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Business Not as Usual part two revised

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The morning had come all too quickly. The morning sun was already shining bright when I finally drug myself out of bed. Ugh. A whole day of meetings didn?t sound that inviting. The room I was staying in had a bathroom right off the bedroom which was convenient since I always slept in the nude. I began to shower and started thinking about the events of the night before. My cock rose to the occasion as I thought about Andi and how good it felt to fuck her the night before. I did a little extra stroking of my shaft as I thought about her firm tits bouncing in the moonlight and feeling her nipples between my fingers.

As I got dressed I wondered what the morning would be like. Was last night a fluke? Would Andi suggest that I find a hotel closer to the convention center? ?Whatever would be would be? I guessed as I finished my tie, grabbed my sport coat and headed downstairs.

I got to the bottom of the stairs I smelled bacon cooking in the kitchen. Andi called for me to sit down and eat before I left. Although I had plenty of time, I?d planned on stopping on the way for a bite, but the offer of free food won out.

I walked into the kitchen as Sheri was just getting up from the table. She smiled at her mom, gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and excused herself.

?You don?t have to run on my account. ? I teased.

?Nothing of the sort!? She smiled and winked at me, ?But some of us have to work EVERY day.?

I laughed and sat down as Andi got up to get me some food.

?Coffee?? She asked.

?That would be great, black is good?

?Sheri still teases me that I don?t have a real job,? Andi smiled as she got my coffee and food.

?What do you do?? I asked, realizing that in all of the time last night I?d never asked her that.

?I?m an interior designer, so I get to set my own schedule and basically work when I want.? Andi sat beside me and took a sip of coffee. ?John?s life insurance policy paid off the house and left me with enough money so I can do what I love and not be too stressed about life in general.?

?I see,? I said, feeling a little awkward about the direction the conversation took. I could tell that John?s accident was still fresh in her mind by the look in her eyes. We finished breakfast with small talk about my meetings for the day and other meaningless talk. Then Andi put her hand on mine and looked me in the eyes.

?Are you okay about last night?? She asked.

I was taken aback by the question at first, but quickly responded. ?Yes! It was great?are you??

?I haven?t had a man make me feel the way you did in a long time.? She smiled, squeezing my hand.

?Good. I was afraid I?d have to find someplace else tonight!? I said, half joking.

?Not on your life!? Her voice was mockingly assertive, ?In fact, Sheri has promised to be here tonight for supper. We?re going to have a steak on the grill and enjoy the evening by the pool. I want her to get to know you.?

?Well, I better get going,? I said, standing up from the table.

Andi stood with me. She was wearing the same robe that she had on the night before. She took some plates and went over to the dishwasher. When she bent over to put the dishes in, she gave me a full view of her firm ass.

?That view is a great way to start the day!? The words were out of my mouth before I thought. Andi laughed and stood up.

?You liked that, huh?? She jokingly shook her finger at me, ?You naughty boy. You shouldn?t be looking.?

I laughed and went into the front room to grab my jacket.

As I came back, Andi was leaning against the counter reading the paper. She stood in such a way that her ass was still barely showing below the hem of her robe. I walked by and playfully patted her ass.

?Hmmm. You can do that more if you like.? She said moving back towards me. She pushed her hips against my groin and I felt my cock start to harden. ?That didn?t take much!?

She turned around and put her arms around my neck. Pulling me close she whispered in my ear. ?Fuck me before you go. Please??

She slid her hands down to my waist and began to unbuckle my belt. I slid my hands down and untied her robe and opened it so that I could get a better look at her great body as Andi reached up and kissed me passionately, her tongue penetrating my waiting and willing lips.

I felt her hands inside my pants caressing my hardening cock. She knelt down and pulled my pants and boxers to the floor. I watched her pull my cock into her mouth. She circled the head of my penis with her tongue as she reached between my legs. I spread slightly so she could grab my balls and massage them. Then she reached behind me and grabbed my ass and pulled my pole deep inside her mouth. I began to thrust instinctively, feeling her hot wet mouth on my cock.

I pulled her up to me and set her on the counter and began to finger her wet hole, reaching deep inside her wet pussy and rubbing her hardening clit while we kissed passionately. ?I want that fucking cock inside me. Do me now!? She ordered playfully.

I pulled her to the edge of the counter. She grabbed my cock and eased it inside her waiting pussy as I pulled her to me. Andi put her hands on the counter for balance as she moved herself up and down my waiting shaft. I let her slide up and down on my cock, feeling her hot, wet pussy and watching my cock disappear in her hole.

Andi started to moan. I grabbed her tits as she moved harder and faster on my shaft.

?I?m coming. Oooooooooooooo. Fuck. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Yesssssssssssssssssss.? I felt her wetness explode on my shaft. She kept moving up and down as I felt myself getting close.

?OH yeah,? I moaned, ?I?m going to fill that pretty pussy of yours full.? Andi kept working me until I finally exploded. I felt my hot sticky sperm filling her.

Andi slid off the counter and knelt before me. ?We can?t send you off to work like this!? She giggled. She licked my softening cock clean.

I got dressed and gave her a final kiss before leaving.

Somehow the conference wasn?t going to be so bad today.

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