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Almost Perfect

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A couple of weeks ago I lived out something I have only dreamed about. Important to note- I am a happy married man and would want no other woman. That said, (I believe) marriange is about the whole package- does't mean there are parts that fall short on both sides. Our sex life is vanilla- as that is our mis-connect. She is glad to have sex with me, but it's obvious the reason we are having the vanilla sex we do is for me. As such, I have used my active fantasy mind to supplement. Odd- for someone not motivated by sex, she is very open to many things that I do. She knows I masterbate often, often lays beside me. Will play with my ass (becomes a key to the ultimate story) and if i put in a toy, she'll then fuck me with it. We''ll go a nude beach, and I'll stripe, she'll stay clothed...but both of us enjoy ourselves.

I have used SLS as a safe way to live though other experiences I read about. A few weeks ago a married couple contacted me and asked if I was interested in playing. They picked me as my profile shows I'm not a "professional" at the lifestyle- matter of fact, was a virgin to it.

The couple was the opposite of my marriage. The husband was content with occassional vanilla sex, she fantisized about other things and people. He wanted to invite someone in to give her more, but also to see about expanding his experience as well.

As we chatted online first, by phone later, he seemed to come out of his conservative closet. He had a few conditions...not knowing they aligned with my fantasies. I was eventually invited to their house. We chatted for a little time in the living room, and his wife played the role of hostess. Each time returning to the room, and sitting closer, and rubbing up agaist me (PG13) more and more. The first condition started- I was to remain in the living room and they went to the bedroom to have sex themselves. Once he came in her, I was called into the bedroom.

Condition 1- I was to suck him clean. While he reported being totally straight (and my listed "Bi-curious")...they both thought this would be a turn on. While this was my first time doing such, I have imagined it several (OK- hunderds) of times. The idea of a soft cock in my mouth has always been more appealing than a hard one. As such, I wasted no time with condition 1.

Condition 2- Now I was to enjoy her cream pie. How crazy...perhaps my own number one fantasy! I have tried my own cream pie with my wife, but the idea of someone elses has always turned me one. I burried my face and tongue into her open and wet pussy and could have remainded there as long as she desired.

During the time from when he came in her, and called me in however, some of the cum has dripped to her ass. In keeping with this near perfect experience, I was delighted to see when I looked closer...she shaved her ass. Don't ask me why, but rimming has been and remains among my favorite things! On a rare occassion my wife will rim me, but not often. she is very active however in simulating with her finger. When traveling and getting massages on the road, various male and female have given me such (introduced me to such as a matter of fact) and I was hooked at the first touch. I eventually convinced my wife to let me rim her. While she is not a fan, she occassionally lets me...we then enjoy some of our most passionate sex, as it totally turns me on. As such, rimming my new found friend was delightful. Turns out, she enjoys it as much as I like giving- and it is not part of her husbands "routine". While it didn't seem like it could get any better, she moved around and returned the favor!

Eventually I (we) could not take it any longer, and I finally entered her. While others claim great endurance, perhaps too much prior stimulas, but I didn't last long at all. She didn't seem to mind, hopefully because she too was so jacked by all that had orally gone before. As such, I cam in her, and we laid together until i finally softened to the point of falling out.

To the great surprise of each of us, her husband mirrored the beginning. He first took my soft cock into his mouth briefly to clense it, then dove into her newly cum filled pussy. Wow, for vanilla, he was in the game!

For me personally- this covered almost every fantasy I enjoy. The only remaining, I want to feel a live cock in my ass before I die! Call it my bucket list item. While I enjoy thin toys, I seem to be too tight to enjoy the more "normal" sized. As a result, for this to happen, I need to find the willing thin cocked person (not the husband, while he didn't offer).

Wow...who knew! Don't want to make a habit of this, but what an outstanding series of dreams come true.

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