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An Evening Serving My Master

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My Master has asked that i write a rendition of what happened, and what i felt last night, when we spent a very special evening together. i will do my best to put on paper the incredible feelings that surged through my body the entire evening!

i am not certain where to start. i guess i will start with how i felt when He walked in the door. Shu requires that i dress to please him. That is not as easy as it sounds, especially when He leaves the clothing choice up to me! Last night i chose a pink camisole and boy cut panty with pink knee highs, and clear heels. i was so nervous that He would not like my decision, but when He saw me as He came up the stairs, my fears immediately diminished. Even before He said anything to me, i saw in his eyes that He was very happy. When i do something that pleases him, his eyes always get so warm looking. His eyes have always been my window to his heart. Through them i see how He REALLY feels ? no matter what his mouth says! Shu told me that i made a good choice. The sound of those words, along with the look in his eyes, sent an immediate rush of warmth throughout my body, and especially to my pussy. He took his coat off, and came towards me. My heart was racing as if i was seeing him for the first time. He has that affect on me all the time when i know He is going to touch me/kiss me. And kiss me is exactly what He did. His warm mouth enveloped mine. His tongue passionately searched for mine. That warmth i had felt a moment ago was rapidly growing, as was the wetness of my pussy. As Shu kissed me all i could think is that i wanted more! i wanted him to kiss me deeper, i wanted him to pull me close to him, i wanted him to undress me and take me right there! But that was not his plan at the moment. My Master, though i could feel his hardness, wanted to relax first. Who could blame him, He works so hard during the day ? he deserves some time to unwind! So as He pulled away to go get on the computer i told myself to calm down, and behave.

As Shu relaxed with the computer and a drink, i started his dinner, did some chores downstairs, and then (after making certain He was taken care of) i went upstairs to do the laundry and ironing. i think i was almost finished with the ironing when i heard him coming upstairs. The butterflies that i get to this day just from the sight of him started immediately! When Shu rounded the stairs, and headed in my direction i felt my heart start to race. How i hoped He was coming to give me a kiss! And that is exactly what He did. Shu took my lips feverishly with his, and in his deep, warm voice He told me that He wanted me. It took me a moment to realize that what He meant was that He wanted to make love to me right at that moment! My heart raced faster, my pulse pounding, my body getting warm, my pussy getting wet?.we headed toward the bedroom. i felt like i should be pinching myself to be certain this was happening. My Master, whom i had been craving wanted me? i couldn?t believe it! As Shu took off his pants, i took off my panties. My eyes stared deeply into his. His look did not falter. The passion that i saw in his eyes made my passion grow even deeper, without him even touching me! And when i looked and saw that He was already rock hard, i could barely breath! As i slid my body back on the bed to make room for him to climb on top of me, all i could hear was my own heavy breathing. Could he sense how hot i was at that moment? i love it when my pussy is so wet that He can slid right in me with no trouble. And my pussy was definitely that wet last night! The anticipation (though it had been only a few minutes) of him going inside me had made me so ripe. As He slowly claimed his pussy, i could feel the walls start to tighten, the electricity start to go through my body. As my body climaxed i was thinking how i hate it that i cum so quickly. i always feel like i am shorting him of feelings that should be going through his body. God how i wanted him deep in me. i could not hold out long from touching his sensitive nipples so that He would cum in me. As i touched him his thrusts became deeper and harder. To soothe my pain He kissed me ever so gently. His kisses soothe me, make me forget that his pussy is aching. When He came it was so wonderful. i love when i can feel his seed, when i can feel it?s warmth. Master layed for a moment on me, breathing deep, kissing me gently, telling me how much He loved me?and then got up and got dressed so that i could continue with my chores. As i stood to dress in my uniform for the evening, i could feel our juices seep out of my pussy. How i love that feeling. There is nothing more sensual in the world. If i could i would have his seed in me at all times, as a reminder of whom i belong to. It was so hard to bite my tongue, and not beg Shu to lay back down ? to spend the rest of the evening next to each other, making love all night long. i was definitely in the mood to do just that. But my Master had given me my orders. i was to finish my chores, and make him dinner. As Shu headed back downstairs i quickly raced to do what was left. i did not want to be apart from him even a minute longer than i had to be.

Shu allowed me to sit on the couch to eat my dinner. i sat at the opposite end from him. i always appreciate when he allows me to be comfortable during our meal, but that night i did not want to be so far away from him. i ached to be close to him. He has no idea how hard it was for me to eat my soup. All i really wanted to do was to slid my body down next to his. To feel his warm skin. To feel his gaze on me. Damn that was a long meal!

After cleaning up the kitchen Shu instructed me to go draw him the bath that i had suggested. He had not been feeling well, so i wanted to do something to soothe his aching muscles, and ease the heaviness in his chest. i quickly went upstairs to fill the tub with very warm water. i added some of my bubble bath beads. This slave had never bathed her Master before, though she had wanted to suggest it many times. i was getting so excited about doing it. i instinctively knew that it would be something i would thoroughly enjoy. It makes me feel so good to take care of Shu. When i am doing something for him i feel complete. i know that He is the man i am meant to be with, and that this is the life that we are meant to live. i know i will spend the rest of my life caring for him as much as he will allow.

When the bath was ready i let my Master know. He went upstairs with me, undressed, and climbed in the tub. He had his cigar and a cold beer near him. i wanted him to be totally relaxed. i wanted to make this an experience that he would never forget ? hopefully i succeeded. Master instructed me to model some new panties that he had gotten me before i started to bath him. i was more than happy to do this. i love how he looks at me, i love how he likes to take pictures of me. Doing this for him actually makes me feel beautiful. i modeled 3 or 4 pair ? and of course he snapped front and back shots of me in them, with my clear heels on. Though i was having fun doing it for him, all i could think about was how his naked body was sitting in that warm tub, and how i wanted to cleanse it. i was so hot inside my body that there was no need for me to have clothing on ? the heat radiated to the outside!

After modeling, Shu gave his approval for me to start washing him. i knealt beside the tub ? totally nude, and as i reached for the washcloth and soap, my pulse quickened. If Shu spoke to me while i bathed him i honestly must admit that i don?t remember what He said. All i could think about was how wonderful it felt to take the soapy cloth, and rub it all over his body. After He was thoroughly washed, i took the wet cloth and squeezed it over various parts of his body ? watching his skin glisten as the water ran across it. For me this was definitely the most incredible feeling. i felt more like his slave than i think i ever have. And i loved the feeling more than i thought i ever would. It made me not only feel good?feel warm inside?.but it also turned me on. As i knealt there i could feel my pussy get warmer/wetter. i could not resist. i had to put the cloth down, and lean over to put his cock in my mouth. God how wonderful it tasted! It was so warm, so soft ? though that didn?t last long! It quickly became rock hard in my mouth. i wanted it so badly. As i leaned over further to take more of his cock in my mouth, my nipples touched the water. The shock of that warmth nearly sent me into an orgasm. But i didn?t want to cum. That night was for Shu, not me. Shu?s breathing was so heavy that it only added to my eagerness to feel him inside me. If only the tub was bigger. For if it was i am sure i would have climbed in, straddled him, and taken his cock deep into my pussy.

Shu asked if i was going to dry him as well. That was my cue to get him out of the tub. Of course i replied that i would. As the water drained i started to dry Shu as he stood in the tub. When he climbed out so that i could complete my task it was all i could do to continue my task, and not just start touching and kissing his body with my lips and hands.

My Master proceeded to the bedroom where i asked that he lie on the bed on his chest. As he laid there i lathered the back of his body with lotion. i started with his legs/feet, did his arms, and than straddled him while i did his back. i wondered as i was doing his back if he could feel how warm and wet his pussy was. i wondered if he could hear how deep my breathing was. i don?t think he noticed because he was so totally relaxed. That made me feel so good. Shu works very hard, and has a lot of stresses in his life (me being one of them), so it made me feel complete knowing that i could take away that stress, and make him relax so totally. Though it was difficult on me. All i wanted was to kiss him, to make love to him.

This slave asked Shu to roll over, and she did the same for the front of his body. When i thought my task was done, Shu asked if i wasn?t going to lather his cock?! i felt like a school girl when He asked me to do that. It felt as if i was touching him for the very first time! As i covered his cock with lotion, and stroked it, it grew so very hard. It was so soft, so warm, so hard. i wanted it with a passion that surprised even me. i could not resist putting it in my mouth. i positioned my body so that my feet were up near Shu?s head. As i started to take him into my eager lips Shu told me to straddle him, to put my pussy over his face. Oh my God! i still can?t believe that He asked for that. My pussy was so ready for him. It was so hard to give his cock the concentration it deserved. Shu can lick pussy like no other man i know. He takes his time, his tongue caresses every part of the pussy. i knew when He started to lightly tongue my clit that i was going to be in trouble. i could feel an orgasm building. i was so afraid that it was going to be such a hard orgasm that i would squirt all over his face. i couldn?t do that to him. i didn?t want to disgust him. So to prevent that from happening i forced myself to tighten my pussy a bit, and i concentrated more on what i was doing. Perhaps if i let my excitement go from my pussy, to my lips instead, i could bring my Master to climax?! i so want to experience him cumming in my mouth! But my plan didn?t work. i was able to keep from squirting when i came, but i did not succeed in getting Shu to cum in my mouth. As soon as i came, i had to have Shu deep inside me. i don?t remember who moved first, or if one of us even said anything, but i do know that within just seconds i was on my back, with my Master swiftly putting his cock as deep inside me as possible! Now is when my memory gets very hazy. i can say however that the extreme need to have him fuck me as hard as possible has never been quite so intense. If He had gotten up and left the room at that time i would have wilted and died for sure. My body was on fire, and the only thing that could calm it was his cock in his pussy as deep and as hard as possible, until He exploded in me. My own orgasms at that point were not important. This slave had to have her Master?s seed! The pain of him fucking me so hard was pure pleasure to me at this point. i wanted to beg him to tap it even harder, but the words could not escape my lips. Shu?s orgasm was so incredible. i love it when he cums so hard that low moans escape his lips, and his body seems to shudder. i knew as he collapsed on top of me that i had pleased him immensely. i knew that i had done my job.

As i close this story, i just need to say two things?..1-my words cannot do justice to the feelings/emotions i had that night, and 2-i truly am the luckiest slave in the world! i have a Master who not only takes care of my needs, but provides me with several of my wants as well. This night was a hugh want for me ? i don?t believe i have ever wanted him so much?.so much that it felt like a need! i love you Shu, and always will.

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