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Bar Night Out Fantasy Fictional story based off of significant others interests

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A guy comes up and asks if he can shoot a few games with us. We allow him to play in and continue drinking and playing games of pool with this guy. Slowly and in a lot of subtle, yet obvious ways he starts hitting on me through out the games. I don't really catch on to any of it and continue to play. You on the other hand quickly understand and pick up on what the guy is doing. As the games go on you become more intrigued with how much he is hitting on me and your mind starts to wander. You start randomly brushing up against me with your body as your imagination runs wild. As I'm getting ready to shoot you run your hand up the inside of my thigh just brushing my balls and the tip of my shaft through my pants. My mind starts to stray from concentrating on playing pool to wanting to play with you. The guy then starts to be more obvious with his flirting as he catches our little flirting and obvious groping here and there around the table. I'm still oblivious to his advances and you start becoming feverish and more aggressive as you listen to him hitting on me. As the game continues I go momentarily sit down and you come over to sit on my lap in a dark corner of the bar. I inch your skirt up underneath you in the back leaving the front of your legs still fully covered. As I'm pulling up your skirt I can feel it's damp in the back. As I sip on my drink my hidden hand slips underneath your dress and between your legs. My hand slides between your cheeks towards your pussy. As I pass over your anus you quiver and your anus begins to spasm lightly. Very surprised by your reaction to my grazing I continue on towards your lips. I then notice that you?re extremely wet between your legs. You start to take a drink trying to hide your expressions as my fingers pass over your swollen lips. You choke softly on your drink as I push two fingers inside you.

You stand up quickly from my lap and motion me to go shoot as it's now my turn. You quickly sit back down in the chair and cross your legs. I bend over to kiss you before I go shoot and you blatantly reach up and grab my package and slide your hand up between my cheeks. You spread your fingers apart wide then press down firmly with your middle finger against my taint, curling your finger up and down twice across my anus back to my taint. Surprised by your actions I back my head away to look you in the eyes. You look me in the eyes and you use your eyes motion me to look over my shoulder. I see the guy standing there in awe of what you have done and staring at your hand between my legs. I slowly begin to pick up on the comments that were being said earlier. You slip your hand back towards the front of my pants laying your palm flat against my jeans and you squeeze my cock nice and hard and stroke it up and down slowly. You reach down between your legs and slip your hand up underneath you skirt. You push three fingers deep inside your now aching pussy and pull them back out. Your hand comes up to my face and you slip your fingers into my mouth stroking them in and out. Your other hand begins to travel the length of my shaft to my anus and back again. The guy then comes over and sits down next to you in the bench seat. You pull your hand from between my legs and reach over and grab his wrist and guide his hand to the front of my pants. As you continue to finger my mouth you guide his hand up and down my shaft. You pull his hand away momentarily as you unzip the front of my pants. Your fingers hook my erect shaft and slip it out from beneath my boxers and out the hole. Your thumb caresses the tip of my shaft as you slowly stroke it back and forth. My hand immediately reaches down between your legs and slips beneath your dress. I can feel your sweet juices running down your leg and pooling up in the seat beneath you. You bend slowly and slip just the tip of my shaft in your mouth letting your tongue swirl around its head. You pull back off of it making a light popping noise as it leaves your lips. I bury three fingers deep inside of you as my shaft springs up after leaving your lips. I feverishly begin pushing my fingers in and out of you. You reach down and again grab his wrist and guide him back to my now exposed shaft. With his cock now bulging in his pants I reach down and slowly unzip them.

He begins to slowly stroke my shaft as you lean back in the seat staring into my eyes. His very large member is partially exposed as he is wearing no boxers beneath. With one flick of his button his pants fold back over and the whole bottom of his shaft is exposed from his head to his balls. I reach down and slowly raise his shaft vertically and begin stroking it up and down. I kneel down between your legs and grab your free hand and guide it over to his shaft. We both stroke up and down his long cock together as my head disappears underneath your dress. I continue slowly fingering your g spot allowing your juices to run out into the palm of my hand. I lick from the palm of my hand up between your lips and onto your clitoris and back again. With a face and mouth covered with your juices my head reappears. You grab the back of my neck and guide my head towards the cock we are both stroking. You push your hand down on his cock forcing my hand off and then tip his shaft towards my wet mouth. You push my mouth down on to him slowly guiding his head in and out. You pull me back up off his shaft and bend over reaching between my legs grabbing my shaft kissing me deeply as you start to stroke both of our shafts in unison. I reach up grabbing his hand and slip it down the top of your skirt while mine goes underneath. I guide his hand to your clitoris and begin to press down on his hand firmly as he starts moving it in a circular motion. With my hand over his I push his hand down towards your lips. Our large fingers begin to spread them apart and I push down on two of his fingers with two of mine. All four fingers plunge deeply between your lips and your back arches.

I quickly sit up and sit on the opposite side of you on the bench. Your hands grip the edges of the bench tightly and your knuckles begin to turn white. I slip my fingers back inside you and you begin to shake lightly as your lips spread apart again. Your hands come off the back of the bench and grab the back of both of our necks. Your nails dig into the back of our necks as we slowly work our fingers in and out of you. I pull my fingers out of you and begin to work rubbing your clitoris as he buries two more of his fingers inside you. You can start to hear your pussy being fingered above the music in the bar. The soft, sweet smell of your juices begin to linger through the air in the corner booth. I remove my hands from the front of your dress and start to pull the back of your dress up so your skin sits bare on the leather seats. You begin to slip forward on the seat from your extremely wet pussy. You can hear the small squeaking sound as your skin slips forward on the seat. Your ass slides forward onto the soaked portion of the seat in front of you lubing your backside with your own juices. As you slide back up on the seat my hand slips between your legs from the back side. With you sitting on my hand I slide my fingers across your taint to the base of your pussy. With his four fingers in I gently slip my middle finger inside you at the base of your pussy. Your lips begin to spread further as you now have five male fingers inside you and you start to tremble more. You can start to feel my thumb slowly work in circle around your anus. Gently pushing against your twitching anus harder and harder until my thumb starts to penetrate. My thumb runs deeper inside you and I can feel his fingers on the inside of your pussy. We both in unison begin to caress the thin layer of skin between your pussy and anus. Our fingers pressing lightly against each other as the move up and down your inner walls. As our motion gets faster and faster we can feel your pussy and anus muscles begin to spasm. Suddenly we feel tons of hot slippery cum cover our hands as you push down hard on the seat and our hands. We quickly remove our hands from underneath your dress and I button up my pants and stand up in front of you.

I reached down grabbing your hands and lift you to your feet. I guide you in front of me and your knees continue shaking beneath you. I swiftly lead you to the back exit past all the patrons sitting at the bar. Your eyes are still glassy and fluttering from what happened just minutes ago. I quickly lead you down to the darkest corner in the loading docks. The guy we played pool with just at our heals. I grab you by your hair and force you down to your knees. I then ask you if your ready to play and your head slowly nods yes. With my free hand I unbutton my pants and drop them down to my knees. The cold brisk air starts lightly blowing up your skirt. Your thighs covered in cum begin to get goose bumps as the air continues up your inner thighs. Your wet clitoris and lips begin to shrink rapidly from the cold breeze up your dress. The guy from inside starts to slowly walk towards us as you slowly work my shaft in and out of your mouth. As he comes up standing beside me he reaches out and cups my balls in his hand. He uses only two fingers as he helps you stroke my cock in and out of your mouth. I reach over and grab flap next to the button on his pants and I yank hard tearing his pants open in front. I reach around behind him and start to shimmy his pants down off of him till they fall to his knees. I reach back around grabbing his semi erect shaft in my hand I slowly begin to stroke his cock. His long thick shaft has to be at least 10 semi erect. I pull his cock closer to mine and slowly draw my cock out of your mouth. I start rubbing the tips of our cocks on your lips and on the sides of your face. Our hot shafts begin to warm up your cold skin as they move up and down your cheeks. Your hands reach around behind our asses and dig their nails in. I slowly guide the head of his cock in between your soft cold lips. The head of his shaft is hot as butter and begins throbbing on your tongue. Your tongue slowly begins to wriggle beneath his shaft as it grows larger and larger in your mouth. I continue to slowly stroke his shaft in and out of your mouth. I kneel down on the ground with you and begin to cup his balls and he moans lightly. I slide just underneath and begin to lick and wrap my lips around the remainder of his shaft slowly working back and forth as he comes in and out of you. Our tongues touch together as yours slithers out of your mouth when his head partially with drawls. I quickly move down his shaft with my lips to his balls. I slowly lick and partially take each one of his balls into my mouth separately. As I pull away the cold breeze races across his skin and they slowly begin to shrink. I slip his balls into my mouth and my tongue wriggles out tickling the base of his balls. I begin to feel your pace pick up as your move up and down his shaft. I quickly come over to help you and you pull his cock out stroking it rapidly and reinserting it into your mouth and then mine. We can slowly begin to feel his hot cum trickling out the tip of his shaft onto our tongues.

I quickly stand up partially pulling my pants up, my cock still dangling in the wind. I move back behind you helping you back to your feet. I quickly guide you over to the hood of a small car parked nearby in a wooded area. I bend you over the hood of the car and rip your dress completely off of you. I kneel down behind you and plant my face squarely between your pussy and anus. In a feverish manner my tongue starts lashing out at your wet pussy and anus. Your body shudders every time my tongue begins to enter you. After what seems like forever I stand up and grab the mans cock standing behind me. I pull his shaft towards your swollen pussy and slowly press the head of his shaft against your lips. I start to slowly wiggle the head of his shaft past your tight lips. Just as the head of his shaft penetrates you I give your ass cheek a nice firm spanking. When your body shudders violently from the stinging pain on your ass your hips thrust backwards. In one quick thrust his thick 11 inch cock runs deep down into your tunnel and you immediately begin to orgasm and shake violently. As I kneel back down between both of your legs I can see the pearl colored cum start to trickle past his thick shaft and down his balls. As I suck and nibble at your lips and clitoris I lick up your cum as it goes down his balls. I reach up grabbing around the base of his balls and slowly work him back and forth inside of you. My tongue teasing both of you as I control how fast he moves in and out. I begin to allow him to pick up the pace as he with drawls his cock all the way and his penis plunges back down inside you. As I let go of his balls they begin to slap hard on your swollen clitoris. I quickly climb on top of the hood and slide down in front of you and force you down on to my now absolutely throbbing cock. It doesn?t take much of your talented work to make me start to cum in your mouth. You grip my shaft slowly releasing pressure as you try frantically to swallow all of my cum. We quickly position you on top of me and I slide down to the edge of the hood of the car. I reach around over your body and between your legs and grab his massive cock. I can tell his dying to finish by the way he is pulsating in my hand. He reaches down and grabs my semi erect shaft and slips it between your lips getting it totally wet. He then slips it back out and slides it to your anus slowly pushing the head inside of you. My cock slowly begins to throb and grow at the thought of being in your ass. As my cock continues to grow I guide his huge cock back inside you. We both begin to work in and out slowly. We start to rapidly pick up the pace and you can?t stand much more of this you start grabbing and cupping your pussy and violently rubbing your clitoris. Our paces match neck and neck as we begin to slam deep as we can inside you. You can feel both our cocks start to spasm violently together as they can feel each other through a light piece of skin. Your pussy spasms violently too and you quickly slide back on me. You reach down grabbing both cocks and stroke them till they explode all over your ass and pussy. You can feel their hot cum start to run down between your ass cheeks. I quickly slip out from underneath you as you sit there in a crab walk position. I dive between your knees and begin to lick up all of our juices from between your ass and all over your pussy. Your body shudders as you feel my warm tongue tracing all over. Once your clean I help you down from the car and we both kneel in front of him and both grab his cock stroking it as we share engulfing the head of his now semi limp shaft in our mouth. We slowly stroke him and milk his long member till he?s completely dry.

Everyone slowly starts to put back on their clothes making themselves presentable. She stands there holding her master tightly in her arms quivering gently. The guy then starts to turn away and her body shivers yet again. She quickly reaches out grabbing his wrist and she tells him ?you never got what you came for to start with?. She pulls him back over near the front of the car and rips his pants back down to his ankles. She then steps over to her master leaning up against the hood of the car and rips his pants down too. She grabs her masters cock tightly in her right hand and the guys in her left. Both of their cocks are still semi erect and slightly sore. She lets go of the males cock and pulls her master off the hood of the car and close to her. She begins kissing him passionately as she starts stroking his cock firmly. She reaches around behind him and starts digging her nails into his cheek. She lets go of his cock and spins him around shoving him over the hood of the car. She kneels behind him and bends his cock back to her mouth from between his legs. His shaft spreads his balls apart and she fondles them gently with her fingers. She pushes up trying to shove his semi erect shaft deep down her throat. He can feel as the head of his shaft slowly enters her throat and she pulls him out lightly gagging. She starts picking up the pace shoving her face up to his shaft forcing him as deep as she can. She lets his shaft slowly slip out of her throat and off her lips. She begins licking his balls and then works her way towards his taint. With her free hand she spreads his cheeks apart and starts to tease his taint lightly with her warm wet tongue. She then runs her tongue up just barely grazing his anus. She works her way back over his anus and then starts slowly encircling it with her tongue. Every rotation around she probes her tongue inside him. His cheeks clinch tightly every time her tongue pierces him. She slowly starts going deeper and deeper grabbing the front of his hips and pulling her face as far into him as she can. Her tongue pierces deep and starts to dance around inside him. She pulls her tongue out and starts to spit all over his anus rubbing it all around. Meanwhile the guy stands behind her stroking his cock which is standing firmly upright. He rolls his palm around the head of his shaft teasing it ever so softly. She starts to slip one finger in her master slowly stroking it in and out. She turns her finger over and over as she pushes it in and out of him. She proceeds to slip two then three fingers in him as she slowly finger fucks his ass. She then reaches back grabbing the guy by his cock and pulls him forward as she turns around facing him. With his huge cock in her hand she starts stroking him lightly and pressing the tip of his head against her masters anus. She pulls his head away and spits on it then presses again pushing him a little deeper. The head of his shaft slowly beginning to spread her master apart. She reaches up with her second hand and guides her masters cock into her mouth. She grabs behind her masters back with one hand begins to pull herself up against her masters cock taking him deep in her throat. With switches back and forth sucking her master and spitting on the guys cock. She finally grabs the base of the mans cock and firmly pulls him forward his cock going half way into her master. She grabs a hold of the guys balls and works him back and forth into her master. She starts pulling him harder forward as she wants them both to cum again. She lets go of both males keeping her master in her mouth sucking hard on his head doing short strokes up and down. She rips her shirt open and slides it off leaving only her skirt on. She pulls up her skirt exposing her soft flower to the direct cold wind. She begins frantically finger fucking her pussy like she has never done before. She pushes four fingers in her spreading her lips apart wide slapping her clitoris hard as she fucks herself. She reaches down between her legs and slips two other fingers in her wet pussy. She draws them out quickly and shoves her other four fingers back inside herself. She quickly reaches up and slips her two drenched fingers straight in the guys as and starts finger fucking him from below. She starts to work each man into a frenzy as she finger fucks one while he is fucking her master and she sucks her master off from below. She starts feeling her masters cock throb in her mouth and the guys anus muscles spasm as she fingers him. As she feels the guy climaxing she pulls his cock out of her master and pulls her masters cock out of her mouth. She starts to beat their cocks like they have both been bad boys. She strokes their cocks hard causing there balls to slap against their ass violently. They both start to cum and she directs both their cocks to shoot all over her face and chest. Her four fingers tickle her g spot to the point she starts to squirt large streams of juice into the woods. She cums three and four times as she continuously stimulates herself.

They all then pull themselves together for a second time and start to walk towards the rear entrance of the bar. The guy walks through the back door and her master grabs her and swings her around into his arms. He starts kissing her passionately and caressing her body all over trying to get rid of the goose bumps. He then proceeds to pull out his phone and calls for a cab ride home. Approximately 15 minutes later a cab shows up out front and they both hop inside. The younger female asks where they are headed and they respond only to sink back into the seat underneath them. They both sit there lost in each others eyes. They start to hold hands and he puts his leg on her knee. She trembles at the feel of his warm hands on her body. She slowly parts her legs as if inviting him to do as he wishes with her. He glances in the rear view mirror to see if the young woman driving is watching. He begins to slowly slip her dress up her legs. She watches the mirror and starts parting her legs as wide as she can. He rides her skirt up till she is fully exposed and he slides his hand between her legs to her inner thigh. Her head lays back and her eyes roll back into her head. He glances up at the rear view mirror again to see the cab driver is looking back at them intently. She starts to lower there mirror to see what is happening down there and notices him looking at her. She looks away quickly to only to look back a second later in curiousity. He catches her looking again in the mirror and glances down at his slave then back at her. He smiles at the driver and she quickly pulls over into a newly built housing division.

The driver parks deep back in the newly made housing division and shuts off her lights. She opens her door and comes back to your side of the car. She opens your door and kneels down at the opening. She reaches into the car and places her left hand on your knee. She gently caresses your knee as I continue to slowly finger you in the back seat of the cab. Her hand runs deeper and deeper down the inside of your thigh as you squirm in the seat. She reaches over your body and presses the seat belt release and move it back out of the way. Her right hand reaches up and slowly starts to part your blouse revealing your soft breasts. Her hands begin to explore your body caressing your collar bones and moving down along the sides of your breasts. Her hands move across your belly and down to your navel. I can see her hands shaking as she gets closer and closer to your flower. I slip my fingers out from between your lips and brush them against her lips. Her tongue slips out sweeping up your juices carrying them back into her mouth. She bites her lower lip and starts to slip her hand down to your soft mound. Her thin very small hands slowly cup your mound in her palm. She reaches back with right hand and slowly unbuttons her pants. She stands up momentarily and quickly shimmies her pants to her ankles.

She kneels back down wearing only her top and a pair of lace white g string undergarments. Her right hand slips down between her legs as she squats outside the door of the cab. She starts caressing your clitoris as she caresses her own. I unbutton my pants and pull out my now very erect member. I pull your body back into my lap laying partially on your side. She hikes your left leg up to the back window ledge of the cab. She leans forward into the cab partially bent over her ass glowing from the street lights. She places her left arm on the seat between your legs and pushes your right leg open more. With her palm up she slides her hand between your thighs again and runs the back side of her hand up and down the inside of your left thigh. I sit there watching as her small petite hands explore and travel all over your body. I slowly stroke my cock watching your expressions to see what your body language is. I put my hand behind your head and slowly lower yourself down to my cock. She runs her hand back deep between your legs and gently parts your lips, running her fingers up and down lightly. She slowly lubes her fingers with your slippery cum then slips a finger into you. I begin to part your lips with the tip of my cock and slide inside your mouth. She continues slowly fingering you adding a finger every so often. She starts to slowly slip all her fingers in your now very loose fitting pussy. You start to suck hard on my cock as she gets more and more of her fingers inside. She starts slapping her own clitoris as she pushes her fingers deeper in you. Her slaps on her clitoris echo throughout the baron neighborhood. She slips her panties aside and starts to slide more and more fingers into her. As she puts more inside you she antes up adding the same into her. I continue to slowly stroke my cock letting all the pre-cum trickle out onto your tongue yet again. She then slowly and gently begins to rotate her hand as she pushes her fingers inside of you. Slowly but surely her small petite hand starts to disappear between your swollen lips. Her own right hand starts to bend over sharply as she thrusts her hips forward frantically trying to get her hand inside herself. Her hand finally penetrates past your lips and your pussy swallows her hand down to the wrist. She makes her hand as small as possible and slowly begins to work her hand in and out of you. Your muscles slowly begin to loosen up and your body relaxes. You start picking up the pace as you continue to give me head. She pushes in and out wiggling her tiny fingers inside of you as she tries to find your g spot. She rotates her wrist over so her palm faces up and she pulls her hand back towards your opening. She starts to lightly twinkle her fingers inside of you tantalizing your g spot. You stop sucking my cock and just squeeze and pull on it as she teases your body into submission.

I open the door behind me and slide out from underneath your head. I move your body so you now lay flat on the back seat of the cab. She slowly pulls her hand out from inside your pussy and your juices puddle up on the seat beneath your ass. She reaches and grabs both of your ankles and pulls you across the seat to her so your ass is right at the door. I grab your arms and pull them above your head and pin your wrists down to the seat. Using the seat belt I tie your arms off so you can?t move anywhere. The cab driver takes your ankles and put them high up in the air and pushes them back towards your chest. I quickly remove my pants and boxers and toss them in the back seat. I climb back into the car straddling your arms so your hands are right between my legs. I grab a hold of your ankles from the back and hold them with one of my hands. I reach around the side of your right leg and slap your left cheek and then your right cheek. You start to struggle as we do as we please with you. As she continues to rub and finger herself she starts kissing the back of your calves. Slowly working down your leg kissing and lightly licking every inch. With your legs pulled together and pushed back to your chest your plump swollen lips bulge out to the sky. In one complete motion her mouth moves to your inner thighs dragging her tongue down and then completely engulfs your swollen pussy with her mouth. Her tongue begins to dart in and out of her mouth switching between piercing your luscious lips and your swollen clitoris. With her free hand she reaches around your leg as she continues to eat you out and caresses your soft supple breasts. Her hand moves down to your belly slowly and lightly dragging her nails down to your navel. As she tends to your body you slowly begin to caress and stroke my cock in very short motions. I begin to start moving my hips back and forth to help your trapped hands stroke the length of my shaft. As the base of my shaft nears the palms of your hands you let go with a hand and gently tickle behind my balls to my taint with your fingers. Each time I come back closer and she sucks harder on your pussy lips your fingers try to penetrate my anus. She sees your hand slip between my cheeks and she pulls her drenched hand from between her legs. She can see your beautiful round partially open anus staring her right in the face begging to get attention. With her middle finger and ring finger she slowly pushes them into your ass. You quickly react to her shoving her fingers deep in your pussy and pull your legs away from me and wrap them over her shoulders. With a swift hard pull of your legs you force her face down onto your pussy with them and pin her there. She struggles to move her fingers in and out of your ass.

Your body has never felt the soft touch of a woman let alone the firm one of an overly aggressive woman. You struggle beneath me trying to free your hands so you can get your hands on her. You look back and forth at me and then at her and tell me to ?let my fucking hands loose?. I quickly back out of the vehicle and untie your hands. You Spread your legs high and wide and grab the back of her head and bury it deep into your sopping wet pussy. You start to grind your hips against her face back and forth. You grab a handful of her hair and pull her head from between your legs. You quickly sit up out of the car and pull her to her feet. You grab her wrapping your arm around her digging your nails into her back and start kissing her passionately. You quickly whip her around and push her towards the back of the car. With a handful of her hair you push her onto her belly on the trunk of the vehicle. Reach down forcing your hand between her legs making her spread them wide for you. You grab a hold of her g string and then start to pull back firmly on it causing it to split between her lips. You let them go slightly relieving the pressure off of her clitoris and then yank hard and rip her panties off of her. You quickly drop her drenched panties to the ground and reach between her legs cupping her dripping pussy. You start moving your hand forward and back slowly raising the pressure you inflict on her huge clitoris. I come around behind you and quickly yank your skirt off of your body. Your body shudders as your dress falls to the ground and you kick it off to the side. You instinctively spread your legs for your master exposing your two well groomed holes. I move up between your legs and slowly stroking my cock. I raise my cock up towards my navel and then slam it down stinging your pussy lips and anus. You in turn react slapping her lightly between her legs her juices flying all over the place. As your hips stop rocking to and fro I slap your pussy and anus again with my cock. That drives you over the edge and you just bury your middle finger to your pinky deep in her pussy. Her body shudders violently on the trunk of the cab. You bend over and begin licking up all her juices running down your arm. I begin to probe back and forth with the head of my cock between your anus to your pussy and back again. Shoving the head inside you just enough to get your muscles to try to constrict around my cock. I continue to tease you and you can?t stand it and shove your pointy finger into her anus too and simulate how hard you want me to start fucking you. My cock starts to throb thinking of how you are fucking this woman and begging me with your body language to fuck you the same.

With perfect aim my cock plunges deep into your pussy and my balls slam up against your clitoris. You start to buck hard back onto my cock as you continue to pin her down and finger her ass and pussy. You pull forward causing my cock to fall out of you then you quickly pin my shaft upright against my chest and grind back into it. You rotate your hips forward making sure both your holes soak up all your juices covering my cock. You pull away and as I try to guide my cock back to your pussy you move your hole away not letting me enter you. You let go of her hair for just a moment and reach back grabbing my cock. You yank my cock towards you and plunge it deep into your ass. You reach between your legs and slip three fingers inside your pussy as my hips start to thrust forward. Your tight anus just firmly wrapped around my cock. You begin to clinch your ass cheeks as I shove into making your anus tighter and tighter. You can feel my cock starting to throb and you quickly pull your fingers out of her pussy and ass. You quickly grab her hair and pull her down to her knees with you in front of me. You both reach up one grabbing my cock while the other strokes it to completion. My cum shoots all over your faces and you both reach up to grab my cock so you can guide it into your mouths. You share my cock back and forth between each other slowly stroking and milking what little cum I have left in me out. You turn to her on your knees and begin to lightly kiss her. I help both of you up to your feet and we quickly go and gather our clothes and jump back in the cab. As the cab pulls off we are both still trying to get our clothes back on for the short drive home. The cab driver just stares back into her rear view mirror at you with a glassy eyed look. As she pulls up to the front of our home we both get out and you step to her window. You lean into her window and place your hand between her wet thighs. She was in a complete daze and she never put her pants back on after the encounter. She slowly spreads her legs apart exposing her totally bare pussy and rotates her hips forward for you. As you lean in further to kiss her you bury your fingers deep inside of her curling them up to her g spot. You start to kiss her passionately as your three curled fingers start to work her g spot faster. Her muscles clinch tight around your fingers and you quickly pull out of her. She starts to squirt involuntarily and her body goes into convulsions. You slip your soaken wet fingers into both of your mouths and give her one last deep passionate kiss and slowly walks away.

I slowly open up the front door of our home and motion for you to go ahead of me. As we enter the house I gently close the door behind me. You start to kick off your sandals and I firmly grab both of your arms. With your back facing to me I start to kiss and bite the back of your neck. I reach around the front of your body and slip my fingers between the buttons on your blouse. With a strong hard pull I rip open the front of your blouse and buttons fly every where. I pull your top the rest of the way off and start to unbutton your bra. I slowly remove the straps one by one from your shoulders. Your bra slowly starts to come down the front of your body and falls to the floor. My hands reach around the front of your body and begin to firmly caress your breasts pinching and pulling on your erect nipples. I reach down sliding my hands down the sides of your stomach and slip my hands into your dress at your hips. I kneel down quickly yanking your dress to the floor. I spin you around as I start to take off my shirt. You begin to lightly kiss and bite at my chest and my nipples. You kneel down in front of me and start to unbutton my pants. You spread the flap to my pants and kiss my shaft sensuously. You slowly pull my pants down never letting your lips raise off of my shaft. As my pants drop down past my buttocks my cock flops out and you quickly gobble it up into your mouth. You slide your lips all the way back on to my semi erect shaft till your lips are touching my ball sack. You gulp gently and start to work my limp cock into your throat. As my cock starts to fill with blood you try to keep it as deep as you can inside you. You reach around grabbing my ass cheeks and pull yourself onto my cock and start to gag slightly. As you back your lips off of my cock it starts to drip with your saliva. I grab your hair and quickly raise you back to your feet. I guide you towards the stair way and tell you to be prepared for your punishment. I motion you to walk up in front of me up the stair well. As we slowly stagger up the stairs I can see your pussy still glistening. I reach up with my hand and shove three fingers inside you as you step on to the first landing. You stop quickly grabbing a hold of both railings tightly squeezing them spreading your legs further apart. I tell you to start moving again and as you start to walk away my fingers slip out of you. We continue up the stairs until we reach the top and I quickly shove four fingers deep inside your pussy and rotate them gently inside you. You grab the wall and banister next to you as your knees buckle. Your juices start to trickle again around my fingers and down the insides of your thighs. I pull my fingers out of you and slap your ass making a loud echo throughout the house. You step quickly into the room and go straight over to the window.

You stand there naked peering out the window at the taxi cab that still sits out front of our home idling. You find yourself reaching between your legs and caressing your clitoris as your mind drifts back to earlier that night. I come up behind you and look over your shoulder to see what you?re looking at. You flinch as the care starts to pull off doing a u turn in front of our home. Just at that moment you feel handcuffs wrap around your wrist and then your other wrist. As I hold onto your hands now cuffed in front of your body I slip a blind fold over your eyes. Using the restraints on your wrists I pull you towards the center of the room. I take your hands high above your head and lock your cuffs into a hook mounted to the ceiling. You stand there facing our bed blind folded and partially restrained. I reach down and grab your ankles and strap your cuffs around them. I pull your legs apart and tie each one off to the base of the end posts on the bed. You hear our closet open and you can hear me unzip a bag. I come back out of the closet and slowly begin to pace around you. As I move around the front of you I ask you ?are you ready to play ?. You nod to me yes and I can hear you start to whimper lightly. Then you hear the light crack of the whip as I slap it against my hand. You can feel the breeze of the whip as it goes through the air passing closely to your skin. I continue to pace around to your back and then with a short crack of the whip you feel a stinging sensation across both of your cheeks. Your body lunges forward and your buttocks clinch up and begin to twitch as the burning sensation sets in. I reach out gently rubbing your cheeks massaging away some of the pain. I continue to pace around you and you feel a snap across your thigh that wraps around from the back to the inner frontal part of your thigh. You lift your leg up lightly with the sting of the whip. I move around to the front of your body again staring at your soft white skin.

With a low under hand snap I lightly snap the whip between your legs sending a stinging sensation the pierces through your clitoris, to your lips and pass your anus to your cheeks. Your body melts in your restraints and you hang from your wrists. You slowly try to regain your footing as I reach down into our bag and pull out a few more items. You feel my slippery hand start to lightly touch your clitoris and slip back gently caressing your lips till I reach your anus. My hand slides back forward and you can feel my hand start to slide more freely across your skin. My hand reaches back again and scoops up a lot of lube out of our special bag. You can feel it slightly through your numb lips as I really lube you up your pussy. I take four fingers and start to guide them between your lips. I slowly work my fingers in and out going a little deeper each time. Finally I tuck my thumb tightly against my palm and push up into you a little more. You can feel the pressure as my hand slowly starts to pass your lips. Then suddenly my hand gets engulfed into your warm, soft wet pussy all the way to my wrist. Your knees buckle again and your start to hang from your wrist restraints. I kneel in front of you and slowly work my hand deeper and deeper inside you causing my wrist to get lubed part half way up my forearm. Your body hangs lifeless and you tremble as I continue to fist your aching pussy. I slowly withdraw my hand and you can feel your body lowering towards the ground. Your knees start bend at a ninety degree angle as you get lower and lower. You start to feel the head of mighty press against your lips. Then in short quick strokes I lower you down and raise you up and lower down and raise you up. Mighty plunges three or four inches inside of you and stomach starts to spasm. I then slowly lower you down till you are almost all the way sitting in a reverse Indian position with mighty half way inside you. In the darkness of the night we hear the faint squeaking of brakes out in front of our home. You hear the blinds open and then drop smacking against the window ledge.

As I walk back towards you I reach out and gently graze my fingers across your shoulders. You hear my foot steps as I quickly race down the stairs. In the silent night you hear the alarm chime and then you hear the front door close shortly after. As you sit there straddling mighty with him half way inside you your senses start to rise. At the exact same time you feel hands start to run through your hair and a set rest on your shoulders from behind you. You lift your chin up as if you can see who is standing in front of you and you quickly glance back to who?s behind you. As your head is turned back to the front and you feel a warm wet feeling press up against your lips and a something large and hot rest on your shoulders between the hands and your neck. Instinctively your mouth opens and your tongue starts to venture out to explore. Your tongue slides across her clitoris and then between her swollen lips. Just as your tongue spreads her lips apart you feel another soft warm feeling push against the tip of your tongue. The firmness of your tongue sticking straight out guides the tip of his shaft inside her. You feel the hands on your shoulders begin to gently push you down onto mighty and then let up. They push firmly down on your shoulders again and let up. The hands raise off your shoulders and you then feel a warm breath at your backside. He lays down, reaching back up to your shoulders and lowers you down on to mighty further and further. His tongue reaches out further and further waiting for you to slide deep down onto mighty. He starts to pick up the pace pulling you down further and further until you feel his long warm tongue pierce your anus. You continue licking at her pussy as the shaft moves slowly back and forth between her lips. She pulls your face into her mound tighter and tighter. You start to feel something hot dripping down the front of your chest as you lift back to get a breath of air. The hot wax drips down the front of your body all the way to your navel. I quickly pull my cock out from between her lips and it begins to drip with her cum. She lets go of the back of your head and steps out of the way and guides my cock to your lips. You quickly engulf my cock and begin frantically sucking her cum off my shaft. She moves around behind you and faces your back and then squats down on to the guys face underneath you with her knees around your sides. She sits down on his face and begins to grind her clit and lips against his rough face. She reaches around your body and starts to caress your clitoris as you continue to shove my shaft deep into your throat continually gagging on it.

The woman stands up off the guys face and then pushes me back away from you. She grabs the male that was below her and makes him sit up and turn around. She reaches down and slowly raises you up of mighty and then unlocks your wrists freeing your hands. She motions me to slip between your legs from the front. She reaches down and grabs my knees and pulls them up into a bent position. She guides the male behind you to position his legs underneath mine sliding far enough forward that our balls are now touching each other. She raises his legs so his knees are bent just less then mine. She then steps back a little and lowers herself down so she is in a doggie style position. She reaches between your legs grabbing both of their cocks in her hands. She tries to open her mouth as wide as she can and pushes her mouth down around there shafts causing her mouth to spread wide. She pulls their heads out of her mouth and then starts to spit all over their shafts. She shoves her mouth down around the heads of their shafts. As she tries to grasp both their cocks with one hand she reaches up and grabs your hand pulling you down to straddle us both. She lets go of your hand and reaches between your legs making sure your nice and wet still. She rubs her hand between your legs spreading your lips apart. As you continue to squat down she focuses on guiding our cocks between your lips. She lets go of our cocks again with one of her hands as your lips touch us and she puts her hand on your shoulder and forces you down hard onto us. Our cocks bury deep inside your pussy and you feel a slight burning sensation around your lips as our cocks spread your pussy extremely wide. The woman then backs her hips onto the guys face and he begins to fuck her pussy with his tongue as she rocks back and forth. You reach down and grab underneath both of my knees with both of your arms and try to pull me deeper into you. As she fucks his face you start to bounce up and down the length of our shafts. The woman reaches between our legs and grabs the base of our shafts trying to stroke our cocks as you slide up and down them. Your eyes roll back into your head as you start to have an orgasm. You feel the pain of their cocks spreading you apart and your body starts to feel flush. Your body starts to feel like it?s on fire as your vaginal muscles spasm around their cocks. As your body starts to shake violently the woman reaches up and pushes you down harder on to their cocks and you rotate your hips in a circle. You try to grind the heads of their cocks up into the highest point inside you.

As your body slowly stops shaking the woman tries to slowly lift you up off of their shafts. As both of their cocks fall out of you slapping against their own bodies your juices gush like a water fall. Their balls and shafts are instantaneously covered with a thick white cream. The woman reaches out and grabs the guys huge cock and slowly strokes it watching as his pre-cum leaks out the tip of his shaft. She sucks the enormous head into her mouth trying suck out the rest of his cum. You reach down and grab my shaft with your shaky hand and slowly begin to stroke it. Your thumb caresses the tip of my shaft as you work it up and down. The woman behind you reaches out with her free hand and begins to rub the juices between your legs up to your anus. She slips two fingers into your totally relaxed anus. Her fingers easily push up deep into you. You lift your body up and rotate your hips so she can easily finger your cleanly. You squeeze my cock hard and start to stroke it faster as she works her fingers in and out of your ass. She sits up and slides her body forward so her chest is right up against your back. She keeps her hand between your bodies and continues to finger your ass. The guy then pushes his raging cock between her legs. It bends over as he pushes it between her cheeks trying to get it to her pussy. Just as it reaches her lips she feels almost 7 inches of his cock explode into her, stretching her inner walls wide open. Her supple breasts press firmly up against you. You proceed to lower yourself down on to my shaft and we alternate the rise and fall of the other couple like a teeter totter. Your really loose pussy just swallows my shaft and I can feel as your cum continues to rush out around me and to my balls. Your so extremely loose that I could easily push my balls into you along with my shaft. You can feel the womans heart race against your back as she starts to climax. She begins to rise up and slam down causing his shaft to come completely out of her pussy and then slam back through her lips shoving his head as far is it can. She takes her fingers out of your ass and rubs her clit vigorously and tries to force two fingers into her pussy with his cock. She just gets them inside of her and his shaft shoves them against her g spot. She quickly raises a few inches up off his cock and fingers the fuck out of her pussy till she starts squirting all over your back and the both of our balls. Her streams come in short spurts pausing then going again as she stimulates herself some more. She grips her pussy hard squeezing it and then shoves her pussy down on his shaft again. She grinds his cock deep into her getting it totally drenched. She raises back up off his cock and just barely grabs his shaft in her hand. She aims his huge cock onto your open anus. She motions him to slide in closer to me so his balls are touching my anus. You know his huge cock is going to stretch your tiny ass extremely wide. You know the pain your about to go through but you want to feel them in all your holes.

You feel his head pressing against your open anus and you wiggle down a little so his head is lined up just right. You tease down on to his huge shaft shoving his head and an inch or so in. You quickly rise off his shaft as you feel him stretch you open more and more. You finally shove his cock half way into you and your knees start to shake.The woman grabs his shaft and begins stroking it up into your ass and you can feel his hot cum start to trickle out inside you. The feel of his cum entering you makes you want to push him deeper inside. You try to deal with the pain and push his cock slowly deeper and deeper into you. You can feel the head of his shaft push so deep that it can?t go any further inside of you. The woman starts to slap your ass from behind telling you to ?ride that huge fucking cock bitch?. Your slave instincts take over and you just start to move up and down on his shaft slowly. Then the whip cracks against your ass and you start to ride him faster and faster. You reach back between your body and hers to feel just how much his huge cock has spread you open. You can feel that your skin is very, very tight. As you start riding his cock harder and harder I begin to whip your pussy as she whips your ass. You lean forward as you squat over his shaft and begin to slam down on the length of him making his head stop violently deep inside you until you pull him out again and then back down hard onto his shaft. The pain is something fierce as your insides are being pounded and your pussy and ass are continually whipped. The pain is something fierce as your insides are being pounded and your pussy and ass are continually whipped. Your mind drifts off to another world as your body though in pain feels as if you?ve separated completely from yourself. You can see yourself from a position above all of us watching as these three abuse your body.

You feel your anus start to tighten up around his thick shaft. Then your muscles spasm rapidly, pulsating on his cock as you shove him in and out of you. Your involuntary spasms cause his shaft to spasm in rhythm with you. Suddenly your anus muscles just lock up tight around his cock as you just start to bury him inside you. Your muscles squeeze him so tight as you thrust down onto his shaft it causes him to cum instantly. The rush of hot cum feels your ass and both your bodies go from totally clinched to spasms again. You rise up off of his shaft just enough to let his cock fall out of you. You reach around behind your back again to feel your backside. You run three of your fingers down between your cheeks and as they get to your hole the just all fall in to the gaping chasm that his enormous shaft has created. Just as your fingers enter you his hot cum starts to slowly trickle down out of your hole onto your fingers. It just keeps running out covering your hand in a sheet of white creamy cum. In total amazement at the amount you bring around your hand to your face and stare in awe. You close your eyes and start to lick it off of your fingers one by one. Slowly sucking them in and savoring every last drop you can find. Once you?ve totally cleaned off your hand you reach down removing my cock from your pussy and guide me back to your anus. You guide my tip inside you letting me feel just how wide he has stretched your sweet little hole. As you guide my cock into your ass you reach back down to my balls gently caressing them. You move further back and start to encircle my anus with your middle finger. My ass is already covered with a combination of the womans cum and your own. My anus is easily penetrated as you use each womans lube to slip your fingers inside me. The woman sees you starting to finger my ass and she grabs a hold of his huge cock again. She takes his semi erect shaft over towards my anus and rubs it up against your fingers as you are fingering me. When you feel the tip of his shaft touch the back of your hand your heart begins to race. You quickly slip a third finger in my ass and slowly push them as deep as you can. You pull your fingers out and reach back grabbing a hold of his shaft. You have to work to slip his semi erect penis into my tight hole. Once you get just the head of his shaft in me you and her start to slowly stroke his shaft together. You can both feel his shaft slowly start to harden in your hands. The thick veins on his shaft start to trace the palms of your hands. You quickly rise from my body and turn yourself around and get on all fours with your ass and pussy right in my face. She rises off of his face and sits him in an upright position. She lifts you up to your knees so your just straddling my face. She bends over so her tight ass and pussy are facing you.

She starts to kiss the guy passionately and she rocks him forward and back making his cock slip in a little more each time You reach down and grab my knees and pull them back towards my chest making my ass cheeks spread wide open for his massive shaft. You signal me to hold them in place and you reach down and grab my cock with one hand and rip off your blindfold with the other. You toss your blindfold across the room and reach around her legs and pull down firmly on her erect nipple. He sees you watching his cock go into me and starts to fuck me harder and harder. You heart races rapidly as you watch me get pounded and you stroke my cock hard and fast with his motion. You bury your face in between her legs again sucking her lips into your mouth drinking her juices. You can feel my cock start to spasm in your hand and he feels my anus start to spasm around his cock. You quickly push the woman off to the side and you yank his cock out of my ass. You stroke both our cocks together with your head just over the top of them mouth wide open. We both explode within seconds of each other shooting loads of hot cum into your mouth and all over you face and neck. You quickly dismount me and spin to start kissing me with a mouth full of hot cum. You gulp down what you can and as we kiss the combination of our cum streams into my mouth swallowing every last drop. As we continue to kiss passionately and I lick our cum off of your face and neck. The two strangers quietly stand up and start to walk towards the door. As they pass through the door way they look over there shoulder smiling and disappear. The security alarm chimes and you can hear the car start up outside and pull off.

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