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Adult Theater Fun

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My wife, Sugar is a cute, petite little 48 year old Slutwife! She's only 5' tall-weighs about 100 lbs with nice 34D's! She's a cute little package and we've been married for 24 years!

We've had a open marriage for years and I really enjoy watching her tease, suck and fuck other men. The thing I find most attractive about her is that she has a air about her of being a classy lady, but she will get down and dirty like a little whore if the mood suits her.

Last Friday evening I took her to a neighborhood adult theater. Sugar was dressed in a sheer black see-thru top and a short mini-skirt that barely covered her pantiless, shaved cunt.

The Theater had only about 8-10 men scattered throughout the room but most heads turned and checked us out as they saw my wife walking down the isle.

We took our seats and started to get into the movie , which was already halfway thru.

Onscreen, a Blonde woman was getting fucked by three well hung Black guys.

One in her cunt. One in her mouth and one in her ass! The action onscreen immediately made my dick hard and I put my arm around Sugar and snuggled up to her letting my hand get a feel of her left breast, squeezing her already hard nipple.

Sugar moved her hand over to my cock and rubbed it through my pants. I thought my dick was going to burst, so I unzipped my pants and set my monster free!

I noticed that many of the guys closest to us we're watching us and I said to Sugar, "We have a audience, Honey!"

"Yes, I know" she responded. "Should we give them a show?"

I knew what she meant since we had done this many times before.

"Sure, let the show begin." I said as I reached over and unbuttoned her blouse all the way and exposed her beautiful tits for all to see!

Sugar then bent over and engulfed my hard cock into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down, sucking me as if she was starving for cock!

One by one I noticed some of the guys getting up and re-seating themselves close to us to get a better view. A huge, fat guy took the seat next to Sugar and even gave me a high 5 watching as my wife gave me head!

I smiled and nodded as we greeted each other and watched as he reached over and started playing with Sugar's exposed tits.

The fat man kneaded her breast and nipple and Sugar moaned around my dick as she was enjoying the attention.

The Fat man moved his free hand between Sugar's legs and she opened them wide so he could get easy access to her wet pussy.

I thought it was funny that Sugar was getting turned on by a guy that she probably would be totally turned off to if she saw him, but since her head was buried in my lap and it was dark, she had no idea who was feeling her up!

Sugar moaned loudly as the Fat man inserted 2 fingers in her squishy cunt and finger-fucked her hard! This action was getting me totally turned on, knowing that my wife was going to have a orgasm soon so I held her head as I started face-fucking her, bucking my hips up to meet her mouth!

I saw the Fat man's sweaty face leering as he rammed his fingers in my wife's sloppy twat and I couldn't stand it any longer as I exploded my seed down her throat!

My wife was caught by surprise by the huge load and backed off my cock, immediately getting hit in the face by a huge load! I was in the middle of climaxing to I pushed her head back down on my dick to finish cumming in her mouth!

After I finished dumping my load in her belly, I let go of her head and relaxed with that easy-feeling afterglow of a good cum.

Sugar was still licking my cock clean and still moaning as the Fat man was still going at her cunt pretty good! Her hips we're gyrating as she definitely was ready to burst!

"Will she give me a blowjob?" the Fat man said frantically looking at me.

"That depends on her, My friend." I replied.

"Honey, your new friend here sure would like some head. Do you mind?"

Sugar raised up off my cock, looking up into my eyes smiling and said, "You bet! But I need something in my pussy or i'm going to explode!"

I said "Don't worry, Baby. I'll find somebody to fuck you. If not, I'll do it myself!"

Sugar turned around and saw the Fat man who still had his fingers in her twat.

I smiled as I saw the look of shock on her face, seeing this sweaty, greasy-haired guy that must have weighed 400 lbs. She looked back at me and saw me smiling and a look of realization hit her face and she slowly smiled and I knew that she was now going to suck a guy's dick that she found totally abhorrent!

"This is your lucky day, Mister" she said as she pulled his fat hand from between her legs and started licking the goo from his fingers. The Fat man was almost trembling as she sucked and licked her own juices.

"Take out that bad boy so I can see it!" Sugar demanded.

The Fat man raised his hips up and unzipped his fly. My wife reached under his big belly and reached into his fly and brought out a respectable cock of about 8 hard inches!

Good thing it's big, I thought or else she wouldn't be able to get at it under his belly.

My beautiful wife, who still had my cum splattered all over her face and her size D tits totally exposed, stroked the big cock with her hand. The Fat man was in total ecstasy as my horny wife pulled on his man meat. He reached over and mauled her big tits as she played with him.

"Your so beautiful" he kept repeating to her over and over .

I reached over and took his place between her legs and found my wife's cunt lips swollen, puffy and extremely wet! My whole hand almost went easily into her snatch! This guy had really opened my wife up when he was playing with her, I flicked her swollen clit with my thumb as the other 4 fingers moved in and out of her sloppy cunt!

I looked over just in time to see the Fat man bend over and suck on my wife's swollen left nipple. Sugar moved her head back and enjoyed the feeling of her nipple being sucked, a big dick in her hand and my hand in her twat!

Suddenly, I was astonished to see him rise up from her breast and take Sugar's face between his hands and move in to kiss her! I was sure Sugar would pull away in disgust, but to my amazement , she opened her mouth and accepted his kiss! The guy was really going for it! He started tongue-fucking her with a long, serious French kiss all the while massaging her giant boobs!

All this blew my mind and I stated finger-fucking her snatch as hard as I could! Sugar moaned into his mouth as he attacked her with the gusto of a total pervert!

Then it started! A low moan turned into a total quivering orgasm!

"Ohhhhhhh, Ahhhhhha Oh my God!" She yelled as her body was engulfed in sheer pleasure! The Fat man was still trying to tongue her as she was orgasming but she was shaking too hard!

"Oh Jeeeesus!" she exclaimed as I felt her pussy convulse on my fingers and I knew she was cumming hard!

Finally, her orgasm subsided and she moved closer to me and laid her head on my shoulder. Meanwhile Fat man was insistently massaging her tits and still trying to get some action.

"You better take care of him", I whispered in her ear. "Or we'll never get rid of him".

"I guess your right", she replied and moved over to him and took his dick in her hand again!

" I can't believe my luck" he said. "Thank you so much!"

My wife bent over and took his big dickhead into her mouth, slowly sucking his cock into her throat.

"FUCK! That feeeels good!" he responded. "That's right you little Whore! Suck my cock!"

I thought the guy had balls to be talking to my wife like that in front of me as she gave him a sympathy blowjob but what the hell! She is a slut after all.

The Fat man had his hands full of my wife's hair and thrust his cock down her throat, making her gag!

"Take my fucking cock down your throat, you little Slut!" he hissed, slamming her face into his fat crotch.

"I'm gonna fill your slutty mouth with my cum, you Bitch!"

"Arghhhhhh, ahhhhhh uhhhhhhh" he moaned as he lifted up holding my wife's mouth down on his spurting cock as he filled her mouth with his jizz!

Sugar choked but tried to swallow as much of his man-goo as possible. Some of his sperm was even coming out of her nose! This guy must have saved up this load for a year!

Taking his spent cock out of her throat, he still had a hold of her hair with one hand and smeared the head of his leaking dick all over my wife's face. Sugar winced as he did this, probably feeling a little degraded being used by this fat Slob!

"Thanks, Lady," he finally said as he put his satisfied cock back into his pants.

"You are sure one nasty little cocksucking cunt!!"

With that, he reached over and gave Sugar's nipple a hard squeeze, got up and left us alone in the darkness.

I hate to admit it, but watching my sexy wife of 24 years being used like a slut had already made my dick hard again and she looked over at me with her mussed hair and cum-smeared face and smiled.

"Did you enjoy that as much as I did?" she asked.

"You bet your life," I replied, "look at my dick! It's hard again!"

"I'm hot too!, Sugar said. Let's go find someone to fuck me!


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