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Camping MMF & Bi sex

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We had set up the camper in a secluded part of the camp ground as the sun was setting. We both decided to go to the bath house since it was a short walk away and starting to get dark. I went into the mens room and a slender man in his mid thirties was coming out of the shower. He had dried off and standing at a stall as I washed my hands. I noticed he had a rather thick cock about 7” long and completely hairless. I admired the view and knew you would have to. He noticed me admiring his form and made no attempt to rush putting his thin shorts on. He asked me for the time and we chatted for a minute. I noticed that he had gotten semi-erect as we talked. We left the bathhouse together where you were waiting. He introduced himself as Joe and was recently divorced. I saw you notice the rather large bulge that he had. We left to go back to our campsite to eat and relax. Later that night I was sitting outside when I noticed Joe walking by. I asked him if he would join me for a beer so we could talk some more. Joe sat down across from me and I immediately noticed that his shorts rode up and I could see his large mushroomed shaped head sticking out under his shorts. We talked for awhile and found out that he was camping alone for the week. After awhile you came out and knowing that you would like the view that I had, I gave you my seat. We talked for a few minutes when you noticed the head of his thick bulge sticking out. When he saw that you were looking, he opened his legs a little to give you a better view. The topic of sex came up and Joe told us he was Bi and enjoyed being with others. He said that his soon to be ex wife loves his size and that he missed her blowjobs since she was the best he had ever had. I said you gave the best blowjobs and liked to play with a nice ass. As we were talking you could tell that he was getting hard because the bulge was quite pronounced and large. He told us that he would be happy to play with both of us and that we would enjoy our time with him. I had a semi hard dick at this time because I knew you were getting wet thinking about that large hard cock and wondering how it would fill in your pussy. Since we were in a secluded spot we didn’t have to worry with anyone coming by. The next thing I know, Joe is kneeling in front of me and taking my cock out. Seeing this you come over and help by stroking his cock as you both start sucking me. I suggest that we lay a blanket by the fire and enjoy the cool air. I lay on my back as Joe sucked my hard cock while you rub my balls and kissed me. I told you to not neglect our guess, so you pulled his shorts down to reveal a hard 9” cock that was bent upward. His cock was very thick with pronounced veins running along his shaft. You started licking along his shaft from his balls to his big mushroomed shaped head. I watched you take his head into your mouth and swirled your tongue around to which he started groaning. He had gotten so aroused that he started to deep throat my aching cock. I knew I couldn’t last much longer while being deep throated and watching my wife enjoy such a nice thick cock, so I suggested we switch around. You said you felt left out so Joe lay down and you squatted over his face so he could take in your wet pussy with his mouth. He immediately started to push his tongue as far he could up your pussy. You started moaning as you felt his tongue flick your swollen clit and plunge deep inside you. I decided to give you a show and starting sucking his cock. I would look into your eyes each time I filled my mouth with his thick cock. I made sure you watched as I ran my tongue along his shaft and flicked his big head. I asked you if you liked the show and all you did was moan and smile. I licked his pre cum off and gave you a deep kiss so we could share the taste. As you taste his cum and felt his tongue in you, you started grinding your pussy into his face as you squirted cum on his face. Then you said you had to have his thick veined dick in your pussy, so you laid on your back with your legs spread wide waiting for him to enter you. Joe mounted you and with one quick push filled your pussy until you thought you would tear. He started fucking you with hard quick thrusts while I watched you take all the pounding with a smile on your face. You told him to thrust harder and rocked your hips to every stroke. He started to shake as he unloaded all his cum deep inside your pussy. While he was riding you I got some KY and lubed my still hard dick up after putting on a condom. As he lay on top of you catching his breath, I entered him from behind. He was very tight so I started slowly and worked all my 7” inches into him. As he relaxes I started thrusting harder with long strokes. He was grunting as he was sucking your tits and saying how good it was to have a hard dick up his ass. While I was fucking him he was rocking his semi hard dick inside you. I knew he would give you another load of hot cum before I finished fucking him. Soon he was cumming again and the cum poured out of your pussy onto the blanket. After a few minutes of pounding his smooth ass and my balls smacking against his ass, I gave one hard thrust and started cumming. We rolled off each other and had some drinks as we talked further. Joe said he enjoyed being on the bottom and really likes fucking you. After awhile you told him you needed to taste his cock again so he sat down in a chair as you started to suck him hard again. You said that he dick was perfect for your next event. Joe asked what that may be and you told him that you would like to see him fucking me with that thick cock. Joe said he would enjoy that as you ran his dick deep into your mouth. You put a condom on him, then lubed him up with KY while telling me how good it would feel and how much it would turn you on. I got down on all fours as Joe got behind me. I felt his thick head slowly enter my tight ass. When I had relaxed, he slowly pushed all 8” in as I felt like I would explode. You rubbed my ass and ran your tongue up me back as he was giving me long slow strokes. You crawled under me stopping to give me a deep kiss before making your way to my cock. I immediately started to suck on your sloppy wet pussy from all the cum while you took my cock deep into your mouth. Joe started thrusting harder and faster which made me thrust harder into your mouth. I could fell his balls smacking my ass as you reached up to cup them. When you felt his balls start to rise you gripped them firmly which caused him to shoot multiple loads of hot cum into my ass. Feeling this, I started cumming into your mouth until there was nothing left. When he pulled out of me and removed his condom, you sucked the leftover cum out of his thick semi-hard dick. We all got up and went to the bath house to shower. That’s another story for another day….

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