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Alice and Ice Cream Cones

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I spent a few years in Law Enforcement in a mid sized town in Georgia for a while. One of the most plesant things was to check on the local emergency room since they had no real security officers on the property. Actually all they had was one rather over-weight janitor that showed up when needed and he usually ended up calling us. I was taken to the hospital and introduced to the crew by my FTO and began going there regularlly at certain times in the day or night, whichever I was working. There were a couple nurses and one unit secratary that were always nice and friendly when you walked in the door and they, unless busy, would stop and talk. After a few weeks there was on secratary that I had not met and she was really shy at first. She had been working on a ward and had transferred for the better money in the ER. Alice was a few years older than me, and had a nice figure but was a little full figured which I like anyway, can't stand skinny women, nothing to hug. Anyway, Alice was shy some but there were times I just knew she was fliriting. She would lean over some to show a rather nice cleavage when no one else was around and then fix herself when someone came up. Once she did this and smiled at me as she did so and I just felt warm all over from her show she was giving me. We got to talking once about favorite things to eat and it stayed on real food at least I thought it was. One time we were in this discussion and Alice said, "Well, I don't know about anyone else but my favorite is Ice Cream." She said this with a smile and looked directly at me. I told her, "Well then, I will have to bring you some one day." She said she would like that and then of course all the others said well bring us some too then. I got a gallon from the store the next night and brought it down and told them to enjoy. Alice reached into her purse and gave me some money and asked if I could go get some cones because she really liked cones. I went and got them and brought them back and she disappeared into the break room and got a cone full of ice cream and came back out. She kept licking the ice cream and kept looking at me and smiling. I tlod her, when there was no one around. You sure do like those cones don't you? She said, I enjoy the licking part and I love it when it melts in my mouth she said as she glanced at my crotch or was I imagining things. I get off at midnight tonight, can you come by and walk me to my car she asked me suddenly? Sure I told her. I get off at 11 so I will be off too. She smiled and said, "Oh great, I can have another Ice Cream cone then." Okay I told her. The whole shift I was thinking of Alice and her ice cream cones and at 11 clocked out and headed to the hospital. She was finishing up a little paperwork so I sat out of the way to wait. She came out at midnight smiling and said, Off finally, I have been waiting all evening, come on." I went to her car with her ands as she got in she suddenly turned and kissed me passionately. I have wanted to do that since we met she said. I have thought of it myself I told her. Good, follow me to my place if you have time she said more as a demand than as a request. Sure I told her and got to my car and followed her home. We got there and went in. She told me to relax while she got out of her work clothes. I took off some of my gear that I still had on and sat in a nice chair and turned on the TV. She came out a little later in a lovely silk top, string shoulder ties and a nice see thru thong that was a lovley accent to her nice round bottom. Her nipples wee obviously hard thru the top. Now, that is better don't you think. I could hardly say anything but managed to say, YOu look absolutely great. She smiled and blushed a little. Good, Now for another ice cream cone and I began to get up to go to the kitchen with her but she pushed me back into the chair. My ice cream cone is right here she said as she got on her knees in front of me and patted my crotch. She smiled and began to unzip my pants, slowly as if unwrapping a present she had waitied all year for. You know she said, I have always liked you, but I never thought you liked me. I told her she was wrong about that because I had always liked her too. Then you will not mind providing me with ice cream cones regularly will you Dear she said. Then the head of my cock disappeared into her mouth. She did this so slow that it seemed she was hardly moving but the sensations were wild. Every inch of cock was treated to a most wonderful mouth massage. It would go down her throat and she held it there using her muscles to make it pulse and throb and just as I was getting at the point of cumming she managed to slow down the massage so that I didn't. It was drving me up the wall and she was expert at it. Finally after about 40 min she said, Well, time for the cream and she no longer stopped but sucked my cock to completion and swallowed the cum without missing a drop. I kissed her and told her that was really crazy and no one had ever done it like that. She told me her ex-husband had been a very controlling dom and that he had demanded she learn to suck cock in every way and that now she thought she was addicted and dependant on having cock to suck. She had not had any for a couple months and was going crazy till I showed up and she decided I was the one to supply her with her needs. This was great I thought and asked her to lay down and she did, totally obedient. I stood up and undressed and laid between her legs and gave her to best pussy licking I had ever given anyone. She had several orgasms and when I was finished a nice wet pussy took my cock into it and supplied another orgasm for us. Then after Alice turned around and sucked me again, half hard for a while then fully hard she took her time again sucking and licking until finally again she swallowed another load. IT was then that I noticed that she had orgasms when I would cum in her mouth. I asked about that and she told me that he ex had trained her to have orgasms when giving another person pleasure. He had her give blow jobs to men at his office, his parties and other places where she sucked off men of all kinds as many as he told her to. She felt as if she had to have cock or she would die she told me. Well, Alice, AS long as I am around you can have all of mine that you can take. Good she told me and kissed me again. then she stood me up and dressed me. See you tomorrow at work then she said? Sure, I will be there during my rounds. Make sure you have cock for me then she said. At work I asked her. Oh, I think I can find a private place for me to have a little ice cream she told me. The 3 years I was there Alice never missed a single visit to the hospital I made that she did not give me a nice sucking and she took care neer to miss a single drop of cum. I asked around and found that she was true to her word, she was only sucking me all the time. Later in our relationship I asked her if she would like to have more than justy me and she told me that if it was what I wanted she would be happy to suck as many men as I wanted her too but that is for another time.

See ya gang.

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