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After Class

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It was just another normal day for Kate. She woke up, threw on a pair of tight jeans and a red shirt before making her way to class. She was 19 and studied English Literature. Her shoulder length brown hair tickled her neck as she walked down the tiled corridors of the college. She took her seat in the class next to her old high school friend Rachel.

The lesson was an exceedingly dull one and she needed to find something to pass the time away with. Rachel must have noticed her friend’s boredom and so sent a note across, talking about her date the night before with the captain of the football team. Both girls were dating members of the team now, but they still carried memories from their past of the two of them.

When they were 16 the two friends began experimenting with the other and on more than one occasion they had been caught eating each other out in their houses or making out in the locker room. That was in the past now, but both girls occasionally thought about it whilst they were together.

With 45 minutes of the lecture left, Rachel’s hand landed on Kate’s thigh and Kate stiffened. She glanced across at her friend, whose eyes were fixed on the lecturer. Rachel’s hand moved higher, rubbing Kate’s leg through the denim material. Kate leaned back and parted her legs, a silent gesture to encourage Rachel. As the minutes moved on, so did Rachel’s hand. It found the sensitive bit of skin on the inside of Kate’s thigh and the delicate touches were enough to speed up Kate’s breathing. Rachel pressed her finger against the rough seam of the jeans and Kate gripped the desk hard, her eyes momentarily rolling back into her head. Rachel smirked and pressed her finger again, harder this time, forcing a rough gasp from Kate’s throat. Kate’s legs widened again and allowed Rachel better access.

All those memories flooded Kate’s mind and she remembered just how little it took for Rachel to get her pussy dripping.

As soon as the lecturer dismissed the class, Kate and Rachel headed towards Kate’s dorm, their fingers brushing as they walked, little sparks shocking the other. Kate pushed the door open and shut it behind them both. She gazed at Rachel, lust burning in her eyes. Rachel smirked and pushed her friend back against the door, kissing her roughly, biting her lip, forcing her tongue into Kate’s mouth. Kate moaned in bliss; Rachel knew what she liked. Kate’s hand began to wander down Rachel’s body but Rachel grabbed her wrists and held her arms high above them both, tying her wrists with the belt from Kate’s jeans. Kate gasped and shivered as Rachel’s fingers fumbled with the buttons of her thin blouse, brushing the newly exposed skin. Her nipples were hard and visible through her red bra and she longed for Rachel to touch them. Rachel’s lips were on her neck now, sucking and biting at the skin, encouraging soft moans from Kate’s lips as the kisses got more intent, the biting harder. Kate’s knees almost buckled when Rachel’s hands finally found her firm 32D breasts, kneading them as she pulled the lace bra from her body, exposing her top half to the chill in the room. Rachel pinched her nipples hard, twisted them as her teeth nipped down Kate’s body, Rachel’s blonde hair tickling the exposed skin. Kate moaned loudly and wrapped a leg around Rachel, pulling their bodies together. Rachel replaced her hand with her mouth and sucked at Kate’s sensitive nipple while her free hand travelled to the crotch of Kate’s jeans and rubbed the area until she could feel her dampness seeping through the rough material. Kate was moaning her name, arching her hips to meet her hand. Rachel bit down hard on her nipple and Kate screamed in ecstasy. She moved her lips back up to Kate and kissed her passionately, cupping her face with a hand as the other fumbled with the zipper on her jeans, pushing them to the ground. Kate stepped out of them, leaving her in just her lace panties. Rachel dipped her hand inside, feeling her swollen clit and dripping pussy. Rachel pulled Kate away from the door and threw her towards the bed, pushing her down and pulling the panties away. She straddled Kate and tied her hands to the top of the bed, rendering her helpless to Rachel’s passionate assault on her body. Rachel tore off her own top, her 34C breasts bouncing as she grinded down on Kate. Kate moaned and arched her body, spreading her legs wide. Rachel pulled her skirt and panties off and rubbed herself before offering her fingers to Kate who sucked on them eagerly. Kate gasped as Rachel shoved two fingers into her pussy, twisting and fucking her as fast as her slickness would allow her. Kate began to writhe on the bed, her eyes closed, moans loud enough for people in the next room to hear, her orgasm building. Rachel finger fucked her faster and smothered her moans with her own lips, hungrily kissing her best friend with a passion like no other. Kate’s body began to spasm, her orgasm washing over her. She began to scream Rachel’s name into her mouth as she cum, harder than she had done in a long time. Rachel pulled away and replaced her lips with fingers, letting Kate taste her own sweet juices.

Before Kate could recover from her orgasm, she felt Rachel’s hot lips kissing the inside of her thigh, her breath tickling her swollen clit that was throbbing for attention. Kate moaned as Rachel took it into her mouth, sucking at it and humming, sending vibrations through the most sensitive area of Kate’s body. She swirled her tongue around Kate’s pussy and began to thrust it in and out, lapping at her juices. She rubbed Kate’s clit with her thumb, moving it softly in circles and occasionally pressing hard, causing Kate to scream. Kate arched her body, wanting more from her friend, needing more. Rachel moved her tongue faster, in and out of Kate’s young body as her thumb rubbed faster on the swollen clit. Kate’s orgasm washed over her again and this time, her screams were audible for everyone to hear. Rachel moved back up the bed, pressing her body firmly against Kate’s as the two young girls kissed, their emotions for each other raw.

“Let me eat you out.” Kate whispered breathlessly to Rachel.

The blonde girl smirked and moved her body, so her pussy hovered over Kate’s face. Kate’s long pink tongue slowly licked her pussy and Rachel gasped, lowering herself onto the flushed face of her friend. Kate’s tongue grew faster, licking and sucking on Rachel’s clit, darting in and out of her pussy, encouraged by Rachel’s loud moans and rocking. Rachel pushed Kate’s face deeper into her pussy, screaming as she came all over Kate’s face.

She rolled off of her friend and kissed her hard, tasting the juices from her own pussy. The two girls pulled back and looked at each other. Rachel untied Kate’s hands and kissed her friend one last time before getting dressed and leaving the room.

Tomorrow, it would be like nothing had happened between them...

Until after the Literature class....

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