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Caribbean Cruise Day 2

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It's our second day on the cruise ship and we are scheduled to dock at Nassau, Bahamas later this afternoon. We stayed at a resort on Paradise Island on a mini vacation several years ago and we liked it very much. We plan to go there later tonight for some drinks and dancing after we spend some time and money at the shops in the downtown area.

We never had the opportunity to meet up with John and Stacey last night since we decided to stay in our room all night. We only got out of bed to refresh our drinks and ourselves from time to time, otherwise we were fucking, sucking, and licking each other until we fell asleep from exhaustion. We had some of the best sex we have had in years last night and I am thankful for the lust unleashed by our encounter with our new friends John and Stacey.

After we got cleaned up and ready for the day we started towards a restaurant on deck seven. Our route to the restaurant takes us by the pool where we first started playing with John and Stacey yesterday. We were sure that we would probably run into them again today. As we pass the pool we do see them sitting in about the same place we were yesterday. With them is a couple that coincidently resembles us, and they are pretty much in the same throes as were we all yesterday. In a moment of realization, Karen and I understand that, in a way, we were just pawns in their little game and grasp the reality that there are a lot of people out there just like us that want to experience their fantasies together.

"Would you look at that," I say.

"I know. They are doing almost exactly the same thing we did yesterday!"

"And we know how that is going to end up for them. They will be having some fun here in a little while."

"In a way, I am glad. I really didn't want to be with them again," Karen admits, "it is much more erotic for me to remain strangers and being with them a second time would be too familiar."

"I totally agree," I say with a smile, "we are so much alike, it isn't funny!"

With that, we make our way to the restaurant for a much deserved meal, drinks, and some R&R, which is ultimately why we are here. As the waiter approaches I can't help but notice Karen eyeballing him seductively. I nudge her under the table and give her a wink when she throws a look at me and inquires with her eyes, "What???"

"What? I can tell you like him."

"Well, what's not to like. Look at him. He is sexy!"

I did look at him, and she was right. What's not to like. He is tall, like me, on the slimmer side, not skinny though, dark wavy hair, nice thick mustache, and a nice bulge in his khaki shorts that we both couldn't help but notice. When he got to the table his crotch was right at eye level and he noticeably stood closer to Karen. With a very friendly greeting and a warm smile he welcomed us and wished us a great time on the rest of the cruise. I order a burger and a beer and Karen orders a club sandwich and a daiquiri. When he returned with our drinks he informed us that another staff member would be taking care of us since it was time for his shift to end. We thanked him and he walked away. Karen said, "Sweetheart, we have to tip him since he did serve us drinks." I agreed and I got up and followed him to the bar where he was cashing out. "Hey, I'm sorry I didn't get your name."

"Oh, I am Chris. It's nice to meet you."

"Hey. What a coincidence, my name is Chris, too. Not 2, but also. We are 2 Chris's," I laughed. "Anyway, we just wanted to say thanks," and I slipped him a five spot and started to return to the table. Chris, the waiter, said, "Hey, wait. You don't have to give me this. I hardly did anything at all. Here, take it back. I insist."

"No, that's okay. We like to give credit where it is due and you seem like a great guy and deserve it. Keep it. Thanks again."

"Okay, thank you. I'll tell you what. Let me make it up to you later and buy the two of you a drink. Deal?"

"Sure. That would be great. We are planning on going into town and maybe even to Atlantis Resort later so maybe before we leave for town."

"It's a date!" he said, "I mean, I will see you both later then."

When I returned to the table Karen asked, "What took you so long? Were you flirting with the waiter?"

"No - well, maybe just a little. He did invite us for a drink later before we dock and go into town."

"What did you say?"

"I told him that would be great."

Looking over my shoulder she says, "Oh, shush, here he comes."

"Oh, hey, Chris, this is Karen. Karen, this is Chris."

"It's nice to meet you Karen. Do you mind if I join you."

"Of course," Karen says as she smiles at me and winks. He pulls out a chair and sits down a little closer to Karen than me. We made small talk for a few minutes and then I excused myself to go to the men's room.

When I came out of the restroom and started back towards the table I noticed that Karen had moved much closer to Chris and they were having a nice conversation. She was laughing at what he was saying and they were obviously flirting. I found this very exciting and decided to stay back for a few minutes to see how it all would play out. I took a seat at the bar where only Karen could see me if she looked. For a few minutes the two of them talked without even noticing that I wasn't back yet. Eventually, Karen started to look around for me. When she saw me at the bar I gave her the "shush" sign with my finger against my mouth and a nod to say that it was okay for her to keep flirting with him. I was getting very turned on by the thought of my wife flirting with another guy especially one who we both thought was hot. I could see Karen really warming up to him. He now leaned in and whispered to her while placing his hand firmly on her thigh. She laughed and placed her hand on his thigh and looked at me. Chris planted a kiss on her cheek and got up and left the table.

When I got back to the table Karen was smiling and obviously turned on and still relishing the last few moments with the waiter. I asked, "Why did he leave so sudden?"

"He said he had plans and had to get going but that he would catch up with us later for that drink."

"That's too bad," I admitted, "I was looking forward to hanging out with him for a while. Oh well, I hope we see him before we head into town."

Karen said, "Oh! I am sure we will," and giggled.

We finished our lunch and ordered another round of drinks. Both of us were starting to feel the buzz of a bit too much alcohol, mixed with the ocean air and the sun and heat. After our lunch we decided to head back to our room and get ready to go ashore since the ship was about to dock. Once we arrived at the room Karen literally threw me down on the bed, pulled my shorts off, and started sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow. I eventually got her stripped down and turned around in a sixty-nine and buried my face in her pussy. We sucked and licked like that for a while until we both exploded in orgasm. I said, "Wow! I didn't think your blow jobs could get any better than they already were, but that was awesome!"

"Well, I was really horny after meeting Chris and I couldn't wait to taste your cock."

"Well," I said, "I am glad that we met then because I definitely got the best end of the bargain!"

We got showered and dressed for our night in town and we walked down the gangplank and arrived at the pier. From there it was a short boat ride to downtown Nassau where we visited shops, sampled local rum, ate the most delicious fresh rum cake we've ever had, and generally just had a fun time seeing the sights. It was starting to get dark so we hopped back on the boat launch and headed back over to Atlantis.

The hotel was exactly as we remembered it from our earlier visit and it only took us a minute to find the club that we both enjoyed so much on our first visit, although the name had changed since our last visit. Sans the original name the club was pretty much as we remembered. The first time we were here we were much younger, more energetic, and we tore up the dance floor for hours. Now, even though we are a bit older (wiser, some would say), and not as energetic, we decided to take to the floor and were still able to tear it up. I could feel eyes on Karen, who is wearing a very nice mini-dress that comes down to about mid thigh, and a very sexy low cut top that just barely covers her naval. She moves very sensually and, in addition to me, is causing a lot of the guys in the place to stare at here unaware.

After a couple of songs I needed to take a break and get a drink. I told Karen that I would be right back and that she should stay out and dance or sit down as she sees fit and that I would be right back. The lines at the bar were long and it took a while to finally get my turn. While waiting I tried to find Karen on the dance floor with no luck. I figured she must have found a table and I would just try to find her in a few minutes. I ordered two drinks for each of us and was about to leave the bar when my cell phone vibrated in my pocket alerting me to a text message. The message read "I am at a table on the upper level with a new friend and we want to have Sex on the Beach. Could you bring two please?"

I ordered two more drinks, Sex on the Beach, as instructed, and asked the bartender for a tray to balance all of the drinks on and headed out to find Karen and her new friend. As I made my way around the club I noticed that there were a lot of very gorgeous people, women and men alike, in the club tonight and that the atmosphere was charged with sexuality. We were really in our element here and I knew that tonight, like last night, would turn out to be very hot for us both.

I finally saw Karen sitting at a round table on the upper level but her new friends back was to me so I couldn't see who it was. Obviously it was a guy and I could tell she was into him by the way she was giggling and flirting with him. As I approached she saw me and motioned for her friend to say hello. It was then that I realized it was our waiter, Chris, from the cruise ship. I gave Karen a knowing look as if to say, small world running into him here.

"Hey!" I greeted, "It's great to see you. I thought we missed out when we didn't see you before we left for shore."

"Well," he admitted, "if it wasn't for your wife you would have. But, before I left earlier she told me where you two would be tonight and told me I should come and meet you here. And, I think the last thing you said," Chris said nodding at Karen, "was that it would be worth my while if I did."

"That's right, sweetheart. I told him that we would make it worth his while. I hope you don't mind."

"Of course I don't mind." I passed out the drinks and we toasted. "Here's to making it worth your while!"

Here, here!

We sat at the comfortable table and talked for a while and ordered another two drinks each from the waitress when she walked by. I can always tell when Karen is starting to get a little drunk. She gets very touchy-feely, which is great. I love it when she touches me and rubs my leg. She was starting to sway to the music in her chair and I could see her left hand rubbing Chris's thigh under the table. I moved my chair a little closer to her so she could also start rubbing my thigh. I could tell she wanted to dance so I asked her to join me on the dance floor. We excused ourselves from the table and told Chris we would be back after a couple of songs. He smiled and said to take our time. He would be right here until we got back.

It wasn't long with the two of us grinding on the dance floor before I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to find Chris swaying to the music and asking if I minded if he cut in. This is what I had been waiting for and I gladly obliged and started to make way for Chris to take my place with Karen. As I did Karen leaned in and whispered, "Are you cool with me dancing with him for a while?"

"Absolutely" "Do you mind if I grind with him the way I was grinding with you?"

We had been dancing really close. I had my right arm around her neck and my left hand planted firmly on her hip with my right leg snugly fit between her legs applying a generous amount of pressure to her pussy. And she had both hands around my neck and was working her right leg up into my groin and applying just the right amount of pressure to my cock making it throb with anticipation.

"In fact I demand that you grind him the way you were grinding me!" I exclaim.

She shuddered at my insistence and then said, "I love you, baby! I will see you in a few."

She moved over to Chris and he naturally slid into the space that I had occupied until just a few moments ago. As I moved off the floor I leaned in and said to Chris, "Watch out, you've got a live one here, buddy." He responded by leaning over and tongue kissing Karen right in front of me and then he leaned back and said, "I know. Oh, I know." I smiled and moved off the floor and returned to the table to finish my drink and to watch the show that I knew Karen was about to put on for me.

I sat and watched as my gorgeous, hot, sexy, wonderful, beautiful woman totally seduced this hot guy that we had just met on the boat earlier today. Although we'd had a few swapping (sharing) experiences in the past, there is always that initial moment where the full range of emotions takes hold. This time was no exception and I at first felt a little jealousy, then denial, then anger, then acceptance, and then finally the strongest of the emotions for me, the excitement of watching her do what she does very well with another guy who I happened to find very sexy as well.

Karen and Chris were all over each other, kissing, hugging, rubbing, grabbing, grinding, almost humping right on the dance floor. I was not the only one watching, as I noticed several guys and girls watching the action and clearly getting worked up themselves. It was contagious and others started doing the same thing. The atmosphere was getting more and more sexually charged and I was glad to be witnessing it. I have never considered myself a voyeur but I started finding it very erotic to be watching my wife with another guy. A long time fantasy of mine started playing in my mind.

I have often fantasized about watching Karen suck another guy. We have played out this fantasy on a few occasions, including yesterday on the boat with Stacey and John, but it still plays in my imagination as a fantasy. It is so erotic to me that no matter how many times we make this particular fantasy come true, it still remains one of my most powerful fantasies. I also know that Karen has the same fantasy only that it culminates in her watching me suck a guy while she watches and then is complete once she joins me in satisfying the guy.

All this is going through my mind when I see the two of them leave the dance floor hand in hand and head towards the restrooms. I have a moment to collect myself and I realize that I am sweating and panting from thinking about her sucking his cock. I have a nice bulge in my pants and I playfully rub it through my slacks. After a few minutes I realize that they have been gone for quite some time. I scan the dance floor thinking maybe they returned to a different location but I do not see them anywhere. I move towards the general area where the restrooms are and all I see is a line outside the ladies room and a few gentlemen going in and out of the men's room. No sign of Chris and Karen. I do, however, notice that there is a door that leads outside to an observation deck that overlooks the south side of the hotel and the white sand beach that draws so many vacationers to Paradise Island. There is a set of steps leading down to the beach and I can see under the path lighting Chris and Karen walking towards the beach. I make my way outside without alerting them to my presence and I follow at a safe distance so they will not hear me. I can hear them laughing and chatting and I hear Chris ask, "Should we go back inside and get Chris?"

"Don't worry about Chris. He is a pretty smart guy. He'll figure out my reference to Sex on the Beach soon and I am sure he will come find us." I knew there was a reason she asked for sex on the beach and I knew it wasn't the drink. She barely even touched it.

With that they stop right where they are and Karen reaches up and wraps her arms around his neck and they start making out on the spot. Very hot, very strong, very deep, very labored French kissing. She wraps one leg up around his waist and he reaches down and scoops up her other leg and carries her over to a bench next to the lighted path. Karen wastes no time when he puts her down on the bench and she reaches up and flips open the button and pulls down the zipper of his slacks and lets them drop down to his ankles. With a quick step he is out of his pants and is now standing there in boxer briefs. Karen is kissing his cock through the fabric of his briefs and it is starting to grow harder and longer. I move to the edge of the path out of the lighting about 10 yards away from the bench and watch as Karen expertly causes Chris's erection to stand at attention. She pulls the elastic band of his shorts down over his cock which springs up and hits her on the chin. With not a moment's hesitation she takes the full length of him into her mouth. Chris arches his back and moans with pleasure at the feeling of his cock in her mouth. She is stroking with one hand, cupping his balls with the other, and taking his whole shaft into her mouth over and over.

I put my own hand down my pants and start stroking my cock at the sight of her blowing this hot guy. I move a little closer so I can get a better look at the action. I now see that Karen has her hand up her shirt and is playing with her tits and I am even more turned on than I was a second ago. Chris reaches down and cups one of her tits in his big hand and massages it and plays with the nipple through her blouse. Her head is moving in and out against his cock and she alternately takes his length down her throat and then licks up and down one side and then the other before taking his shaft into her mouth and throat again. I watch this in fascination for a few more minutes and I can hear him moaning and groaning in pleasure. I can hear Karen doing the same with the occasional choke as his big head pounds the back of her throat.

I move even closer to take n the full enjoyment of the scene in front of me when Karen pulls off his cock and without looking in my direction says, "I thought you'd never get here. Why don't you come over and join me."

Chris seems a bit surprised when I walk over, drop to my knees next to Karen who is sitting on the bench, and move in close to her. I pull her head off his cock long enough to French kiss her, tasting his manhood on her tongue and smelling his man scent on her face. With that Karen grabs his cock at the base of the shaft and offers it to me and says, "Take him in your mouth, baby. I want to see you deep throat this big, beautiful cock."

I oblige her by taking his full length and girth all the way in on the first try. I can feel the head of his cock as it slides down past my tonsils and settles in the deep of my throat. Karen is kneading his balls while I bob up and down on his shaft, taking his full length in with every stroke. Chris is still playing with her tits; I now have my hand up her mini-dress and inside her panties, with two fingers buried deep in her pussy. Now Karen and I start to alternate deep throating Chris's cock. When she has his shaft in her mouth I am licking his balls. When I take him in, she takes over the ball licking. I have my left hand on his right ass cheek and am squeezing playfully and forcing him to thrust his cock into her mouth. She has her right hand on the other cheek and forces him into mine.

This continues for a while and he is alternately grabbing the back of each of our heads and face fucking us with long, hard thrusts of his big cock. My fingers are dripping from her pussy and I frequently lick them clean while stroking his dick. We are each licking and sucking with fury now and we know he is close to climax. He is shuddering with each stroke, he is hunching over with each swallow, and he is groaning that he is close. We want to taste him so bad. I now thrust three fingers into her pussy and she lets out a gentle cry alerting me to her impending orgasm. Karen is jerking my cock with her free hand and I can feel I am close.

With one last shudder, Chris bends his knees and exclaims, "I'm Cumming! Here it is! Take it all in!" We can feel his cock as it contracts and expands to release the first huge squirt. Karen moves my face in front of his dick and makes me take the first shot in my mouth. As he contracts for the next shot I move her into the money shot and a nice big long stream of his white hot cum lands on her face. Now we both start to kiss his cock, one on each side, as he continues to squirt his cum on our faces and into our mouths. Karen is obviously having an orgasm too as she squeezes harder on my cock with her free hand. I can feel the first shot about to come and I stand up and put my cock in her mouth. One, two, three, then four huge squirts coat the back of her throat. I am stroking Chris's semi-hard cock now and gently squeezing to get the last few drops of cum out. When Karen moves off my cock I feed her Chris's and she licks the head to get the big drop that has formed on the tip. She moves back to mine and squeezes out the last drops of mine. Now she moves to a position right in front of both of us and takes both our cocks into her mouth at the same time. Gently squeezing she milks a few more drops from each of us.

This whole time she has been collecting both of our loads in her mouth and I still have his cum in mine. I have been swishing it around with my tongue and wondering if he'd like to taste it. Karen stands up on her toes and leans in to kiss me. As I lean in to kiss her we both look at Chris and beckon with our eyes for him to join us. He does and within seconds we are all tonguing each other and swapping cum from mouth to mouth and alternately making out with each other; first me and Karen, then Chris and Karen, then me and Chris, then all three of us again.

With the taste of cum still fresh in each of our mouths we pull up our pants, straighten our clothes and start to head back to the club. As we approach the deck it becomes clear that several couples had gathered on the deck to watch the show we were putting on without us even knowing that anyone was watching. The girls that had gathered on the deck were looking at Karen admiringly while the guys were staring on in fascination. Probably a little confused at how turned on they were watching two guys and a girl doing each other bi-style. As we ascend the steps we are greeted with winks, and nods, and gentle cheers of Bravo, Awesome, and Hot!

We returned to our table and ordered another drink. We chatted for just a few minutes and then I think Chris realized that his time was up since Karen and I were now totally engrossed in each other, once again sharing in the excitement of playing out our fantasy and, not rudely, but understandably, excluding our new friend at the realization that our fantasy really only works completely when we do it with a stranger and then go our separate ways. Chris seemed to get this and leaned over and placed a hand on each of our shoulder's and said, "You two definitely made it worth my while to come tonight. I had a great time and I wish you both a great cruise. Maybe I will see you again before we dock in Miami. Goodnight."

"Goodnight, Chris," we say in unison and then wave goodbye. After another drink and a few dances, still with folks coming over and congratulating us on a great show, we decide to head back to the ship. Walking hand in hand we commented on how awesome it was to share our fantasy again and that it was really cool doing it out in the open on the beach like that. I think we both got quite turned on when we realized we had an audience. While neither of us really ever said we were exhibitionists, I think we both may have discovered simultaneously that this could be a new fantasy of ours. Maybe we will play that one out before returning home.

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