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We went out to eat one night and met a friends of ours. My husband asked if he wanted to join us for dinner and he accepted.

We sat and ordered our dinner and a couple drinks. While we waited we made small talk and found that he had been divorced for about a year and had not dated anyone since.

He wasn't a bad looking guy. 6' and about 200 pounds from what I could tell and a nice smile and personality.

He and my husband had been friends for sometime but hadn't seen each other in a couple years.

"Tell you what Jim. I know you're divorced to her, but your ex was a nice looking girl." Martin told Jim as he sipped his drink and looked at me. I gave him a little smile and felt myself blushing. I couldn't believe that his smile made my pussy begin to get wet. This had never happened before.

"Yeah, she was hot for sure. But Martin you have a nice looking wife yourself." He said as he sipped his drink again.

"She sure is." Martin responded as he reached over and patted my leg. My face was on fire.

"Honey, why are you blushing?" He asked.

"You know how shy I am." I told him as I tried to keep from looking at Jim. But, I couldnt help but look at him.

We finished our meal and the band began playing.

"You want to dance?" Martin asked as he began to stand up.

"Sure." I stood and we made our way to the dance floor. It was a snappy song so we just moved around. I'm not much of a dancer so I just tried to copy what the other couples were doing.

The song was over so we went back to our table. Jim was still there.

We had a good laugh about our dancing and the band began to play another song.

"Honey why don't you dance with Jim. He's been here all evening and he looks like he could use some company right now." Martin said as he looked at me and then Jim.

"Well, I guess so, but I dont dance very well." I said as I stood up and walked toward the dance floor again.

About half way there I felt someone take my hand. Looking around I saw it was Jim.

"Don't leave me out here by myself now." He said as we walk toward the floor.

"Nah, I wouldn't do that." I said as he squeezed my hand.

I was wondering what my husband was thinking and if he had seen Jim take my hand. I looked around and saw Martin was talking to the waiter.

We made it too the floor and the song was ending.

"Well now what." I asked.

"Guess we wait to see what the band will play next." Jim said as we just stood there with the other couples.

The song was a slow one so we took a step closer to each other and began to move to the music.

He had pretty good rythem as we moved together on the floor.

"You're not such a bad dancer." I told him as he pulled me closer. I should've felt uncomfortable with this but something about it felt good. I know my pussy was soaked right now. I began to feel something adn was pretty sure as to what it was. He was beginning to get a hard on and it made me very nervous.

I looked up at him and he smiled down at me. he knew I could tell what I was doding to him. I turned my head and cleared my throat.

"Sorry if I'm too forward, but you feel really good. Martin is a very luck man." He told me as I felt his cock twitch against my stomach.

"Thank you and you feel pretty good too." I couldn't believe I had just said that and the fact that I just pressed myself closer to him.

My mind began to wonder what his cock looked like and what it would feel like. If my husband wasn't there I might consider doing something with him. I had never cheated or even had any thoughts about other men in the 12 years we'd been married.

The song ended and we made our way back to the table. It was getting late and we began to get ready to leave.

"Why don't you let me get the check." Jim said as he reached across the table for the check.

"Hey, that's cool man. If that's what you want to do." Martin said.

"Why don't I pay this and then we can say our goodbyes outside before we all leave for the evening.

"Sounds good." Martin said as we walked toward the door.

Once we had gotten out of hearing distance from Jim, Martin asked......

"Did you have fun on the dance floor?" He asked as I looked back over my shoulder to see if Jim was done paying the check.

"Yes, it was fun. He seems like a really nice guy." I told my husband.

"He is. It's ashame that she divorced him." Martin said.

"Yep." I said.

"I bet he hasn't had any in a long time." Martin said.

"Martin! Why would you say something like that?" I asked. His remark took me by surprise. After all, I already knew that answer.

I looked back and Jim was walking toward us as we exited. I looked and could tell he had a nice sized bulge in his pants.

"Sure hate to see a guy like that go without." Martin said.

"Martin, why are you telling me that?" I asked.

"I don't know. I just thought maybe we could help him out." He said.

"I can't believe you would even think something like that." I said, the idea did appeal to me and made my nipples hard.

"Well after seeing you 2 on teh dance floor and then seeing the state that Jim was in as you'll walked back to the table.

He had noticed. So what was he getting too.

"Hey I just danced with the guy." I said as I thought about what I felt against my stomach adn wondered what it looked, felt and tasted like.

"Now don't tell me that you didn't feel that bulge pushing against you.' Martin said.

"Well I did feel the bulge." I confided.

"Did you wonder what it looked like?" He asked.

"Honestly? Yes." I said.

WE got to our car and Jim walked up.

"Dang! I forgot something. Gotta run back inside." Martin said as he turned around an hightailed it out of there.

A couple of awkward minutes passed before we began to talk.

"You're a nice dancer." He said.

"Thank you and so are you." I returned the compliment as I leaned up to give him a friendly kiss on the cheek.

Just as I turned he turned and our lips met. It was only a short kiss but it was electric. My whole body shook and my pussy felt like it was about to have an orgasm.

We stood just looking at each other and our lips met again. His left hand reached around behind me and I could feel his bulge on my stomach again. Then I felt his hand go up my side and cup my breast.

"Ummmmm." I moaned as one of my hands reached down to feel the bulge in his pants. he must have been 7" or so.

"We can stop if you want." He said as he squeezed my breast.

I didn't say a word but insteed began to unzip his pants.

I reached inside and founded his cock. It mush have been 8 good hard inches long and very fat. Reaching further inside his pants I found his balls.

"Nice." I told him as my hand slide from his balls to the head of his cock and back down again.

"Wonder if I could do something for you before you leave?" I asked as I squeezed his balls "Anything, what is it?" He asked.

I slide down his body and pulled out his cock and begin kissing the head of it.

Looking up I could tell he was enjoying it.

I parted my lips alittle and let just the head slide into my mouth.

"Ummmmmm." I heard him moan as I began sucking him. His cock was pretty and was very tasty. I hadnt sucked another guys cock since high school. But this one was better than all of them.

I sucked him deeply and slowly. His hands were on my head and began to hold my head and move in and out of my mouth......

to be continued got to pick up the kids

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