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Careful What You Wish For!

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For as long as I can remember, the women in my life have avoided pornography like a plague, but little did I know that working in an adult bookstore would provide me with adventures that would last me a lifetime. In fact one rainy Saturday night would allow me to have a starring role in an xxx interracial fantasy that was hotter to me than most of the DVD?s we stocked on our shelves.

This particular Saturday I wasn?t scheduled to come in until much later, but I often hung around joking with my coworkers before my shift. An Italian couple came bursting through the door, running to escape the down pour. They were searching for a new adult title and since I was bored, it was no big deal to help them in their search. The man introduced himself as Jim; he was in his mid thirties, slightly overweight, short and stocky. He pleasant and a bit cocky but he wasn?t any different than any of the hundreds of customers I had helped night after night here. His girlfriend Cynthia was quite another story. She was a tall, voluptuous brunette with D sized breasts and a full meaty ass perched atop a pair of long muscular legs. Her tight denim jeans fit her like a second skin, hugging her ass so tight that I could see each cheek clench and fall with every step she took.

Out of the pair of them I could see that the store was a foreign place to Cynthia. She paced around the store browsing nervously. Every couple of minutes she would look back over her shoulder to see if any of the other men in the store was watching her. Jim was the complete opposite. The bookstore was his second home and he steered me straight to the interracial movies to help him find his favorite actor. He rattled of a few movie titles off from his collection and then leaned in closed to me and whispered, ?Cyn and I have been dating for about three months now and I hope that I can turn her on to fucking black dudes just like I did my ex-wife.? I smiled and turned to steal another look at Cynthia. ?I said if your ex looked anything like her you are one hell of a lucky man!? ?Hell in fact I would be happy to help you reach your goal whenever you want!? I winked at him and we shook hands laughing. His smile grew wider and he yelled out, ?Hey Cyn, come here a sec babe!? Jim introduced us. ?Cynthia this is Trevor and he has graciously offered to help us out with that little fantasy we talked about the other night.? He pulled her close to him, turned her around and squeezed her plump ass. ?Here?s a closer view of that fat ass you were admiring.? Cynthia?s face blushed and she pushed Jim back, ?My ass is not fat you pig!? I interjected quickly, ?No darling he means P.H.A.T? pretty hot and tempting and I couldn?t agree more.? She smile and thanked me leaning into Jim?s chest to give me a better view of her bottom. We made small talk, joked for about thirty minutes and then exchanged numbers. They purchased a movie called ?Black Bucks for White Sluts? and left the store.

Over the next week Cynthia called me on my cell. No doubt Jim was coaxing her, but I could tell by how flustered she was when she spoke to me that the thought of have sex with first black man was quite an intriguing idea to her. We dialogued back and forth and I picked her brain to find out what part of a night with me would leave a lasting impression on her. ?What would you love for me to do to you more than anything else?? Her reply came just as quick as my question. ?I want you to force your thick black cock down my throat while you pull my hair.? I could hear Jim getting turned on and playing with her in the background, so I had to smile to myself. We had phone sex for about an hour until she climaxed as Jim ate her pussy. This continued between us for three nights. We would both described in great detail what we wanted to do to each other and I had her placed the phone by her pussy, so I could hear just how wet she was as she fingered herself for me.

Jim and I set up a plan for us to meet at my store after I got off and we would go to the strip club next door for a few drinks, to get to know each other better. Thursday night came and Jim and Cynthia greeted me near the end of my shift. Here again was that same seemingly shy woman in front of my counter, only this time her ultra short mini dress told me exactly what she had in store for me. Jim leaned across the counter and said, ?Hey man, I had her wear this miniskirt to show off her sexy ass for ya!? ?You like?? I nodded my approval and Cyn said, ?How sweet.? She gave me a kiss on my cheek before they left the store to catch a strip show. My shift ended and I met them at the bar. After a couple of rounds, Jim boasted loudly about how horny Cyn was after our phone conversations. Cynthia bought me a drink and smiled, slipping her hand quietly beneath the bar. She grabbed my dick through my slacks and pulled my stool closer to her own. The mix of alcohol and her perfume flooded my head. I stumbled, face first into her heaving cleavage. ?Sorry babe lost my balance.? She giggled, ?Trevor you?re a dirty boy!? After a few more drinks she quietly guided my hand onto her bare inner thigh. She walked my left hand up under her mini until my fingertips parted the wet lips of her labia. Cynthia let out a moan and I pushed forward grinding my two fingers against her clit and G-spot. I rotated my finger in small circles until she could hardly stand it without making a scene at the bar. She crossed her legs together over my hand and let out a quiet moan. Jim registered her body language and paid the bartender, so we could leave.

On the way to their car Jim pulled Cynthia into a dark corner behind the bookstore, motioning to me to follow. Before I knew what was happening Cyn had Jim?s dick out and into her hungry mouth. She licked and sucked him, while grinding her fingers inside her panties. I enjoyed the show they put on for me, but Cynthia allowed me to be a spectator for only a short time. She reached out for me and grabbing my belt and pulling me closer to Jim. She exposed half of my rock hard erection and with a grin she said, ?It is thicker that I thought it would be.? With that, she inhaled the head of my black cock, kissing it like she had just been reunited with a long lost lover. She tried to take as much as she could down her throat and I grabbed a fist full of her hair. She worked her lips down my shaft while trying to relax her throat for more. Her gag reflex got the best of her and she coughed and sputtered for air. ?Mmmmm that?s yummy.? By this time Jim had seen all he could stand and pushed the two of us into the back of his Cadillac STS. Cynthia continued to suck my cock in the back seat until we reached their home. Jim had three teenage kids that maybe staying up late, so we pulled the car a little ways for the house and walked up. They lead me to the rear of the house and had me wait by a set of storm doors leading to the basement. The couple checked on Jim?s kids and the upstairs lights went out. A few minutes later I was lead into a finished basement. As I turned the corner I saw a lavish bedroom, complete with a sauna bath. Cynthia disappeared for five minutes and returned in a black crotch less body stocking. She pushed me back onto the sheets of a cherry wood sleigh bed and fell into my arms. She helped strip me naked and Jim popped in the video that they had bought from me the week before. Cynthia lay with her head on my chest and we watched a young blond being drilled and filled by two muscular black bulls. The movie awakened her lust and she got reacquainted with my ebony shaft. I tried to still catch a glimpse of the movie but it was forgotten all together due to Cynthia?s talented lips and tongue. Jim buried his face into her soaked pussy and asked, ?Is he big enough for you babe?? Cynthia moaned, mumbling her reply, her mouth still stuffed with black cock. ?Uhh-huh, It tastes so good Jim!? I watch Jim?s tongue flicker against her clean shaven pussy. Her mound was thick with engorged lips that glistened from Jim?s saliva. It looked too good to pass up, so I had to have a taste of my own. After a few more minutes, Jim and I switched places and I lapped at Cynthia hungrily. I assaulted her G-spot with the tips of two fingers, while sucking on those thick and luscious pussy lips. I grinded my finger tips against the roof of her pussy until she arched her hips and bucked her wave through the wave of her first orgasm. Jim grabbed her by the back of her neck and spewed a load of cum across her hungry mouth. He fell to the other side of the bed, out of breath waiting to watch us play.

I slid my dick slowly into Cynthia?s soaked pussy inch by inch, watched he face for her reaction to my girth. I held the base of my shaft and stirred my cock in slow and deeper with each stroke. Her quiet moans soon became yelps of pleasure. She gradually got louder and louder as I quickened my pace and Jim had to quiet her with a pillow in order not to wake the kids upstairs. I lifted her legs back till her toes reached the headboard. I gripped her creamy white ass flesh and lowered my full length into her. My balls bounced against her moist butt hole and we grunted like animals. I dragged her to the corner of the bed suckled each of her breasts. She tried to rise up and kiss me but I shoved her back down onto the sheets. I parted her legs and ripped the netting of her body stocking until her asshole was exposed to the night air. Jim laughed out loud. ?She loves it when I fuck her ass!? ?I wonder how she gonna react to you?? He squirted a small amount of lube into my hand, holding Cynthia?s face, kissing her passionately. I worked two fingers into Cyn?s ass and she rubbed and smacked her clit repeatedly. I pulled my hand out and use the rest of the lube to coat my shaft. I eased the head of my cock into her ass and it opened up to welcome me. I eased in up to my balls and rocked in and out of her bottom slowly. I increased my pace and she urged my on like slut half her age. ?Oh yeah, fuck me. Fuck me harder!? She began to curse her approval of her fucking loudly. ?Oh fucking god!? ?Damn! Mmmm fuck me with that beautiful black cock!? Her dirty mouth made my pace quicken. I wanted to see just how loud I could get her to react to me. Jim started to protest about the noise, but Cyn got even louder. ?Jim?do you see how he is wearing my asshole out baby?? ?Fuck he?s good!? ?Shh?Jim laughed. Cynthia replied, ?I can?t help it.? I pounded Cynthia?s ass for a half hour until I pulled out and bathed her lips and face with cum. The three of us lay back on the bed to watch the remaining minutes of the xxx flick. Cyn caressed my chest and neck hungry for more. I was about this time that I think Jim began to realize that Cynthia was reacting to me more than he had hoped for. I think the fantasy was getting out of his control, so he made an excuse about having to get up early for work and turned over to sleep. Cynthia took me by my hand and led me into the bathroom. She gave me a passionate kiss and asked me to wait while so went back into the bedroom to reassure her man. I heard them argue for a few minutes and then Cynthia returned to the bathroom. She dropped to her knees and sucked me off once more. I turned her around and leaned her against the sauna tub. I parted her cheeks and filled her pussy with my cock. We fucked doggy style faster and faster until the echoes of her lust filled the master bath. She was nearing her climax and we looked up into the bathroom mirror to see Jim standing in the doorway fuming! ?I thought you were only going to suck his dick a little more!? ?You lied to me!? He turned and ran up the basement stairs. I began to worry, so I started thinking about making my exit but Cynthia grabbed my arm. ?Don?t worry about him baby!? ?This was his fantasy, so I don?t feel bad for him at all!? She continued, ?Don?t worry he will get over it and I will make it up to him later.? ?Let?s keep going.? I continued to fuck Cyn for another hour, against my better judgment. I looked into the mirror again. Jim sat down at the base of the stairs, jerking off to the two of us. When we finished I apologized to Jim, but he said, ?No I am the one that should apologize for over reacting.? I gave Jim one of my business cards to get back in touch with me for another play date, but I never heard from him again. Oh well, I guess it is true what they say. You should be careful what you wish for!

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