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At Home Alone

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There was no question that Ruby was at home alone, and she stretched her arms as she tried to wake up. For the past nine years she had been without her mother who had died at age 33 and she had to go through everything virtually by herself, as she started her period at age 11, and then watched with wonder as the hair grew on the area between her legs. If it wasn?t for her daddy, who had taken her to the doctor, she would have been in trouble but he had helped and she was so pleased about that and one of these days she would reward him properly.

Then while in the bathtub and while she was washing herself, she was soaping up her pussy, that?s what the girls at school called it, and her fingers found that strange spot just inside, and the more she touched it the better it felt. All of a sudden a strange feeling coursed through her 12 year old body as her feet were perched up on the end of the tub and she had to scream because it felt so good as her finger kept moving around. That was the first time and it continued the rest of her 12th 13th and 14th year.

Suddenly the bath door slammed open and her brother walked in. ?What?s all the screaming about?? he wanted to know.

?Don, I think I just had my first climax. Do you know what that is??

?You must be loosing it Ruby, because when we were seven years old and you kept tugging on my peter in the bathtub your hand got my attention,? he said.

?What do you mean, because all I did was pull on it a little bit.?

?What you did then felt so good to me that I started doing what you just did at seven years of my age, and it felt so good that I?ve been doing it ever since and I know exactly how you just felt when you did yourself with your finger.?

?Pull it out so I can see what it looks like now and I might pull on it again,? she told him.

?Not in the bath room Ruby, if you want to play with my peter again I want to play with your pussy so get out, dry off and come to my room naked and I?ll take my clothes off, then we will be like we were at age seven,? then he turned and walked out without another word.

?Humm, I wonder what this will be like?? She was thinking as she moved all the way under the water to wrens off and then stood up, leaned down to remove the stopper, and then stepped out on the rug to dry off. When she leanded down to dry her hair with the towel she was very conscious of her teats as the too hung down and were shaking back and forth as she moved the towel through the hair on her head, but they weren?t very big yet. Then she wrapped the towel around her head and moved down the hall to her brothers bedroom. Since it was not even ten o?clock yet she knew that they would be safe from anyone coming home. When she walked in the door she stopped and staired at her brother; he was standing there naked like she was and his peter was not little like she remembered it when they were in the bathtub together.

?What you have now Don does not look like it did when we were seven years old.?

?Do you still want to pull on it?? he asked ?Yes, if you will let me do it,? she said.

?Only if I get to play with what you have covered with hair between your legs,? he muttered. ?Do you remember what we played with in the bathtub??

?I remember very well, and I also remember that you put your finger in me in the tub when I was playing wither your peter.?

?You?ve got a better memory than I do, but I?ll do that again, and if you will suck on me I will suck on you too; come on lets get on the bed and play like we are still seven years old. I?m tired of doing this by myself and it will be much more fun if we do it together.?

?This sounds like it will be a lot more fun than what we were doing in bathtub.?

?I think it will be too, and when I heard you scream I thought you were hurt, but you were feeling the same as I do when I jack-off, and I know you have talked to the girls at school and that you know what boys do when they jack-off, don?t you.?

?Well, we won?t have to worry about daddy; I don?t think he will be home until five or six o?clock.?

?Right, now come on and suck on my peter so I can suck on your pussy. Everybody at school thinks we are too young to find about this and with what we do with each other will put us a mile ahead of everyone else when we get to high school; the only difference is that we won?t have to do it with someone we hardly know. And I want you to tell me how you felt when you used your finger to play with yourself.?

?Don, I can?t describe the feeling I had, because it felt so good that I screamed with the pleasure it gave me, and if that is how you feel when you jack-off you know what I?m saying.?

?You?re right, I do know how it feels, but I do it my self just like you did. If we can do each other then I think it will be even better, don?t you?? he wanted to know.

?It might be but we won?t know until we do it. I?ll suck you like you want me to and then if you do the same thing for me we will find out how much better it will actually be.?

They both got on the bed lying next to each other and she reached down to take his semi-hard peter in her hand.

?Don you feel a lot different now than you felt when I played with this in the bathtub, and it really feels good to.?

?You can?t imagine how good it feels to have your hand there instead of mine; go ahead and suck on it and then I?ll do the same for you. We are brother and sister and what we do is for each other. I can still see your pussy in my mind with no hair on it when you were six years old.?

Slowly she leaned over and placed her lips on the head of his peter, tasting the precum that was sneaking out of the piss slot. She was amazed at the taste, and she then wondered what hers would taste like as she moved her mouth down and started sucking and chewing lightly on her brothers? throbbing peter. Then she felt him fondling her nipples and that felt good too, so she sucked harder and faster, running her tongue all around the firm ridge of his cock and it actually got even harder; it was almost like sucking on a lolly-pop, but much more exciting.

?Ruby I?m real close to getting that feeling and when it gets here I will fill your mouth with cool aid which you can swallow; then when I do you, you will do the same thing, and I will swallow your cool aid.?

She felt him tensing up and he seemed to be pushing his peter further inside of her mouth when all of a sudden she felt the warm stuff shooting from his peter and she started swallowing as much as she could while she continued to suck, but his peter slowly deflated and became soft. Then she felt his hands on her head and she look up into her brothers smiling face.

?Ohhh that was good, come on up here and put your teats next to me and lets hug for a little bit before I do the same for you. I?ve just got to tell you that what you did for me is so much better than jacking-off that it is just unreal Ruby.?

Then he enclosed her in his arms and moved one knee between her legs to rest it right on her now very excited pussy, gently pressing against it and the feeling was wonderful to her. She then tried to press her 14-year-old teats against his chest and tried to hug him at the same time. This was so much fun and she was tingling as she though about what he was going to do next, all of it a lot better than playing with boats in the bathtub.

Slowly he move her body up and over on top of him, still hugging and enjoying the feeling of her teats pressing against his chest and he reached down to move his now soft peter up to his stomach and it was mashed between their bodies as they hugged each other. ?Isn?t it nice to be out of school this summer, and next year we will be in the 8th grade and I bet my cock will stay hard all during class,? he said.

?I?m going to watch you and when it gets hard I will ask you what you are looking at to make it that way,? she said.

?This is going to be so much fun because the other guys in our class will have no idea about what we know about, and how good it feels to play with each other; sometimes I really think that they are still like little boys and the biggest thrill they get is playing base ball.?

?I know and the girls mostly just want to skip rope,? she sighed as she enjoyed the touching of their naked bodies.

?Okay sis,? as he moved her off of his body, ?it?s your turn now and this will be a first for me, because I?m going to explore every part of your secrete palace of joy with my tongue, my lips and my fingers and make you feel just like I did when you sucked on me. Isn?t this fun??

?Yes and I?m glad that daddy is at work so we can play like the big people do when they go to bed at night. I?ve always wondered what it would be like, and now together we are helping each other to find out about everything,? she said.

Slowly he moved up on his knees and then between her legs, all the while looking at the fine silky hair that covered her pussy. He really knew that what he wanted to do was to slide his peter inside of her, but at the same time he knew he couldn?t take the chance of doing that until he had a rubber. All of that was in his mind as he moved his head down and placed his mouth on Rubys? pussy, marveling at the softness of the hair, the scent of her sex, and the joy that he was now experiencing as his lips touched her pussy.

Ruby was now amazed at the feeling on the lips of her pussy as her brothers lips penetrated the hair that guarded the entrance to the place her fingers had been when she was in the tub. The feeling that was now surging through her entire body was almost overwhelming and she moved her pelvis slightly to press it closer to Dons lips. She felt it when his lips moved inside of her and the feeling was almost overwhelming because his tongue was moving around approaching the nub that she had played with by touching it with her fingers.

?Ohhhh,? she moaned as his lips sucked her clit in and his tongue tickled it. This was indeed much better than doing it with her fingers.

Don eased his head up and he leaned on his elbow as he looked at her and moved his fingers inside of her pussy. ?Does it feel good to you Ruby; do you like my lips on your pussy as much as I liked your lips on my peter?? he wan-ted to know as he caught one side of her pussy lips with her fingers and slowly squeezed, then slid his finger back inside to find that little nub he had been sucking on.

With her legs now spread as wide as she could make them she rested her heals on the bed, ?What you are doing for me now Don, is absolutely the best feeling I have ever experienced, and when you get through I?m going to suck your peter again if you will let me. You are certainly right in that none of the kids at school will have any idea what all of this feels like until they finish the 12th grade or maybe even later than that.

Then he leaned back down to place his lips back on her pussy and sucked her nub of joy into his lips and tickled it again with his tongue, then he moved her lips back and forth to feel the surge of cum that was now surging throughout her pussy as she screamed with joy while her whole body shuddered while she slapped her hands up and down on the bed; she was now in a state of absolute joy and pleasure.

?Ohhh that was so good and we are going to do this some more Don. I like your peter better now than I did when we were five years old, and it?s much more fun playing now than it was then.

?I know it Ruby, but we can?t tell anyone about this, it has to be our secrete, and I?ll tell you that one of the teachers we will have next year really turns me on and that?s why you will see my peter get hard when we are in the class. I?m not going to keep that from you and if that teacher lets me do anything with her, I?ll tell you about that too. But the older people all have to work, and they think about what we have been doing but they have to concentrate on working during the day, and take only a little bit of time to think about sex. Maybe I?ll get lucky, and if she sees my hard peter maybe she?ll think about that a little. Also, I will try to get some rubbers so that I can put me inside of you and you might like that too,? he told her.

?I?m going to ask daddy to set me up with an appointment with the doctor for a female thing and I think he will automatically do it. If I can get the doctor to put me on birth control, then you won?t have to use a rubber, and I?ll be able to feel that wonderful peter inside of me better and I will feel the bare skin you have as you move in and out of me. What do you think about that?? she asked.

?Where did you find out about that?? he wanted to know.

?One of the 11th graders was talking about it and I was the only 8th grader there, all the rest of the girls were a lot older than me.?

?Well, it?s really lucky that you found out about that and I?ll hold off about get-ting the rubbers. I think you?re probably right that it will feel a lot better, and it will probably be better for me too. When are you going to do this??

?I?ll ask daddy tonight to set up an appointment for me and then we can see what happens. Since I?m 14, almost 15, I think the doctor will do it, because I know other girls who are on the pill, and he can tell me where to go to get them if I tell him that I?m sexually active, but I won?t tell him it?s you I play with.?

?Wow, my little sister is smarter than I am about this kind of information, and I?m learning from you about this female stuff. Be sure to let me know what you find out,? he said, ?and lets get naked again this afternoon and do it again, this is just too much fun to let it pass us by.?

?Okay, but I want to ask you something. How do you like the taste of my pussy when I cum in your face??

?You taste real good, and I could tell that you just got out of the bath since there was still a slight taste of the soap still there.? He grinned at her.

?This is not very nice, but I?m going to tell you that a lot of the girls I listen to don?t bath like they should, and sometimes their pussy gets to where it doesn?t smell too good either, and they have to clean themselves up. It?s harder for girls since our pussy is closed in, not out in the open like your peter is Don, so we have to pay more attention to our body than you do. I know a lot of us look good to you but you will have to understand what I tell you, especially about the girls who don?t do like you and I have been taught, to keep our bodies clean and fresh.?

?You remember what mother said don?t you??

?Yes, and I bet she is watching us and she sees what we are doing for each other, like a brother and sister should do and I think she would approve of everything we are learning without her help. I also think she would approve because we are not out in the back seat of a car with somebody we hardly know as we explore the bodies we want to play with. After we get up and make a sandwich for lunch lets come back to this bed and we will play with each other again. I want to suck on you like I did before and I like doing it Don.?

After they both had a sandwich for lunch they went back to the bedroom and lay down with each other naked to enjoy a nap. Ruby was overjoyed to be there on the bed with him and she plopped a teat on his arm as they dropped off to sleep.

Less than an hour later Don woke up and knew that his sister had his peter in her mouth and it was slowly engorging itself to a full hard-on; it felt wonderful to his 14 year old body. He closed his eyes enjoying the feeling of her tongue and teeth as she sucked on his now engorged peter. He was getting close to the peak of joy as she moved her head up and down on his throbbing peter. When his peter erupted his sister tried her best to keep everything in her mouth but could swallow only a portion as she continued to suck and the ejaculation then moved down his peter into the hair that surrounded it. Finally his cock wilted and she licked and swallowed everything that was still on it. Then she rose up and moved up to kiss him tenderly.

?Ruby you did it again just right and my peter likes the way you play with it. I?m so glad you like it and I like your pussy just as much; in a little bit I will play with you and you will feel like I do right now. I think you have completely drained me. Let me recover a little and I?ll do you again. You have a sweet-tasting pussy and I want to taste it like you just tasted me.?

?Don, do you think our mother liked to do what we do as much a we do??

?Yes, but I?m not sure what she would say about what we are doing now. If she started as young as we did, she might say it?s okay, but who knows?? he said.

?I want to know which teacher it is that seems to make your peter get hard while we are in class.?

?She is an English teacher and one of the guys I know who was in her class last year said that one day she dropped something on the floor and when she bent down to pick it up one of her teats fell our of her cup and he saw it clearly because he got a good look before she reached down and stuffed it back inside her blouse.?

?Would you like to fuck someone that old? She is probably real close to thirty and you don?t even know if you will be in that class.?

?I would think that she still likes to fuck, but she probably will never tell us that though,? he said.

?Would you like me to find out??

?Just how could you do that?? he asked.

?She might need a baby sitter, and that?s something I can do.?

?That might just work and if you can do that I will certainly be in your debt and you know how I will repay you.?

?But you don?t realize what I?m going to do right now do you??

?I don?t guess I do but you always do nice things for me, so what is it??

She reached over and unzipped his pants as they stood there in the kitchen, dropped them to his knees along with his underwear, then unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. She wasn?t wearing a brazier. ?I?m going to jack you off and I want to see your cum spurt out all over my teats, then I will rub in and see how it feels as a lotion. When I get to sit with her kids I will ask if I can spend the night so they won?t have to get out late to take me home. Then I can sneak to their bedroom and see if they are fucking like you want to know about.

?Okay her name is Hester and it?s only two weeks until school starts so we can get her telephone number from the school office probably.

During the rest of the summer vacation they sucked each other off twice a day and lay around the house naked most of the time so they could see and touch each other whenever the desire surged though their body. It was not unusual for them to sit watching the television and masturbate in front of each other. Ruby actually liked to jack her brother off when ever he raised a hard and it really thrilled her to see the cum squirt out of his throbbing peter. It also thrilled her just to hold him in her hand. At her budding age of 14 years she was overjoyed at what she was learning.

The next day, Monday, she went to the office at school and told them that she would be in the 8th grade this year and was seeking baby sitting employment. Then she gave them her telephone number and told them that she would appreciate it if they would call Mrs. Hester and give her the telephone number.

The lady smiled at her and said she would do that because she knew that Mrs. Hester attended a lot of various functions.

Darla thanked her and left for home, and since it wasn?t even 9am she was thinking about how her brother would reward her for what she had done. When she walked in the door he was sitting in front of the TV jacking off. So she striped her clothes off and went to stand in front of him. When he looked up at her she was smiling.

?Okay, what have you been doing because that smile on you face is a dead giveaway that you have done something.?

?I?m just thinking about what you will do for me when I tell you what I have done,? she said.

?Spit it out then, and then we will discuss your reward.? He was now staring directly at the hair covered pussy standing in front of him.

?I just got back from the school office where I left our telephone number and asked that they call Mrs. Hester and give it to her. Then I went to the Planned Parenthood office and picked up the pills I need to take so that you can?t get me pregnant when you put your peter inside of me, which I can hardly wait to happen.?

?Do you think she will call??

?We will just have to wait and see. The lady at the school office said that she is involved in lots of activities, so I kind of think she will.?

?Your first reward is that you can suck my peter. After that I will place my lips on your pussy and do the same for you. When do the pills start working??

?I took one at the doctors? office, and they said I would be safe tomorrow. So in the morning I will get my third reward when you slide your peter into me Don.?

?Maybe the teacher will call tonight while you are jacking me off and if she does don?t turn loose of my peter,? he said.

They smiled at each other and both knew that everything seemed to be working just right, both were at age 14 and they each could not believe what they planned was probably going to work.

Then the telephone rang insistently and Ruby ran to pick it up. Don was right behind her and he took her hand for her to hold his peter while she talked.

?May I speak to Ruby please.?

?I?m Ruby, may I help you,? she said.

?My name is Dian Hester Ruby, and I need you to baby sit for me.?

?When will that be Mrs. Hester?? she asked as she turned and looked into Dons eyes.

?I need you tomorrow night if you can do it,? she said.

?Sure that would be fine. Can you pick me up,? she asked.

?Yes, I can do that at 5:45 tomorrow.?

?That will be great, and if you will be late getting home, I don?t mind staying over at your house so you won?t have to bring me back.?

?Oh, that?s wonderful and we can talk about that on the way back to my house,? she said. ?Bye, I?ll see you tomorrow then.?

Ruby then turned loose of his peter and sat down on the kitchen chair. ?Okay Don, I?ve done everything you asked and I want you to get down and eat my pussy until I scream for you to stop. In the morning your job will be to fuck me and we will do that right after the house is clear. Then after we have lunch you will do it again. I?ve done what you asked and when I am at her house tomorrow night I will find out if she is still fucking like you wanted to know.?

?You have fulfilled my fondest dream Ruby. Now all I have to do is to find out how I can fuck your boss when you baby sit,? he told her.

The next morning as they lay together in her bed, Don whispered in her ear that he was going to help her up to the peak of joy with his tongue first, and then he would slide his peter into her very carefully because she too knew that she would bleed a little when her hymen broke, but she was anticipating that.

On the way to your baby sitting job find out about her husband, what he does, where he works and all of that stuff please. You might call me while she is gone to clue me in and maybe I can think of something to surprise her with.

Thirty minutes later, after Ruby had settled down after her first climax, she reached down to feel of Dons peter and gently squeezed it with her young fingers and she could feel the stiffness as it came more alive. ?It?s time for you to do me Don, and this will be a new feeling for us, so do it brother.?

Slowly he moved up on his knees and then between her legs. His peter was now throbbing with anticipation. He knew one thing for sure, that her pussy was very wet, so he rubbed the head of his peter in the fine 14-year-old pussy of his gorgeous sister. Her 35c tits were now cupped in her hands.

So when the tip of his peter was just barely inside of her, he could feel the warm wetness of her pussy caressing the head of his peter, and he moved further in, making sure to touch her clit as he felt the tingling of her pussy that move through his peter to his mind. Then he moved out and touched her with the head of his peter all the way from the top to the bottom and back before he once again moved just the head inside of her.

?How does my peter feel to you?? he asked.

?It?s not as good as your tongue, but the anticipation of what it will feel like when it?s all the way in is coursing through my body like a race horse. I know this first time will be a little difficult, but just feeling what I?ve had in my mouth that is now in my pussy thrills me to no end,? she said.

?Okay I?m going to move further inside until I reach what you have that will stop me from going any further. Keep your mind on watching Mrs. Hester while she fucks, assuming that her husband is at home. When she brings you home tomorrow tell her I want to meet her and send her to my bedroom, but call me tonight to tell me about what is happening there.

Then he moved further in until he reached the barrier, pulled back but not all the way out and moved in again.

?That feels really nice, so when are you going to go all the way in?? she wanted to know.

?Why don?t we just play for a while, and when you are least expecting it I will go all the way in and stop so you can feel my peter, but this towel under you will have to catch what will happen, and I don?t want to hurt you any more than I have to.?

?The doctor told me that I had evidently already broken my hymen, and that it could have happened with my finger, the tampons I use or someone I have already fucked, so you can go ahead and slide it in.?

Half way through her comment she felt his peter moving deep inside of her pussy, and it felt throbbingly wonderful as she moved her legs around his back to grip his body.

Don, with his peter all the way inside of her, leaned on his elbow and pulled her with him as he moved onto his back with her on top of him. ?Now, you move up and down as it pleases you, you can place your hands on my chest to support your movement, and I have to tell you that your pussy is a dream come true for me in that it feels so good to my cock.?

Slowly Ruby moved her body down on Dons peter, feeling the wonderful shaft all the way to the wall of her womb, even though she didn?t know what that was, so she started moving up and down and the feeling was absolutely fantastic to her. When Don reached to touch her clit she thought she would come unglued, because when he touched her there along with the feeling of his shaft moving back and forth inside she knew that she was on the way to joy once again. Then she felt the warm spurts of his cum inside of her and she screamed with joy as her climax arrived at the same time. Then she lay down on his chest with her tits pressing against him. He still felt good inside of her pussy.

?Ruby, don?t you just know that all the people we go to school with would love to be doing what we have just done; your pussy felt so good when I came inside of you.?

?It feels the same way to me but we will have to keep this secrete or we will both be in trouble. When I get to Mrs. Heaters? house I will call you while she is gone and tell you what I have found out. But I want you to fuck me again this afternoon before I leave and I will have a good feeling all night long, especially if I get to see her fuck her husband; this is going to be exciting.?

?Okay Ruby, and if he is out of town, I want you to ask her to come in and meet me, and you know what I?m going to do??

?I bet you will be naked with a hard on when she walks in to your bedroom,? she said with a grin.

?Sometimes I think you can read my mind because that is exactly what I?m going to do, and my peter will be in front of her and it will be half way hard.?

?Wow, at 14 you can think up some of the weirdest schemes, but it might work.?

?I will watch for your arrival at the front window and I will make myself hard just for her to see, but I?ll have a towel on my shoulders which I will use to cover myself just in case she is one of the non-touchers in this world, otherwise she might get excited when she sees my peter. Be sure to call me tonight and tell me if he is in town.?

?Come on lets go back to the bedroom. You have gotten me excited you just said.?

After they had finished the second session of the day, they both got up and dressed, Ruby for the baby sitting session, and Don just to get ready for TV and munching as he waited for her call.

At 6:45 the telephone rang and Don was overjoyed. ?Hello, he said.?

?Well Don, I have the info for you,? said Ruby, ?her husband is in Florida for the next ten days so I won?t get to watch her fuck. She seems like a very out going person, and when we got back to the house she explained to me about giving the kid a bath, making sure that I wouldn?t be embarrassed by seeing her eight year old son naked. When I explained how we took baths together and told her how I would grab your peter she laughed and told me I would do just fine.?

?Why don?t you jack him off while you are in there?? said Don.

?I?ll just have to see how that pans out, but she was specific about my helping him to bathe and told me to be sure to skin his peter back to wash it good and to make sure he dried between his toes. I?ll bet a dollar that he will raise a hard when I take his peter in my hand.?

?If she told you that then I think my plan might work when she brings you back here in the morning.?

?What if she asks you how old you are??

?I will uncover my peter and ask her how old she thinks it is.?

?Don, she is not only a grown woman, but she is a school teacher too. Are you sure you want to do this?? she asked.

?Ruby don?t forget that we will be in our own home, she will be invited inside, and I will not force anything on her, but if she likes my peter she might un-dress and let me play with her.?

?Alright we will do it your way and I sort of hope she asks me about washing her sons peter and how it went. If he gets hard I will tell her about that and that I enjoyed feeling his peter. If I continue to sit with him this might get to be fun.?

?What time is she supposed to get home tonight?? Don asked.

?She said any where between 10:30 and midnight and she told me that I would be sleeping with her and she wants me to tell her more about how we played with each other in the bathtub. I?m going to ask her if she masturbates while her husband is away.?

?Good thinking, and be sure to ask her if her husband was the first guy she went to bed with. What kind of meeting is this she is going to??

?I?m not sure, but she will probably tell me when she gets back and we get in bed. And I will tell her that I hope she won?t be shocked but that I always sleep in the nude, and I hope she does too.?

?Ruby you are a conniving genius to come up with this and if you get a chance suck on her tits and play with her pussy, just to see what she will do. She might return the favor, and if she does she will surely enjoy what I will do for her.?

?I?m getting more and more turned on, and I need to hang up to give the bath I told you about.? Then she moved to the den to turn the TV off since it was now nine o?clock.

?Come on Billy, it?s time to take your bath and for you to get in bed.?

?Augh Ruby, did my mom tell you I had to do this?? he asked.

?She certainly did, so lets get to the bath, I?ll go start running the water for you and then I?ll wash your back, as well as something else,? she said with a smile. She knew that he was in the third grade and had sort of an attitude problem according to his mother.

Ruby took his hand and led him to the bathroom, and asked him if she could help him undress. He indicated that he thought he could do that just fine and sat down on the commode to take his shoes off, then he unbuttoned his shirt, and last he took his pants off, and stood there naked.

?Okay, get in the tube Billy and we will get this show on the road,? she grinned as she looked at his soft 8-year-old peter that was actually larger than she had expected it to be. Then he eased down in the tub.

?Tell me about school Billy, what grade are you in now?? said Ruby as she got the wash rag and soaped it up real good.

?I?ll be in the third grade when school starts,? he said.

?Now close your eyes because I?m going to wash your face first, then I?ll help you wrens off to keep from getting the soap in your eyes,? she said.

He squinted his eyes up real tight and Ruby gently washed his forehead, his nose, and the rest of his face while he held on to the tub with white knuckles. Next she cupped her hands together and dropped the water all over the top of his head, then quickly got another double hand full to splash it down his face.

?Okay, you can open your eyes now,? she said.

When he did that he grinned because there was no stinging in his eyes from the soap. ?Boy that?s great, no stinging in my eyes,? and he grinned.

?After you get a little older Billy you can do this yourself by leaning over and splashing water in your own face. Let me get your back and your chest next and she swished the washrag over his back before she moved it to his chest. ?Now lets get your feet and she lifted one ankle up to wash between his toes and then did the other foot.

?You will have to stand up now and you can hold on to my shoulder; then I can wash your legs, your rear and your front while you stand there,? this was the tell tale moment, and now she would see if he raised a hard. First she used the rag to wash all over his rear end, then grabbed the soap and applied it to his pubic area, soaping her hand up real good, and then she gently started washing, starting with his balls, then she moved her hand up to his peter and very gently massaged it with her soapy hand, moving the skin back to soap around the head of his dick, and she wasn?t really surprised when she felt it begin to get hard. Then when she moved her finger around the exposed head of his peter and splashed water on it she continued to gently massage him and he was now standing there with his peter as hard as it could get at age eight.

?Wow, you?ve got a hard peter don?t you?? she asked as she looked into his eyes.

?It get like that sometimes,? he mumbled.

?Come on lets get out and I?ll help you dry off big boy,? and she took his hand to make sure he didn?t fall.

When she took the towel she dried his head, back and between his butt cheeks first, and then moved to the front. When she got his feet and legs she move to he peter and balls to gently dry them and his peter was now standing almost straight out.

?Okay lets go to your room and get your pajamas on,? she said as she took his hand and walked down the hall toward his room. When they got there he just stood waiting and he was red in the face.

Ruby acted like nothing was unusual, as she got his pajamas out and laid them on the bed.

?What are you so red in the face for Billy?? she asked as she glanced down at his peter that was still jumping.

?When I get like this I usually play with my peter to get the good feeling when I get in bed,? he said.

?That sounds like fun, does your mother ever see you doing that?? she asked.

?Yes, she just grins and leaves the room when that happens.?

?Well I?m not going to leave, because it sounds like fun to me, and I want to watch you do it.?

?You do,? he said as his eyes got big, but he grinned.

?Sure, did you know that girls do the same thing you are going to do except we don?t have a peter like you do, but it feels the same way.?

?I kind of thought that was the way it worked because one time I sneaked in as saw my mamma naked and she was on the bed doing what you said.?

?I bet that was fun to see, did you stay there long?? she asked.

?Yeah, long enough to hear her moan like I do when I get that good feeling.?

?What did you feel like when you watched her playing with herself??

?Well my peter got hard like it is now, and I jacked-off while I watched what she was doing.?

?That sounds like a lot of fun. What did you think about all the hair she had on her pussy??

?I really wanted to go over and touch it because I was really having strange feelings as I watched her.?

?Do you want to look at my pussy while you jack-off?? she asked.

?Wow, would you let me do that??

?Well, you are going to let me watch you, and I might want to play with myself while you do the same thing, so hop up on the bed and let?s watch each other.?

?The girls I go to school with don?t have any hair down there, at least the two I have looked at, so you and my mom are the only two people I?ve seen who have hair there and it really gets me excited when I think about it.?

?Billy, I?m only 14 and I?ve got all that hair already, so I?ll let you see it while you jack-off if you want to look at it.?

?Oh, that would be so nice, because I think about my mom when I do it, but this will be really nice that you would let me look at it.?

So Ruby stood up and removed her panties, and then let her skirt fall back down,? go ahead as start and I might show you how girls do it and you can watch me while you get that good feeling.?

Then Ruby got up on the bed sitting on the foot and facing him as he took his peter and started moving his hand up and down. When she spread her legs so he could see her pussy, his eyes got real big.

?You really do have a lot of hair, as much as my mother does,? he said.

?She is a little older than I am so she might have just a little bit more hair than I do,? said Ruby.

?How did you like it when I washed your peter,? she asked.

?That?s the first time besides my mother that anyone has had their hand on my peter and I have to tell you that it really felt good.?

?It always feels better when someone else does it, and it?s the same way for a girl too. If you want me to, I?ll jack you off.?

?Would you really do that??

?Yeah, I?ll do it for you and you can touch my pussy if you want to,? she told him.

?This is really nice, and I?ve never had a babysitter do this for me,? he said.

?There is one thing we have to agree on though, you can never tell your mom or your dad what we are doing, this is just between you and me.?

?Okay, even though my mom knows I jack off, I won?t say anything to them about this. It?s really neat that you are showing me all of this.?

Slowly she reached over and took his peter in her hand and gently squeezed it. ?Does that feel good to you?? she asked.

?Gosh yes,? he exclaimed.

?See how you think this feels, and she leaned over and took his peter into her mouth and tickled the head with her tongue.?

His body jerked and his eyes were really big because when she raised up and looked into his eyes he had a grin on his lips. ?That is almost like what it feels when you put your peter inside of a girl,? she told him, ?as she move back down to suck on his peter. Then his body shook with joy as he reached his climax.

?You liked that didn?t you.?

?Ohhh I want you to take care of me some more,? he said.

?Alright, lets get your pjs on and it?s time for you to think about going to sleep, but while you lay there, give me your hand, and she placed his little hand on her pussy to let him feel the hair that covered it.

?Now Billy, I?m going to tell your mother about giving you a bath and what happened when I washed your peter, but I won?t tell her anything else that we did, okay??

The time was approaching ten o?clock so she went to the den and turned on the TV to occupy her time as she waited for Billys mother to get home. It was almost 10:20 when she heard the car drive into the garage.

When she came inside Mrs. Hester went right to the den, ?Well, how did it go?? she wanted to know.

?Why don?t you get something to drink and lets go to your bedroom and I?ll tell you everything,? she said.

?Okay, I will get a coke and try to come back down to earth, I?ve been drinking margaritas since I left here and I?m half way to the moon now.? When she came back to the den she took Ruby with her to the master bedroom where she walked to the dresser and sat the coke down and turned to see Ruby standing there naked.

?I hope you don?t mind, because I sleep in the nude at home, and I don?t see any reason that I shouldn?t do the same when I sleep with you,? she said.

?I don?t mind a bit because that?s the way I sleep too and if you hold my tit in your hand when we drop off I won?t mind that either.?

?Okay, let?s get in bed and I?ll tell you about what happened in the bathtub when I gave Billy his bath,? and she crawled into the bed waiting for her to undress. When she was naked, she went to the door to flip the light switch and that gave me a good chance to see her body which I considered absolutely ex-quisite. Then she slid into bed next to me and reached for the coke on the bedside table.

?Oh I hate this, I?m halfway tight and I just know that I won?t feel too swift in the morning.?

?Put the coke down and listen to what I?m going to tell you, because it will blow your mind,? said Ruby.

?Ruby, my little boy is eight years old and I already know what you are going to say, because when you washed his peter he got hard didn?t he?? she asked.

?You?re exactly right, but that?s not all either.?

?You mean there is something else that happened??

?It sure did, now do you want to know what it is??

?My gosh, I know he has been jacking off for over a year now and I can?t imagine what else could be going on at that age.?

?Let me put your teat in my hand and I?ll tell you,? then she reached over and felt her for the first time.

?Ohhh that feels so nice,? she moaned.

?Now I will tell you that one night you were here in this bed fingering yourself like I do to reach a climax, and while you were doing that he was standing in the dark watching you and jacking off while you reached a climax. He fanati-cizes about your hairy pussy while he jacks off in his bed, and he told me that the girls in his class don?t have the hair that you do. Then I reached down to touch her pubic area with my hand and she lay there quietly as she spread her legs.?

When Ruby moved her fingers inside to touch her clit, then Hester groaned percept ably and I felt her hand on my teat.

?Do you know that my husband is gone sometimes a much as six weeks at a time, and I sit here frustrated, and what you are doing right now feels so good I can hardly describe it. After you make me cum I will do the same thing for you and we can then go to sleep.?

?Okay, but there is one other thing I have to tell you. In the morning when you take me home my brother wants to meet you so you will go into the house with me to visit with him. What is you first name anyway??

?It?s Sally and that?s fine I will be glad to meet him. After what you and he have done for each other I think we will have an interesting conversation.

When they got up the next morning, Ruby called her brother at 8:30 and told him that she and Sally would be there about 9:30 and that he should be ready to do what he wants to do. And if he did it she was going to watch but she didn?t tell him that.

As they drove into the driveway at home Ruby saw the dr*pes move a little so she knew her brother had seen them drive up.

When they got inside Ruby took Sally to the hall, told her to turn to the right and his door was the last one on the left.

So Sally strolled down the hall and entered the last door on the left. When she entered she stopped dead in her tracks as she looked at Don standing naked drying his head with a towel. His peter was not at full attention but was close to it.

?Hello Sally, my sister told me that she told you what she did by grabbing my peter when we were five years old. How does it look to you now??

She looked back down to his peter and told him that it looked good enough to eat and that she would like to do that.?

?Please take your clothes off and starting today I will take care of you while your husband is traveling around the country.?

?How old are you Don?? she asked.

He reached down and took his peter in his hand and waved it at her. ?How old does this look to you? You will be able to have it any time you want that your husband is not available. All I wish to do is to help you.

Slowly she started unbuttoning her blouse, dropped it to the floor, unhooked her bra and then lowered her skirt and panties; then she stood there naked before Billy.

?You are a beautiful woman Sally and what we will do together will go no further than this house or from your front door. If you like my peter inside of you, the contentment that it gives to you, it will be a real experience for me; it will keep me from hustling the little girls Ruby and I go to school with.? Then he took her hand and led her to the bed which was turned down, with the spread folded on the foot.

When she spread her legs he moved between them and placed his lips just right to suck her clitoris into his mouth and then tickled it with his tongue and it was only minutes before she screamed with joy. When that happened he moved up to place his peter inside of her and lay down on her chest while feeling the wonderful softness of her teats and placed his mouth on her lips.

She returned his kiss by opening her mouth to accept his tongue that then entwined with hers as she experience the sensation of his peter inside of her and she was pleased that it felt even better than the one her husband had. She was now tingling with the thought of having another climax before she had to leave. Then she felt lips on her nipple and looked down to see Ruby sucking on her breast. She laid her hand on Rubys back and patted it tenderly.

When Ruby raised her head she placed her lips on Sallys? ear and said, ?When you leave, my reward for bringing you here will be when he puts his peter inside of me, and I like his peter as much as you do Sally. Billy said he wants me to come back and baby sit for you.?

Then as Don was moving in and out she screamed loudly with exaltation and joy as she reached another climax. Don kept moving because he was almost there too and when he shot his cum into her she felt every bit of it hit the wall of her womb and she kept pushing against him as he slowly got softer.

She put her arms around him and told him that she had to get dressed and get to the school to make a meeting. Then when they got up off of the bed, she started talking.

?From now on Billy, you will be known as my yard man. I want you to come to my house any time you want to and here is a key that will let you inside. I get home usually around 4:30 or 5 o?clock. Also, I will let you know when my hus-band is on the way back to town so we can make the proper arrangements. But your peter is much better than his is and you fuck twice as good as he does. I?ve got to run. Ruby I will call you to baby sit tomorrow. Billy really likes you and you can give him another bath and I will let you jack him off like he wants to do.?

When she was out of the house Don took Ruby in his arms and kissed her tenderly; I was right wasn?t I and now I won? t have to mess around with trying to talk the girls into doing what you and I have learned to do. Your pussy is every bit as good as Sallys? is and I will fuck you in about an hour, before we have lunch. Then at 2:30 we will get naked again and that will be another ?thank you? on my part. I really like fucking a married woman.?

?Do you have any idea how old she is Ruby??

?I think so, because Billy is eight and she had him when she was 18, so she must be 25 or 26 years old.

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