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Dangerous Fun and more

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We invited Kevin and Angel out to a local beach bar last night for a drink. One of those outdoor type places with a band, volleyball nets, etc. A no fuss let your hair down wear your flip flops kind of place called Juana's. We have played with Kevin and Angel on numerous occasions. He's a tall sexy intense guy while she's just what her name says, an angel. (Until she has a few drinks) We are very good friends outside of the bedroom so hanging with them comes natural to us.

Anyway, after a few drinks and sexy flirting, Angel said she wanted to walk on the beach. Walking out onto the beach, I pull Kevin to me for a long slow sexy kiss. Kevin and I are a lot alike. We like the hot rough intense sex. My dirty mind thought of the empty lifeguard towers on the beach. Hmmmmm.... I suggest we take the party to the lifeguard tower to which all parties agreed. Making our way to the lifeguard tower, Jason and Angel get there first and wasted no time in getting started. Now the tower is made of wood, has a roof but is open on the sides at waist level. Kevin and I make our way into the tower to discover there is a long thigh high platform in the tower. Angel has already stripped down naked and is lying on her back on the platform out of sight of any onlookers. Jason is kneeling down on the floor of the tower and giving Angel an excellent tongue lashing. Now mind you, there is a decent moon out and parking lot lights all around. It was not exactly an inconspicuous spot if you were above the wall at waist level. Kevin and I make out heavily as he hikes up my mini skirt to find no panties and a soaking pussy. Kevin moans aloud and buries two fingers deep inside my wet snatch. I inhale sharply as he penetrates me with his fingers. After a few minutes of this, we attempted to take things further but the paranoia of being so exposed got the best of us. There were many people on the beach and I know that we could be seen. Realizing that it was getting a bit dangerous, we stopped. Besides it was getting fucking hot out! It may be midnight but its still 85 degrees. So we decide to leave the risky location and take the party back to their house.

Once back at their house it didn't take long to strip off the clothes and jump into the pool. Ahhh...the pool water was a bit warm, but it washed off the sweat. Kevin pounces on me once again, pinning me to the side of the pool. His hard cock finds my pussy and pushes his way in deep. I gasp at the fullness of him. After a few minutes of slow stroking the lack of friction was getting to me. I suggested we take this to the bed. Dried off, I proceed to give Kevin an exquisite blow job. One of my hands is on his cock and the other hand is grazing his asshole and taint. Kevin gasps in shock at my brazen touch but then moans with delight as I increase the intensity of my mouth on his cock. Pulsing his fingers in and out of my pussy, Kevin worked me up fast! I needed this cock in me, now! Flipping me on all fours, Kevin impales me with his cock. He grabs my hips and slams his cock home over and over. From previous experience I know that Kevin can cum fast in this position, so I pushed him on his back and straddled his pulsing cock. Burying it deep within me, I shudder at the fullness. My body is tensing and vibrating from the sensation. I reach down with one hand spreading my slippery labia as I finger my ever growing clit with the other. Bouncing slightly and fingering vigorously I was working my way to one intense orgasm. Needing to get off my aching knee, I lie on my back as Kevin spreads my legs wide. I once again start fingering my clit and tighten my pussy on Kevin's luscious cock. All of a sudden the intense wave of a body rocking orgasm washed over me. I yell aloud, claw at his chest and buck my hips upwards as if I could make Kevin deeper in my spasming pussy. After catching my breath and slowing the body twitches, I flip over onto my stomach and raise my ass in the air a bit to allow Kevin into my soaking pussy. Once in, I lie flat on my stomach and twitch with delight. I love this position. My pussy spasms and tightens around his cock. In a matter of minutes Kevin is gasping out, "I'm going to cum", to which I respond with an approving moan. Pumping his hot cum into me for what seemed like an hour, we both collapse. Damn it had been too long since I'd been with this intense lover.

There were more enjoyable moments after this which went on for about another hour. Eventually exhaustion took over and we called it a night. Having sexy swinging friends is so much fun. It can make an ordinary evening into something hot, sweaty, sexy and intense. Who wouldn't want to live this lifestyle!

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