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Birthday Shopping

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With my meetings in the city running late, I?m going to end up in the middle of the commute. Might as well relax until after it?s over, besides, this would be a good chance to find a birthday gift for my wife. There are enough stores on Union Square that I should be able to find something.

Macy?s, I should be able to find something in here. Lets see, perfume, no, she doesn?t wear much, jewelry, maybe?maybe a new dress. Oh, look at the hot lingerie. Now, that?s a possibility, something other than flannel.

Where to begin, I had no idea there were so many things to choose from. ?May I help you sir?, the clerk says. ?No?, I respond embarrassed, I?m just looking right now. ?OK?, she smiles, ?Let me know if I can help?. (That was bad, I?m 50 years old shopping for my wife and I feel like I was just caught holding my girlfriends bra.

Flustered, I continue to look, but I don?t really see anything. ?You look confused?, you say to me. Without looking up I respond, ?Yes, it?s my wife?s birthday and I have no idea what to get her?. As I start to look to your voice I see your legs. Your calf muscles perfectly shaped and accented by the heals you are wearing. Translucent black stockings lead up to the short but professional wool skirt you have on. ?Maybe I can help?, you say, ?After all, I am a woman, and I do love getting lingerie for my birthday?.

My eyes continue to rise, White silk blouse hiding just a hint of lace bra, contrasting beautifully against your tan chiseled collarbone. I don?t know who you are, but you certainly do have taste and class I think to myself.

?I?m Margie, and you are?? you say with a smile. ?Scott, or Scotty, your choice?, I reply, smiling back. ?Now, Scotty, what are you thinking, something for work, play or nighttime?? ?Well, nighttime I think, but then again, that would be for me too then wouldn?t it?, I reply with a slight wink. ?Nothing wrong with getting something for both of you?, you say as you give me a slight brush with your elbow and smile.

?Lets look over here at some nice panty/camisole sets. You know you are getting a lot for your money with these. She can wear them during the day also, like I am now?. ?But I thought that was a bra, I mean, excuse me never mind?, I stammer. ?Oh no Scotty, I don?t wear bras, to confining. This is a camisole you?re seeing under my blouse. Nice touch, don?t you agree?? ?Very?, I reply.

?You know Scotty, if you don?t mind me saying, most of the lingerie we are seeing here is synthetics. If you want something really special, we should be looking at nice silks. I much prefer the feel of a quality silk caressing my skin all day. I think your wife would enjoy the feel too?.

Macy?s has never felt so warm, in fact claustrophobic I think. With a slight wink you continue, ?I have a special store I like to buy my lingerie at, wonderful silks, and a great selection, from demure to down right sexy. It?s just off the other side of the Square, would you like to take a walk??

How did she know I needed air, and to get out of this basement. ?Lead on?, I say with smile.

The brisk San Francisco air was refreshing. And, the walk gave us a chance to find out a bit more about each other. We crossed to the other side of the square and started down an alley like street with restaurants and shops.

?You know, shopping is much more enjoyable after a glass of wine?, you say, as you sit down at one of the sidewalk tables. Our conversation continues as we order and sip our wine. The wine brings on a warmth, different than the one I was feeling in Macy?s minutes ago, a comfortable, relaxing one. It?s apparent you are enjoying the same feeling.

As our wine glasses become empty I impulsively reach across the table and take your hand. ?The wine is warming, but apparently not enough?, I say as I glance to your erect nipples veiled under your silk blouse and camisole. ?Besides, we have shopping to do?. You glance down, and with a smile you say, ?No hiding those babies under silk?.

You now take my hand and lead. Four more doors down we enter a small shop. One I immediately feel comfortable in. Well, at least comfortable with you at my side.

?Hi Margie?, the sales lady says from behind a display. ?Nothing for me today, Ann. I?m helping my friend find the perfect birthday gift for his wife?. ?Well, if there is anything I can do, let me know?, Ann says.

?Now Scotty, lets get down to business, something sexy or demure?? ?Margie?, I reply, ?You?ve got the style, you tell me?. ?OK then, lets take a look at some nice lacy white sets, something for your virginal bride. Here is one of my personal favorites. My husband fucks me hard every time I wear it?.

I look up in shock at her comment although looking at the panties and camisole, I?m not surprised. My glance quickly shoots in the direction of the sales lady but there is not even a glance to your comment.

?I definitely like it?, I stammer, ?No question about that?. ?You have good taste Scotty, what size then?? ?Well, she?s about your size Margie?. OK then, lets go with a petite panty and a small camisole?. I smile my approval. You have a lucky husband I think. I can only?.

?You know Scotty, this is an expensive set. I think you should really see it on before you make the decision to buy?. Taking my hand you says, ?Follow me?.

The dressing room was larger than I?d ever seen in a store. There was a love seat along one wall, mirror on two others and a louvered door. You directed me to sit as you immediately start unbuttoning your blouse. I nervously started to stand and you pushed me back and say, ?Sit and relax Scotty?.

The silk blouse comes off and exposed more of your tanned skin and the camisole you talked about earlier. It showcases your body. Your eyes never leave mine as you slowly reach around behind yourself and unbutton, unzip and drop your skirt to the floor.

My cock goes rock hard as I realized you aren?t wearing panties, just a garter belt and stockings. ?Oh, you approve?? you say. ?No need to answer, I can tell by your cock?. You slide the camisole over your head exposing your luscious breasts and rock hard nipples. Without saying a work you step towards me and bend to unfasten my belt and unzip me. ?Don?t want you to hurt yourself while I?m putting on this fashion show Scotty. Let?s let that baby free?. You pull my pants down, slide my cock out of my underwear and immediately go back to putting on the lingerie.

With your ass to me, you slowly slide on the panties, clearly enjoying the feel of the silk against your legs. They slowly rise up to cup your tight cheeks. Turning around, you smile and grab the camisole and slowly slide it over your head. As it drapes over your body it momentarily catches on your erect nipples. You turn and smile at me as you pull it down.

?So, Scotty, what do you think?? Not even realizing I?m slowly stroking my cock I respond, ?I can see why your husband fucks you every time you wear this?. ?It looks from your cock like you?d like to fuck me now too, wouldn?t you Scotty??

With that, you walk towards me?.drop you your knees and slowly slide your lips over the head of my raging cock and take it entirely into your mouth. I gasp as I feel your warm, moist lips engulf me. As you look up at me you begin to slide your mouth up and down my erect manhood. I reach down inside the camisole and pinch your nipples and roll them between my fingers. Your moan of approval sends a shiver down my cock and through my entire body.

With every stroke of your lips my cock becomes harder, inching closer to the all to uncommon orgasm I used to enjoy from my wife. I don?t know how much longer I can hold back.

Knock, knock, ?Margie, is there anything else I can bring you to show your friend?. You slide your lips from my cock and reply, ?Ann, could you bring me the demi-bra that goes with the outfit I have? 34c, please?

?What are you doing?, I stammer. But, without another word you slide your lips back over my cock and begin to bring me ever closer to the inevitable. My euphoric trance was shattered as, without notice, the door opened and Ann stepped through.

?Here Margie, 34c?. With a slight smile towards me, and a glance to my cock in your mouth she steps over behind you and starts to slide the camisole off. You slide your lips from my red cock and she finishes the task.

Without missing a beat, you?re back swallowing my thick meat as Ann slides the bra around you, clasps it, stands up and leaves the dressing room.

Two or three more deep pumps and you stop, look up at me and say, ?Here Scotty, fuck me like my husband, your precum oozing cock tells me you want to.

I sit in shock as you stand, face the mirror opposite me and slowly slide the panties off. Looking in the mirror, you reach between your legs, grab my cock and direct it toward your moist waiting pussy. I watch you in the mirror as you slide down me and bury me deep in your aching pussy.

It?s all I can do to keep from exploding. I reach around and watch us in the mirror as I start to finger your clit with my fingers. My other hand explores your body, ending up sliding under the bra and cupping your breast as you grind down onto my throbbing cock.

You quiver slightly as my fingers tease your clit the way you love, and your grinding becomes more intense. I arch my back, thrusting my cock deeper into you as we both start to moan softly.

My balls start to burn as I watch you grind harder onto me. Your eyes close as you bite your lower lip, stifling a moan of ecstasy.

Knowing there is no turning back now, I wrap my arms hard around you and pull you down onto me, holding you tight as I thrust up one last time. My cock, swollen and ready, releases my hot cum deep into your pussy. Again and again you feel it shoot into you. We shudder several times in unison and then our bodies fall limp, you sitting on top of me.

As the glow and euphoria subside I kiss your back several times. You slowly lean around and kiss me, look in the mirror and say, ?I think your wife will really like her birthday gift.?

We dress, occasionally kissing, and slowly step out of the dressing room. ?Margie?, Ann says, ?Did you get everything you need?? ?Oh yes, everything?, you say with a smile. He?ll take the panties, camisole and demi-bra. Can you gift wrap those?? ?Certainly Margie?, Ann says with a smile.

The goods are rung up, paid for and wrapped with out a further word between the three of us. ?Thanks for your business Scotty, if I can help you with anything again, please let me know,? Ann says with a coy smile.

You and I both smile at her and walk out the door. As we get to the Square, you stop, lean forward and kiss me deeply. As the kiss breaks you say, ?When ever your wife wears the outfit, remember how you fucked me in it tonight Scotty?.

With that you walk away from me saying, ?The traffic should be cleared now, have a safe drive home?. I smile and head towards my car knowing it?s going to be a very long drive.

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