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Cabin Fever

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I have a problem with sex; there I?ve said it. I mean I?m young ? only twenty, so it?s not as if it can?t be fixed, and I?ve started working on it with a good psychologist. Every time I form any relationship with anyone, I want to fuck them. I?m talking pretty shallow relationships ? I?m talking car mechanics, postmen, girls who do my hair especially, teachers in high school and now that I?ve started college pretty much everybody I meet there.

Self-control hasn?t been easy for me ? I?ve been in counseling for three months now and we?re exploring issues of self-esteem, but it?s tough for me to separate valuing myself from the pleasure of having my body worshipped.

I treat my body as a temple, making sure everything is tan, and toned and soft. I was blessed with a body that seems to appeal to everyone. Girls like to cuddle my titties, which are large enough to be a little vulgar, and look great in clothes. I have a little native American blood which gives my eyes a little slant and which also means I have almost no body hair. My woo hair is just a little twist at the top of my lips.

So I?m trying to get better and I?m working on having my first monogamous relationship with a boyfriend. A boyfriend ? just the thought makes me go a little weak at the knees. So far we?ve been together for four weeks and I haven?t fucked anybody else! I did give a blowjob to a UPS guy that delivered a package late one night, but I figure that doesn?t really count; but I?ve even agreed to myself not to do that anymore at least as an experiment.

I wouldn?t have done the UPS guy either, but it was late and I answered the door in these raggedy cut-offs with an old t-shirt that I?d hacked up with a pair of scissors. He handed me the package and it slipped a little, and when I reached to catch it my hand went down and got a pretty good handful of crotch. His dick was pretty firm, probably because he?d got to watch me walk to the door with my bare-ass boobs swinging under the t-shirt. Anyway after I grabbed his crotch and stood up the shirt managed to ride up so that one hard nipple was exposed. He went completely red in the face; I thought that was cute. I put the package down to sign his paper and I saw that his cock was tenting his pants. He saw where I was looking and apologized which made my knees feel funny. I whipped off my shirt and while he was standing all googly, dropped to my knees and freed his cock. He wasn?t wearing any underwear under his little brown shorts so that made it easy and it was pretty tasty too. He was a pretty quick comer, I?ll say that, but maybe he?d been having thoughts all day.

Anyway, that?s been my only slip, but now I?ve got a real problem. David, that?s my boyfriend, has a big family and I agreed to go to the family cabin on the lake for a long weekend. He?s brought one of his college buddies Mark, who I?ve met on the campus. David is young too; only 23, and his parents are real religious, so I?m staying in his sister?s room, while mark is bunking with him. The sister?s ok, I mean she?s only 17, so she?s a little silly, but she has a queen size bed in here and I?m expected to share it.

At least she has her own bathroom, but I?m really nervous about getting into bed with her, with my problem. She plays volleyball at school and she?s very athletic, with great shoulders and b-cups, which she already showed me while she was changing. She could have done it in the bathroom, that would have been more polite, but I guess she?s not very sensitive and of course she?s not the way I am, so how would she know, but it?s sort of like cutting yourself in front of a vampire if you know what I mean.

The family has been coming here for years so they know everybody. We went to a bar-b-que this evening with all their friends. The mother and father seem to be nice people, though they drink a little bit much for such religious people. Kelly, that?s the younger daughter is pretty much watched all the time, I guess they don?t trust her. She?s been clinging to me all evening, and my boyfriend has been circulating with all the people he gets to see only when they come up here. At a certain point I ditched Kelly, because I figured I?d get behind a shed and take a hit of whacky weed just to make everybody seem a little more amusing. I find a nice secluded place and have just lit up when I hear a rustle and a commotion and what do I see, but my boyfriend?s mother sneaking back there with a guy I?d seen her talking to. A little bit of giggling and fumbling and there she is; slobbing the knob on this guy. I?m trapped now, though I?m in a good position to watch her technique, which isn?t bad. This guy wanted it real bad too, so it?s only a few minutes and her cheeks are filling like a chipmunk. She gets it all down, wipes her lips and it?s back to the party ? just like that.

I?m thinking maybe I should give her the name of my psychologist, but watching her perform has got me all wet. I?m wondering if I can get my boyfriend back to the same spot, cuz a little jism would really be great right now. I find him and make a hint, but he?s busy with Mark and another buddy, and I didn?t think he?d appreciate it if I suggested blowing all three of them but I?ve got to tell you I would have paid to be able to do it. His mother is over by the bar talking to another guy while the husband has cornered a woman who is making all of the blow job signs to him; you know, licking the lips, big eyes, fingers going up and down the stem of the wine glass. Subtle, but not so subtle that I didn?t get it, but the big old lunkus hubby was just grinning and talking.

Maybe I?m not so odd, I?m thinking. The sister has found me again and she?s been hitting the wine pretty god, because her little cheeks have two red spots that weren?t there earlier in the evening. It?s time to go now and we all pile into the family minivan and head back to the cabin. Everyone says goodnight, and David gives me a chaste little kiss and a squeeze and says he?ll see me in the morning.

So here I am in the bedroom, still horny with the little sister, who is high as a kite. She takes off all of her clothes and goes into the bathroom and beckons me in. She?s laughing and says she?s got a secret.

?There?s a knot hole between David?s bedroom and mine, and I?ll bet that both David and Mark are watching through it. Let?s give them a little show. Come on. I?ve done it before, it?ll be fun.?

She jumps in the shower and beckons me in. Her pussy doesn?t have much hair either and she has a pair of great legs, and a bubble butt. I?m remembering my psychologist?s words and saying to myself, ?Hey it?ll be ok, nothing?s going to happen if you are strong.?

I take off my clothes and realize she?s watching me from the shower. I get in and wash my hair, and feel her butt rubbing against mine, and then she starts washing my back. Her hands cruise down my ass, but I?m not paying attention. I ignore her when she starts talking about my boobs even when she soaps them up and rinses them off. I keep my hands to myself.

She says, ?Let?s go out in the room and dry each other and then we?ll pretend to fool around.?

We walk out and she had a towel. She stands behind me and lifts my boobs and dries me and then kicks my legs apart and dries my pussy, rubbing it with her finger through the towel. She then stands there and says to me ?Do me please.?

She?s washed her hair too, and the dark stands are hanging on her chest. Little streams of water are dripping off her nipples, which are pink and hard. I scrub her little pussy on my hands and knees. She makes sure she moves so the knothole, which I?ve spotted, has a good view.

She puts on some music and starts dancing, slowly, around the bed. I lie down and watch, one leg cocked so the hole has a good view of my pussy, which I start to play with. Kelly sees me and stops and then lies down on the bed to watch. She says she likes watching me, and spreads herself open and starts imitating my moves. It takes me half an hour to come, and I?m very quiet. Kelly comes at about the same time and then says it?s time to turn off the light. We do so and she puts her mouth next to my ear and says; ?Now the boys will give us a show.?

I notice that light is now shining through the knothole and Kelly and I sneak over quietly. I can?t believe what I?m seeing. Mark and David are obviously just out of the shower, and they are drying each other. David then gets on his knees and starts to blow Mark. Mark?s meat is a good ten inches and David is deep-throating his whole rod, so I know he?s a practiced cocksucker.

I?m shocked, but obviously Kelly isn?t. She?s muscled me aside so she can see, and her little fingers are busy with her pussy. That?s not enough and I feel her hand on mine, a sharp little nail tracing my lips. What happens next shocks even me. It?s my turn to view, but it?s dark on the other side and I nearly end up with a cock in my eye. It?s got to be Mark, because it slides through the hole and just keeps on coming. Kelly?s the first on it; she slurps the knob and grins at me, working it with her tongue. When she backs up it?s clear she?s offering me a turn. She leans into my ear and says, ?David?ll never know it was you.?

I waste no time and suck some pre-cum out of that puppy and get as much as I can in my throat. Kelly in the meantime has fetched a little makeup stool from the bathroom and when I move away backs her little pussy up to the hole, motioning for me to take her arms and starts pounding. After a couple of minutes she pulls away and motions to me. I sucked her juice off his rod and got up and did the same. I started to feel him getting harder so I pulled off just in time to see him shoot his first stream. I caught it, but I wasn?t greedy, I let Kelly have the third and fourth jets.

His cock started to go a little limp and was replaced by one I knew well. David had a cock that turned up a little and it was also fatter than Mark?s. It just barely made it through the hole. I slurped it down and worked it for a minute and then backed up and looked at Kelly. She grinned and put her finger to her lips and then tongued it, top to bottom. When she finished she took it for a ride too, and then turned it over to me. I got a ten-minute fucking out of it, which is all it took for me. Kelly helped too, taking one of her hands and fingering my clit when I got close. I pulled off and she caught the first ropy stream and then pointed it at my tits. When the cock had withdrawn she made a big production of licking all the cum off each titty, sucking my nipples and cleaning me like a cat.

We went to bed, and snuggled under the covers, but soon she was at my pussy, driving her tongue into me, pushing her finger up my ass, making me cum all over again. When she figures I wasn?t going to reciprocate, the little bitch climbed up on me and stuck it in my face. I paid her back by putting my thumb up her ass and working it while I sucked her clit.

We slept in a little next morning, and were woken up by her parents. Looks to me as if David has problems as big as mine. Maybe we can work on them together.

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