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An Afternoon Tryst

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My name is Kandy. I?m a sexy married red haired full figured woman that who loves writing erotica. My husband?s name is John, he is well aware of everything I do, because we are also swingers. Larry is one of my closest online friends. I met him when he emailed me a review on one of my stories. After that we started corresponding with each other and things seemed to click between us. Soon the relationship progressed from just friends to an intimate level.

Early in our friendship, we decided to communicate by email, because he doesn?t like to chat online. According to him, his wife has health problems and is not able to have sex. She also chats online and he doesn?t want her to find out about us.

We had been corresponding for about two weeks when Larry sent and email asking if we have a more intimate relationship. I replied to his email and told him that I would have to talk it over with John first, but that the idea turned me on.

That next morning, John and I were sitting at the kitchen table having breakfast. I took a sip of coffee and said, ?John, you know how I love to chat and email people online.?

John gave me a wink and said, ?Oh yeah, it turns me on too doll. What?s on your mind today??

I blushed as I spoke, ?Well last week I met this guy named Larry. We have been exchanging some emails and he?s a perfect gentleman, and also a bit of a flirt. It seems his wife cannot have sex any more and he wants to release his frustration online. I was wondering if I could take the relationship to one that of a sexual nature. Furthermore, I never do anything without confiding in you first.?

John took a sip of his coffee and then flashed me a devilish grin and said, ?Thanks for telling me doll. I don?t see why you cannot help Larry out. If I know you, we will soon have Larry meeting us for a hot threesome.?

My eyes widened with excitement and my breast started to swell, and I felt my clit throbbing as I mulled over the thought of having a threesome with Larry. I looked at John and purred, ?Thanks baby. Oh God, the thought of you and Larry fucking me, has me so horny, and I have lost my appetite.?

John flashed me a devilish grin, got out of his chair, walked over to my side of the table, and helped me stand up. He then took me in his arms and planted a kiss one me that would curl my toes.

He then looked directly into my seductive green-eyes and suggested, ?I have an idea, let?s go back to bed, and make love for the rest of the morning.?

My mind was filled with things that Larry could do to me and I know the mere thought of me being nailed by another guy always revs John?s motor. I flashed him a sultry smile and said, ?Lead the way darling. I need to feel your cock inside me!?

The two of us spent the whole morning in bed, eating, sucking, and playing with each others hot bodies.

Later that afternoon, I emailed Larry the news and in addition told him that once we get to know each other that maybe we could meet for a threesome. I then waited anxiously for his reply, as I knew he would be elated.

My body began to quiver as mind thought of a dozen scenarios about what we all could do. I slid my fingers inside my panties and felt the heat coming from my pussy and whispered, ?Oh God, if I keep this up, I?m going to have to masturbate right here.?

About two hours later I got an email from him, telling me how happy his was. His letter went on to tell me that his sexual preference had only been one on one as he had never thought about doing a threesome. Larry then asked me if I the opportunity arose could do just him without John there.

I replied to his email saying, ?I know you would love to have sex with only me, but I cannot do it that way, because hubby won?t approve of it. However, I will keep his idea in mind as I share things with my husband John. After all we all had plenty of time to talk things over and once we get acquainted.?

That evening I spoke with John about Larry?s email with him. It was then that he asked for Larry?s email address, so he could communicate with him personally. He began to write Larry and after awhile told me that he really liked the guy.

In my emails to Larry, things got pretty hot and heavy and most of the time each of us masturbated as we wrote cum filled letters.

During the next two weeks we all exchanged emails. It was after that, when John told me that he thought the three of us were very compatible. He then asked, ?Why don?t you email Larry about meeting face to face??

So that night I sat down and wrote Larry, a letter. I suggested that maybe we should talk about meeting, not for a one on one as hubby would always be with me.

In his next email, Larry sounded very disappointed, but told me that he understood, or at least I thought he did. Mainly because in his following emails he kept suggesting that we do a one on one with or without John. Every time he wrote me, he encouraged me to talk it over with John and see if I could convince him to let me do it. I once again told I doubt it but it wouldn?t hurt to ask him.

John and I were sitting on the couch one night talking about who we could swing with that weekend. I snuggled up to him and purred, ?We could ask Larry to play with us.?

He flashed me a devilish smile and asked, ?You really like him don?t you??

I shifted as the thought of having sex with Larry was making my juices flow and my panties were getting soaked. I looked right into John?s face and squealed, ?Yes I like him. God, I love to have a threesome with him. Then I paused and said, ?By the way, would you consider letting me do a one on one with him?? I then held my breath hoping he?d had seconds thought about it.

John pulled me into his arms and said, ?Baby, you?re making my dick hard. Why don?t you email him tonight and invite him to a threesome this weekend.?

That did it, my nipples and clit began to swell and throb, and my mouth went dry. I tried to talk but all I could do was mumble, ?Uh-huh, mmmmm.?

John laughed and said, ?Woman, you need fucked, I can see it all over your face!?

He took me by the hand and we headed for the bedroom as I giggled, ?Emailing Larry can wait, I want to suck your cock.?

There was a flurry of clothing, lips, and hands as John and I began another hot night of making love. We fucked through the night and I fell asleep in his arms sometime around four a.m.

The next morning which was Tuesday, I emailed Larry asking him if he would like to join us for a threesome that coming weekend and if he didn?t that was okay too.

Within fifteen minutes I got a reply from Larry saying that if that were the only way he could have sex with me, he?d love to try it.

It would be Larry?s first threesome and I assured him since we had done this many times, he was in for a treat. Following that communication the three of us we set up a time and place to meet that weekend.

We finalized the plans. We would meet for dinner at O?Charlies at five p.m. and afterwards we would drive to the Comfort Inn for a night of pure ecstasy.

We met for supper and everything seemed to go very well. When the waiter asked us if we wanted desert, John spoke up, pointer at me and said, ?No, she?s our desert.?

I blushed and said, ?Do you want that with whipped cream and a cherry love??

The waiter blushed so much he couldn?t talk, he just walked away quietly. However, I can tell by the bulge in his pants that he liked the idea.

As soon as we entered the motel room, all of us stripped and climbed onto the big king sized bed. The two men immediately turned their attention to me. Oh God, I was in seventh heaven. John?s cock was as hard as steel and he asked me to start things off by sucking his dick. Larry?s member wasn?t as big as John?s but rock-hard and oozing pre-cum. He ogled John as he leaned over and began playing with my pussy.

After a few minutes, John again asked Larry if he wanted to fuck me. This time he declined saying he?d rather have me suck him off.

I stopped sucking John and turned my attention to Larry. In no time he was bellowing, ?Oh fuck you sure know how to suck cock Kandy!?

John watched me and felt his dick throbbing to slide into my mouth or pussy. He decided to ask John again, ?Hey man, how about fucking Kandy?s hot cunt??

He looked up at John and replied, ?You know something, I have never seen a couple fuck for real, and I want to watch you fuck your wife.?

John looked at Larry and then back at me and said, ?I?d love to do that if that is what you want.? So he moved down between my legs and started ramming his cock into me.

I then glanced over at Larry and saw that his cock was still hard and suggested, ?Why don?t you bring that cock of yours up to my lips? I want you to fuck my mouth as John does my cunt.?

He moved and said, ?Now how can I resist such a delicious temptation!?

He ran his hardened cock all over my face and then I engulfed it deep and began sucking it hard. God the two men doing me was all I could take, I couldn?t hold back any longer. I trembled from head to toe and began cumming all over John?s cock, Larry came in my mouth, and John filled my cunt with his seed.

As the three of us sat on the bed, John asked, ?Well guys, what we should do next??

It was then I noticed that Larry looked distracted as he didn?t answer, just sat there staring at me. I looked at John, shook my head and then over at Larry and asked, ?Is something wrong baby??

He bowed his head and said, ?Sort of, but I don?t want to disappoint you or hurt your feelings with what I?m about to say.?

John spoke up and said, ?Larry, we are all friends man, just spit it out.?

He looked lovingly into my face and said, ?I?m not comfortable with our threesome. I?m sorry, but I just can?t get in the mood with another man here.?

I moved over and sat down next to him and put my hand in his and uttered, ?Honey, there is nothing to be sorry for dear. This is your first time, and you didn?t know whether you?d like it or not. I for one had some fun and to me that?s all that matters.?

He looked over at John and then back at me, ?Thanks, I wasn?t sure how understanding you guys would be. Now, I hate to cut things short, but I got to go, I told my wife I would be home around one a. m. Kandy, I?ll email you when I get home.?

I kissed his cheek and said, ?Okay, drive carefully baby. However, we may not be home until tomorrow as I still want to play.?

Larry headed to the bathroom to freshen up as the two of us put our robes. John leaned over to me and whispered, ?Baby, I?m sorry Larry disappointed you like that, I sure thought he?d fuck you from the sound of his emails.?

I frowned and whispered a reply, because I didn?t want Larry to hear us. ?Yeah I know, but hey, he?s never done a threesome before. Let?s not say anything for now okay.?

John kissed me and said, ?Okay doll.?

We were sitting on the edge of the bed quietly when Larry came back into the room. He walked over to us, reached out his hand to John, and said, ?It was nice to meet you John.?

Larry then told me to stand up so he could kiss me goodbye. I stood up and he pulled me into his arms, and planted one on me so hard, I thought I would faint.

He then looked me straight in the eye and said, ?Kandy, you?re a real sweetheart.?

After that he turned to John and said, ?Take care of her John, she?s one special lady.?

John nodded his head and replied, ?I will, we?ll talk soon, Good-night Larry.?

I reached out and hugged Larry again and said, ?Drive safely love, Good-bye.?

When he left John pulled me into his arms and said, ?So you want to play some more huh.?

I winked and purred, ?Yeah, my cunt is still throbbing.?

He grabbed me laid me on the bed and ordered, ?Spread your legs doll, I want to see just how much you are throbbing!?

After a night of fucking we fell asleep in each others arms. We didn?t make it home until around two o?clock that next day.

The first thing I did was check my email, and sure enough there was a message from Larry. ?Hello baby, I made it home safe and sound. In addition, my wife wasn?t suspicious at all. Do you think John would let me have sex with you alone? I?d really love to eat your pussy, tease your ass, and drive my cock deep inside that cunt of yours.?

I wrote him back and said, ?I?m glad you are okay. I?ll ask John, but I doubt if he?ll let me have sex with you privately, because once he makes his mind up, no one can change it.?

I was going to tell John about the email and completely forgot until we were driving though the country-side near here the next day. He brought up the subject first and asked, ?Kandy, has Larry asked about you having sex with him one on one lately??

With an amazed wide eyed expression on my face I responded, ?Yes, in every email he always asks me if we can fuck one on one. I keep telling him, you won?t approve, but I don?t think it?s sinking in.?

In the back of my mind I was thinking, ?Oh boy, here it comes, he is going to tell me off.?

To my surprise John said, ?Honey, you know the idea of me watching another man fuck you makes my dick throb. However, I have been thinking about Larry?s request.? He paused and flashed me a seductive smile.

I gave him a quizzical look and asked, ?Really, what did you decide??

He pulled the truck off the road and then glanced over at me to see my reaction and said, ?I?m thinking about letting you do it.?

I jumped, swallowed my tongue, and shrieked, ?Really, you?re not just teasing me??

He replied, ?No, I?m not teasing, I just haven?t made my mind up completely yet.? John quickly changed the subject and the conversation about Larry was not brought up again that day.

Larry continued our correspondence, and every time he would ask me that same question. However, this time, I didn?t say I couldn?t. I told him that John was thinking about it and hadn?t decided to whether to let me do a one on one.

About a week later, I got an email from Larry. ?Hi Sugar, I?m going to be driving through your area next Sunday and want to know if I can take the two of you out to dinner, to make up for the threesome that went sour.?

Before I could respond I needed to talk to John about it. So I then walked into the living room where John was and said, ?Honey, I got a special email from Larry just now.?

His eyes lit up and he asked, ?Oh really, what?s he want, this time, besides your hot cunt??

I responded, ?Well, he?s going to be up this way next Sunday and wants to take us out for dinner. I think it?s a peace offering for the botched threesome.?

John flashed me a devilish grin and chirped, ?Dinner huh? I have a better idea.?

I smirked and said, ?Ooooh what do you have in mind??

John pulled me onto his lap and said, ?You?ll see. Here?s my plan. I?d like you to write him back and tell him that he needs to call you on the phone and talk about it first. Make sure you give him your cell phone number. After he calls, make sure he is all alone. Then tell him we would be glad to join him for dinner, but only if he joins us at the Comfort Inn were we met earlier for a private conversation. Then pause for a minute and make him sweat. I assure you he will ask why? That?s when you inform him that I have reserved two rooms at the motel, one for us, and one for him. Then pause again and with an excited voice, say, because you will be meeting him in his room around three p.m, for an afternoon tryst, alone?

I blinked my eyes, felt my heart skip and beat and damn near fell off of John?s lap. ?Did you say what I think you did, I can meet him alone one on one??

John put his arms around me and said, ?Yes, you can meet him, but only if I hear all the graphic details afterwards.?

That night after putting on my pajamas I sat down at my computer. I was so excited I could hardly type, and with trembling fingers, I email Larry and inform him of John?s decision.

His response was quick and I read the bold letters he typed, ?OH MY GOD, MY COCK IS AS HARD AS STEEL. WHAT SHALL WE DO FIRST? I CANNOT WAIT BABY! I WILL CALL YOU TOMORROW, WHICH IS WENSDAY, AT SIX P.M. Good-bye.?

I sat there in my computer chair thinking about what we would do. I was so aroused that I just had to email Larry again and tell him how I was feeling. As one hand slid down inside my pajamas to rub my drenched pussy, the other one typed. ?Ooooh, do you know how horny I am right now! Honey, when I think of the two of us fucking, it makes my nipples hard, and clit throb. By the way, I?m sitting here with one hand inside my pj bottoms rubbing my clit. . . so this email may be full of errors because it?s hard to type with one hand. LOL! I know you are probably just as excited as me too. I?ll be nervous too, because this will be my first sexual encounter without John there. However, I just know that you?ll help me break through all that and we?ll have a fun-fuck-filled afternoon. We?ve already booked the rooms so you won?t have to do anything but show up around noon Sunday. Baby, I cannot wait either. Mmmmm, aaarrrggghhh, I wish you were eating me because I?m cumming! Now, I?m saying Good-night as I need John?s cock inside me, and yes baby, I will pretend it?s yours.?

The next week drug by slower than molasses. Saturday, I packed our suitcase, with the usual things and made sure to include my Ben-wa-balls, and seven inch gel vibrator. I would wear my hot sexy pink bra with matching panties, and aqua colored pant outfit, which was classic and sexy.

It was midnight when John and I finally crawled into bed. As I snuggled up into his arms, my pulse was racing, nipples hard and pussy drenched with anticipation.

John gazed into my seductive green-eyes and said, ?Honey, I bet you can?t wait for tomorrow. So, just how excited are you??

I placed my arms around his neck and purred, ?I am so turned on right now that I don?t think I can sleep at all. Oh God, the thought of another man touching me, tasting me and fucking me without you there has sent my mind into overdrive.?

He just chuckled, winked and said, ?Well you really aught to try to get some sleep---or do you need my famous Peter-all sleeping pill??

I melted into his and gave him a kiss that would curl his toes and make his dick hard as steel and exclaimed, ?Does that answer your question love? You need you to make love to me, right now, or I will drive us both crazy by morning!?

He flashed me and devilish and said, ?I thought so. Now take that nightie off and lay on your back. I want to play with your pussy.?

I moved and spread my legs quivering with anticipation. When he positioned himself between my legs and opened my pussy lips with his fingers, and ran his tongue the full length of my slit making me moaned with desire. After that his tongue started working its magic.

With half closed eyes John ate me, knowing I needed his tender loving care. However, to me it meant, ?Touch-lips and cock!?

I was close to climax when I shrieked, ?Ooooooh honey, stop eating me, I need you cock inside me. I need you to fuck me deep and hard, as I cum all over your dick!?

He changed position and began driving his cock inside me. Soon both of us were moving in unison making our own melody of love. He looked into my eyes and asked, ?I bet you wish it was Larry fucking you, don?t you??

I wrapped my legs around him and squealed, ?Oh-my-God, yes!?

I could tell by the way his cock pulsated and his face contorted, that John was just as excited about tomorrow as me.

He plunged his cock and mumbled, ?Just make sure you tell me all the graphic details.?

I nodded my head yes as my mind wondered to Larry. I could see his throbbing dick as he positioned himself between my legs. As he gazed into my eyes and plunged it deep into me he said, ?Oh Kandy, I have waited to fuck you ever since our threesome. Mmm, your cunt is so fucking wet, cum for me baby!?

That did it my mind quivered in ecstasy as my body was wracked with an earth-shattering orgasm.

John could see the lust in my face, felt me quiver, and began fucking me harder. After a few more thrust he exploded against the walls of my vagina.

As we lay in each others arms basking in the after glow of our love, I looked into John?s eyes and said, ?Now I can go to sleep.?

He kissed me and chuckled saying, ?Woman, you have rode me hard and put me away wet, now let me sleep.?

We then moved and settled in for a good night?s sleep, or so I thought. I fell asleep dreaming of Larry and our tryst. After a couple hours I woke up, sweating and trembling with my clit screaming to be touched. I looked over at John. He was snoring so loud that he couldn?t hear if it was thundering.

I slid back the covers on my side of the bed and raised my nightie. With one hand I pulled and pinched my swollen nipples as my other one, began playing with my clit. After a few minutes, I paused to make sure hubby was still asleep, once assured that he was I continued to masturbate.

I pictured Larry sitting naked at the foot of the bed watching me as he lazily stroked his hard cock. I then imagined hearing his words, ?Cum for me Kandy, that?s it rub that clit hard. Oh fuck you?re going to make me cum too.?

As he increased the tempo of stroking his cock, I did the came to my clit and soon trembled all over as I climaxed. After that I feel asleep only to be awakened ten minutes before my alarm was to go off.

I yawned stretched, noticed John was still asleep, reached up and turned off my alarm clock. I knew his would go off in forty minutes so he wouldn?t oversleep. That would give me time to bathe, and calm my nerves before he got up. I slowly climbed out of bed and headed toward the bathroom.

I was lying in the tub and making sure every nook and cranny was clean when hubby banged on the door and shouted, ?Did you fall asleep in the tub again darling??

I damn near swallowed my tongue as I never heard his alarm go off. I stammered, ?Ah-no--but, I bit my tongue. Did you have to scare me like that??

He peeked his head in the door, and smirked saying, ?Why certainly, it gets you back for all those time you scared me. Aren?t paybacks fun??

I rolled my eyes and squealed, ?Oh yeah, you just wait, because you?re times a coming.?

He chuckled and said, ?Don?t you mean c-u-m-m-i-n-g don?t you. Well doll, I?m off to fix us some breakfast, that way you?ll have time to get out and dressed. I will call you when it?s ready.?

After getting out of the tub, I went into the bedroom put on the outfit I had laid out the night before. After that I fixed my hair, applied my make-up in an alluring manner than checked myself in the mirror to make sure everything was in place. I walked out of the room toward the kitchen to ask John how I looked.

He must have been coming to tell me that breakfast was ready, because I heard him whistle and shout, ?Hot-damn baby, you?re beautiful. If that don?t make his dick stand up for attention, he?s blind, deaf, and dumb!?

I pointed to his crotch, giggled and replied, ?It looks like he isn?t the only cock who will ?stand-up and notice.?

Hubby blushed and changed the subject quickly, ?Well, breakfast is ready and it?s time to get this show on the road.?

I walked up to him, placed my hand in his, and suggested, ?Well, let?s eat, then load the truck and go.?

Hubby leaned over kissed me and then said, ?Yup, you?re way past ready?I?d say you?re raring to get fucked!?

Afterwards we ate I did the dishes as John packed up our things. I made sure I had my cell phone and we drove off towards the motel.

I was so excited that I didn?t talk much as we traveled toward our destination. I didn?t want to talk sex, because I would have to relieve myself right there in the truck while John was driving down the highway.

We pulled into the parking lot of the motel and soon were checked into our room. I looked at my watch and said, ?It?s ten a.m. I?d better call Larry and tell him we are here.?

I dialed the phone and told Larry we were there and he replied, ?Oh good, I?m about five minutes away from the Comfort Inn, what is my room number??

I replied, ?Larry we?re in room 220, we have you booked in room 204. Call me when you check in.?

A few minutes later, Larry called me and said, ?Well, I?m in my room. Give me thirty minutes then come on up to my room.?

I told him that I would see him in a few minutes, hung up the phone and looked over at John.

John I guess could tell I was a bit nervous. He walks over to me, pulls me into his arms, and kisses me hard. While looking into my sexy green-eyes he said, "I know this afternoon will be special for you, and you?re really looking forward to it. However, I don?t want you to worry about me, because you can turn me on with the details when you come back to me. Oh fuck, my dick is getting hard. I guess it?s anxious too. Honey, I can also see that you?re nervous, why don?t you sit down and relax and let me unpack the rest of the suitcase."

I sat down for about a minute, then got up and went to the suitcase. I picked up my cosmetic bag and headed toward the bathroom. With trembling fingers, I check myself in the mirror, as my mind starts thinking of Larry. I wonder if he is as excited as I am. I feel my nipples harden more and the juices soak my panties. I took a moment to freshen up, dabbed on a bit of perfume, and then fixed my make-up.

Afterwards I looked at myself in the mirror once more. My eyes widen with excitement and I whisper, ?Wow Kandy, you are one sexy hot momma.? I blow my reflection a kiss and walk out so John can see me.

As I walk into the bedroom John whistled. "Hot-damn girl, if that don't start Larry?s fire, nothing will!"

He draws me into his arms, kisses me hard, and tells me he is going with me to Larry?s room, but just to tell him hello, then I am all his. We leave the room arm in arm, and begin walking down the hallway.

As we near Larry?s room, I feel my pulse racing so fast I swear everyone can hear it echo in the hallway. My nipples strain my sexy outfit and my juices continue to flow.

When we get to his door, John winks at me and says, ?Why don?t you stand out of sight, I going to knock and tell him I?m ready to play. I?m eager to see his reaction, and then I will go back to our room.?

I wink and blush as I nod my head yes. I had to place my hand over my lips to stifle a giggle.

John knocks on the door, and when Larry answers it said, Hi Larry, I?m ready for some hot sex!? He paused to watch his reaction then said, ?I?m just kidding. I wanted to come down and say hello, it?s good to see you again. Now, you take care of my baby, I?m headed back to our room.?

Larry responded by laughing and replied, ?You had me going for a moment man. It?s good to see you John. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting your wife meet with me.?

John smiled, ?Your welcome.?

He turned and kissed me then said, ?Have a good time doll.?

After I got inside the room Larry locks the door, turns to me and pulls me into his arms. ?Hello Kandy, I cannot believe you are here. Please thank John for letting me do this.?

I put my arms around his neck and purred, ?Hi Larry, I can?t believe I am actually here either. Honey, you can bet I will show John how much I appreciate him for letting me do this. I?ll do that later on as for now baby, I?m all yours!?

As ours eyes meet, Larry placed his lips on mine. I could feel the beating of his hearts as my kiss lights a fire of passion that he hasn?t felt for a long time. In his mind, he is probably screaming, ?I wish my wife was still this hot!?

He broke the kiss and then took me by the hand to show me the bead. On it he had spread a large towel, because I had told him that my juices flow so much have to lay on one to protect bedding. Next to it laid a pink gel vibrator, it looked about eight inches and was the kind that bends.

Larry leaned over to me, kissed my cheek, and told me he is going to put it in my mouth, cunt, and ass.

My eyes light up with anticipation and I tell him that I can?t wait to strip. I?m so excited that I can barely walk over to the chair without shaking. I stand there and remove my pants and underwear, then sit down in chair to remove the rest of my things.

Larry ogles me as he strips down to his shorts. After he sees that I am naked, he walks over to me, lowers his underwear, and spoke with a shaky voice and said, ?Suck my dick baby.?

My eyes are wide with lust and I pant with excitement as my trembling fingers grasp his cock. I moan slightly as I place my lips around it and slowly suck it in. My pussy juices start to flow from my pussy like someone just turned on a faucet.

After a few moments he stops me, takes off shorts completely, and helps me to my feet. He then wrapped his arms around me, passionately kisses me and I feel his cock pulsating against my thigh.

Larry then takes me by the hand and walks me over to the bed. He kisses me gently as he lays me down on the bed, then he climbed up on the other side. As his arms reach out for me, I slide up into his arms. We lay there snuggling and kissing for a few minutes. Then he moves, leans over and starts to suck and nibble at one nipple, then the other.

His mouth is driving me crazy with desire and I turn my head from side to side, moan, and squeal, ?Ooooh God! Please eat me!?

Larry winked at me and then moved down hovering over my pussy with his cock just inches from my mouth. He inhales deeply breathing in its intoxicating aroma. Carefully, he examines me, using his fingers as well as his eyes.

My pussy is pink, with its slit already open between blood engorged lips, the clit, erect and peeking out from under its hood of flesh. My vagina trembles longing...needing his tongue...his touch...his cock.

He licks the length of my slit again then quickly moves up to kiss me, so I can taste my sex on his lips. He moves back down and does the same action repeatedly.

My pussy is throbbing desperately wanting his undivided attention. He ceases his teasing as devours the flesh of my sex, inserting first one, then two, and then three fingers inside of me. He licks and sucks the clit as he thrusts his fingers in and out of me.

I go wild with lust, thrusting my hips up as I feel the pleasurable stimulation and shriek, "Mmmmmmm."

I long for more and lift up so his tongue can repeat that action. His tongue encircles my sensitive clit and he inserts a fourth finger inside me. Then inexplicably, my pussy gives way to his hand. He slowly began fisting me as he continued to lick my clit.

Normally, I?m quiet while making love, because with past sexual experiences I wasn?t allowed to scream. However, at that moment, I cry out, realizing that my inhibitions are all gone, because it?s just him and I alone on the bed. Harder and harder he fists me while sucking my clit. I soon climax, my body convulsing, as my juices running down his wrist and flooding the bed.

Afterwards Larry moves up to my head. He then leans back on his knees with his cock close to my lips and exclaimed, ?Suck my cock again baby!?

As I gaze at his cock, the shaft is red and stiff. The head is purple while the tip is dripping with pre-cum. I hungrily lick my lips saying, ?Yummy, I cannot wait to savor the salty taste of your cock.?

My mouth and tongue starts to tease you with hot breaths of air as I hover over your swelling cock. I let my lips brush against its shaft, as my fingers reach for your balls. At first, I gently stroke them with my fingertips and then apply a little more pressure as I cup my hand around them.

As my hand works its magic, my mouth slowly engulf the head of your cock. I am rewarded with more tasty drops of your sweet nectar. I close my eyes and moan slightly as my tongue flicks against the underside of the head. I hear you let out a sigh as I move lower down the shaft, feeling the vein pulsate as I take more of you in, until my lips touch your pubic hair.

I look up at you through my eyelashes, watching the passion in you face. As my fingers play with your balls my tongue flicks around the shaft of your cock tantalizing it more, faster, until my lips part and I close them tightly around your shaft.

You buck your hips and bellow, ?Oh God, I love the way you suck my dick. Harder, yessss just like that, mmmmmmm!?

Hearing you moan only makes me increase the pressure on your cock as my hands squeeze your balls in pace with my mouth. I lash my tongue around your shaft and the up to the head and back down again repeatedly. I moan as I taste the drops of cum as it begins to flow, begging for release.

My clit is throbbing again and I want to rub it, but decide to pleasure you first.

I feel you reach out to grab my head and aggressively fuck my mouth. Deeper---harder until your cock goes rigid, a deep growl escapes your lips and I feel you cum hard down my throat. My mouth tightens around your delicious cock as I hungrily lick up every drop of your nectar.

Larry left his cock in my mouth for a moment as he basks in the intense pleasure he was feeling. After that he sat up on the bed next to me and started kissing and playing lazily with my nipples.

He paused for a moment, looks into my eyes lovingly, and whispered, ?Kandy, you?re so beautiful, and your flesh feels wonderful. When I kiss your skin it's sweeter than cotton candy. Oh God, ever since you sent me those sexy pictures of you in that black nightie, I?ve wanted to fuck you! I can tell you wanted me just as bad by the emails you sent me. I?m so happy your husband changed his mind and let you do this.?

The corners of my mouth stretched into a wide grin, my sparkling green eyes lit up and my whole face beamed with excitement. I gazed into his face and said, ?Thanks baby, I?ll make sure to thank John too. Larry, you?re very handsome too. To be honest with you, I have to admit, I have wanted to fuck you since you wrote that first hot cum filled email. I love the way you kiss me, it makes me tremble all over. Oh God, when you slide your cock inside me, I am in seventh heaven. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would feel like this with you. I won?t hesitate to do this again.?

Following that remark, he continued to excite my nipples. My eyes scan his whole body from his face to his crotch and another wave of desire surged through my body. I then utter, ?Oh honey, I love what you?re doing to my tits. Please move your hips closer to me baby. I want to take your drooping cock into my mouth and make it hard again. I don?t know about you, but I?m ready for the next round.?

Larry continues to play with my breast, but moves so that I can take his cock into my mouth.

I began to suck him eagerly but after a few minutes he stops me and says, ?Oh fuck, slow down honey, or I will explode in your mouth. This time, I want my cock deep inside your cunt when I cum.?

I flash him a sultry grin and squealed, ?Fuck me Larry. I cannot wait to feel your cock deep inside me!?

Larry got between my legs and slid his cock balls deep into my wanting pussy. As he began to fuck me, I reach up and start playing with his nipples.

His whole face radiated with lust as he looks into my face. He then bellows, ?Oh God I love my nipples done, pinch them hard baby!?

I pinch and roll his nipples as I shove my hips into his cock. It didn?t take long for Larry to say, ?Ooooooh, I?m cumming! Baby, you?re one hot fuck!?

I looked him in the eyes and said, ?Love, you?re not so bad yourself.?

We lay there for awhile with his cock still in me, basking in the afterglow. When it slides from my hole he moves and lies down on the bed next to me. Afterwards we began to talk about different things hat were happening in both lives.

Larry then winks and asks, ?Kandy, what time do you need to go back to your room??

I wink back, lick my lips, quiver and they said, ?John told me to stay as long as I wanted too, there was no set time for me to return to my room. Baby, I don?t know about you, but I?m not done playing.?

Larry then picked up the gel vibrator and flashed me a devilish grin and said, ?Well, I?m not done either. Let me go pee, then when I get back I want to see how much of this toy you can handle.?

As he went into the bathroom, I lay there on the bed thinking of what was going through John?s mind at that moment. I bet he was lying on the bed stroking his hard dick. I was lost in my thought when Larry climbs back on the bed.

When he touched my arm it startled me. He pulls me close kisses me hard and said, ?Oh I didn?t mean to scare you. Are you ready to play baby? I am, but my dick isn?t.?

I reach down and ran my fingers across his dick and suggested, ?I have an idea, why don?t you lay on your back next to me with your head near my pussy, with mine close to your cock. That way, you can work of fucking me with that toy as I wrap my lips around your cock.?

Larry?s eyes lit up and he exclaimed, ?Oh baby, let?s do! I love doing that you must have been reading my mind.?

As we lay side by side, he slowly slid the toy into my cunt with it vibrating on high. I trembled with desire as I reach over and took his cock into my mouth. I began sucking him in rhythm of the vibrator fucking me as I watched the reaction on his face.

I could by his actions that he was very excited. All of a sudden he paused and asked, ?What to you feel about a guy masturbating for you??

I stopped sucking long enough to squeal, ?I love to watch a guy jack off! I also love to fuck myself with a toy and masturbate for him too!?

Larry just mumbled, ?Oooooooh God!?

After a moment or two he suggested, ?I?ll jack off with one hand and continue to fuck you with the toy, while you rub your clit. It will be so hot to watch each other get off masturbating!?

As I watched him, Larry grabbed his cock. With one hand he stroked his cock as the other one fucked me with the vibrator. My whole reacted violently as the climactic wave started building again. My nipples were so hard that it felt like they would burst if touched. I slid my hand down and began rubbing my clit furiously.

I watch with lust in my eyes as we both neared another orgasm. Larry?s eyes were fixed on my pussy. As I moved my hips up and down, fucking the toy, as he moved his hand fast and furious on his cock.

He shook all over and screamed, ?That?s it baby, fuck the toy hard! Ooooh God, I?m going to cum!?

All of a sudden his face turns red and he came all over his abdomen. That triggered my climax and I came so much that it gushed all over the toy, up his wrist and all over the bed.

Afterwards we just lay there backing in the afterglow. Larry then moved and took me into his arms and said, ?Kandy that felt so fucking good! We will do this again sometime.?

I laid my head against his chest and with a breathless voice said, ?You bet. However, next time, John may join us for awhile if that is okay with you.?

Larry just grinned and said, ?Yes he can join us then you my dear are all mine for awhile.?

I get up and start cleaning myself up a bit so that I can put my clothes back on to return to my own room.

Once I was dressed, Larry took my hand and escorted me to the door. We got about halfway there when he pulled me into his arms and we kissed good-bye.

I bid him farewell and made my way back to hubby and our room. I use my key to enter the room and find John working on his laptop in just his shorts. I walk over to him kiss him and say, ?Hiya handsome, I?m back!?

John took me by the hand and lead me over to the bed and with a shaky voice ordered, ?Take off your cloths doll. It?s my turn now, and I want to hear every sexy detail!?

It doesn?t take me long to strip and sit down on the bed next to him. His cock begins to harden the moment I giving him the graphic description of what Larry and I did.

After a few minutes he gets so excited that he stops me and shouts, ?Lay down baby, I need to fuck you before I explode cum all over the bed!?

We start fucking like a couple of wild animals as I continue to tell every little details of my hot time with Larry. I would tell you what John did, but that is another story.

(Yes this a true story, the names have been changed to protect peoples privacy.)

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