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College Daze 6

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I was catching up on some work ay home when Sherry called inviting me to have dinner with her and roommate Pam. I gladly accepted. I enjoyed the company of both and had no plans for dinner that night anyway. I finished up my work and headed to their apartment.

Both greeted me at the door, giggling in their usual girlish manner. It was obvious they were dressed to tease and torture me through dinner. Sherry wore a tight, sleeveless blouse without a bra. Her nipples were firm and pronounced under the thin fabric. She also wore a very short skirt, nearly the type worn by tennis players and from the first glance, it looked as though she had nothing on underneath. Pam was similiarly attired -- wearing a bikini type type which accenuated her firm breasts and a pair of very short, nylon shorts.

They extended their hands and invited me in, leading me to the couch where I sat down between them. I flopped on the couch first and my suspicions were confirmed, Sherry had nothing on under the skirt and I gazed at her firm little ass and now stylishly manicured pubic hair. I gave each one a quick kiss as they sat down beside me. We chatted and drink wine and Sherry announced she was leaving to spend the weekend with her Mom and an aunt that was visiting.

"Since I'll be gone, I'm counting on you to keep Pam company," Sherry said. Pam smiled, leaned over and gave me a kiss. Any discomfort I may have felt was quickly erased by a series of thoughts of the threesome Pam, Sherry and I had experienced and a growing firmness in my pants.

Dinner was nice and the conversation pleasant and filled with sexual hints and jokes. While washing dishes after dinner, Sherry snuggled up next to me and kissed me goodbye. I was surprised. "I was hoping we could spend some time together before you left," I said somewhat confused and disappointed.

"I need to get on the road because Mom is expecting me. I will be back Sunday afternoon and I promise I will make it up to you then," Sherry said. "Besides," she added with a grin, "Pam has some ideas of her own for tonight."

I dried my hands and held Sherry tight while I kissed her goodbye. She grabbed her bag and bolted out the door. Pam approached me with a hug from behind, rubbing her hands across my chest and stomach and down to my crotch as she kissed my neck. "I need you to fuck me tonight," she whispered in sexy tones.

I turned to hold her and kiss her. Our mouths opened and tongues danced together as she tugged at my belt. About the time my pants hit the floor, Sherry bolted back into the apartment, surprising us both. "Gosh you didn't waste any time you little slut," Sherry said with a laugh. Pam laugh while I pulled my pants up. Sherry reached over a gave my cock a little squeeze then headed to her bedroom. "I need to change then I will be out of here," Sherry called out. "I can't very well let Mom see me like this."

In a flash, Sherry was gone, now dressed in a jeans and a light sweater. Pam beckoned me to join her on the couch as she slipped her bikini top off, exposing her nice round breasts and firm, unturned nipples. When I approached the couch, she reached out and unbuckled my pants, allowing them to fall at my feet.

Pam's hand slippe under my underwear and both hands stroked my cock. Precum leaked from the head and she slowly polished the head with the warm liquid. She pulled me closer and rubbed the head of my throbbing cock overe her lips, much like she was applying lipstick. My cock grew harder as it glided across her mouth, then she parted her lips and let my cock slide deep into her.

Her tongue dashed and swirled around the head and down the shaft as she sucked my cock deeper into her throat. We both moaned together and I soon warned her that I was about to cum. She pulled my cock out of her mouth, looked at me and said, "just tell me when." Then she eagerly sucked me deep into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down at a faster pace.

"Oh god, it's so close," I shouted out. Pam pulled my cock from her mouth and continued stroking it and under it exploded. She aimed my cum at her breasts, then rubbed the liquid over her as I watched. I dropped to my knees and started kissing her and she guided my mouth to her breasts. "I want to taste your cum on your tongue," she panted.

For the next few minutes, I alternated licking the cum from her breasts and letting her suck it from my tongue while she rubbed her clit with one hand and fingered her pussy with the other. The site of her masturbating kept my cock at attention and as she approached an orgasm, she pushed me on my back and jumped on top of me.

Pam guided my cock into her wet pussy and it slid in easily. She bounced up and down rather ackwardly until slowing down to a smooth, sensuous motion. I felt her pussy muscles get tense and she threw her head back and moaned loudly as the first wave of an orgasm surged through her. She bucked up and down and back and forth on my cock faster and faster while trashing her her from side to side. As she grew more tense, I pulled her off my cock and slid her pussy to my mouth. My tongue plunged deep inside her then swirled around her clit, causing another wave of pleasure. She pulled my head closer to her pussy and gasped.

Fully spent, Pam rolled off my face and lay beside me on the floor. I slid closer to her, kissed her face and forehead and brushed the hair from her face which was moist with sweat. "The was so good," she panted. "Let me recover a little, then I need a favor," she said.

I said sure and we lay there cuddling for perhaps an hour with my hands slightly brushing her breasts enough to keep her nipples firm and sensitive and she was slowly stroking my cock. "What's the favor," I asked.

Pam sat up, smiled rather coyly and said, "I'm a little embarassed but Sherry told me about the wonderful and sexy things you two do together and I want to experiment some, especially after hearing what she said."

I was confused and a little puzzled by such generalities. "Sure, but what do you mean," I asked.

With her knees on the floor, Pam laid her chest on the couch, exposing her firm ass to me. She reached back and slowly parted her cheeks. "Sherry told me how you fucked her here," Pam said as she rubbed her ass, "and it's something I want to try." "Will you teach me?"

I smiled, leaned over a kissed each cheek then let me tongue slide up and down the crack of her ass as Pam moaned and move her hips from side to side. I parted her ass with my hands and let me tongue slide from her tight little asshole to her pussy as she groaned.

"Yes, I will teach you," I said.


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