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Bus bliss

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It is 5am and dark on the bus to NYC. I am in the last aisle seat at the very back of the bus closest to the engine; the window seat next to me is empty. The bus stops and as the boarding lights flash on, I see a beautiful blonde woman wearing a form fitting button down blouse and a short skirt.

She looks to be in her early forties and I can tell she works out because her body is very trim, her legs are silky smooth and her breasts look to be approximately 44c’s. The bus is nearly full; as she walks to the back of the bus I see several other men (and women) who are not yet dozing, turning their heads slightly to catch a last glimpse of her. She stops at my seat and says excuse me, indicating that she is going to sit with me. Instead of getting up and allowing her to sit next to the window (keeping the coveted aisle seat to myself), I slide over to the window to make room for her.

She is surprised, and shows her appreciation by smiling and thanking me. I close my eyes and prepare to catch some sleep during the 2 hour commute to the city. After several moments I hear a soft moaning from my seat mate. The last seat is noisy and the bus bounces & vibrates as we navigate over the pot holed NJ roadways. Every time the engines rev. and the bus lurches, I hear her moan next to me. At this point my heart is pounding and I open my eyes to sneak a peek at the woman next to me. Her eyes are closed and I can see her right hand, closest to me is resting between her legs under her skirt.

Suddenly she straightens herself up and reaches into her bag, pulling out a blanket. The buses frequently blast cold air in the summer and it is not uncommon for women to cover themselves with blankets during the morning commute.

She unfolds the blanket and covers herself from her shoulders to below her knees. Part of her blanket covers my left thigh, she glances at me thru the morning darkness and she apologizes as our eyes meet. I smile at her and say "no problem, I’m a bit chilly too". She smiles back, licks her lips and without a word positions her blanket over my torso as well; her right hand gently falls into my crotch.

My penis immediately swells and her hand firmly presses my manhood against my abdomen. She grabs my left hand, raises it to her left shoulder and ducks underneath the blanket. At this point I know what she wants and I oblige, by resting my left arm on the back of the seat and holding up the blanket, forming a tent. She grabs my belt and deftly unbuckles it, pulling my zipper down. I raise my hips off of the seat and she slips my pants and underwear over my knees so that they bunch up near my shins.

My penis is hard as a rock and she squeezes it from the base to just under the head with her hand. She delicately takes several drops of pre-coital fluid from the tip of my penis with her left middle fingers and begins to massage my perineum with her fingers and the fluid. She then shifts her fingers back and begins to circle my anus, teasing and flicking it before finally inserting one finger into my asshole.

At this point she takes my 7 inch member into her mouth, firmly sucking my head and shaft as her saliva drips onto my balls. The blanket is obscuring my view; the only thing I can do is sit and enjoy the exquisite sensations as she gives me an unbelievable blow job. She can sense that I am about to explode, as my shaft swells, my anus is swallowing her finger up to her second knuckle and I cum into her mouth, producing a geyser of jism. She swallows it all and is surprised when my penis shudders and pulses shooting several smaller eruptions of cum down the back of her throat. She hungrily sucks every last drop of semen and continues to milk my penis with her mouth even after it is flaccid. She sweetly kisses it up and down before removing her left finger from my ass.

Then she pulls her head out of the covers, stares into my eyes and begins to suck her finger that had been up my anus a few moments ago. When she is satisfied that her finger is clean, she ducks beneath the blanket again and very meticulously pulls up my underwear, pants, tucks my shirttails in and zips and buckles me up.

We still have over 30 minutes left before the first stop.

Even though it is getting later, the bus is still very dark due to the overcast weather; all of the passengers appear to be totally oblivious to what just occurred. I duck beneath the blanket as she forms a tent with each arm for me. There is enough space for me to kneel between her legs, I know my pant legs are getting a bit grimy from the bus floor but this will be well worth the dry cleaning bill (I think to myself).

I push her skirt up and remove her dripping wet white lace panties, gently lifting each thigh and easing the panty down each gorgeous leg and over each high heel. I place the panties on my seat and prop her ass up slightly with my left hand. She lifts her knees up placing her heels on the edge of her seat and spreads her legs wide. Her pussy is soaking wet, the fabric of her bus seat is damp. I flick my tongue lightly up and down her labia as she tilts and thrusts her pelvis toward my face. I can hear her gasp over the rumbling of the bus engine and my tongue makes firmer pressure each time we hit a rough patch in the road.

I resist the temptation to suck her clit; instead I focus on the soft pink flaps of her vagina. Her pussy is literally dripping juice and I remove my left hand from under her ass and moisten my fingers and left thumb with her fluid. I then place my left hand back under her ass, this time teasing her anus with my thumb. She is writhing and moaning and she completely swallows my dripping thumb with her anus, my remaining fingers cupping her right ass cheek. I gently squeeze my thumb toward my fingers and she grinds her ass deeper onto my thumb. Finally, I begin to lightly flick her clit with my tongue and I can feel her pelvis buck driving my tongue deep into her pussy, my nose buried into her clit. I begin to softly suck her clit, applying pressure and then letting go. I repeat this over and over again while her ass is convulsing up and down on my thumb. She shudders, more pussy juice oozes onto the seat between her legs.

I remove my left thumb from her ass, and insert two fingers of my right hand into her pussy and begin to stroke her G spot as my right thumb circles her dripping wet clitoris. At this point she is out of her mind and convulses one last time and is then still, her chest heaving a bit more softly as she lowers her feet off of the seat and onto the floor. I readjust her skirt and pop up out of the blanket and back onto my seat, brushing the knees of my pants. We smile at each other and quietly hold hands underneath the blanket.

As the bus approaches the first stop I realize that her wet panties are still on my seat between my left thigh and her right thigh. I grab the panties preparing to duck back under the blanket, but she firmly grabs my hand and whispers in my ear to keep them as a souvenir. I feverishly fish a business card out my wallet and I hand it to her as she folds up her blanket and places it into her bag. She gives me a peck on the cheek and says she will call me as she departs the bus. I watch her walk onto the sidewalk; she glances at the last window of the bus, gives me a sexy smile and a wink and mouths the words "Thank you" as she disappears down the subway stairs.

I fold up her panties which are still dripping wet and put them in my pants pocket, wondering how I am going to explain the wet spot in my pocket to my coworkers!

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