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Cathy and Christy's Striptease Adventure

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Cathy and I have been close friends since junior high. Some people have thought we were sisters, not from appearance but because we are always together. After high school we decided to make ourselves sisters and joined the same sorority. It was in this capacity that we became more than just friends, I found Cathy in a vulnerable situation and seduced her. I was her first "girl"friend while she was my third.

Cathy and I shared a birthday as well...November 11. On this day we each turned 21. Cathy is 5ft-5 and weighs 119#. She has shoulder-length, brown hair and very pretty brown eyes. Her breasts are a stunning 38D and her body is very tight from hours of workingout with me in the gym.

I too am 5ft-5 but I weigh 109#. My hair is auburn and stretches to my shoulder blades offering a nice contrast with my emerald eyes. Oh and my stunning breasts?... 32B...sorry. But they are pert as is the rest of my body. Cathy has pale skin, while I sport a very dark tan...even in November (thank god for tan booths). Cathy tries to tan but has little success.

Anyway...the story.....

As I said it was our birthday and the 21st to boot. We had a quick dinner with our sister's at the house and then left for a night of celebrating.

Neither of us had a boyfriend, some say it's because we spend too much time together.

After stopping at All4One, a local nightspot and our 4th bar of the night, both Cathy and I were feeling a little blurry. Guys continued to hit on us but we weren't looking for sex. We flirted a little because we enjoyed it.

By the time we had reached All4One, our flirting was much more sexual and less inhibited. During one dance, I saw Cathy rubbing the bulge of her partner as they sat at the table drinking.

When I returned I suggested we go, I didn't want Cathy doing anything she would regret later. She had the option of staying but understood what I was getting at.

As we drove back to the campus, (please no lectures....) we passed a billboard for a local strip club. "I wonder what guys do at those places?", Cathy inquired.

"Hell if I know. Probably cum in their pants while some ugly biker woman is grinding against their crotch.", I responded in a rather disgusted manner.

"Jake use to go there alot.", Cathy quipped. I knew I had to change the topic. Jake was a guy that Cathy liked a lot but she was too shy to ask him out. Of course he has never shown any interest in her.

"Well let's go see what's so special about it?", came the words from my mouth before I knew what had happened.

"Okay!", Cathy screamed in excitement.

"Wait.." I continued, "Maybe it's not such a good idea."

"You ain't backing out now.", Cathy urged, "C'mon, we've been curious for so long..."

"Okay", I reluctantly said, "but be careful." I had remembered what some of the girls at the house had said and I didn't want anything to get out of hand. Afterall, these guys were only looking for sex. Our teases could be taken wrong.

My stomach was turning as we pulled into the parking lot of Leggs and Lace - A Gentleman's Club. "Gentlemen...Yeah Right...", I commented.

As we slowly walked to the entrance of the club another panic came upon me. I was looking at Cathy and I remembered in my drunken stage that we really weren't dressed for this. Cathy and I were wearing very short microskirts that barely fell below our crotch. Hers was red and mine black.

"Are you sure about this?", I asked Cathy.

"Hey, you're suppose to be the wild one....", Cathy answered, "I have to know what goes on in there."

We were greeted by a doorman as we entered the club. He of course asked for ID. I asked if he would let us in free if it was our birthday.

"We always let women in free....Happy Birthday", he smiled as he handed our IDs back. I was shocked that he wasn't surprised that two girls were entering a stripclub unescorted. Obviously it must happen alot.

We grabbed a table in the back and ordered another drink which neither of us needed. It was actually quite tame. It wasn't the roadhouse orgy I was expecting....and I was glad. The girls were rather attractive and the men in the club mostly wore suits or polo shirts.

Cathy pointed to a table next to us, back in the corner and out of the way. I dropped my jaw as I watched a young man not much older than us, nibbling on the nipple of a dancer that was rubbing against him. From the erectness of her nipples I knew she was excited by it...of course it was chilly and that may have been the cause also.

When the song ended and the dancer on stage left, I saw the young man hand a twenty dollar bill to the girl providing the personal dance. Cathy whispered to me, "Christy, can you imagine getting paid to let guys suck your nipples?"

"I know...that is gross!", I responded although the idea did interest me slightly.

"No, I mean I think it's exciting...kinda sexy...", Cathy corrected me.

"Yeah, maybe, but I th...."

Just then the same girl walked up to our table and said, "Would either of you like a dance?"

"NNNOOO!!!", we said in unison and in embarrassment.

"Okay...just asking...", the long legged red-head answered with a seductive smile before she walked to the next table.

"Can you believe she thought we wanted a dance?", I asked.

"Hey, we are here alone she probably thinks we're lesbians.", Cathy said with a wink. I knew that wink...Cathy always used that wink to land her prey in bed. It meant that she was horny as hell and needed relief.

"That wink says maybe I should call her back for you?", I quipped.

"She's not my type...."

"But you would consider it?", I asked.

"Sure.", Cathy replied. This amazed me because she was daring but never this bold.

At that time we again were interruppted as the waitress asked if we wanted another drink. Before I could decline Cathy said, "Hell yes...two more."

We had never drank so much before and now I was afraid to drive home. I figure we had better stay a while so I could nurse the drink and sober up.

We took in all the sights and commented on how amazed we were that none of these guys were hitting on us. Then a very slow song began and a beautiful girl came out onto the stage. She had to be almost 6 feet tall.

Very long legs....and a hat that covered her face. As the song became more intense, she tossed the hat aside and we gasped....It was of our sorority sisters!

"I didn't know she was that tall?", I commented.

"She's not...", Cathy answered, "look at those heels." She had a pair of spiked heels that added a good 4-5 inches in her height.

We were far enough from the stage and sitting in the dark, so I was sure Andrea couldn't see either of us. She was wearing a skimpy two piece bikini as she strutted her sleek body around the stage.

Andrea is the last person I would suspect of being a dancer. She is a very studious person. Very prudish one might say. She usually wears a pair of very non-flattering eyeglasses, which had been discarded for a pair of contact lenses. Everyone thinks she is attractive but she has few dates. She is 5-8 with legs so long and sleek she gives guys erections at the simple sight of them. Her jet black waist-length hair was very curly and she usually wore it up but on this occaision it was down and very sensuous.

We continued to watch as she took money from some of the patrons that were sitting at the stage. With each tip she received, she gave a kiss in return. When the song ended, she had only removed the hat but I would guess she already earned $20 (if each bill was $1).

The second song began and the DJ announced her return to the stage, "Come on guys get the tips up there, this is your chance to convince Alex to shed it all!"

Cathy and I looked at each other and both said, "ALEX?"

Early in this song Andrea untied her bikini top and let it slowly fall to the stage floor, revealing her small breasts (I assume they are an A-cup)

to the hoards of fans around her. They continued to give her money and cheer very loudly.

One older man (gentleman?) had been giving her numerous tips throughout the set. He again handed her a bill that I could not make out the denomination but by Andrea's smile I could tell it was larger than most.

Then she bent down to kiss the grey-haired man and began rubbing her small mounds of tit into his face. I was a ways from the stage but I would swear I saw him licking at her nipples as she did this.

When she pulled away I was surprised to see my assumption proven. Her nipples glistened under the lights from the moisture of her admirer's kiss. Then she untied the side string on her panties and rolled them aside showing only a glimpse of her pubic region to the man. He immediately grabbed another bill and stuffed it inside her panties. She pulled the panties tight again hiding her private area.

She carefully approached the edge of the stage and pushed the man into a seat. She leaned against him and began gyrating her hips into the suitor's face. At that time the song ended and Andrea collected her tips from the floor and walked backstage.

"We had better get out of here before she comes out and sees us.", I said.

"Who died and made you a prude all of a sudden?", Cathy asked. "Besides she is the one to be embarrassed, we caught her."

"Are you forgetting that we are here alone watching naked women?", I explained.

The alcohol still had Cathy under its spell. She didn't care if everyone there thought we were lesbians. Her attention was quickly drawn to the young man sitting next to us. "LOOK CHRISSY", she yelled.

I looked over at the young handsome guy wondering why he had to come to a place like this to see flesh. My thought was brutally interrupted as I saw a young dancer riding hard against his lap. She was wearing a t-back but had nothing covering her large breasts which were swaying with each rocking motion they made. Her tits were even larger than Cathy's, but this girl was large also. Not fat mind you, but definately larger than I had imagined most dancers.

She was blonde and I would guess she had to weigh about 140-150#. She had an admiringly adorible face, she didn't look like she was much over 18 years old and she used that to her advantage, wearing her hair in a pony-tail. There was no music as we watched these two grinding against each other in the dark recesses of the smoke filled club.

As the next dancer went on stage, I saw the young man hand the blonde girl another $10 bill. Thinking this was an awfully easy way to make money, I returned my view to the stage. From the corner of my eye I could see Cathy making no effort to hide the fact that she was staring at the table alongside of ours.

The new dancer on stage was nothing of a looker like Andrea was and it was obvious from the mass exodus of people sitting at the stage that they felt the same way. This girl did little to hide anything. Less than a minute into her routine, she had already removed her top and was grinding her small body on the stage.

I again turned my attention next to us, trying to appear a little less obvious than my partner Cathy. But as my eyes focused on the lap-dance that was occurring, I could not help but swing my head that direction also.

The slightly plump blonde girl was on her hands and knees, her round ass spearing seductively at the still seated customer. As I squinted for a better look I noticed she had placed her hand inside her t-back and appeared to be masturbating for the man. Her face was looking over her shoulder, back at the satisfied client, making slutty inuendo looks. She licked her lips, rolled her tongue and finally mouthed "OOOOOOOOHHHHHH".

The young man inserted another bill into her t-back, spending a little extra time fondling her ample ass cheeks. As she began to turn around, still on her hands and knees, her face met with my stare head on. She smiled at me, ran her tongue the length of her lips and winked before rising to her knees in front of her heavy tipper.

She grasped each of his knees with her hands and spread them slightly, allowing her to move between his thighs. She lowered her head to his lap and began pretending to go down on him through his slacks. The man ran his fingers through her hair as she raised her head to look him in the eye.

My eyes were instantly drawn to his lap where I saw a large bulge as his cock grew with her movements. I also saw a wet spot surrounding his swollen member and realized that she had indeed taken him into her mouth...pants and all.

The girl again turned her attention to the growing lump, working her lips over the bulge and rubbing him with her lips. Her large breasts swayed again as her movements became animated. It wasn't long before I saw him shaking slightly and making a slight thrust upward with his crotch. The dancer pulled her head back slightly and I knew he had cum in his pants from the attention. As she looked up at him again, I saw a large wet spot covering the entire crotch of his pants and the lump was now sagging beneath the cum-soaked material.

Cathy and I looked at each other in amazement, neither believing what we had just seen. Then I saw the plump blonde look around to see if she was being watched. Again she smiled at Cathy and me, before returning her attention to the spent young man.

She slowly unzipped his pants, still looking around the room, "Better clean him up huh?", she asked I assume to Cathy and I. "Let me know if anyone is coming.....besides him.", she chuckled.

She pulld his limp cock from his trousers and began licking the cum from his wilting penis. She licked slowly making sure he was cleaned before returning his rod to the cloth prison where it came from.

She kissed him on the cheek and walked over to our table. Without saying anything she bent down as if to kiss me. I couldn't stop my reaction as I took her tongue into my mouth. The sweet salty taste of semen ran over my taste buds as she deposited a fraction of what she had taken onto my tongue.

She broke the kiss off as quickly as she began it and said, "Hope you girls enjoyed the show as much as I did giving it?"

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