everyone in the room knew why, it wasn't a secret, Johnny was well proportioned everywhere, including in his pants. Alyssa was opening her legs further, her pants tight on her pussy to get the most of Johnny's massaging finger. She was beautiful, long black hair framing her beautiful almond shaped eyes and her oval face. At five-foot-seven and one hundred twenty-five pounds, she was considered tall for a Korean woman, she was taller than both her parents. Her large D breasts heaved in excitement as Johnny casually played with her.

Rebecca was cuddled into Mel's chest, her small frame almost disappearing into him, he wasn't large at five-nine and one sixty, but but Rebecca's four-eleven, 95 pound frame was positively small. Mel's long black hair dr*ped over her face like silk, entwining with her blond hair, and she loved that feel. Mel's hand was gently caressing her small pert breast, she never wore a bra that he knew, and her nipple was poking back at him through her thin t-shirt. Paul was sitting on the ground, between Rebecca's legs with his head resting on her thigh looking up at everyone. He was six foot, maybe one hundred forty pounds, with a dark, smooth complexion. His extremely short hair added to the almost statue like look he had, there wasn't a flaw on his face, it was smooth, tight, and beautiful. He was already aroused, his large member was clearly noticeable to everyone that would care to look, his loose fitting shorts were raised up in the middle to an almost comical height, but it promised everyone that he would not disappoint.

Rebecca was playing with Mel's cock through his pants, he was decent sized at six and a half inches, she couldn't handle much more because it hurt her. Johnny was the only guy over eight inches that was careful enough not to and she loved his girth, but couldn't handle his length, and occasionally she liked to be taken hard, fucked with an almost brutal harshness. Mel was perfect for this, he could slam into her with all the force he could gather, and she would just scream for more. She slowly undid his zipper, pulling his cock out and started to stroke it slowly. Paul shifted his position to watch Rebecca stroke Mel's cock and to undo Alyssa's pants.

Johnny slowly caressed Alyssa's clit as Paul gently slid a finger inside her. She was very wet and slick, she was more than ready for anything that tonight would bring. She looked down to see Paul's thin black finger slowly working in and out of her while Johnny massaged her, she could already feel herself begin to rise to orgasm. Mel began to remove Rebecca's shirt, sliding it up over her head, and off of her free arm, she switched hands so that he could remove it completely. His gentle probing hands then began to play with her nipple that was furthest away from him. She slowly lowered her open mouth the the head of his dick and began to work it furiously. He could feel Paul's hand playing with her other tit, and would occasionally touch his thigh, but this didn't bother him, he was of an open mind set that comes from years of sexual exploration and an understanding of what denial of interests can bring a human to do.

Alyssa stripped off her shirt and Johnny stopped playing with her long enough to remove her bra. The moonlight barely illuminated her large dark nipples on the balcony and she began to play with them as she turned to kiss Johnny passionately. Johnny unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his dick, his massive nine inches sprung out and begged for attention, and he grabbed Alyssa's head gently and lowered her to it. Mel looked over to see his wife sucking his friend's cock, and placed his hand on the back of her head and gently pushed her down in a slow steady rhythm of approval. Paul began to work his head in between Mel and Rebecca, to suck on the nipple he was playing with. His hand went down to his own cock and pulled his loose shorts aside to begin stroking it. Mel was playing with her ass and she raised herself up to allow him access to her ass and pussy. When she did this it put Rebecca's tits out of his reach so he turned and knelt facing Mel, and watched Rebecca work his cock. She opened her eyes when she felt his breath on her face, and saw that Paul was watching with a longing she knew as well. She removed his cock from her mouth and pointed it at Paul, he began to suck it with the same intensity and pace as she had.

Mel lifted up Rebecca;s skirt and was gently playing with her pussy, tracing her labia, and teasing her clit, but never entering her. She was trying to get him to enter her, it was a game they enjoyed playing with each other, it could go on for hours before someone caved, and tonight it was her. She got up and stood over him on the bench, she thrust her pussy into his face, and Paul worked even more furiously below. Mel parted his lips and tasted the sweetness in between her legs, she leaned forward forcing his head backwards over the back of the bench, and placed her tiny elbows on the wall in front of her.

Johnny removed Alyssa from his cock and stood up to remove his clothes, pants first, he straightened facing her and she began to suck his cock again as he removed his shirt. He grabbed her head trying to force his huge cock all the way down her throat, she couldn't handle it, but loved the feeling. Paul began to slide a second finger into her, and she placed one hand on Johnny's hips and grabbed Paul's wrist working his hand in and out of her at a fast pace, she was about to cum, and wanted more. She brought her hips forward in time with her head and Paul's wrist, moaning around Johnny's thick member.

Paul could feel her thrusting, and removed himself from Mel, and watched Alyssa cum he worked his fingers in and out as fast as he could, she was so close, he came over to her, and placed his mouth on her clit in hopes to bring her to orgasm completely. He knelt between Johnnys legs and began to lick and suck on Alyssa's wanting clit. She pulled Johnny's cock out of her mouth and began to moan harder, she was cumming!. She worked his cock with both hands now trying to get him to cum on her face, but he pulled away, he didn't want to finish so soon. She placed a hand on Paul's head and forced him deeper into her, and slid her other hand down to her pussy to spread her lips even further. She couldn't handle this much longer she needed to be fucked soon!

Rebecca was far from cumming, but enjoying herself totally, she was watching her girlfriend, the wife the the man in between her thighs cum with her typical intensity. She felt an extra hand on her back, Mel was grabbing her ass and playing with her asshole as he buried his tongue in her. She turned to see Johnny behind her. He was gently pushing her away from Mel's tongue. He was stroking his cock as she moved over to Alyssa, she began to lick her pussy with Paul.

Paul was feeling happy with his work and let her take over, he stood and put his cock in front of Alyssa's face, she was hesitant, she'd never seen anything other than a white cock before. She looked at it for a moment, and slowly brought her lips to the head of his dick. He stroked his shaft quickly as her lips wrapped around the head of his dick, he placed his other hand on the top of her head and began to guide her lower onto his shaft. Quickly Rebecca's skilled tongue made her forget her hesitance of a new person, and a black one at that, and she sucked hard and fast, matching Rebecca's pace to get him to cum down her throat. She might as well take it all she thought, and taste his cum on her lips as well.

Paul had other plans however and pulled his cock out of her mouth to slow down his orgasm, He was told that Alyssa and Mel were wild in bed, amazingly passionate, and uninhibited when they got naked. He wanted her, he had never before been with an Asian. This was a fantasy for him, he would not cum anywhere other than her wet shaved pussy, and would do anything to prolong his orgasm. He backed away, and came over to where Johnny and Mel were watching Rebecca's blond head and pale white skin mesh with Alyssa's brown thighs. It was a beautiful thing, and they were both masturbating slowly to the sight. Paul sat down on the bench and watched the two guys play with themselves, then turned to watch the girls instead. He looked back at Mel and said softly “I want to fuck your wife tonight” Mel moaned and nodded his head, his eyes rolled back in his head in pleasure. Johnny was stroking his cock now and Mel was getting weak kneed from it, he sat down on the bench and sprawled out in pure pleasure.

. Johnny moved forward and placed the head of his dick on Mel's lips, he slowly opened his mouth and allowed himself to be face fucked. Paul stood up and aimed his dick at Mels mouth as well. While not as big as Johnny, he was still impressive in size, and he began to double fuck Mel's mouth. He withdrew quickly, and went to find a condom. He would have Alyssa tonight. When he returned, he raised Rebecca from her place between Alyssa's thighs and slowly slid into her. Rebecca stood up, and came over to where Johnny and Mel were playing, and gently put a condom on Mel's cock. She pushed Johnny back and began to lower herself onto Mel's cock. Johnny knelt in front of them and guided him into her, and began to lick Rebecca's pussy and Mel slid in and out of her slowly. He increased his pace until eventually Johnny could not keep up, and he stood and went back over to Alyssa.

Mel pulled Rebecca's small body with him as he stood burying himself deep in her and turned around. He put her small body down on the bench and began to pound her hard as he looked into her green eyes and kissed her just as hard. He was so full of passion, he could go from gentle to forceful at just the right time, she could feel her climax building. She wanted him to fuck her harder and harder till she exploded from his thrusts. She wanted to feel him cum inside her, his body tensing and relaxing in time to his spurts of cum. She would have loved to feel it flow down her legs and through her ass crack, but that was not the rules. They all had to wear protection, not only for risk factor, but none of them wanted to risk having children.

Mel pulled out and helped Rebecca up, he turned her around and began to take her from behind. His thrusts were hard and deep, just like she liked, and he was going to finish her this way, he would make sure she would cum before he finished. He was never satisfied with sex until the other person was satisfied, he would intentionally withhold his orgasm until his partner was finished. This would back fire once in a while, and he would not cum at all in the evening, but his purpose was to make others happy he felt.

Alyssa watched Johnny come back to her, waiting to feel his cock in her mouth, she knew her husband and Rebecca had joined for the rest of the evening, this gave her BOTH well built men to please her. She loved this arrangement, she was never one for size, but appreciated it, she loved having two partners at once, two dicks was always a bonus, as they both were for her. She began to suck his cock as Paul fucked her deep and slow, he was taking his time and she loved it. She could feel every gloriously large thick inch slide into her and she matched as well as she could with Johnny's cock down her throat. She could be happy with only one of them fucking her as long as both came because of her skills, she knew the taste of Johnny well, and it would be welcome down her throat, but she was curious about how Paul tasted. She wanted to know, no, needed to know what his cum tasted like.

Watching Alyssa suck on Johnny's cock was amazing, Paul began to speed up his pace, his thrusts burying his cock deep inside her, his thin waist had her strong legs wrapped around him forcing him in harder and deeper with every thrust. He was mesmerized by how incredibly sexy it was watching her suck a cock, he couldn't control himself at all and gave in to what he had wanted since he first saw her sitting next to Rebecca before dinner. He exploded inside her moaning loudly and long, his cum filling the condom to amazing levels, he thought he had never cum this much or this hard. He lay there kneeling on the patio floor his head on her chest, her legs still wrapped around him pulling him in and making him thrust even more, she was not done with him. He could feel her begin to tighten around him, milking his cock as she was beginning to cum, he laid his head on her chest and could hear her moans and was watching Johnny's cock bury itself down her throat. Her legs collapsed as her orgasm slowed, and he removed his cock slowly from her as Johnny removed his manhood from her lips.

They traded positions, Johnny knelt between her thighs and slowly licked up her cum, he worked fast to put on his own condom and raised up to enter her. Paul barely had enough time to pull off his condom before her hands were guiding his still semi-hard member into her mouth, she wanted to taste his cum to feel it on her lips and to kiss her husband with him still fresh in her mouth. Johnny fucked her hard and deep, she wasn't like Alyssa, she could take him all, and he loved the feeling of her muscles tightening around the base of his cock. He watched as she slid Paul's cock over her lips, on her face and down her throat, her face was covered in his cum, she would pull it out and lick her lips and put it back in. He knew she would keep this up till he came again or till he removed himself from her mouth totally spent. She had done it to him time and time again.

Mel watched Alyssa cum, and watched Paul's black cock leave trails of cum all over her face and drippings on her tits as he fucked Rebecca. He knew what was going to happen, and this got him more excited. Rebecca was cumming, she was forcing herself back as hard as he was coming forward. He could feel the warmth spreading in his belly, tonight he would unload on her. He made to decision to pull out before he came and cum on her back. She exploded, and began to squirt, she was screaming and almost hitting her head into the wall in front of her, Mel was fucking her with an intensity that was overwhelming, he felt her relax and this was his cue. He removed himself from her and tore off the rubber, and started to masturbate hard and fast. Rebecca knew somehow what was happening, and lowered herself so that he could straddle her ass. He moved forward just a bit and began to cum, the first spurt hit her in the back of the head, and the rest left his hot cum from her neck to the top of her ass crack, her back was completely covered in cum. He hadn't done this before, but shes glad he did, and would love it every time, it made the forcefulness of the sex even more forceful. It made her feel used like never before from him. He stood up, his hands massaging his cum into Rebecca's back, around her sides and onto her small tits and tight firm stomach,.She was writhing into his touch, she wanted his cum all over her, and he was happy to give it to her. In a way he loved her, not as husband and wife, but as deep close friends and would do anything for her, or for Johnny, he was more liberal with the word love than most, but he was also more liberal with a lot of things than most as well.

Alyssa watched her husband cum and rub it all over Rebecca, she called for him to come over to her, face glistening with Paul's cum. Mel came close to her as Johnny was furiously fucking her, and she pulled him close and kissed him. Paul put his hand on Mel's head and kept him there, kissing his wife passionately and deeply, she backed him off a bit and he licked her cum covered lips, she moved to the side and he licked her cheek. Rebecca came over to Johnny and put one hand on his balls and one around his massive shaft. Alyssa grabbed for Paul's ass, sliding her fingers into his ass crack and pulling him close to her face, she took her other hand and guided her husband's mouth to his cock.

She began to moan again, watching her husband lick clean the last remaining cum from Paul's cock. She loved watching him service another man, it was her suggestion that he try it for her and he did, as the thought pleased her he would do anything for her. Rebecca watched this and wanted Paul's cock too and came over to his side and took over for Mel, Alyssa was cruel to him at times, but he seemed to enjoy it, she thought it was only with her could that he could feel his pent up aggression be released.

Mel loved it, all of it, sex is free and open to him. He was always with holding something from someone in his regular life, only when having sex could he be open and free. He loved it all, men or women, he could adapt to the times and enjoyed both equally. Alyssa watched as Rebecca worked on Paul's cock, she was going to cum again, and she wanted Mel to be part of it somehow. She pulled him up from her face and asked him quietly and gently to clean his mess up, she knew he would know what she meant. He got up and went to Rebecca's back and began to lick her from her ass up.

Johnny was pumping away furiously, he was about to cum but was trying to hold out for Alyssa, he wanted to cum with her and she was close. He began to feel her hips move more violently, her tight pussy sucking mercilessly at his cock wanting it buried deep inside her. He felt the tension rise and could not hold out any longer, he came deep inside her and pulled out instantly to finish her off with his tongue. She welcomed his head and grabbed it tightly with both hands guiding him and wrapped her legs around his shoulders holding him tight until her orgasm was completed, she was moaning and screaming. Who cares if the neighbors found out she was having mind blowing sex? So what if they need a cigarette, hopefully they were watching this hole time too.

Johnny licked his lips as he raised his head from her dripping spent pussy, and giggled. “Hey, we forgot dessert!” Mel looked up from Rebecca's ass where his tongue was buried and simply said, “Oh, I thought this WAS dessert.” they all giggled a bit at that, and collapsed on one bench cuddling naked, the summer night air cooling the sweat from their bodies and refreshing them.

Rebecca looked at Alyssa, her head full of questions, but only one would be right, “so, how'd ya like dinner?”

Alyssa looked around at the pile of naked bodies around her and said to them all “Dinner was alright, but I think dessert was amazing.”

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