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Breaking Down Barriers

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Jenna and I were married in 1976. She was from a very conservative background and she was very very shy. That is to say, she was virgin when we married and the first time I saw her naked was on our wedding night. I did not mind waiting for the prize because she was, one might say, open for training and had not been taught that sex was dirty but that it was worth waiting for. She began to really enjoy all the things we did as she let me guide her into erotic fun between the two of us. We moved to Orlando Florida a year after when I got a job at Disney World in the animation department. Jenna was really buxom, 44DDD and nice proportioned hips and a waist that made her figure that of an hour glass. She was firm all over even though she was a BBW, and at 5'7" had the height that made her stunning to say the least. Her nipples were really large and got hard at the slighest hint of sexual play or a cool breeze. Well, we soon found new friends that also worked at Disney and they were all about our ages. Some a couple years older and a couple in particluar were very young. They had married right out of high school and were 19 and 18 years old. We were the middle age couple in the group, Me 26 and Jenna 24. Bob and Carrie 30 and 28, Jim and Carol both 35. I soon found out that everyone except Jessie and Donna (the youngest couple) and us were into swap and bi sexual fun. The women played a lot during the day and while we men were gone at work and they swapped out often at parties they had. We were tne newcomers and I wondered often what had happened when two of the ladies were red facced if Jenna and I went over during the day and they were coming from the bedroom. Well, Jenna and I had been watching some r rated movies and looking at the Penthouse Forums a lot and she would usually want to talk about them. Do people really do some of this stuff was usually her question. Yes, but not everyone I told her usually. We had progressed so that Jenna would suck and swallow my cum and she was enjoying anal penetration a lot now. She had some wild nights which means she would pull me out just before I would cum and shoot on her titties and then lick them clean then want more. Then one day she came to me with some interesting news. I saw Carrie and Carol kissing. Oh really? I said. No really kissing like we do when we make love. Really I asked interested now more. They both got all embarrased and acted like it had not happened she told me. Well, maybe we should check into it I told her and promised I would see what was going on. We had read about girls playing with girls and were both aroused by the idea but she was afraid to try anything. Well, a couple weeks went by and I found from the guys that indeed there was something going on. Jim was the one to spill the beans so to speak. Yeh, we all play he said one day over a couple beers. In fact everyone wishes that you and Jenna would join us as well as Jessie and Donna or "The Kids" as we all called them. I spoke to Jim a few more times and we began to make plans to bring Jenna into the fun circle as well as Jessie and Donna. We all went to the beach one Saturday and spent the day drinking beers and other things. Jenna enjoyed showing off her ample body but always stoped just short of really revealing anything. Well, we had a couple drinks and it was then that I saw Carrie slip a little something into Jennas drink, she made sure I saw it and winked a little as she smiled and licked her lips sweetley. I smiled back knwing that something had been planned for the night. Jenna took the drink and sipped it. She was usually very easy going but now I noticed that she would lean over just a little more, letting her blouse fall open and not fixing it. Her suit had been shed a couple hours before and now she wore a jean skirt and button up blouse and a nice thin bra I had bought for her and her bikini panties were not designed to hide anything. Then the game began, Carrie and Carol began hugging and sitting close, just barely carressing each other and whispering in each others ears. Come to the kitchen for a sec Carol told Carrie and they got up and left. They were gone a while and I could see Jenna was wondering what was going on. Finally she got up, a little unsteady on her feet and went to the kitchen. Oh my, came from her lips as she went in and found Carol and Carrie kissing and both ladies had thier suits half off baring two pairs of very lovely breasts. Jenna came out of the kitchen, red facecd and very unsteady. Do you know what is going on in there she asked us. Carrie is playing with Carol? Bob said. Yes, that is okay then she asked. Of course it is Carol said from behind her, the suit top still around her waist as was Carries. Jenna looked at them both, half naked next to her. And do you know what said Carol? What she said. We are hoping that you will join us as Carries hands were already on Jenna's shoulders pulling the buttons open on her blouse. Now Jenna seemed to be paralyzed standing there as her blouse fell to the floor. Oh wow, they really are nice and full aren't they said Carrie. Yes they are. You know what else Carol said to Jenna? What she managed to mumble. I have wanted to see tthem since we met. Then as her bra came loose they were free and fell into her hands. Jenna let out a low moan telling me that she was ready but she looked at me and I winked at her. The smile on her face told me that she was ready to go another step in our adventures. What happens next Jenna moaned as Carrie slipped her hands around and undid the skirt and it fell to the floor and then the panties. We are going to show you what it is like to make love with a woman they said almost together. Lets go to the bedroom they said as they helped Jenna to the bedroom up the hall. The lights were low and the bed really large as they pulled back the covers and laid Jenna in the middle of the bed and laid on each side of her. Then Carrie took her face in her hands and kissed her slow and deep, her tongue running inside her mouth slowly along her lips. Jenna loved this kind of kissing and responded by putting her arms around Carried neck and kissing her back. Hey, I think she likes it Carrie said, here you try it. Carol took her face and kissed her deep too, making her moan even more. Jenna had surrendered to the ladies on her sides and it was all now a given that it was going to happen. Carrie took her titties and her nipples got hard as Carol took the other and they were now being sucked by experts. Hands were spreading Jennas legs as fingers probed her pussy and fondled her large vulva. Her mound was shaved clean and the juices were flowing from her pussy. Oh this girl is ready for all of it Carol said as she kissed her way down Jennas tummy then as she found her pussy lips, Jenna almost jumped off the bed, Oh, oh that is so hot, oh yes, yes, please. Carol sank two fingers into the soaking pussy as with every move Jenna gave approval of their play. Now Carrie was sucking Jennas titties harder and harder, oh yes, Jenna was crying out now, oh yes, Then Carol was eating her frantically, as more fingers sank into her pussy. Oh my god, oh yes, now, I am cumming, oh yes. Jennas hips bucked as she had her first girl on girl orgasm. Then all of them moved around and now a pussy was over Jennas face. Eat it dear said Carol, eat it really good. Jenna took to it as if she had eaten pussy all her life. The positions changed over the next hour as the girls gave Jenna lessons in love making as I am sure she had not expected. Meanwhile the three of us men sat there cocks throbbing and naked as we watched the ladies do all they could to give each other pleasure. Since I had been watching the ladies I had not noticed the size of the tool that Bob had. It had to be 9 inches at least and was thick as a beer can easily. The head was swelled and larger than the cock. James was well equiped as well and with my 7 inches we all had some reason for respect but Bob was by far the winner. Well, Carol and Carrie sat up with Jenna limp as a rag on the bed. Well, guys, ready for round two? Jenna looked and then Bob was standing next to the bed, her eyes almost came out of her head asshe focused on his cock. Oh my god she said, they do make them that big she gasped. Yes they do Jenna and James and I joined Bob on the bed. But first I wanna eat that pussy Bob said. He dove between her legs and soon had her bucking with an orgasm. Ready he said as he got between her legs. She just laid there her legs spread. Then he put the head to her lips, open wide baby he said, her hips moved some and then hs slid the head of his cock into her lips, oh, oh my god she moaned. Oh yes, yes. He slid into her slowly, her pussy making room for his cock. Then suddenly he pounded into her. Oh yeh, damn that is a hot pussy as she let out a muffled yell, oh, oh that was too hard she moaned. Oh really? he said as he drove into her again. Oh no, it is too big. Shut up and take it he told her. Then she looked at me, I winked as she looked as if she wanted to stop. Too late I mouthed to her. She closed her eyes as eh puonded into her again and soon as her pussy adapted her hips began matching his moves. He began to move out of her then her legs wrapped around his hips. You began fucking me she said, now you finish. He did just that, pounding her pussy hard for at least a half hour then getting tense, he drove into her and filler her pussy with cum, as it leaked out of her pussy she moaned from her orgasm. James, now Jmeas she moaned and James got into her pussy, fuck me hard she said. He did, soon filling her with his load. Then she looked at me, Now you sweetheart she moaned as I her pussy, she wrahe moaned. I did and we made love with moans from the others around us. That began the night and many others to cum.

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