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College days

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It was about 20 years ago and I was working a part time job as a bouncer while attending college. The bar I worked in was named Lucky Lady and it was quite the hot spot in town. We would get 400 people crammed into there on most week nights, and even more on weekends.

Most of our patrons were between the ages of 19-25. The loud music and craziness kept most of the older folks away. Although once or twice a month we would be visited by a lady in her mid 40s named Mary. She would generally come in around 11:00 when the party was in full swing and find herself a young drunk stud to take home. She was seldom there longer than 30 minutes and never failed to have a boy toy in tow as she left. The guys I worked with always snickered whenever she came in, but all agreed that they wouldn’t turn her down if she were to ask them to come home with her as she wasn’t bad looking for a woman her age. She had a pretty face with dark hair, long legs and an hourglass type figure.

I was working on a busy weekend night during the spring. Us bouncers wore black pants with black & white polyester referee shirts, so we were very easily identified in the crowd. Making my way through the crowds I suddenly found myself face to face with Mary. She was trying to twist the top off of her beer bottle….the bartender had been so busy that he had forgotten to do that. Mary handed me her bottle and asked if I would please open it for her. I gave it a twist and the cap came right off, falling to the floor at our feet. Mary knelt down to retrieve it, her head coming to rest directly in front of my crotch. She looked up and smiled, and then proceeded to slowly lick her lips while still looking up at me. My cock swelled up right away, presenting a fairly large bulge in my pants. This was not lost on Mary. As she stood back up, she ran her hand up my inner thigh, brushing it against my swollen cock, which made me jump a little. She remarked that I appeared to have a problem and wondered if there was anything that she could do to help. I tried to play it cool, but the rush of adrenaline made that most difficult. I stammered that she could most certainly help me, but I didn’t get off work for another three hours. She frowned and explained that she wasn’t going to wait around here for three hours. I asked if she wanted to meet me after I got off. She responded in an annoyed voice that she wasn’t going to wait for three hours to get what she wanted. Thinking quickly, I told her that I could take my break now if she wanted to accompany me down to the basement to the employee locker room. She asked if it was private and I advised that people generally didn’t go down there while the bar was open. I could tell that the idea intrigued her, and after she thought about it for a few seconds she said okay. We made our way to the back of the bar where the staircase was. On the way I stopped and told Randy, the asst manager and head bouncer, that I was going to take my break now. He knew right away what was about to happen and began to good naturedly give Mary and I a hard time. She looked straight at him and told him matter of factly that he could take his break in twenty minutes if he was interested. Randy’s jaw about hit the floor and all he could manage to mumble out was an astonished ‘sure’. We began to make our way towards the stairs again when Randy finally came back to earth and called for me to wait. He suggested that we use Greg’s upstairs office instead, as it was more private and had a couch. Greg was the owner/manager and had a private office above the DJ booth. However, he was out of town this week and so the office was empty. Randy pressed the door key into my hand and gave me a wink.

We climbed the stairs and I let Mary into Greg‘s office. I was quite nervous as she pulled me onto the couch next to her, but I soon forgot about my nervousness as she rubbed my cock through my pants. I began to kiss her neck and massage her boobs. Her blouse was soon unbuttoned and halfway off, revealing a frilly bra. I unhooked and removed her bra, setting free her ample breast from its confinement. Her tits were large and full, a bit saggy, but were still very nice. Her areoles were dark brown, the size of silver dollars. Her nipples were as big around as my pinky, and nearly half as long. I quickly began to suckle her breasts and pinch her hard nipples, but Mary soon grew impatient and pushed my head down towards her pussy. I was happy to comply and kissed my way down her torso while simultaneously removing her jeans and panties. Her pussy was shaven smooth, with just a little triangle of hair left at the top. This was the first time that I had encountered a shaved pussy, and I really liked the way it looked and felt. I licked and probed the folds of her womanhood with my tongue. Mary began to moan and encouraged me to continue. I concentrated on her clit, and decided to insert a couple of fingers into her at the same time. They slid right in and so I put in a third. Mary began squirming her hips around, trying to get my fingers further inside of her. It was obvious that she was enjoying herself. I pulled my three fingers out of her slick hole and reinserted four, all except the thumb. Again, they slipped right in and I figured that I could probably get my entire fist inside of Mary, but didn’t want to stretch her out that much before I had the chance to fuck her. By now she was really grinding her clit on my face and shoving her pussy down as far as she could on my hand. I picked up the pace and within a minute or two she was cumming hard. I continued to eat her pussy until her orgasms subsided. Once she finished, I stood up between her legs and dropped my pants. My cock was rock hard and begged to get at her wet hole. Mary reached down and gave it a couple of quick strokes, then guided it into her cavernous pussy. I pumped into her as hard and as fast as I could, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to hold out for very long. Her big tits bounced back and forth in rhythm with my thrusts. I was just about ready to cum when Randy walked into the office. Mary, looked over to see who it was and then stopped me. She instructed Randy to get naked, and as soon as he was she called him over. With a cock in each hand, she remarked how she loved having more than one cock at the same time. She got on her knees towards the end of the couch and began to suck Randy. I watched for a few seconds until she looked at me and ordered me to fuck her from behind. I didn't need to be told twice and was soon filling her pussy with my throbbing tool. Within a few short minutes I was ready to shoot my young seed deep into her middle-aged pussy. She moaned softly as my body jerked and multiple streams of warm cum sprayed over her cervix. I continud to stroke her until my cock went limp. After I pulled out, she stopped sucking on Randy and asked me to send up another bouncer to take my place. I asked how many guys she planned on 'doing' tonight. A wicked grin appeared on her face and she asked how many bouncers were working tonight. I told her that including Randy there were five of us. Well then, five, she responded. I put my pants back on and went dowstairs to find Brent. He was without a doubt the most degenerate of our motley crew. I found him over by the pool tables. I explained that Randy was upstairs fucking Mary, and that she wanted a second bouncer to join them. Brent gave me a look of 'yeah right'. I finally convinced him to go and see for himself, and so he headed to the back of the bar. About ten minutes later, Randy finds me and fills me in on what is going on. He finished a few minutes ago and had already sent Larry upstairs. Randy's eyes grew wide as he described what happened when Brent came up. Turns out that Brent was really, really well hung. Mary became very excited when she saw that and begged Brent to fuck her like a 'cheap whore'. He was happy to oblige, and was soon slamming his cock into her pussy from behind. She continued to suck Randy as best she was able as her body was rocked by Brent's violent thrusts. Randy said that he didn't know what was louder, Mary's moaning or the sound of skin slapping together. After a bit, Brent complained that he needed a tighter hole to fuck. He pulled out of Mary's pussy and began working his manhhod into her ass. Mary whimpered and whined, but never asked him to stop. Soon he was banging her asshole just as hard as he had been banging her pussy. Randy came in her mouth and left shortly after, with Brent still pounding her ass.

Hearing these lurid details made me quite horny. I made my way to the back of the bar and met Larry coming back. I asked him what had happened. He explained that Brent was still upstairs, fucking Mary in the ass and pussy. Mary had sucked Larry off, he looked somewhat embarrassed as he said it only took a couple of strokes before he was filling her mouth with cum. Guess it had been a while since he had sex. He asked if I had seen Brian.....I hadn't lately. We needed to find him and send him upstairs. Larry found him a couple of minutes later and sent him up. By this time my cock was hard again and I wanted another turn with Mary. I found Randy and told him to hold down the fort. I opened the office door just as Brent was finishing shooting a huge load of goo on Mary's stomach and tits....his cock was just as enormous as Randy had claimed. Brian was standing to the side, enjoying the show. Mary was panting heavily, her glistening chest heaving, She saw me approach and smiled. Back for more, she asked. Of course I was. I pulled off my pants and took Brent's place between Mary's legs. She was laying on her back with her head at the end. Brent still sported a semi hard cock, and so he moved to Mary's head and began to snake it into her mouth. I tried fucking her pussy, but it was a stretched out sloppy mess. I could barely feel flesh against my cock. Brian continued to stand at the side, tweaking her nipples as she stroked his cock. After a bit, Mary stopped us and asked Brian to lay on his back. She mounted his cock and instructed me to come in from behind and for Brent to keep feeding her his large pipe. I squatted behind Mary and joined Brian in her pussy. That helped tighten things up a bit. Brent continued to fuck her mouth as Brian and myself thrust in and out of her pussy. Mary quickened her pace and I could feel her body tense as a wave of orgasms shook her. She collapsed on top of Brian as her arms gave out. He rolled her over and continued to stroke her pussy. Brent and I played with her tits and took turns jamming our cocks down her throat. Brian let loose into her pussy after a couple more minutes. Cum oozed out of her wide open cunt, down her ass and soaked into Greg's couch. I was close to cumming again, and so I straddled her torso and proceeded to titty fuck those big fleshy mounds of hers. I was surprised at how much cum I was able to squirt onto her tits, considering I had already cum that evening. Brent followed quickly, squirting a small load onto Mary's face and hair.

Only about an hour had passed since I first encountered Mary in the bar, but a lot had happened in that hour. I asked her if she would like us to send anyone else up or if she needed anything. She replied that she hadn't been fucked this hard in years, and so she was pretty tired. All she needed was a towel or something to wipe off with. We found a bar towel in the corner and Mary wiped herself up as best as she could. We all dressed and headed downstairs. On the way down I told Mary that we'd love to do this again sometime if she wanted. She kissed my cheek and told me that sounded great.

As fate would have it, Lucky Lady burned to the ground less than three weeks later and was never rebuilt. Rumor has it that Greg had it torched in order to collect the insurance money....who knows. Anyway, I never saw Mary again though I have remained good friends with Brent. In fact, we have collaborated on a few three ways with my wife, but that is another story.

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