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I ( Bill ) and my wife Barb were on vacation at an all inclusive hotel in Cancun Mexico but when we booked the trip we had no idea just how ALL INCLUSIVE it would be! We knew that the hotel allowed nudity in their pools and hot tubs and beaches, so we thought that this be a fun new experience for us.

We arrived on a warm day in February and after unpacking we headed to the nude beach and proceeded to work on our tans laying on the comfortable sun lounges scattered all over the beach. We were there for about 20 minutes when another couple sat down on the lounges next to us. We introduced ourselves and in the course of our conversations learned that the two of them had just met that same morning there on the beach and that Nancy was a airline flight attendant who was departing later that day on a flight to Miami.

After Nancy left for the airport, we continued to chat with Tom, who to our surprise lived in Dallas, the same as us.

After about an hour, Tom told me that I was starting to get red and that it might be a good idea to put on some sunscreen. As I rubbed the sunscreen all over my body, I noticed that Tom seemed to watch closely as I rubbed it all over my cock and balls, but I didn't pay much attention to it at the time. Barb was lying on her back between Tom and I and asked me to rub some sunscreen on her. I had fun rubbing all over her front side, paying special attention to her DD tits.

As I rubbed the sunscreen into Barbs tits, I noticed Tom's cock start to swell and so did Barb. Tom was lying on his back and as he watched me rub the sunscreen into Barb's DD tits and before long his 8" cock was standing straight up and casting a cock shaped shadow onto the shaved area just above his cock.

When I finished rubbing Barb's tits, I said what do you think Barb as I winked at her, don't you think that Tom's cock might burn standing up like that?

With that, Barb asked Tom if he would care to use some of our sunscreen. Tom said yes, but only if Barb would apply it. She looked at me, and I said go for it! Since there was no one else near by, Barb stood up and moved around so that she was standing by Tom's head with her legs just touching the top of his head. She then leaned over and let her double D's rest on his face as she rubbed sunscreen up and down on Tom's hard cock. Tom, never moved or grabbed at Barb, but just let her apply the sunscreen to his hard cock.

As Barb worked at applying the sunscreen to Tom's cock, I could see that she was dripping wet and that she probably could use some help with that situation. I told her to lean over farther and rub the sunscreen down Tom's balls all the way to his ass. As she did this, her wet pussy lips landed on top of Tom's mouth. Barb said, Tom could you help me, I seem to be awfully wet.

With that , Tom slid his toung up into Barb's dripping pussy and licked and suck on her clit and she came right there on his face.

As soon as she could, Barb stood back up and said WOW , I never thought that applying sunscreen could be so much fun! We went back to sunning ourselves for another hour or so and exchanged room numbers and said that we should get together for a drink later or tomorrow.

Later in our room after showering, we were talking about the afternoon on the beach and Tom. We had expected to see other people nude, but were not expecting what took place. I asked Barb how she felt about what happened and she said that it was fun as long as I didn't have a problem with it. I assured her that I had no problems as long as she was ok with it, then we headed out to dinner.

After dinner and several drinks at the pool bar, we decided to head over to the nude hot tub for a while. When we got there , there were several other people there, including our friend from that afternoon Tom. We sat down between Tom and another couple with Tom next to me and Barb on the other side of me.

Everyone was chatting with everyone else and all of us were drinking freely on the all inclusive booze. Barb was chatting to the man next to her and I was chatting with a couple across from me and Tom who was sitting next to me, was chatting with the couple next to him. Then as I continued to chat with the couple across from me, I felt a hand teasing my cock. From the pressure on my right thigh, I knew it was Tom's hand.

As what he was doing felt good, I let him continue as I continued to chat with others and my cock swelled to the attention being paid to it. By now my cock was hard as a rock and I couldn't resist placing my hand on Tom's cock. When I did, he turned and smiled at me as his cock grew to its full 8" .this went on for several minutes as both Tom and I continued our conversations with the others in the hot tub with out any of them knowing that under the bubbling warm water, we were stroking each other's cocks.

One by one, the other couples left, till it was only the three of us left in the hot tub. I asked Barb to stand in front of us, and as she did, Tom and I stood up and then sat on the edge of the hot tub with our hard cocks pointing straight up at her. I said , Barb I think we need some help here! She said I think you do, but since the entire hotel looks down on this hot tub, don't you think that we should let me help the two of you back in our room?

Quickly grabbing some towels, we headed up to our room. There we quickly tossed aside our towels and Barb grabbed both of our cocks and with out saying a word, proceeded to suck each of our cocks back to full attention. As Tom's cock swelled to it's full 8", Barb noticed that I was watching closely as she sucked on it. We were on our bed and Tom was on his back, with Barb on one side of Tom and I on the other.

Barb said, since you seem to like watching me lean over so that you get a really close look at how I slide the tip of my toung into the slit in the head of Tom's cock. So I followed her orders and had my face within inches of Tom's cock watching her tease the head of Tom' cock and lick at the pre cum that oozed out of it. Then she stopped and said, here you try--I've been watching and I know that you like Tom's hard cock and guided Tom's cock right into my mouth.

Now she watched as I sucked my first cock and played with my ass and balls as I sucked away on that fine cock. After a minute or so she said that she wanted it back, and I leaned back and Barb proceeded to lower herself down onto Tom's erect cock. I watched as my wife had her first fucking by another man since we were married 5 years ago. She moaned in pleasure as she pounded her wet pussy up and down on Tom's hard cock. I watched as Tom's balls tensed up and I gave them a squeeze and he exploded deep inside Barb.

Afterwards we relaxed for a while and then she said that it now was my turn and proceeded to suck on my cock. When all 7" of it was standing at attention, she looked at Tom and said now you take it from here while I watch. With that Tom proceeded to give me one of the best blow jobs I have ever had. He sucked up the pre cum and then deep throated me to the point I could feel the tip of his nose pressing into my balls.

Barb saw that I was getting close to cumming and she had Tom stop for a minute. Then she had him lie on the bed on his stomach. Then she said, Tom do you remember the sunscreen this afternoon? Well I have something different for you now. With that she took her lube and started spreading it all over Toms ass. She even inserted the end of the tube of lube into Tom's ass opening and squeezed some in. Then she looked at me and said, I have been watching you look at Tom all day and I know that you just have to help me rub this lube into Tom.

Barb had me straddle Tom's legs and then told me to rub my hard cock up and down between Tom's butt cheeks to spread the lube all over. She asked us both how that felt and we both said good. Then to my surprise, she had me stop sliding my cock up and down between Tom's butt cheeks and she took ho;d of my cock and put the head of my cock up against Tom's butt opening. Ok Bill she said, there is only one place left that needs to have the slippery stuff spread around and you will have to do it with your cock!!

She pushed on my ass and told me slide the head of my cock into Tom's ass. I pushed forward a little and for the first time in my life the head of my cock disappeared into another man's ass. It felt good and slowly the entire length of my cock disappeared into Tom's ass. As I pumped Tom's ass with all that lube in it, Barb and I were both aware that Tom was having a great time too. Barb had her hand under him and had his hard cock firmly in her grip as I fucked the hell out of his ass. Knowing that I was close to cumming, Barb slid a finger of her free hand into all the lube around Tom's ass and then shoved it into my ass. Needless to say , I immediately shot my load deep into Tom's ass and collapsed.

Then as I lay there on the bed trying to recover and get my breath, I felt Barb pouring lube on my ass and then a lot of pressure on my opening and then a fair amount of pain as the head of Tom's cock popped into my ass. Barb watched as Tom proceeded to slowly slide the entire length of his 8" cock into my virgin ass. Within minutes Tom tensed and I felt wave after wave of his cum filling my ass and it was fun.

Later we exchanged phone numbers and made plans to get together again back home in Dallas, but that's something I will have to wright about once we get home next week.

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