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Chapter 8 - Titplay Trio On The Lake

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Having just been fucked by her husband Lacey is smiling up at Ron who is still sitting naked off to the side. Jon removes himself from atop Lacey and she rolls on her side and reaches her right hand up to gently pull the head of Ron’s now limp and shrunken cock. Ron moans as her touch gets just a little more cum to leak from his spent hose, Lacey smiles as she says aloud “You must have had a lot of cum stored up in there”. Ron’s reply was “No, it’s just that you and everything you do is so fucking sexy it makes me cum and cum some more”. Jon interjected “Yup, she could make a dead man cum gallons”.

Lacey asks for the hose again and Ron says “Why bother, you Jon’t really think this is over do you”? Lacey shakes her head no and agrees that because the guys had taken Cialis before leaving, using the hose again would only be a waste of water. Instead, while still laying on the floor of the boat she pulls her suit on just as the guys are doing the same. Getting to the bow cushion with her swimsuit top still not pulled up she realizes that she is now being eyed by a guy in a smaller bow rider. She quickly pulls her top up and then reaches inside to adjust her breasts for comfort, the new boating neighbor smiles at everyone onboard “Awesome-Trouble II” signifying his approval. Lacey then whispers to the guys who had to know the guy was near by “Why didn’t you warn me”? Jon said, “I didn’t know you were gonna sit up still topless”. Ron adds, “Besides, a little treat for that guy is not a bad thing”. Lacey, still blushing can only shake her head at the guys comments.

Standing up Lacey leans over to kiss Jon who is sitting across from Ron, by doing so her ass ends up on inches from Ron’s face. So as Lacey gives Jon a kiss, Ron kisses Lacey ass. Lacey eye’s get wide and her field of vision lets her see that the guy near by is looking straight down her swimsuit top as he is still watching what is going on in their boat. Lacey gets a dirty little thought and reaching behind her she pulls her swimsuit aside so Ron can kiss bare ass cheek. Again, the neighboring boater smiles his approval. Then Lacey stands up, adjusts her suit and quietly tells the guys in the boat that she is getting into the water in an attempt to “Swish some cum from my pussy”. The guys say okay and off she goes, climbing onto the swim platform and then down the ladder into the water. Ron then says “I could use a little swishing off myself” as he too gets into the water.

Jon sitting on the back of the boat watches as the other two “Swish off” just at the back of the boat. Looking at Lacey, Jon asks “Making any progress”? She shakes her head “No”. Ron steps up to Lacey and reaching under her swimsuit, pulls the elastic aside and says “Here, let me help”. Even though the water is green Jon can see as Ron’s finger disappears under the crotch of Lacey’s suit. Lacey spreads her thighs a bit more to allow him to get a bit deeper with his finger as he “Helps”. She then reaches down the top of Ron’s suit, rolls it down a couple of inches which allows his cock to be free of it. Then she gently rolls it in her hand helping Ron clean off as well. Jon just sits and watches, enjoying the fact that it appears both Ron and Lacey are enjoying each other’s touch.

Ron’s cock responds to Lacey’s touch by growing a bit but not obtaining full extension; Lacey on the other hand tilts her head back and shudders out an orgasm because Ron quit finger fucking her deeply and began tickling her clit. Biting her lower lip, she closes her eyes and her shakes her head causing her hair to blow in the wind. Lacey let’s go of Ron’s cock and with both her hands she grabs his arm just below the wrist, pulling him a bit tighter and using it as balance as she starts to hump onto his finger. In a few seconds she is Jone and Ron’s touch has become unbearable so she pushes it away abruptly. Oh, and what about the boating neighbor? He stands and applauds as he smiles. Lacey is 3 shades of red as she climbs out of the boat and lays low on a bow cushion.

The next couple of hours went like any other boating day. Some drinks, a cold sandwich lunch, some music and small talk. During that time many more boats came and anchored around the area and Jon put the bow filler cushions up for Lacey to really get comfortable. Lacey did some reading then took a short nap while the guys just talked about this and that. As the day wore on the sun got hotter and soon Lacey woke from her nap, hot and needing to cool off. When she sat up she saw the guys were already in the water so she cleared the cobwebs from her head and she slid into the water with the guys.

“What are you guys talking about” Lacey asked. “Getting you up on all fours and sliding one cock in your mouth and one in your pussy” was the answer she got from Jon. “Really?” she asked. Ron nodded a big and over exaggerated “Yes”. “Were you gonna just grab me and do me or were you gonna ask me first?” Lacey asked both of them. Smiling, Jon responded “Look us two hold horny Bastards have dick drugs in our system, besides, you came out here with just the two of us because you wanted hard dick all day long”. Lacey’s response was “Okay, lets get into the boat and see if we can find a spot a bit more private”.

Several minutes later the boat pulled away from the hang out spot and began to tour the lake looking for some form of privacy. There was a wide bay that still had some unbuilt land near by. Jon placed the boat about 100 yards from shore before dropping the anchor. There was still a lot of boating traffic on the lake, but this spot did afford a bit of privacy none the less.

Once the anchors were set in the 85 feet of water Jon and Ron turned their attention to Lacey who had poured some fresh drinks. The three held their glasses up high and a toast was made, the toast seemed to have become part of the ritual and something that the three had looked forward too, wanting to hear what the other’s had to say. Jon spoke up, wanting to toast this occasion, “Here’s to getting our cock’s into Lacey, using her as our sex toy today and filling her with even more cum”. “Here, here” was the standard response as the plastic cups were touched and drinks taken.

So the three continued to drink their drinks and make talk dirty until it was time for a refill. As Lacey stood to pour refills from the jug Jon said “We want a topless waitress”. Ron didn’t need any further encouragement as he stood behind Lacey and undid the strap from around her neck and slowly peeled her top down, once again exposing her lovely heavenly globes of pleasure. Then he reached around her and started reaching underneath them and rubbing the flesh underneath before making his way to her thick erect nipples. Lacey responded by rubbing her ass against his cock. “Okay, okay, that’s enough. I’m thirsty” Jon said from his seat. Ron let go of Lacey’s tits and sat on the back bench seat. Lacey poured drinks and gave Ron his then Jon his. “Will there be anything else sir?” she asked Jon as she handed him his drink. “Ya, come closer so I can feel your tits”. As Lacey stepped closer Jon began to play with them and he said “These are fucking awesome, I’m gonna fuck ‘em later”! Lacey smiled and asked again “Anything else”? Jon pulled his trunks down and off, spread his legs and said “Bend over and kiss my cock” Lacey did as she was told and smiled as she kissed it, seeing it was already semi erect.

When Lacey stood to get her drink Jon said, “Wait, my friend needs his dick kissed too”. Lacey turned to Ron and leaned over as he pulled his trunks off, she kissed his now semi erect cock too, making loud noises while doing so. As she was kissing Ron’s dick Jon pulled her swimsuit the rest of the way off and after she stepped out of it Jon stuck his face deep into her ass crack and inhaled, drawing up the aroma of her sweet, moist pussy. “Baby you smell like fuck candy” Jon was heard to say as he continued to breath deep.

Lacey stood up after giving Ron’s cock a final smooch and sat naked, thighs spread in her chair to drink her cocktail. The guys sat and continually sipped their drinks, playing with their cocks for Lacey to watch as they looked at her in the chair. Ron then said “Chug-a-lug” and the three tipped their glasses back as they finished their drinks. Putting their cups in cup holders Jon told Lacey to lay on her back up front while Ron turned the music up. With Lacey laying flat on her back, legs spread, Jon got his face close to her pussy and inhaled her aroma again.

After Jon took a few deep whiffs he invited Ron in to smell her too. Ron did, and his cock sprang instantly to full hardness. Lacey grabbed Ron’s hair and pushed his face into her pussy and said “Eat me”. Ron dove his tongue deep into her spread fuck candy and began licking away feverishly. Lacey bend her knees and got her feet flat on the cushions and began humping her ass up and down, fucking Ron’s face in the process. Without looking Lacey said “Feed me some cock”. Jon climbed past the two of them and knelt next to Lacey’s head so she could suck his cock. It didn’t take the master cocksucker long to get Jon’s cock get to full strength.

Getting into the happenings, Lacey released her lip lock on Jon’s cock and said to Ron “Lick my clit, lick it round and round, make me cum you fuck”! Then she went back to sucking Jon’s blood engorged dick. Ron must have followed the directions well because pretty soon Lacey was riding out another mind blowing orgasm, clamping her mouth down tightly around Jon’s sperm sprayer.

As soon as Lacey had finished her orgasm she pushed Ron’s head away and spit Jon’s cock out of her mouth. Then she rolled over and got up on all fours when she saw the other guy had found them. His boat was literally a few feet away and he had his rather big cock out and was stroking it. “How long has he been here?” Lacey asked. Jon answered “He got here right before you said ‘Feed me some cock‘”, laughing as he said it. Lacey, feeling the effects of the sun, heat, sex and alcohol said “What the fuck, enjoy the show. Now fuck me Ron”. As Ron slid into her slippery cock holster with ease, Lacey began sucking Jon’s cock again while up on all fours. She was so engrossed in being double teamed by the two horny old fucks that she completely missed the fact that their spectator had came closer, put out some bumpers and tied off to their boat.

The boys had cum a lot already today and as such, it was going to be a long time before they came again. So Lacey, to rest her mouth, had to take breaks from sucking Jon while she got hammered from behind by Ron. After 15 minutes of being impaled by Ron’s cock Jon pushed Lacey’s mouth of his cock and slid down a bit so he could tittyfuck his bountiful breasted boating babe while Ron fucked her good. Then a bit later, Ron grabbed Lacey’s hips and pulled her back hard as he filled her pussy yet again. As soon as Ron was out of the way, Jon worked his way behind Lacey and slid his heated rod into her waiting and full love basket. Lacey’s mouth was not being occupied and she turned her head to see that the onlooker did tie off and was sitting with his feet spread on the bow as he fisted his own cock. The two smile at each other while her husband fucked her as hard and as fast as he could.

While she was being used in an effort to release the pressure built up in Jon she felt him driving her knees forward and trying to turn her body to the right. She had an idea of what may be the goal and for some reason went along with it. Soon her tits were hanging in the other guys boat while she was still being doggy fucked in her own boat. Ron had placed a towel between to boats that help cushion things. With her face only inches from the spectator’s larger, uncircumcised cock she only naturally reached for it. Now there she was, straddled between two boats, her husband fucking her, an unknown hard boner in her hand and their friend looking on out in the middle of a very busy lake.

It didn’t take long before Jon was saying “Suck it, suck his cock”. Lacey threw abanJon to the wind and just before she opened her mouth to take him in she looked up at him and said “I Jon’t swallow”. Then without further ado she open her mouth wide and took as much of the cock into her mouth that she could. The former spectator and now team player reached down to grab Stacey tits, playing with them while she applied her expert skills to his fleshy cock. No one is sure how much time passed but sometime later, with Lacey’s jaw aching and her pussy feeling a bit raw, the stranger pulled from her mouth and sprayed her tits with his very thick cum as she pumped it for him. Not a second later, Jon shot another hot load of juicy jizz deep into his oversexed wife.

The mystery boater said “Thanks” as he and Jon helped Lacey get back to her boat. And as he untied his boat he said maybe some day I’ll get to fuck her. About three minutes later he was pulling away.

Lacey, laying on her back on the bow slowly grabbed for her suit as she said “That was fucking crazy”! Smiling she pulled her suit on and said lets go home. After the boat was loaded Lacey opened the back door and lay on the back seat for the trip home. Jon leaned in to kiss her and she said “Thanks, that was more fun than I could have imagined”.

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