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Cowboy brings Butterfly out of Cocoon

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This is most simple story but it is also the most erotic story I can tell. She had been married for 22 years. He had been married for 18 yrs. They were introduced by a mutual friend who had had threesomes with her and him. She and her husband and tried and he was not really into the whole thing. He on the otherhand had several encounters over the years and had lead a very open life with his wife. In the beginning, she had been without sex for almost three years,except the threesome, we all ( the mutual friend, the Cowboy, and the Butterfly) were chatting one night online, when he ask her if she would like to get fucked really good. Well being that it was the first offer in sometime and she was about to die if she did not get some. He suggested that she come to his house, he had talked to his wife and she was all for helping the underprivelged horny housewife. His wife really liked to help out the underprivileged and her idea was to share the wealth. Well the Butterfly had not been with any other man until the possibily of this encounter, she was quite nervous, but the idea of getting a nice hard throbbing cock to drill her lonesome pussy was more than she could bear. She told him that when she came to the house that she wanted him to immediately start kissing her. To pour the kiss on, and not let her back out. Well being the true Cowboy nature, he kept his promise to her. When she arrived, he gently went over to her, after a little chat, He was six ft 8 inches and she was a mere, five foot four. She wore her glasses,was plainly dressed, and was neatly done as only a sheltered woman is, even being a former school teacher. When he kissed her, she felt a sensation between her legs that she had not felt in a long time, she felt the juices flowing and could have sworned that they were running down her thighs. The more he ran his tongue in her mouth, the more she hurt with need of just being fucked. He then took her to the bedroom, where she was impressed with how the bed was so neat and apparently done by his wife for the afternoon encounter. He assisted her in undressing and noticed how shy and removed she seemed to be and the lack of self confidence. Once underdressed she laid back on the bed. He carefully crawled in between her legs, approaching as a predator to eat it's prey. Boy oh boy, did he eat his prey. She had thought she was not really into being eaten, but she had never been eaten this way. He just drove in, running his tongue to taste the juices of her pussy. She just shook with each movement of his tongue. He kept giving her gently bites and she had never had this much action given before. Soon she was lost into the eating of her pussy. He at one point blew into her pussy, making his lips and tongue flutter. She thought that she would never stop coming. Then he decided that she needed to feel a real cock and he started fondling and sucking her breast. She was throbbing so hard that she could not tell the difference in need and cumming. She just knew that she had never had a fucking like this in her life. He started to run his hard cock into her. When she saw it she was in sheer disbelief, it had been twentytwo years since she had been with any other man, and to boot, she had not ever seen one as big and big around. She felt like she was being consumed in all ways. As he ran his dick into the very wet pussy, she trimbled over and over. As the joke goes, he had been where no man had gone before. She felt pain with estacy and was so overwhemed with all of him and his cock. It seemed only a few minutes that she pumped back and he pumped her ever so deep and hard. It was actually for over an hour. She was so pleased that she felt guilty with all he had done for her. They did not talk again for quite sometime. One day she even emailed him and the mutual friend saying that she could not be around such people. Time passed, one night he was on the computer, his wife had passed away the month before. She was on the computer for the first time in months, she had since got a divorce. The butterfly saw he was on, she was lonesome and in need. They chatted a little online. He told her of his bad news. She instantly wanted to call and talk. So she did. He suggested that she come over that night. They talked and finally got so horny that they were fucking with the same intense lust that they had almost a year before. Somehow they became very good fuck buddies. She had built up so many walls and knew very little of real sex. He taught her things that she could not imagine. She tried a double headed dildo with another woman while he watched. You could tell that this was something that she wanted by the way she pumped the other woman so hard and fast. She came at least three times with this. If this was not an erotic sight, he had the other woman to fuck her with a strap on. All in the room were moaning and cumming to watch or participate. They seemed to make time to meet as her schelude permitted. She even had other lovers, but she could not get over his big cock and how he would make her want more the way he fucked her. She now jokes that he made her a Sex Addict. Finally they decided to live together, they continued to see each other after he moved out. He as always was a drup that she needed and her body would not let her go too long, before it needed a fix.

He decided for Christmas what she needed was to do a MMF. He found someone that was similiar to himself and she gave her approval. He explained to the other man, it was to be an evening of complete attention on her. The evening was New Years Eve of this year. Needless to say, he was a man of his word. The two men did everything from one getting sucked while the other fucked her in the ass and pussy. They took turns cumming in her mouth, her ass and pussy while she begged for more. Finally at one point she was riding the other Cowboy saying Fuck me, Fuck me harder, and she was watching her Cowboy. He came and was unable to go any farther. She had worn them out and wanted more. At the end of the evening she gigglingly admitted that it only seemed fifteen minutes, it had been a three hours fucking and sucking feast. She turned to her Cowboy and told him that she thinks sex is fun now. She had truly came out the cocoon and become a butterfly.

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