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Be carefull what you wish for (part 2)

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Deb thought about it for a few min. then said less do it. With that Cindy went inside and returned with shaving items and a pot of water. What a turn on to watch my naked lady down in front of Deb getting ready to have her pussy cut clean. I couldn't take any more and removed my shorts and jacked off in front of the two of them. It was like I wasn't even there, they where so tied up in what they where doing. So I got a nother beer and went back to my free show. By this time Cindy had shaved Deb's pussy ones and was starting to clean it up and get all the hairs that she had missed. Being happy with her handy work she now started to rub oil on Deb's pussy saying it was so that she wouldn't get a burn from the shave. Not realy it was a reason for Cindy to begain to play with Deb's pussy. Deb had her head back and pulling on her nipples as Cindy rubbed in th oil on her clit. Deb was into what was going on between her legs now for sure as she moved down in the chair to give Cindy more room to work on her clit. Cindy then got the same bottle she had used on her own pussy earler and slid the neck into Deb's pussy while she still worked on her clit. I didn't know how big a clit Deb had untill all the hair was out of the way. My dick was hard again and I now wanted to put it in one of them or the other. Cindys ass was in the air while she was working so hard on Deb, I moved in behine her and slid my dick in her pussy with no trouble becouse of all the juices that where running out of her at this point. From being so turned on I was off like a rocket and had to pull out and want to recover. Soon the girls where laying in the grass in a very bussy 69, with Deb sucking out my cum from Cindy along with Cindys juices that where out of control. They both had grate climaxes together, they then seat into there chairs again seting very close now so that they could play with each other while they set and talked with me. They finished off the rest of there wine while I had a few more beers wanting for the chance to have my way with Deb and that newly shaved pussy that looked so wonderfull. Cindy said that she was geting tired and want to go to bed, Deb said that she was ready to get so sleep if someone would show her to the guess room. Cindy wouldn't have any of that she said that she could stay in our room and I could stay in the guess room. This was not going the way I wanted for sure now. I got Cindy off to the side and asked her what the hell was going on, she tould me that I had fucked her and now it was her turn and with that they where off to bed. I had a good idea what was going to go on in there and it wasn't going to be a lot sleeping for sure. I just set out and had a few more beers befor going off to the guess room for the night.

The next morning I made my mine up that I should be able to have my way with Deb and her new shaved pussy. I made coffee and went in to wake up the girls so we could get the day started. I opened the door and walked in they where both laying very close to each other and then I saw why they had Cindy's two head dick still in there pussies. I set the coffee down and pulled the rubber dick out of the two of thm that got them up. They said they would be out in a few min. and would I close the door. So out the door I went not knowing what to think about what was going on at all. I went and got dressed seeing that it was looking like what I had in mine was not going to go down right now. The girls finally came out still naked and set down with me at the kitchen table to have coffee with me and talk. Then came the bomb for the day, Cindy said that the two of them where going to live together and that I needed to fine my self a new place to live. So be carefull what you wish for you never know what will happen in the end.

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