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Day at The Beach

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We are at the beach in Fire Island at the quieter section between where we used to go and the complete party beach nearer the light house. We are both naked, tired and Horney. We are lying on a blanket near the top of the beach. I am asking you what you think of each guy who passes us as he is walking along the beach. I am also asking you whether his cock turns you on or not. An older gentleman I?m gonna say in his late 50?s sits down between us and the dunes and lays himself out on a blanket. I do not believe my luck, but I am not sure what you are thinking. The guy begins to strip off and low and behold wouldn?t you know it he has an amazing body. I have to roll over on my stomach to hide my erection and I notice you possibly don?t notice him as of yet because you are tired. The guy is about 6?2 with a wiry muscular frame. He is handsome enough looking and he is grey haired and slightly balding. He has a slightly graying hairy chest, but he is not overly hairy. He takes off his shorts with his ass facing us so we don?t get to see his cock. He is well tanned and has no tan lines so I assume he is a regular at the beach here. He lies on his stomach and starts sunbathing. I am surprised at how close he actually is to us when he does lie down and I would have to say his feet are no more than 6?-8? away from us. I draw your attention to him and you are surprised that he is there. Off course I immediately ask you what you think of him and you say you are not sure because you can?t really see his body or face, but you do say he has one very sexy ass. His legs are closed and his butt cheeks are somewhat clenched. I say to you if he turns around to start flirting with him to see what happens, I will pretend I don?t know or can?t see it. He raises himself up a couple of times to get more comfortable but he doesn?t turn around as of yet. He does however start to move his legs around and when he settles down he is facing us with his legs open. Now we can see his balls and his cockhead peeking out from under him. both the balls and cock look meaty but it would be hard to tell as yet, how big he is, but by the looks of it he is big. Eventually he turns around and just sits up a bit resting on his elbows to take in his surroundings. His massive balls are hanging down between his legs and his flaccid cock is lying of to the side. I tell you that I am going to pretend to be asleep and that you go ahead and do your thing. I lie straight down on my stomach and set myself up so I can see him through my arm without his noticing it. To him I probably look to be asleep. I can?t really tell what you are doing but I do see the guy giving quick glances over in your direction. After about another five minutes I can see that he must be having eye contact with you because his eyes are glancing over for longer periods and they seem to be almost saying something. His cock is at this point half erect but it seems to be only a matter of time before it is standing upright, he is making no effort to hide it from you and on the contrary he starts to rub lotion around it as if to say look at what I have. He is looking at you suggestively now and his cock is just standing at full attention. It is very impressive, circumcised and perhaps 10? and actually very thick enough around as well. I can tell at this point that whatever is going on with you and him has descended into a full blown flirtatious exchange. And by the looks of him he seems to be confident that this will go a little further. I don?t know where you are with it so I get up and see that you are facing him with your legs open and are also deeply involved in the eye conversation with him. He notices that I am awake and seems to withdraw for a moment by turning away, but when he sees that you are not fazed by my being awake or neither are you discontinuing what you are doing he gets back into it and knowing that I am witnessing this it is pretty apparent to him at this point that I am approving of the whole thing. He gets up to walk towards the water and his huge cock is swaying unashamingly from side to side, we turn our heads around and watch him walk down. When he gets to the water he turns and looks disappointed that you hadn?t followed him, you had thought about it but were a little nervous to do so and he didn?t make it that obvious with his eyes he wanted you to. He walks back past us to his towel again and his towering cock looks to be on fire. He goes to sit down but he can?t sit still, he seems like he is very frustrated and no wonder with the size and intensity of that hard on. Finally he just stares at you and when you catch eye contact again he gestures with his head for you to follow him. There is no subtleness what so ever about it now he wants you to go and you know it. He walks towards the dunes and you look at me, I say let?s go and see what happens. He is about 8? ahead of us and he knows we are following him because he has glanced over his shoulder at us. On the way along the path through the dune he takes a detour and disappears behind some bushes and small trees, we follow him in. He is there waiting for us and his cock looks like it is going to explode at any second. He beckons you towards him and when you reach him you are poked in the belly by his weapon, you reach down and try and get your hand around it, this drives him insane and he grabs you by the shoulder and gently eases you down on your knees. You don?t need much coaxing and you grab the shaft and slowly lick it in a teasing manner, but he is having none of it and he grabs the back of your head and grabs his shaft and presses it into your mouth, you take the hint, and start working it with your mouth and hands. He is groaning and thrusting into your mouth, you gag a couple of times. I kneel down behind his ass hoping to get a view of you between his legs so I can make eye contact with you, when he notices this and sees me on my knees he puts his free arm around and grabs me roughly by the back of the neck and brings my face between his ass cheeks, the he grinds his ass into my face. I know at this point what he wants so I start circling my tong around his ass hole, he doesn?t want to deal with the teasing though and he grabs my neck harder and pulls me in closer again. I drive my tong as far up his ass as it will go and he almost faints with pleasure. So here we are you kneeling in front of him furiously trying to service his huge cock and me behind him fucking his ass with my tong, but this doesn?t go onto much longer though because I feel his ass cheeks clench and know what?s coming next. I know the moment he comes by his thrusts but can?t see it because my face is stuck in his ass, you tell me after you almost drowned. He immediately starts to get nervous and ruins everything by telling us he needs to get back to his wife. We are both pissed because we are still insanely horney. He just turns and leaves in an instance without saying anything and we are left facing each other on our knees, it is only now I see the state of you, there is cum all over your face and mouth and it is running down on your tits and stomach. I go to kiss you and when you open your mouth cum runs into mine, we kiss furiously and I start to lick the cum off your entire body, we are about to do it but we here a group of people walking around nearby and become nervous we will be discovered, so we decide to go back to the beach, we are both going insane needing release. When we get back the guy is gone and we are pretty much alone on our section of beach. We start to fool around but see a few people walking towards us on the beach so we have to stop. I roll around on my stomach to hide my erection and you roll over as well only you are facing the opposite way to me so our faces are near each other and we can see each other?s asses. We don?t take too much more notice of the people and start kissing and rubbing each other?s backs. You can?t see because they are behind you but two I?m gonna say teenage boys but they may have been 20 sit behind you. I let you know they are there so we become a bit more reserved again. The two of them are wearing surf shorts and we are both still naked. I think to myself that they must be getting some view because they are facing your ass and your pussy must be showing a lot between your legs. The two of them seem awkward and they are trying to hide the fact that they are staring at your ass. I let you know what?s going on and you don?t turn around like I asked you to. I give you the rundown as to what they are doing. The two of them are just totally transfixed on the view between your legs and when I let you know this it really turns you on. You start to move around a bit occasionally kneeling up so they can get a perfect view. They are now drooling, they are trying their best to be discreet because of me but they are so far gone it?s just not possible for them to hide it anymore. Eventually I start to make eye contact with them and when I do I nod at them indicating that I don?t mind this at all. I am giving you the rundown and you are going insane. Eventually I sit up and move to the side of the towel and make it very obvious to them that they should come over to us. The two of them crawl over and awkwardly begin to rub your legs and back. Pretty soon though they can?t stand it and one of them buries his face in your ass and the other removes his shorts and stands up looking down at you. I am sort of shocked at the size of the kids cock, it is huge, it is even longer that the older guys was but not as thick. He slowly strokes his cock watching his partner eat you out, eventually he can?t stand it though and he virtually pulls the kids head away from you and kneels down behind you. He grabs you by the waist and pulls you up on all fours and rams his cock into you and starts to pound you. You are taken completely of guard and are as surprised as me by the size of the kids cock. He hurts you at first but after a minute or so you are driving your ass back to receive him as he buries his shaft up to the hilt into you. Off course being a teenager he doesn?t last too long and he barely manages to pull out and shoot hot streams of cum up along your back and into your hair, you groan and reach around to rub the cum into your skin. He steps aside but he has still got a raging hard on and I?d say he?s nearly ready to go again. He moves around to the front of you and sticks the cum covered shaft into your mouth and you start licking him clean like a Popsicle. The other kid at this point has his shorts down around his ankles and although his cock is probably 4 or so inches shorter that the first kids it is abnormally thick, perhaps even too much so. He gets down on his knees behind you and thrusts it into your pussy and you gasp, you are a taken a back at its thickness and it takes some adjusting to get used to it, like the kid before he shoots his load in about a half a minute and again barely manages to pull out and cum all over your back and hair. He too is still hard and raring to go immediately, he move around to the front with the other guy and sticks his cock in your face as well. You are going at both cocks furiously totally transfixed on what you are doing, the two guys are almost fighting for you attention and you are teasing them both intentionally. You have also checked each other?s prostrate to see if they would be into it or not and it drives them both even more insane. I can?t take it any more so I kneel behind you and ram my cock into your pussy and start pounding you. Your pussy is absolutely soaking and it wouldn?t surprise me if one or two of them hadn?t pulled out in time. The guy with the huge cock explodes soon enough into your mouth and although he had just cum a while ago a glassful gushes down your throat and you lick him clean. He pulls away and now you can give the other guy your full attention, plus you start giving his ass a going over with first two and then three fingers. I am still pounding you and to be honest during the whole time since we started this you have been loudly moaning and groaning so I haven?t been able to keep track of all the orgasms you?ve had but I now it?s at least three. The guy with the huge cock meanwhile has come around the back to look at me pound you, he sits transfixed for a while staring but eventually he positions behind me and puts his hand between my legs and rubs my balls. His cock is erect once more and its poking into my ass, he begins to get more daring with your fingers and one and then two start to probe my asshole. Meanwhile the other guy with the thick cock explodes in your mouth and once again you swallow a huge load and lick him dry. The kids fingers probing me is all too much and I explode and deposit a huge load into your pussy. I pull out but the kid doesn?t stop fingering me, in fact he begins to use more fingers and he pushes me down on all fours. I know what?s coming next, first I feel the enormous head pressing into my rear and then I feel him massaging hot warm spittle around the hole, he presses roughly and shockingly to me the head enters, it feels like it will kill me, and he isn?t going easy on me he is actually pounding me but the more he does the easier it gets but this is still killing me. The other kid meanwhile is rock hard again and he goes at you once again, he pulls you around onto your back and mounts you missionary style. Now you can see the guy pounding me and you tell me after you came almost instantly. So here we are you with a kid lying on your stomach pounding you with his thick cock and I?m across from you being pounded by a guy with a 11? cock. My tight ass is too much for the kid to withstand and he explodes into my insides, I feel his massive weapon twitching and his ass shuddering as he empty?s his balls load into me. He pulls me back up on my knees and kneels behind me and starts to fondle my cock, I moan and reach back behind him and pull his ass cheeks apart and towards me, he is furiously jerking me off now, I take charge and turn around and put him on all fours now, I lube up with spittle and ram my cock hard into his ass, obviously he?s not as affected as much as I was by his huge monster but he feels it and gasps all the same. Meanwhile the guy on top of you clenches his ass cheeks and without even making an effort to pull out deposits a huge load up into your womb, he rolls over and the two of you watch me pounding the kid. Eventually I return the favor and deposit a load deep within him. When I pull out the other kid is hard again after having just watched what he did, what I would give for being a teenager again, he moves towards me and presses his wide cock onto my lips, I start to lick both his cum and your juices off it. The other kid with the huge cock mounts you know missionary and starts pounding you, he pushes your legs back over your shoulders and you scream, his cock is too big and it is pounding your womb, he relaxes a little but still keeps your legs somewhat back, its amazing how virile teenagers are, I see his ass cheeks clench and he doesn?t bother to pull out either and he deposits his seed deep within you. You both turn around and watch me service the other kid, he is standing and has his hands around the back of my head, I am kneeling and have my hands around his ass cheeks, my fingers are probing him also, in no time he clenches and deposits a load down my throat which I swallow willingly. I think we all know now that this is where it should end so they put their shorts back on and disappear. We actually try and do it again but you can?t because your pussy is really badly swollen. We walk back to the car knowing for certain that we shall do this again??..The End..

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