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Adult store visit

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So I tell you we are going to an adult store some fun and naughty play time. After a shower and a few drinks we head to the adult store. Once inside we tour the toys and videos before heading to the back. As we enter you noticed there were booths with glass windows and asked about them so I tell you they are private viewing room. I pull you into one and slide some money into the slot and a dim light comes on showing us what behind the glass, a small bed covered in pillows and different dildos on a table. A woman walks in naked. She is about 30ish, thick, about "C" size tits long nipples and womanly hips. She is good looking. she sits and slowly begins rubbing her tits and nipple asking what we would like to see and before I could say anything you tell her you wantto see her cum. She sits back on the pillow and slowly begins rubbing her clit making it get hard and pop out from it's hood. I get behind you rubbing your tits as you pull your skirt up and begin tease your clit as she does. She noticed you doing the same as her and begins to slide fingers in to see if you do and you do. The two of you match each others playing. This is kept up for about 10 mins till the woman grabs a dildo and inserts it making you moan out, I reach down and can feel your dripping cum from your pussy. She sits up and tells us if we tip her an other $10 she will show us something special, I slide a 10 dollar bill in the slot and she slides up near the glass, places her feet on the glass. She starts pinching her clit and working the dildo faster and faster, moaning louder and louder. I have your shirt open pulling your nipples as you rub your clit hard and just as fast as she is. She pushes her hips up just as she pulls the dildo out a huge gush of cum sprays from her pussy, her hips fall back to the bed and she rubs her clit more as spray after spray of cum come shooting from her pussy coating the glass. With all the excitement you lean back on me as you cum with wan spraying her cum all over the glass. After she stop playing with her clit she sit up and kisses the glass thank us as the light dim out to black.

After we leave the booth you tell me you are needing to suck my cock. So i lead you to a video booth, lock the door, slide a couple of bills in the video machine getting the movies to start up. I slide my pants down, sit on the small bench as you kneed and begin sucking my cock which is covered in precum. As you suck my cock you work two fingers in your pussy, getting them soaking wet then pull them out and put your fingers in my mouth making me taste your pussy. You keep sucking me for a bit before stopping to sit up and kiss me. But as you look up at me you see me stroking a cock that is coming thru the gloryhole in our booth. You are a bit shocked but excited. Seating next to me you watch as I stroke the cock, playing with the head, stroking the shaft and just stroking up and down. You see me get close and close till you can't take it a start guiding me head forward as I open my mouth and take first the head then work it deeper and deep. Next thing you know I'm working this cock faster and faster. I pull off to catch my breath but grab a hand full of you hair forcing you forward making you suck it next. We take turns suck this guys cock, it's nit very big so we can easily deep throat it. You pull off once and tell you thick he is gonna cum and I grab his cock and jerk him off till we watch him shot cum landing all over the floor. Quickly his cock goes soft as he pull his cock back. Being turned on you push me back onto the bench as you lift your skirt and sit on my cock riding and grinding down slowly. Rocking back and forth you can see in the hole a guy on the other side of the gloryhole watching us fucking. I run my finger around the hole and the next thing we know the guy is sliding his cock thru this one isn't much bigger but still look nice. This time while still grind you lean over and begin sucking the guys cock, I'm playing with your tits and pulling your nipple with one hand as the other is rubbing your clit. I can tell you are close to an orgasm so begin rubbing your clit faster till I can tell you are cumming but your moans are being muffed with this guys cock in your mouth. I can see the guys cock getting thicker and when you pull back from his cock I grab it and jerk it and just he cums I lean you forward and aim his cock to shot all him cum all over your tits. Once again this guy goes soft quickly and pulls his cock out from the gloryhole. I turn you around and start sucking your nipples and licking up this guy cum from your tits. Knowing I haven't cum yet you get down on your knees and start sucking my cock. We can hear someone new come into the room next to us and with out even this guy slide his cock thru the hole but cock was lot bigger and black. The cock was very vainy, had a huge head on it and I could guess it was about 8". You look at and me and tell me if you want you to keep sucking my cock I need to start sucking that big black cock. Without  question I lean over and start suck this cock. You can tell I'm enjoying because my own cock grows in your mouth. And before you know it I holding your head forcing my cock in your mouth, unloading a huge amount of cum into your mouth and the could tell I was cumming because we could hear him talking dirty on how he could feel my muffed moan thru my mouth sucking his cock. I keep sucking and you start holding my head forcing more and more of his cock into my mouth. My cock got hard again and you jerk my cock as your other hand keep pushing my head. Once you hear me start gagging you let go of my head and I pull off. I spit all over the guys cock as you start jerking it. Next yourouth drop down on it and we start taking turns sucking this big cock. I tell you I want to see if you can work that cock in your pussy as you lean back against the wall. You stand lift your skirt up, as I hold his cock you back up to the wall and his cock slides in, about half of his cock works it's way in but enough to feel that big head stretch that pussy open. I reach unde and rub your clit as he pumps his hips. Next thing you know his cock pops out, you turn to see where it went and all you I can do is watch the hole to see if slides it back thru. We sit for a moment and about to get back into a video on the screen when we hear a knock on the door, surprised and a bit excited, cover my cock and you pull your skirt and shirt down and answer the door. I see your face light up as you step back and in walks a black guy. His sweats only cover up his cock but we can see it still hard and throbing. You step back and ask if he would mind me sucking his cock as you watched. He tells you yes as long as he get to finish off by fucking you more. Standing in front of me, with both of us sitting on the bench, he pulls down his sweats revealing a even big cock that what we saw thru the gloryhole. It was more like 9" with a huge set of balls. He look down at me and ask if I could handle that monster. I start off by grabbing his hip and place mouth over the head and start working his cock. I first work about half of it in then slide back, over and over I slide my mouth on his cock. I place my hand and fingers around the base of his cock and slowly stroke the rest of his cock that doesn't make it into my mouth. As I keep sucking more and more of my saliva start coating his cock making my fingers slide easier and easier. He is now holding my head guilding me as I work his cock. He tells you take off your shirt and reaches down playing with your nipple and he tells you to pull up that skirt and show him your pussy. When you do there is a pool of your juice collecting on the bench as you beginrubbing your clit and the guy start talking dirty tell me how good I'm sucking his cock and how hot your pussy looks. Just then a cock appears in the gloryhole next to your and you begin stroking it and spitting on it to lube it. You want to suck that cock but much rather watch me cuck this big cock. Getting more worked up you start telling to deep throat that cock. I reach around grab his ass as I start pulling him in more and more making more of his cock slide deeper and deeper down my throat. Everytime I gag I pull back spitting on his cock then dropping back down working his cock more I keep this up for a few more minutes till I have all but about 2 inches down my throat you can see my throat expanding with huge working in my throat. Watching me sucking that cock and stroking an other you can't take it and standing, bending over infront of me as the guy get behind and works his cock in. I grab your head and make you take my cock as his black guy begins to fuck you the head feels so huge in you, you try to moan but it is muffed by my cock.I stroke that cock in the gloryhole till I see precum building and lean over taking is cock in my mouth. The video booth fills with moaning from you getting fucked by a big black cock and sucking my cock. The guy is getting off on how tight your pussy feel wrapped around that fat headed cock and me because of your talented mouth sucking me. I'm moaning and gagging on the cock I'm sucking the cocking the gloryhole. The black guy start telling you he is gonna cum, you pull off his cock, sit on the bench pulling him close and wrap your tits around his cock as he begins fucking your tits but sucking the top half exposed. You look over at me and see me stroking my cock and really work the other cock. The black guy pulls back and starts stroking his cock fast, squeezing your tits together you talk dirty to him telling him to cum all over your tits, with that he begins shooting load after load of cum on your tits. Seeing all that cum on your tits I stand, jerk my cock and shot my load all over your tits. I grab your shoulders and guide you to the gloryhole and tell you to suck the cock but as you place your hand on it I huge load comes shooting out first hitting your chin as you aim it lower taking the rest all over your tits. As you jerk the gloryhole cock the black guy is already pulling up and heading out the door. As the door closes, you get up and sit on the bench rubbing in the cum all over your tits pool some on your nipples telling me to suck your nipples clean. I do as you ask and love the taste of the combo of 3 different loads. As the two of us get dressed an other cock slides thru the hole but we are to spend to go on and exit the booth..........................

Needless to say as soon as we get home I'm pulling off your skirt and pounding you for all I'm worth because that was one hell of and experience. 

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