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Adult Internet Cafe - It will blow your mind!

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I saw the ad posted under Business Services on Craigslist, but did not believe it. ?Adult Internet Café? ?Come surf your favorites sites for FREE - it will blow your mind? After seeing the ad, I had to check it out. When I walked through the door, there was only a couple of guys at various tables. All the tables had long table cloths that went down to the floor, flat panel monitors and 4 ? 5 basic office chairs around them.

The couple of guys that were sitting at 2 separate tables seemed to be really into what they were looking at. I could see that they were both looking at porn sites, one was watching a video of 2 guys doing DP on a sexy young blond. The other guy was watching what looked like two really sexy women kissing passionately but then they went into a 69 and it was very obvious that one of them was a tranny and the other women was just drop dead gorgeous. Then all of a sudden the guy watching the 3some, leaned his head back, grabbed the table and let out a very deep throaty moan. He was obviously Cuming but I could see both of his hands on the table. Then it dawned on me, he was getting a blow job or something from under the table. About the same time a very attractive mid 40?s couple walked through the front door. They strolled around for a bit - then I saw them walk to the back of the place and go down a small flight of stairs. As I was getting ready to pick a table to sit down at, two more guys came in the place and went straight to a table together. Soon they both were starting to surf their favorite sites when one of them started shifting in his chair, then he let out a deep breath and smiled, and then his friend leaned forward in his chair and started gripping the table with one hand and clicking through some sexy pics of young girls dressed in school girl outfits. Both of them were obviously enjoying whatever was happening to the under the table.

After seeing that, I did not hesitate ? I found the closest table, sat down and fired up the screen in front of me. The first thing I noticed was my feet were on the floor under the table, I felt and edge where there wasn?t any floor. There was a pit or a whole in the floor under my table it must have been that way under ever table. So I fired up the screens in front of me, I enjoy reading erotica and watching a porn vid at the same time, so I opened up my 2 favorite sites and started. As I searched for a story I knew I would love, I felt some strong but soft hands on my thighs. At first I jumped, then the hands glided to my hardening cock. I just relaxed, started reading my story and watched the video I had chosen to play. Just when I was getting to a really sexy part of the story a hand reached up and pulled my pants apart, then I felt a smaller softer hand pull my cock out releasing me from my pants. The smaller softer hand started to slowly stroke me getting me harder and harder. It felt so good the light teasing touch of those fingers, they were barely making contact with my skin, just hard enough to send an incredible tickling sensation through my whole body. After a few minutes of this I felt a very hot tongue lick up my shat from bottom to the tip and then back down again. The tongue felt, fat and soft and incredibly hot. As the tongue continued to go up and down on me, the small hand also continued to stroke me lightly. When the hand was at the top of my cock, the tongue was at the base, and it just alternated for what seemed like an eternity. It was an incredible feeling. Just as the tongue was reaching the base, and started to lick my balls, another hot mouth out of nowhere just engulfed the head of my dick. OMG ? it was hotter than the tongue, it was the most incredible feeling I have ever experienced. The mouth felt small around me, I could feel a small tongue lightly flicking just under the head. It continued this as it took more and more of me into the mouth. I did my best to continue reading and just as the story was really heating up, I felt both tongues start to lick up and down the side of my shaft, then a mouth would slip over the tip of my penis and suck just the head in and then they would rotate again. It was an incredible team effort. My penis was always in one hot mouth while the other mouth was licking me. Each time one of the mouths took sucked me in, they started taking me deeper and deeper. First, just the head, then the other mouth would take in an inch or two, then the other one would go a little deeper, soon I was getting swallowed the hilt. They alternated now, taking me into the back of their throats, then they would pull completely off of me, just long enough to feel the cold air around my cock, then the next mouth would just take me deeper again.

I had the strongest urge to look at who was under the table, I did not know if it was a man or women or both, but at this point I did not care. The mouths were incredible, the licking, sucking and alternating between hands, mouth and just the tongues were driving me crazy. All around me the other men were moaning and Cuming ? then I felt both mouths around the head of cock, they were quickly alternating between taking just the head in and out of their mouths and I felt the small hand lightly stoking my balls. I could not take it anymore and just exploded. I had to grip the table with both hands, my body started to shake, I could feel my cock jerk as each blast of cum shot out, it just throbbed and throbbed, I didn?t think it would ever stop. They continued to lightly suck on me as I calmed down and started to get soft. And without warning, it just stopped, and the mouths were gone.

I just sat at the table, trying to get some sort of strength back in my legs. After I was able to get control, I zipped and buckled my pants and started to stand up on some very wobbly legs. As I looked across the store, I saw that attractive couple come back up the flight of stairs, he just stared straight ahead never looking at anyone and she looked very timid, mostly staring at the floor as she walked by, just before they went out the door, she looked back at me and gave me a very cute but shy smile. Was it them? I think so. How do I feel about having a guy suck me off? Up until that moment, I would not have allowed it, but after that experience I will have to think twice about it.

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