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Denver Snowstom

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It was the dead of winter and my husband and I had spent two days at a software convention in Seattle, demonstating a new product. We?d met about two thousand people. The first day I dressed conservatively and we?d only had fifty people stop by our booth, but the second day I figured I?d let it all hang out, so I put on a sheath dress that had a nice low neck and our booth got swamped. My husband got a laugh out of that because I was the software engineer while he was in charge of marketing, but hey sex sells.

Most of the stop-bys were just idle curiousity but we had about fifteen solid inquiries, and of course I?m not counting the requests for private meetings with me or requests for my phone number. So my boobs are a little big for my frame; they?re all mine! Anyway, the most interesting inquiry we had was from a company in Orlando, our home town and our product seemed a perfect fit with theirs. Their rep was a late twenty kind of nerdy guy ? both my husband and I were in our late thirties, and I thought he was kind of cute. I think he would have stopped by the booth even if my tits hadn?t been showcased ? and in fact he seemed more comfortable talking with my husband.

The convention closed Friday at three and by five we were at the airport. We?d accmulated enough miles to fly first, so I was sitting down sipping a drink when we saw Brian, the cute Orlando guy walk by on his way to the back of the plane. Our plane was nearly an hour late in leaving ? because of weather we were told and we had to change planes in Denver. We circled for another hour over Denver and of course the airport was icing up as we landed. When we got to the gate the airport announced that the entire airport was shut down and we went with another five hundred cattle to the help desk.

Luckily, they had a separate counter for first class and we were quickly given a voucher for the local Ritz Carlton and re-booked for a flight the next afternoon. We weren?t going to bother picking up our bags ? we had them rechecked at the help desk. As we headed for the taxi-stand I saw Brian standing with about three hundred people back in the coach line.

As we passed by I said, ?Why don?t you come with us. They got us a room at the Ritz-Carlton ? we can probably get an upgrade for a suite and you can re-book from the hotel.? My husband Jack shot me a funny look, but that was probably because I thought of making the offer before he did. It was nearly 10 by the time we got to the hotel, but the lobby was pretty crowded. Jack suggested that I sit with Brian while he checked us in, as he later told me, because he was worried that they wouldn?t allow three people in the room. As it turned out they were completely full and we had the last room. No suite, and when we arrived, no sofa either, just a big king bed and a couple of chairs.

I felt like a fool and started to make copious apologies to Brian, who said, ?Look you rescued me from three hours of waiting in that airport and I?m sure we can get some blankets from housekeeping and I can just make up a bed on the carpet. I?ll bet most of those peope will be sleeping on airport chairs this evening.?

We ordered room service and while we waited for it to arrive, I went to the bathroom to shower. I was tired but as I showered I had a few dirty thoughts about Brian ? my husband and I had never talked seriously about fooling around with other people, though Jack did have a favorite fantasy that he?d talk about during sex sometimes, about my being made love to by others. Over the years his fantasies have grown more elaborate and sometimes involved lots of other people with me being the center of attention. He was a good story teller and I loved when he was in that kind of a mood. Having two guys captive in the next room made me think about one of his fantasies ? he?d told me one about three people being trapped in a cabin during a skiiing vacation that had gotten me really wet. I didn?t play with myself in the shower, but I did run a razor around my pussy lips and I was pretty aroused by the time I dried off. A robe was hanging by the door and I was slipping it on as Jack knocked and came in. He started stripping off for the shower and I noticed he was a little bit chubby.

I reached down and held him. ?Jack are you a little bit aroused??

He smiled and leaned close to whisper, ?This is a little bit like one of my fantasies, don?t you think??

I laughed and said, ?Naughty, naughty. You?re right. I was thinking about that in the shower.?

?Mmm.? His hand parted my robe and I felt a finger gently separate my lips. ?Freshly shaved and wet too. What is that pussy telling me??

I leaned down and put his head in my mouth, circling my tounge around his glans, and then stood up. ?The pussy isn?t saying a word.? I heard the door bell ring. ?That?ll be our food.?

I opened the door and Brian?s head turned towards me and then quickly turned away, so I guess he?d seen Jack?s hard cock. Oops.

The food was delivered and I told Brian we should at least start on our salads. I was starving. The waitress had opened the bottle of wine and I poured us each a generous glass. Brian said, ?After dinner I?ll go to the bar for a drink to give you guys a little privacy.?

I laughed, ?That?s OK. I guess I should apologize for throwing the door open so you saw Jack?s cock. We were laughing because one of Jack?s sex fantasies is for us to be trapped with a good-looking young guy in a cabin somewhere.?

?Really. Have you ever done that??

?You mean two guys. No. How about you??

?Once, a few years ago, with a girlfriend.?

I think we both realized this was a pretty strange conversation and Brian looked down at his salad, but I couldn?t resist asking. ?How was it??

?It was pretty strange. Erotic as hell, but we weren?t really relaxed about it. We were going to try it again, to try a few more things, but it never happened, and then we got married.?

I said, ?Yeah that does calm things down. At least for the first years. What sort of things were you going to try??

We both laughed and then Brian turned the talk to other things. I?m a woman, so I?d figured out which way my robe would peek open and I?d sat in the chair that would give Brian a glimpse. It wasn?t tied particularly tightly either and a couple of times I caught his eyes glancing down. Jack came out of the bathroom, wearing a robe and we spent the next half hour talking about the software. Jack asked questions about Brian?s family life and work history. We finished the first bottle of wine and Jack opened the second. After dinner we rolled out the dinner table into the hall way, and you know the way those pesky hotel robes flash open. By the time I?d re-wrapped it Brian had a pretty good glance at one of my boobs and I?m sure he appreciated its rosy hard nipple.

It was his turn to shower and Jack and I turned down the bed. ?Do you think he?s in there jerking off?? Jack asked.

?Well I did let him see a complete boob and we talked a little about sex. He?s been in a threesome with another guy and his girlfriend before she became his wife.?

?Really. Maybe I should stop him from jerking off.?

I laughed and said, ?How will you do that??

?Watch.? He went to the bathroom door and knocked, then opened it a crack. ?Brian I forgot my contact lens case, do you mind if I get it??

Jack disappeared into the bathroom. I knew the shower was glass and wondered what he?d see. A minute later he came out. ?There. He was definitely pumping it, but he won?t dare now, for fear that I?ll come back.?

I leaned closer ?You saw his dick??

?Hard as a rock. Pretty big too and it curves up.? He grinned at me and flipped my robe open. Both my nipples were hard and I was beginning to feel flushed. His fingers found my lips and he pulled them gently before putting a finger inside, hooking it to touch my g-spot. I shuddered a little and was surprised to realize I was actually close to orgasm. His finger withdrew and I realized he was deliberately going to keep me hanging. I hate that. He went around the room and turned out most of the lights, turning on only the TV. A few minutes later we heard the shower stop and then Brian came out, a towel wrapped around his middle. I could see a bulge in the towel between his legs.

He walked over to the closet and started pulling out the extra blankets. I said, ?Listen Brian, why don?t you sleep on the side of the bed. This is a really huge bed. We can put a rolled blanket between us if you like.?

Brian looked at Jack, ?Are you sure? It will be more comfortable than the floor.?

Jack said, ?That?s a great idea. Can?t imagine sleeping on a floor.?

I moved to the middle of the bed and sat with my back on the pillows. My robe was still on. Jack said, ?Shall we watch a movie before going to bed?? It was now nearly midnight. He tossed the controller to Brian, who sat on the edge of the bed, his towel around his middle. He had a nice back, not a lot of muscle, but not a lot of fat either. He looked like a runner. Brian started flipping through the channels, asking which movies we?d seen. One of us had seen everything offered and he flipped to the next category. The selector rested briefly on the adult section and Jack said ?I?ll bet there are some there we haven?t seen.?

Brian looked over at us both and grinned and flipped through each selection. We don?t watch a lot of pornos, but aparently Brian did. He knew nearly all of them and had some comment to make about most. There was one that featured multiple males with a girl and he said, ?This is one of my wife?s favorites. Do you know that the average view time for a hotel porno is ten minutes??

I figured this was a good segue. ?Brian and his wife, well she was his girlfriend then, did a threeway with another guy.?

Jack said, ?How was it??

Brian looked at us. ?We were both pretty young and a little drunk. We?d talked about it before, but when it happened we didn?t really plan it, so it wasn?t what we expected. Basically the two of us made love to her and that was that. We were all nervous so there wasn?t a lot of foreplay. Beth thought it?d be different.?

He?d gone past the adult selections now and was into comedies. We settled on one about a pretty girl who gets knocked up by an accidental one night stand. Before the movie started Jack said to me, why don?t you get under the covers. He stood up and I did as well, taking my robe off before sliding under the single sheet. Brian didn?t look away and Jack watched him watching. When Jack took of his robe he was nearly hard as well. Brian stood up, holding the spare blanket and said, ?I?ll put this between us. As he was fooling with it his towel slipped off, probably due to the fact that he was fully erect. He dropped the blanket and mumbled, ?Sorry? trying to cover himself. I was happy to see that one hand wouldn?t do it.

Jack said, ?Don?t bother with the blanket. And don?t be embarassed. I?m in the same state. He pointed to the tent that had formed under the sheet. Brian lifted the covers and slipped in. I felt his leg brush mine and shivered. I knew I was completely wet. We pretended to watch the movie, but I was now reoccupied about how I could make this sex scene happen. Jack seemed OK with it, but I didn?t know how he?d feel if we actually went forward with it. We were now on our third bottle of wine, but none of us seemed inebriated. I thought about it and managed to spill a little on my chest.

?Brian can you hand me your towel??

I flipped the sheet down to catch the drip which had run between my breasts all the way down to my belly button. Brian held onto the towel and used the corner to clean it up. I?d pulled the sheet down past my lips and knew he could see most of my exposed pussy. I looked over at Jack, who?d turned on his side and was grinning at me. He winked and held his wine glass about a foot over my pussy. ?Oh look another spill.? He slowly dripped about a dozen drops.

Brian grinned and moved the corner of the towel down, gently clearing the wine, spreading my lips with the towel corner. I arched my back and parted my knees. After he finished Brian layback. I could see his hard cock outlined under the sheets. It didn?t stick straight up s Jack?s did, but appeared to curl back towards his navel like a banana.

I said, ?I have to pee.? I threw back the covers and turned to Brian?s side of the bed. His cock was hard and larger than I?d thought. His balls were hairless and looked the size of small oranges. I looked up at him before lowering my chest and dragging both nipples over his cock. I exaggerated the movement of my hips as I walked to the bathroom, turning to grin at both men as I closed the door.

They were still talking when I walked back to the bed. I?d peed and used a towel to clean up the wet that was running down my leg. Jack said, ?We?ve agreed that nothing should happen and that it?s time to go to sleep.?

I was furious and felt a little sick to the stomach too; it felt as if I?d been rejected. Jack gave me a peck on the cheek and turned his back to me. Brian did the same. I lay on my back, the covers down past my breasts and realized I was too horny to sleep. I lifted my breasts with my hands, looking at my swollen nipples and lifted one to my mouth, sucking my nipple. I switched breasts and then let my hands wander down my stomach. I felt Jack turn over to me and I whispered to him, ?I need to get fucked, let?s go in the bathroom if you don?t want to play here.? I reached over and circled his cock with my hand.

?You?re sure you don?t want to get fucked by both of us??

I was mad now and I threw off the covers, reaching over and pulling Brian flat on his back. Before he could say anything I threw my leg over him, reached up for his cock and sat down on it hard. ?There. Brian?s cock is deep inside me, now are you both going to fuck me or should I just get myself off on his hard dick?? I put my hands on his shoulders and moved up and down. I could feel the head of his curved cock scraping at my g-spot. I felt his hands cup my breasts and knew he was mine. It was no longer me just riding him and his thrusts were smacking my wet pussy loudly.

Jack stood on his knees and I leaned down to take his cock into my mouth. He said, ?Oh yeah baby, let?s get you fucked.? A few seconds later he pulled out of my mouth and I felt him rubing my ass. I stopped my ride and then felt an amazing sensation as his cock slid in behind Brian?s. My pussy felt incredibly full and then the three of us started moving together. My orgasm was almost immediate and I clenched my muscles hard enough so that I felt Brian?s hands clutch my hips and then he moaned that he was coming. His cock must have been stroked by Jack?s continuing his slow pounding of my pussy, but I felt myself become incredibly gushy. He pulled out and I hoped he would put it in my face to clean, but he amazed me by sliding his face underneath me and licking me while Jack continued his fucking. He must have been licking the underside of Jack?s cock too. I must have cum five times by the time Jack unloaded. When Jack pulled out Brian dove into my pussy face first and I could feel his tongue reaching in deep, cleaning me out. I was watching his cock which was completley thick again and I lifted it up to suck it into my mouth. The angle wasn?t good though as the curve kept hitting the roof of my mouth. My pussy was finished coming for a while, so I moved to the side where I could do a more serious job of blowing him.

Jack had gone into the restroom to get a wash cloth to clean me up and he did so while I played with Brian?s cock. Brian had one of my nipples in his fingers and was pinching it gently and that with the sensation of his cock in my mouth was making my pussy start to tingle again. I moved around him so I could put my pussy on his face and felt his tongue start working my hole. Jack came up beside me and grinned at me. He had a small bottle of lotion in his hand and I watched as he spread it over Brian?s big nuts. Brian was moaning from the extra stimulation and I could feel his nuts starting to tighten. Jack disappeared and I felt his tongue start licking my asshole, while Brian continued nibbling my clit. His tongue disappeared and then I felt him straddle Brian?s face. His nuts must have been dangling just above Brian?s mouth, because Brian stopped licking my clit. When I looked back through my legs I saw Brian suck one of Jack?s balls into his mouth and then I felt Jack?s cock start penetrating my ass. I held up Brian?s cock and started mouthing the little bead of flesh behind his cock head. Jack was all the way inside now and Brian was back at my clit. I could feel another orgasm building. Brian started cuming and the feeling of his hot load against the back of my throat started me cumming.

Jack continued pounding my ass for another ten minutes, but he pulled out before coming and motioned me onto my back and then he sprayed all over my boobs. Brian started rubbing it in and then sucking it off and that gave me another one. By the time he got it cleaned off he was hard again and this time he kneeled behind me and fucked me doggy while I moaned into Jack?s chest. I could tell this was going to be the night?s finale, so I reached behind and fingered my asshole, indicating to Brian that it was his for the taking. Take it he did. All I could do was stay on my hands and knees grunting. At a certain point Jack got his head between my legs to watch the pounding and then I was aware he was fondling Brian?s balls. His own cock was half hard and I fed it into my mouth. I came again and then Jack gave me another one with his mouth on my clit. Brian pulled out before he came and then stood beside the bed so he could empty himself on my tits. There wasn?t much this time, but Jack got up and licked the little pools off my nipples. He was still hard, so I lay on my back and told him to fuck me hard and quick. Luckily it was only a few minutes before he shot his final load into me.

We cleaned up and then went to bed. We woke late and I didn?t think anybody would feel likemore but both the boys gave me another load in the pussy and then took turns licking me clean. What a trip!

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