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Camping Jim and Therese had been married for a couple of years when we arranged to go camping together. Therese's sister Jean was supposed to come along, but she had to cancel out. We left early Friday afternoon and after a few hours drive we were at our campsite.

We set up our two tents on a broad rocky area, with a small stream about twenty feet away on one side and the woods on the other. We started a fire and had dinner and were just finishing as the last few rays of the sunset painted the sky. We walked down to the stream in the dusk and sat beside it. Jim lit up a joint and took a deep, relaxing toke. He handed it to Therese who shook her hair back and took an equally long toke. She shut her eyes and passed it over to me.

We sat there talking and relaxing for an hour or so, all the time Therese and Jim were rubbing up against each, copping quick feels and generally getting themselves all worked up. Therese said she had to pee and asked Jim to carry the flashlight for her. They disappeared into the bushes. I lit up another joint and lay back on the cool stone. I could hear the bushes rustling where Jim and Therese were fucking, and occasionally a groan or shout would come drifting out of the darkness.

My eyes closed and my hands drifted over my chest and crotch. My cock needed release so I opened my pants and pulled them down to my knees. I gripped my cock with my right hand slowly stroked it up and down. I reached down and squeezed my balls, grabbing them and twisting. It felt great to be lying there under the open sky with my cock in my hand. I started to pump my cock faster and then I felt the cum boiling in my shaft. Seconds later I was shooting gobs and gobs of thick white cum. I hadn't cum in a couple of days so this was a real heavy load.

I lay there feeling my cock soften, smearing cum all over my body. I opened my eyes and saw Jim and Therese about 2 feet away, staring intently at me. Therese's mouth was open in a little o and her eyes were focused on my dick. The pot kept me relaxed so I just watched them and started to feel horny that they had watched me jerk off. My cock started to harden again. Therese's nipples were sticking straight up, all tight and crinkly as she crawled over to me, her eyes never leaving my cock. Her mouth opened and wrapped around my cock. She started sucking on it furiously. I shut my eyes again and concentrated completely on the pleasure that Therese was giving me. I felt her as she shifted around, placing her wet pussy over my face. I loved the smell of her pussy, freshly fucked by Jim. She ground it over my face and my tongue danced in and out. I grabbed hold of her clit with my lips and squeezed, she swallowed more of my cock in response. My tongue lapped all around and in and out of her delicious cunt and she squirmed and groaned in response. My face was full of her juices, and some of Jim's cum. I opened my eyes in time to see Jim come up behind Therese, lift her pussy off my face and slide his thick hard cock into her. His hands gripped her ass hard and he fucked her hard in silence. His balls slapped and danced over my face, I let them bounce against my tongue a few times, and relishing the taste of both these hot people.

Jim pumped his wife's pussy fast and then rammed his cock all the way in. His face screwed up tight and his ass was beautiful to watch as he came inside Therese. His cock was buried completely in her cunt as he shuddered and came and came in her. It was so intense to watch Jim cum that I started to cum in Therese's mouth! She clamped down hard and took my entire load; she said later that she loved having two guys cumming inside her at the same time.

Jim collapsed on top of Therese and she collapsed on top of me and the three of us lay there giggling in the moonlight. I reached up and fingered Therese's still sloppy pussy, got some of Jim's cum on my finger, put it to my lips and licked it with a smile. Therese asked me how I liked his cum, and I said "Fresh from his balls!" With that Jim brushed the head of his still soft cock across my lips and I opened my mouth to receive it. I milked it with my lips and felt it stiffen in my mouth. Soon he was completely hard, and pumping his dick in and out of my face. I was still on my back and he was spread-eagled over me, fucking my face with a vigorous abandon. Therese moved down and straddled my hardening cock, stuffing it deep into her pussy. She moaned words of encouragement to Jim, telling him to fuck my face good while she squeezed and played with his ass.

Once again I looked up and saw Jim stiffen, seconds later he was flooding my mouth with his hot spunk. Therese screamed when she saw her husband's cum dribbling out of my mouth and threw herself up and down on my cock. She bent over and kissed me hard on the mouth, her tongue getting some of Jim's cum. We passed his cum back and forth to each other, our tongues almost always knotted together. Then Therese started to cum, she bucked and heaved wildly over my hips as wave after wave of orgasm swept over her.

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