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My wife Joyce and I have what we believe is a unique but not altogether lifestyle. It wasn't always so but during our third year of marriage Joyce began talking about how she thought it would be fun if we invited another man into our bed. At first I was a bit put off by the idea but over a period of about three months Joyce convinced me that it would be for our psychical excitement and not an emotional attachment. Finally I consented to allowing her fantasy. In reality she had me excited about seeing her with another man and I think I was looking forward to the experience as much or more than she.

We discussed who we could invite and immediate ruled our friends. Finally we decided to see if she could find someone in one of the local lounges. The following Friday night Joyce dressed in a new and very sexy outfit I purchased for her that week. She was beautiful. About 10:00pm we entered one of the more active lounges and found a small table. We were both quite nervous but determined to go forward with our plan if we could find a willing male.

Within minutes several guys seated a nearby table began noticing Joyce and I told her to flash her sexy I'm available smile. It worked as I knew it would. One of the guys approached our table and asked if I minded if he asked Joyce for a dance. I told them to go ahead. After two or three dances Joyce returned to the table. I asked if he had made a pass and she said that he had told her how good she looked and that he bet she looked even better without the dress. Joyce told him that she might someday let him see if he was right.

It was then that one of the other men at the table approached and asked Joyce for a dance. While they were dancing I started a conversation with the other two men. They introduced themselves as Bruce, Jimmy and Roger, who was dancing with Joyce. They were all salesmen form a nearby state in town for a sales meeting. I thought this would be a perfect setup because if we didn't like the bedroom activities we planned then there would be little way for the men to cause problems. I didn't know how Joyce would feel about inviting three men home but, what the hell; it was her idea in the first place.

I invited Bruce and Jimmy to join us at our table and we pulled up another chair for Roger when he and Joyce finished dancing. As the two men settled into their chairs I bought a round of drinks for all. As the waitress walked away with our order I remarked how close Joyce and Roger were dancing. We all were watching Joyce rubbing herself up to Roger and I knew she was doing her part in the seduction. Roger, of course, had no way of knowing we were watching when he placed his hand on Joyce's ass and pulled her closer to him.

I remarked as how it looked as if Roger had a little more on his mind than dancing. Bruce and Jimmy didn't know quite what to say so they said nothing. I the said something like I couldn't blame him because I knew what a good piece of ass Joyce was. I also told them that it was just about all I could do to keep her satisfied in bed. This seemed to break the ice because Bruce said that he would sure like to try to satisfy her. We laughed and I told them that maybe we should all see if we could satisfy Joyce. Thinking quickly I outlined a plan. "Look I know you guys probability think I'm nuts but I could really use some help here." I began. "Here's what we'll do if you agree. When Joyce and Roger return one of you guys say something about some XXX movie you've seen. This should get the ball rolling and I'll invite you guys to our house to see one of our movies. Joyce won't mind. Once we get home I'll put on a movie. It will be one where the couple are fucking in the back seat of a '57 Chevy. One of you guys say something about how that brings back memories and I'll tell you about the '57 Chevy I'm restoring and ask if you want to see it.

Two of you guys say you would and we'll pretend go to my shop. We'll just step outside in the shadows so we can see inside while the third guy will be putting a move on Joyce. I think she'll be receptive and give in. We'll let them get into the act and then reenter the house. I'll say something to Joyce about being a bad hostess if she doesn't offer all of our guests the same treatment. I just bet she'll invite us all to join in what I call a "Cluster Fuck".

We all agreed to the idea and all went pretty much as planned. On the way home Joyce and I were in our car with the three men following in theirs. Roger was let in on our plans on the short trip home and I told Joyce what was planned.

She admitted her panties were getting soaked at the idea. I wondered who would be the one who remained to put the move on Joyce. She thought it would be Roger because he had been the most forward so far. I thought it would be Bruce.

When we got home I put a tape in the VCR while Joyce fixed drinks for everyone. We were sitting all around the room with Joyce sitting on the sofa between Jimmy and myself. I was at this point that I was sure Jimmy was the one who would get Joyce first. We were all kidding about the movie and how hard it must be to perform in front of a camera. About ten minutes into the movie the couple in the movie is seen parking in the '57 Chevy. Within minutes the guy in the movie has the girl in the back seat with her dress pulled up, one of her legs is thrown across the front seat and the other is on top of the back seat. The guy is ramming his rod a deep as possible into her while the girl is saying "Fuck me! Fuck that pole in me!" Jimmy remarked.

"Damm, that brings back memories I had almost forgotten." "You mean doing it in the back seat?" Joyce asked. "That too but I was talking about the car.

I had one just like it." Jimmy said. "You really like the car?" Joyce said.

"George has one just like it in the garage." She continued. "Really, I'd like to see it sometime." Jimmy said.

The guy in the movie was just jacking his load onto the girls belly when I offered. "Jimmy, if you really want to see the Chevy I'll be glad to show it to you." "OK, the movie is over anyway." He said. I extended the invitation to the others knowing only one would take me up on the offer. It was Bruce who said that he too would like to see the Chevy. So now we knew, Roger would be Joyce's first cock tonight. Joyce had gotten up and was fumbling with the VCR when she said. "OK, you guys go ahead and look at some dumb car. Roger and I will stay here and watch another movie." I said to Roger. "Roger you had better come with us. Joyce gets horny as hell watching these movies and you could get r*ped." "You guys go on and take your time. Roger can take care of himself." Joyce said.

Bruce, Jimmy and I went outside as if to go to the garage. We stopped and looked back at the house. Joyce was on the sofa and already Roger had joined her. We lit a cigarette as Roger began kissing Joyce passionately. "I bet she's got a handful of cock about now." I said. "If she has her hand on Roger's cock she has. He's always bragging about the size." Jimmy said. "He's not lying either, I've seen it. Not hard but he has more cock soft than I do hard." Bruce said.

Joyce was standing in front of Roger now beginning her strip act. "Damm, that's a fine looking woman." Jimmy said. "A damm fine piece of ass too." I said. "Will she suck a cock?" Jimmy asked. "Suck a cock! She'll suck your balls out of their sack." I said. "Damm! Will she take a load in her mouth?" Jimmy asked. "Take your load, swallow every drop and beg for more." I said.

"OH shit! Do you think she will eat me?" Jimmy said. Joyce had finished stripping and had bent down in front of Roger by this time. I knew she was giving him head.

"Let's go see. IT looks like Roger is getting a little head now." I said.

We walked the few paces to the house and I opened the door. Joyce never looked up and Roger's head was laid back. His eyes were closed. "OK, Joyce. It's not nice to serve one guest if you don't serve all the same." I said. Joyce looked up and smiling and said. "There's plenty for all but I only have three places to accommodate so I guess you'll have to wait your turn honey. You know the guest have first choice." I dropped into a recliner and said. "You guys heard her. Go to it." Joyce spread Roger's legs wider and began giving him a rim job. I took my cock our as Jimmy and Bruce got undressed. Bruce had been right; Roger was nicely hung with at least ten inches of cock that was thicker than my wrist. The head of his cock looked out of place perched on such a fat pole. I was anxious to see him fuck Joyce with that.

Jimmy took a seat beside Roger and told Joyce to suck his cock. Joyce quickly took Jimmy's cock into her mouth as Bruce lifted her onto her knees exposing her ass and pussy to him. I thought at first he was fucking her in the pussy but realized he had it in her ass. Joyce was jacking Roger's cock with one hand, Jimmy's cock with the other while also sucking Jimmy's cock. Her ass was in motion offering itself to Bruce's probing cock. I thought how beautiful she looked at that moment.

In a couple of minutes Joyce lay back on Bruce with her legs spread. Bruce's cock still deep in her ass she said. "Fuck my pussy Roger. Fuck my pussy." Roger wasted no time in climbing onto Joyce. His cock immediately disappeared into her waiting hole. Jimmy was on his knees offering his cock to Joyce's hungry mouth. I stood up and undressed as I watched Joyce fucking these relative strangers. I loved it.

Soon Jimmy shot his load and as I promised him Joyce took it in her mouth.

Eagerly she sucked and massaged Jimmy's entire load down her throat, only realizing his cock when it was completely soft. She was really hot now. "I want more cum! Oh God, I want more cum in my mouth!" Bruce caused Joyce to roll off of him and she got on all fours. Bruce was on his back so Joyce took his cock into her mouth. Roger stuck his cock in Joyce's pussy doggy style.

"Suck my pussy honey. Suck my pussy while Roger fucks me." Joyce begged me.

I lay on my back and maneuvered myself under Joyce. Roger was still fucking her pussy and had it stretched to what must be the limit. His cock was only inches above me as I lifted my head to Joyce's pussy. Bruce was shooting his load in Joyce's mouth as I began tonguing her pussy. My tongue was also touching Roger's cock. I had never sucked a man?s cock but I admit I had some thoughts of trying someday. I was so hot I thought 'What the Hell'. I licked Joyce's pussy all the way back to Roger's balls. Roger moaned so I knew he enjoyed the sensation. I continued this until Roger was about to cum then I took one of his balls into my mouth and slowly and gently rolled my tongue over it. I could feel his balls emptying into Joyce and I began shooting my load into thin air.

When Roger finished he withdrew his cock and a huge glob of jism flowed out of Joyce's pussy and onto my lips. I opened my mouth and proceeded to suck his load from her pussy. He had shot a huge load because I had to swallow several times to keep from loosing any.

We all lay back where we were while things cooled a bit then Joyce asked if anyone wanted anything to drink. We gave her our request and she got up and walked into the kitchen. She returned, still completely nude, with a tray of drinks. After passing the drinks out she asked me and Roger to help her in the bedroom.

Joyce wanted to move the bed to the side of the room and place the mattress on the floor. She then wanted to take the two spare mattresses from other rooms and place them along side. I suggested that we just take the mattresses into the den, which was larger, so we could all be more comfortable. We called Jimmy and Bruce to help and within a few minutes had made a mattress room in our den.

A new XXX movie was placed in the VCR and Joyce and Bruce began fucking as Roger, Jimmy and myself watched the movie. Joyce is capable of multiple climaxes and tonight she seemed to be having them continuously. "Oh honey, watch me get fucked. Watch me get fucked." Joyce was saying to me. Jimmy was stroking his cock back erect. It would be easy for me to lean over and take him in my mouth I thought. But that would make me gay. I didn't want to be gay. I hadn't noticed but Roger had slid over to my left and reaching over he took my cock into his mouth. What the hell I thought, I leaned over and began giving my first of what I now hope will be many blow- jobs. I was hoping Jimmy still had a good load of cum for me.

I didn't have to wait long because Jimmy began shooting in my mouth. I swallowed just as my own cock exploded in Roger's mouth. As I had hoped Roger swallowed my load, I swallowed Jimmy's load and Joyce took Bruce's load in her pussy. Jimmy Roger and Bruce stayed that entire weekend at our house and for most of that time someone had someone's cock stuck somewhere. Joyce and I have since had several other men over but never more than one at a time. She has dated many men without my being present and I have sucked several cocks when she wasn't around. We always tell each other when we do get a cock and we sometimes share. Joyce has had several bi experiences and we share our sex with one the girl, who is bi, and several men. Some of these men straight and some or bi-sexual. We enjoy sharing each other. I enjoy seeing Joyce getting it from men and she enjoys seeing me sucking cock. Many times we share a load of cum from our mouth no matter who receives it first and I always like to eat her after a man has shot his load into her.

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