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Can You Help.... by: sweetness

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Can You Help…

As I was checking my mail on a swingers site that I belong to I received an instant message saying I just noticed that u were on the site may we chat for just a moment, not knowing who this is I reply back asking may I help you? Much to my surprise the answer was I sure do hope so, you see I am in need of help in fulfilling my fantasy and I think you can help me if you would, this has me really curious as what is to come next. I explain that I would see if I can if you will tell me your fantasy, so please explain. As she began I was getting more curious as to why she had chosen me now I am about to hear why. Here is her story.

I am a white female and I a have a friend and our fantasy is to share time with a well hung black male, we are bi and want a 3 some with a black male, and we like at your profile we think you have good taste in men and you look friendly and approachable and we felt you could help us, would you ? I asked her what kind of help was she seeking and to my surprise she wanted me to set up the meeting, every detail from choosing the guy for them to share to the place to meet and be present and take pictures of their 3 some. I continued to listen to her story and she told me she was very shy and knew that this would not take place without help, and would I? To my surprise I found my self telling a complete stranger that I would help her with her fantasy. This was going to be interesting to say the least. As I was talking with her and begin to understand what they were seeking several erotic thoughts came to my mind wondering if I could do this without wanting to join in on the fun. You see they want to experience it all they both want to be fucked as they eat the others pussy, both want to try anal , they want to lick and suck sharing him as he cum’s in their mouths, this is going to be a lot little show and I am not sure I will be able to just watch, I know that as I am my pussy will be so wet . Knowing what they are seeking there is no doubt in my mind that my hunk of a mandingo lover is just what it is they need, he will be a pleasure for them, he will enjoy and yes I will get something out of this as well. You see, my lover will get so turned on my the ideal of me having for him to play with white pussy and ass that has never had black dick before he will fuck me like there is no tomorrow. I get in touch with him and see if he is free and would he be interested in coming over for a while that I just could not wait another day for some dick and I needed him to fuck me and I wanted to tastes his cum so bad and that I also had something I needed to discuss with him as well. He asked me what has me so worked up this afternoon that I cannot wait another day, I said oh my master you will see I just need to suck you and fuck you and share my thoughts with you please Sir G cum fuck me and see.

My mandingo lover arrived finding that I have things all set up for some hot play time, the computer is in the bed room hooked up with web cam to our favorite site we like to play on, seeing this he grins and wants to know what I have going on. I fix him a glass of Hennessey and begin to tell him my story, as I am telling him about her fantasy and her wanting me to help I can see that black dick begin to get hard, as I reach to stroke him and he starts to harden I ask him if he would like to have these white pussies as I watched and took pictures of him fucking them. Do you mind he asks me as I begin to play with my pussy with my other hand moving closer to him so he can take over and finger my wet pussy for me. I explain that I would love to watch him fuck the ladies and to have him when they have finished. He agrees this sounds like a very interesting evening to arrange it and lets do it. As I begin to suck his dick I slide around and easy my pussy down onto his face to have him eat my pussy and play with my ass. As I have my ass in his face sucking that black dick on cam more and more people are beginning to watch us play, I have grown to love having people watch me fuck him on cam and get so into it. As he turns me around and enters me from the rear he begins to tell me what a good job that I have done for finding my master new pussy to fuck and make want black dick. I begged my master at this point to fuck me and show me how happy he was with me, he began to pound my pussy and play with my ass making me beg for more telling him how much I love my black dick and how much I wanted it. He gave me his dick as never before fucking me with long deep strokes making me cum all over him making is dick wet as he slides out of my pussy into my ready ass, he fucks my ass teasing me with short strokes getting me to the point he knows I will beg him to fuck me and fill my ass with his cum. We are into the moment fucking on cam as he begins to ask me If i think I can be there and not want to play as he is playing with the two ladies, and he is ready to cum in my ass I begin to try to tell him I am going to do my best as he fills me up. The number of viewers this time was well over a thousand and they start sending messages asking us to continue to play, needing a break he reaches over and turns off the cam so we can discuss the meeting.

The day is here and we have headed out to meet the ladies, knowing how nervous they will be we have given then some time in the room before we arrive. They great us as we arrive in the room and offer us a drink and we all begin to talk getting to know each other to make them just a little more at ease. It is not hard to tell that they are really nervous about what is about to take place. He looks at me giving me a nod, something we had already talked about I suggested that they to make themselves feel more comfortable they should begin to play with each other and that when they are ready he will join in. They did not need much coaxing to play with each other as they are friends and play regular with each other, they are very in tune with each other and assume the 69 position very quickly and are licking each other and getting wetter as their movements increase it is easy to see these pussies and drenched by the licking and sucking and this has my lover rock hard and my pussy is getting wet just watching, I chose to wear a skirt with no panties so I would be able to play with my pussy as I watched the three of them play. He has gotten undressed and has joined them on the bed watching from that point hoping that will help in bringing them all three together just as I reach for my camera and begin to take a few pictures they begin to play with him kissing his body and playing with his hard black dick. As she takes his dick in her hand the surprise in her voice of how big he is and how hard is not hard at all to pick up on. She is whispering to her friend saying he is huge oh my I want this so bad. As she takes her tongue licking and kissing his body she is headed to his dick with her mouth to lick and suck her first black dick, her friend eases up and squats over his face giving him her already wet pussy to lick. As he begins to lick her clit and moves to finger her wet pussy she begins to moan and the juice starts to drip from her, it is the rush of the taboo that has brought her to this orgasm this quickly, feeling her pussy start to quiver he fingers her pussy more intently bring her to a powerful and wet climax while her friend has his dick in her mouth trying her best to take as much of it as she can. I and getting some very hot sexy pictures of the three of them having to take a minute or two to finger my own clit and pussy because I am so wet watching them so hungrily licks and sucks him. As she eases away from his face and begins to join her friend sharing his black dick I can see on her face that she is having a wonderful time. As they both lick his dick up the shaft on opposite sides to the tip upon reaching that point they begin to kiss allowing him to move around and move behind one of then and begin to ease his dick into a very wet pussy and she moans oh my that feels so wonderful and leans over onto all fours so he can fuck he with long deep strokes, to everyone’s surprise she has already has began to beg for him to fuck her harder this really getting her friend real turned on and she knows her friend and begins to suck on her nipples and reach to finger her clit as she is taking that dick harder an harder until she can’t stand it and she asks her friend to please trade places so she can feel how big that dick is and have it in her pussy. Her friends moves away to let her move into place to have him enter her she first takes his dick in her mouth licking her friends pussy juices off his dick then turning around so he can enter her pussy and the two of them kiss sharing the taste of his dick and her pussy. As he starts to fuck her there is no doubt that she is enjoying the size of the dick and the fucking that she is getting, the moans and the chatter between them does not leave this to be wondered about. They are talking about how good it feels and how wonderful he tastes, then as they whisper to each other he really begins to fuck her had making her scream in delight as her friend reaches and hands him some lube he starts to play with her ass she begins to tell him how bad she wants that dick into her ass and fucked hard, her friend then slides under her and begins to lick her clit and finger her pussy and he starts to ease his dick into her ass she moans that this is so wonderful and she is already to the point of another orgasm he increases the tempo in her ass making the juices form her pussy squirt onto the face of her friend as the two ladies are having the time of their lives. After that powerful orgasm she eases away from him allowing her friend to move into place to take that dick in her ass, it is not hard to tell which of the two likes to be fucked the hardest because he has just gotten inside her when she starts to beg for it harder and harder, at this point he is really pounding her ass, fucking her making her scream in delight, noticing that he is about ready to cum they tell him that they want him to shoot his cum on their faces, and he slides from her ass and starts to cum on their faces they open their mouths and take in some and begin to kiss licking his cum from each others face and beginning to play with each other and he moves away for a drink and to clean up a bit. As they are playing with each other in front of us I scan thru the pictures noticing these are really hot. I sit the camera down and reach for a drink and he sits down beside of me so we can watch them enjoy each other I whisper to him asking if he is having a good time and his response is hell yes I am this is so hot having you set this up for me being here with me while I fuck the watching them lick my cum off each other who would not be getting off on this. At that moment the lady that set this up comes over to me and tells me that her and her friend would like to thank me for giving them their fantasy and sharing him with them and leads me to the bed as they begin to undress me which is not hard to do seeing that all I have on as a tank top and a skirt and nothing else, she suggests over her shoulder that he pick up the camera and take a few pictures as they thank me. As they lay me on the bed one goes to work on my nipples and the other goes to work on my pussy and I am already wet from watching them three play it takes only a few seconds until I am brought to a powerful orgasm and as that happens the lady sucking on my nipples moves to my pussy and the other lady moves away, in just a minute I will discover that she has put a strap-on on and is moving back into the mix and they direct me to slide on to the strap-on and ride, as I am getting into this she is getting ready to step into a strap- on her self, it is easy at this point to see that they have done this many times because they are real at ease and have no problems getting ready and easy to see that they had this planned from the start. She begins to take the lube and get my ass ready I then realize I am about to get dp by two ladies wearing strap-ons as I glance at my lover u can see he is hard as a rock stroking his dick with one hand and has put the camera down and gotten my video camera out of the bag and is going to tape them fucking me. The feeling of being fucked by the ladies while he is videoing has my pussy dripping and as I begin to come he steps over to where we are and strokes his dick shooting his load of cum on the three of us and he captures this with the video. Exhausted from the events we sit for a few minutes talking about such a wonderful afternoon. After arriving back at my place I head to the shower to relax and to freshen up he joins me to thank me in his way for a wonderful afternoon.

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