June 20, 2018
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SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "Adventures In Paradise".



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‭About five years after my first trip to Hedo, my new wife Pat and I went back for a week. We went on the week that the Lifestyle club was scheduled, so we knew we’d have a good time. One of our favorite play -couples, Ron and Carolyn, went with us.

‭As we were waiting for the flight out of O’Hare in Chicago, I noticed that several of the other couples in the waiting room had Lifestyle tags on their luggage. I smiled to myself, knowing I'd be seeing them naked in a few hours.

‭When we arrived at Montego Bay, Pat and I got on the bus to await the ride over to Negril. The driver had to wait for another flight to arrive before we headed out. As we were sitting on the bus in the parking lot, Pat and I began kissing and groping each other. Eventually my hands were inside Pat’s shorts. Feeling how wet she was becoming, I knelt on the floor between her legs to lick and suck her pussy. Other guests were getting on around us, talking and laughing and stowing their bags. Even though we were right in the middle of a crowded bus, no one seemed to notice me on my knees, the smile on Pat’s face, or even the pleased noises she was making. It was going to be a wonderful week.

‭Checking in at Hedo that day was a nightmare. The resort was overbooked, and it took forever for us to get rooms. We sat around the lobby, drinking champagne and trying to stay cool. Once we all got rooms, Ron and Carolyn were beat, so after a quick walking tour, they went back to their room to rest. Pat and I stripped and headed to the hot tub, which was packed with naked bodies.

‭Although it was so crowded there was no way you could move without rubbing against nude swingers, there was very little overtly sexual activity going on. We were told that the security people strongly discouraged the guests from having sex in the hot tub. But, we were told, security went off duty at 2:00 AM. After that, “anything goes.” I wondered why, on a week that was devoted to a very randy group, they would be discouraging sexual activity. I later learned that each morning early they drained and cleaned the hot tub. Apparently during the day and early evening they were trying to keep the semen content of the water down to a minimum.

‭Pat and I got separated in the crowd as I went to get another drink, and I found myself talking with a couple from Canada. He told me that they this was their first trip to Hedo, and they had not known that the Lifestyle group would be there. She said that they had never thought about swinging, but since there was so much opportunity, they planned on talking about trying it during the week sometime. We each had another drink or two, don’t you just love swim up bars, and we moved over to the side of the pool. Casually I began playing with one her tits while her husband was playing with the other one. Soon, she had a cock in each hand, and she and I were kissing. Then, I slid up onto the side of the pool while she bent over and began sucking on me. Her husband got behind her, fucking her from behind. She took me out of her mouth, turned to her husband and said, “Weren’t we were going to talk about this first.” Without waiting for an answer, she got back to sucking my dick. Unfortunately about then the security guard came up and said to me, “Sir, that’s not allowed in here.” Reluctantly we disengaged. The Canadians were both embarrassed, and quickly moved away, leaving me sitting there with a lonesome hard on.

‭Not locating Pat in the hot tub, I went back to our room and found her sleeping. Still horny from the interrupted blow job I’d gotten, I woke her up and we fucked until time to get ready for dinner.

‭Ron and Carolyn still weren’t feeling all that well, so after dinner Pat and I headed back to the hot tub. Even though it was crowded, we found a space near the edge. We were talking and laughing, enjoying the warm Caribbean evening and the freedom of nudity. I sat on the side of the tub, and Pat moved between my legs, trapping my dick between her boobs. As she suggestively slid up and down, the woman next to us was staring at my hard-on being massaged by those massive tits. The woman, Donna, was one of those we had met in the waiting room in Chicago. She looked as good naked as I had earlier imagined.

‭Donna moved closer, so I leaned over and began caressing her breast. About then, her husband Ray swam up. When he saw what was going on, he stood behind Pat and rubbed his dick between her butt cheeks. I leaned over so that I could reach Donna’s pussy. Parting her lips, I ran my finger over her clit. Still staring at my cock without speaking, she put her hand over mine, directing my finger into her.

‭After fondling, flirting, and finger fucking for a while, we headed out to the far edge of the beach. Spreading out some towels, the women both laid on their backs while Ray and I buried our faces between their legs. I was really eating Donna’s pussy, when all of a sudden one of the security guards came up to us. He asked us, “Are you guests here?” I raised my head and answered in the affirmative, then asked if we were doing anything wrong. He just grinned and said, “No, go on wid what you doin’.” The ban on sex obviously only applied to the hot tub. I followed his instructions and immediately got back to licking that wet slit.

‭Still enjoying the taste of Donna’s pussy, I heard Pat moan as she started her orgasm. Although Donna made almost no noise at all, I knew she was coming from the way she grasped me with her thighs, and how her pussy muscles contracted against my tongue. I decided later that as they had small children at home, she must be in the habit of coming silently.

‭After Donna came all over my face, I lay on my back and let her suck on my cock. Just before my orgasm started, she took me out and rubbed me against her chest, making me come all over her tits. I noticed that her husband was coming happily in Pat’s mouth at the same time. Apparently Donna doesn’t swallow, which was why Ray was enjoying the experience of a completed blow job.

‭We rested and talked a few minutes, then Donna lay back on the towels and I mounted her, quietly sliding in and out of her pussy until we had both come again. Meanwhile Pat was noisily screwing Ray. Pat doesn’t care how much noise she makes when she’s fucking.

‭After we were all exhausted from sex, the four of us parted. Pat and I were completely worn out from the trip and our adventures. We headed back to our room where we both slept soundly. We’d have to wait for another night to learn what went on after 2:00 AM.

‭The next morning, I got up early, as is my habit. Pat stayed in bed, while I sat on the beach enjoying the morning sun. After a while, Pat, Carolyn and Ron came out on the beach. Pat told me that she and Carolyn had been giving Ron a “treat.” From the sheepish grin on Ron’s face, and the sight of his limp dick, I knew what she meant. Carolyn took my penis in her hand, and told me that she was sorry I’d not been there. She then kissed me on the head - the lower one. Taking the hint, I stood up, and Carolyn, still holding my dick, led me back to their room. Once there Carolyn laid on her back and I proceeded to part those curly red hairs between her legs with my tongue while she watched in the mirrored ceiling above the bed. From the familiar taste of her wet pussy, I could tell she was more than ready to be fucked. I moved on top of her and put my cock where my tongue had been. She grasped me firmly with her cunt and didn’t turn me loose until we’d both enjoyed spectacular orgasms.

‭Later that morning, I talked Pat into going on the snorkeling outing. The club took a boatload of guests out to the coral reefs every morning. Pat is not a good swimmer, and had been reluctant to go, however a friend told her that she could lay across a life jacket and not need to worry about swimming. Although ordinarily swimsuits are required, as we were going outside the club property; because this was Lifestyle week most restrictions were ignored. I went in naked, as did a number of other guests. Pat went in topless. I saw that one of the crewmen was staying right with Pat, showing her the various underwater sights. With a good view through my swim mask, I saw that as an enticement to get his help, Pat was letting him play with her tits.

‭I also noticed an attractive young couple from the club paddling around naked. While I watched, the guy swam up behind his wife, eased her legs apart, and began fucking her from the rear as they hung suspended in the clear water. I contemplated how lubricated she must be for him to enter her while immersed in salt water. I have been snorkeling before, but never had so many interesting things to view at once. I kept alternating my attention between the exotic fish, the coral formations, the young couple coupling, and Pat teasing the sailor. While he was pointing out the ocean wild life, Pat was rubbing his cock through his skimpy swim suit. And we still had the nude catamaran party coming up that evening. Just another day in paradise.

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