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Comic Relief

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The story I?m about to tell is completely true, one we never contemplated experiencing ? yet we did ? just this past weekend!

This past Friday night ?J? (my husband) and I went to a comedy club in Des Moines with a few of our friends. We had not heard of the comic before, yet his review looked good and we were really up for some comedy!

The show was really good, one of the better ones we?ve seen. The crowd was not all that big but he did a wonderful job of keeping everyone rolling. After the show as we walked out, I quietly said to ?J?, ?I would fuck him? - referring to the comedian.

He was a tall black man ? very muscular. It was obvious that he worked out a lot and I think we even spotted him at our gym earlier that day; he must have gotten a weekend pass while in town. I loved watching him move around on the stage and his facial expressions. His head was shaved, which I am obviously drawn to. I was intrigued by his piercing in the lower center of his lip. I wonder what it would feel like with him between my legs.


Oh well, nothing but a fantasy. What would I do, walk up to him as we left and invite him over to fuck me into submission? I?m not THAT forward! From now on, I?ll refer t the sexy comedian as ?T?.

On Saturday ?J? was online ? surfing MySpace. We recently added a profile there for fun and to see if we could find more local swingers. He was surfing the comedy area ? we?re big fans of Last Comic Standing and are rooting for Chris Porter ? I?d do him too but that?s another story!

He looked up T; ?J? wanted to send him a note, thanking him for the show and give him some kudos. Sure enough, T had a MySpace profile and ?J? sent him this message?

?Saw you in Des Moines, IA @ the Funny Bone. LOVED the show - hope to see you in Des Moines again!


Now our profile does mention that we are an open couple in search of other couples/singles to meet and possibly engage in some adult fun. We have a few of our intimate photos on there, yet nothing too naughty as MySpace does not allow nudity. Well, T picked up on all this and surprisingly responded with?

?Thank you so much for the kind words, love people who enjoy my show.

I loved your profile!!! HOT!!! Would love to meet up someday!?

Whoa! This got me excited and I took over responding to him. Assuming he had already left town, I told him to look us up the next time he was in the area. We e-mailed back and forth a few times until we exchanged Yahoo ID?s. It was now Sunday afternoon and we began chatting Yahoo. I said to him ?I wish I would have known you were on MySpace and interested in me before now so we could have done something about it while you were in town!?

T?s response was ?Actually I am still in town?.

A tingle ran up my spine. I asked him what he was still doing in town and he stated he had one more show left and he wasn?t leaving until Monday. After some innocent chatting, I got up the courage to ask what he was doing after his 8:30 show ? he said ?hopefully something with you!?

By now I was getting rather excited, a newly found energy was building inside me as I pondered spending some time with T in the bedroom. So far that day I had cleaned the house, gone into work for a few hours, spent an hour and a half at the gym and tanned ? so I was somewhat worn out. Not anymore!

I asked ?J? if it was ok if T came over after his show ? he had no objections. All of this was soooo naughty. First, we?ve never picked up a vanilla person ? not even thought of it really. Second, I was making plans to fuck a comedian that we watched just two nights ago! I knew nothing about him and had barely gotten to know him online. I didn?t know what his likes/dislikes were, what he looked like with his shirt off or what he had inside his pants.

Strangely, I didn?t care. I wanted to fuck him ? tonight.

T said he had to get going, he needed to get ready for his show. I gave him my number and asked him to call when he was done. He declared he would do so immediately after the show, which would be around 9:45.

?J? and I finished our dinner and I went upstairs to pamper myself in the tub, wanting to look my best for T. After some much needed soaking and relaxation, I shaved and made sure to pay extra special attention to my pleasure zone. The thought of him seeing - and touching - my recently shaved area was starting to become more than I could handle!

At about 8:45 my cell phone rings. I said to ?J? ?That can?t be T, it?s way too early!? Sure enough, it was. His show had gotten cancelled, only 10 or so people showed up. A Sunday night in Des Moines, not too exciting.

T did not sound disappointed one bit, asking if it was too early. I informed him that it was perfect timing as I had just gotten out of the tub. He was leaving the club and only 10 minutes away from where we lived. I gave him directions and chatted with him while he was on his way to our house. This was actually going to happen!

T arrived at the door and ?J? let him in ? I was upstairs making a few finishing touches. I had on a boob-hugging red Playboy shirt with a skimpy pair of blue Hard Rock Café shorts ? underneath I had on a red Victoria Secret bra with a matching red tanga. The thin lacey crotch of my tanga was getting damp with my excitement.

I joined the boys downstairs, sitting on the couch between them chatting. We talked about T?s show from Friday night, his busy schedule and the boys started talking about football. That?s when I mentioned I had a tanga on, wanting to divert the attention back to more important things. T didn?t know what a tanga was and asked me to show him. The fun began?

I stood up and bent over in front of him, slowly pulling down my shorts, revealing my sexy panties and skin for his viewing pleasure. He examined me with his eyes and then began kissing my behind. I turned around, informing him the front side was better. He agreed and immediately put his face in my crotch. First he teased me by planting kisses on me, with my tanga still fully covering my freshly shaved crotch. Finally he took one finger and moved them to the side, letting his tongue slip out of his mouth onto my clit.

I let out a whimper while looking at my husband sitting on the couch, observing the show. We both enjoy watching one another and I could tell he was enjoying the show so far.

T was starting to do a number on me with his lips and tongue, causing my legs to wobble a bit. I announced it was time to move this party upstairs and received no complaints. I led T up the stairs, giving him a brief tour and then swiftly to the bedroom.

We both easily found the bed and began exploring one another. He began by kissing me, sucking on my tongue and lightly biting my lip. Something different, but I liked it! His hands we roaming my body, caressing my breasts through my shirt and bra. I decided I had too many clothes on and he helped me out of them. Soon I was lying naked on the bed in front of my new lover.

He wasted no time resuming his exploration, this time going right between my legs. What skills he had ? using his lips, tongue and fingers, he was driving me crazy! T gave his tongue a break but continued using his fingers. Oh, what magic fingers they were! He was now sitting back away from me, kneeling next to the bed with his fingers deep inside of me, I don?t know if I?ve ever felt so good while being fingered! He knew just what buttons to push, but never did anything long enough to make me cum. Still, I was moaning loud enough for the neighbors to hear and my pussy was literally dripping wet!

Finally I informed him he was wearing too many clothes and asked him to strip, giving me my first look at his wonderful cock. He laid on the bed and we began making out again. Once in a while I?d give his cock a gentle squeeze until I decided I had teased him enough, moving down and taking him in my mouth. He was not fully erect, until I began working him over with my lips and tongue. Starting with the head, I began licking the entire length of him before engulfing him with my mouth. Slowly he began to swell, and swell, and swell. While not gigantic, he was definitely hung - his cock was a very nice length with plenty of girth. My excitement grew along with his big cock.

?J? joined us now, teasing my clit with his tongue while I sucked on T. I really had him going, using my hand to stroke him while I put as much of him in my mouth as I could and back out again. He used his hands to gather my shoulder-length hair and guided me up and down his cock. Not forceful, but gentle enough for me to enjoy it and give him what he wanted. I was becoming rather stimulated with the combo a big cock going in and out of my mouth, T stroking my hair and my husband?s tongue and fingers toying with my pussy.

?J? gave me a break and left the room. T wanted to 69 and who was I to disagree! I got half-way swung around when he began fingering me again, distracting me from straddling his face. Not to leave him out, I bent down and put him back in my mouth. Soon his finger was buried inside me and I was moaning with a mouth full of T. I was in heaven! Still, he had not allowed me to cum and needed to badly. I took him out of my mouth and between gasps said ?It?s time for you to fuck me?. He left the bed and retrieved a condom from his pants. I laid on my back, impatiently waiting for him to fill me up.

He came back to the bed, chuckling as if he just thought of a new joke for his routine, did it have to do with what we were about to do? I had no idea, but giggled at him. Soon, I was not giggling anymore?

He moved close to me and I reached down between my legs, grabbed his hard cock and guided it into me. I let out a loud sigh as he parted my lips and pushed his entire length into me. After just a couple gentle strokes and some brief kissing, I put my hands on his tight butt and he picked up the pace and began fucking me just how I needed him to ? hard, long quick strokes! I came not even a minute or two of him inside me ? screaming ? knowing full well someone was getting an ear-full! I looked up to see ?J? watching us from the doorway, smiled and resumed my focus back on T.

After I was allowed to briefly recover, T grabbed my legs, pushing them in the air and up righted himself. Then, he began pounding me, with almost an angry passion ? I loved it! I felt his oversized balls slapping my ass as he slammed in and out of me with speed. Soon I was cumming again, this time almost losing my breath. I needed a break and begged him to slow down for a bit.

After regaining my composure, I pulled him down on top of me and urged him to continue. T asked me to reach down and tease his balls which I eagerly complied. He began with very slow, long, long strokes. It felt so good, feeling him slowly fill me up, leave me empty and fill me up again. Another orgasm took control of my body.

T moved back up off me again, raising my legs and pounded me once again. I thought I was going to be lifted off the bed I was getting it so hard. It wasn?t long before I was clamping down on his cock as a result of another orgasm beginning. Or maybe two, I don?t know. I wasn?t trying to keep count and even if I did try, it would have been difficult. Things were such a blur!

Eventually, my muscles were too much for T. He began to growl and announced that he too was cumming. Then suddenly, he pulled out, ripped off his condom and began shooting his come all over me ? from my pussy all the way up to my breasts. Soaked in our sweat from our nasty fuck session, I was now covered in T?s cum ? I was very pleasantly surprised by his actions!

After cleaning up, we sat on the bed and chatted, both still catching our breath and enjoying the afterglow. T began to dress, he had to leave early the next day for his next show unfortunately ? I could have easily taken him again. I put a few clothes on and led him back downstairs. He told me he would be in touch and would certainly let us know when he was headed back to Des Moines. I told him I hoped it would be soon, we kissed again and said our good-byes.

Once he had left, I informed ?J? I was rather flustered by my encounter and wanted him to fuck me. We rushed back upstairs and were naked in seconds. After a little foreplay, I was ready to be fucked again. I was still very wet from my first session and stretched out, so ?J? had no troubles entering me.

We madly kissed one another and fucked like animals. Once in a while we?d talk about what took place moments ago, reliving the experience, heightening our pleasure. It wasn?t long before ?J? was bringing me to yet another orgasm. A lady can never have too many!

I was still sweaty from earlier, our bodies sticking together as we made love, now slowing the pace and locking our lips ? teasing one another?s tongues. I wanted to move into a different position having already spent a lot of time on my back. ?J? asked me to stay, stating he too wanted to empty his load onto my body. I gave an evil smile, agreed and clamped down on his cock.

It wasn?t long before he had reached the point of no return ? obviously pent up from the show he just received! He pulled out of me and moved up my body, shooting his cum all over me ? some of it even landing on my face. There I lay on my back with another load of cum all over me; my skin would look good tomorrow!

We cleaned up and literally crashed into the bed. Both exhausted, myself especially, we were asleep in minutes ? cuddled up to one another.

I?ll never forget the night I fucked the comedian.

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