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Different Gldngurl2

A lot of people just don't understand different kinds of love?.but I have always looked at things thru a different shade of glasses than most?.Having a man is wonderful?but, being with another woman is intoxicating?.Last spring I had met a beautiful raven colored hair goddess..She had violet eyes, and a smile that warmed you from the inside out.. I noticed her flawless porcelain skin, and her fine boned hands?Lovely, very lovely?Her neck was thin and long, and melted into her voluptuous breasts. She watched me as I looked at her, I saw her run her tongue over lips, and run her hand down her side to her thigh?.Hmmm?she thought the same way I did?She said her name was Andrea?.and asked if I lived around the area?I said yes, would you like to go to my flat? She shyly smiled and replied, "yes". I took her by her hand , and we walked to my home..As we walked up the steps, I noticed how round her ass was as she took the steps up?I felt a flutter in my belly?I was going to enjoy this afternoon for sure? We entered, and she smiled at me?.what a warm home you have, she said..I thanked her, and took her into the living room?It was hardwood floors with a huge white flukati rug in front of the fireplace?she sat down, and I placed some wood on the fire to take the chill out of the air. I walked over to the bar, and opened up a chilled bottle of wine, and poured it in two long stem fluted glasses?and walked over to her?..sliding in next to her?.she took the glass, and lifted it up to her lips, stuck her tongue in and tasted it?.mmmmmmmmmmmm?delicious she said..I leaned over and took her face in my hands, and touched her lips with mine, and darted my tongue in so softly?.she tasted heavenly, and was expert at the art of french kissing?.I felt passion rising in both of us?this kiss lasted an eternity?and I raised my hand to her breast and found her nipple protruding through her blouse, so erect, so perk?.I rolled it in my fingers, and felt her take a deep breathe?.she was probing her tongue on mine passionately?I lifted her arms, and slid off her shirt??.she was flawless?..she reached around and undid her bra, and it fell to the couch?My gawd, she was gorgeous?her breast slightly turned up, with nipples that were crimson in color?.Lovely??.the touch of her skin was so inviting?so soft?.and warm?.I stood her up, and led her over to the rug in front of the roaring fire?.I slid her pants and daintys down, and she stood in front of me?.glowing in the light of the fire. Quickly I slipped out of my dress, and held her close to me?.oooooooo?the feel of her skin on mine, this was heavenly?.touching a woman is so different than touching a man?I ran my fingers thru her hair, and slightly pulled her head back, and licked her neck down to her breasts?.As I circled her nipples with my wet tongue, I slid my hand down her belly, to her mound of coal beauty. slowly, I slid my finger down ?.she was so wet, and slid my fingertip in?.and she arched her back?..and I slid it back up to her clit, making light butterfly strokes across it?.I was watching her thrust to my rhythm, and getting excited myself?.I layed her down , and looked at her?She was so beautiful in the fire light?as I ran my tongue down her belly, I slid my body over hers and she reached up, and licked the inside of my thigh?I ran my tongue down to her clit?and down the crease of her leg?.she moaned in delight, and I lowered myself to her warm lips?.she lapped at me as my juices began to flow?and she was spilling over herself too?.I brushed my nipples across her belly, in unison with my licking of her pussy, she started to tremble?and she vigorously sunk her tongue in my pussy?..As I rocked on her lips, I circled her clit?and slid my two fingers in, and rubbed back and forth between each place?..she was dripping?..I knew I was going to make her cum..and I was close behind?.I picked up my pace, licking quickly, and fingering her clit?..she bucked and screamed as she came??spasms of sheer joy fell from her lips?.and I felt my self spill??As we layed there?.looking at each other, I smiled at her??.she smiled back??and we stayed there and enjoyed the heat of the fire in each others arms.


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