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A story I wrote my wife

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You wonder what I am thinking. You made an agreement and now you are worried. You keep asking me what I will make you do, and I just grin. As much as you are dreading what I have planned, you are also excited. The thoughts of what I am thinking make the juices begin to flow. I kiss you deeply and your pussy calls out for satisfaction. You beg me to tell you, but I will not give in.

We are at the club. We’ve danced and you have a good buzz. Your curiosity is beyond what you can stand. I kiss you again and you feel my hand go below. You are soaking wet. You are already primed for orgasm and you make me stop. I lick the juices from my fingers. I take you by the hand. It is now time.

We go upstairs. I send you to the large room in the back. You are surprised, because we have never gone there before. We take our clothes off and head to the room. I grab you and pull you tight. We kiss and my head lowers to your tits. I suck them and your nipples get hard. You moan with delight. My hand reaches down and rubs your clit. You make me stop. You know you can’t cum without permission.

“Bend over slut” I say. You do as you are told. You feel my hand smack your ass. It stings. I smack the other side, and continue to spank you. I don’t let up. Each smack is harder. Your ass turns a bright red and you feel the heat. I then go into the bag and grab the flog. I swing and you feel the sting. I tell you to ask for more. “Please whip my ass” you say. You wait for the sting. I stall and just when you think I won’t, I swing hard and fast. It hurts. You feel the welts rising. “Again I say”. “Please whip my ass.” People are now showing up to watch. You need stimulation. You hear me tell someone to play with your pussy. You are shocked. You feel the flog again, only harder.

“Don’t look back. Look down”. You feel fingers slide into your pussy. They aren’t mine. You have no idea whose fingers they are. You are very excited and feel the orgasm coming. The fingers pull out and the flog hits. Even harder this time. The sting is strong and your orgasm immediately subsides. You feel fingers again. This time they are smaller….a woman’s. She thrusts her fingers into you fast. You feel my had smack your ass. You don’t think you can take anymore. It hurts. The heat is tremendous, the welts hurt, but the spank does it’s job and stays off your orgasm. The woman is thrusting fast and hard into you. The spanks keep coming, harder each time. You want to tell me to stop, but you can’t because you have to focus on stopping your orgasm. The build is too much. The spanking and pain that is ripping through your body isn’t working…it is making it worse. “Tom!” you scream. Begging for permission to come. Then it stops. Fingers are pulled out. “Don’t you fucking cum” I say. You have to pull back.

I come around to the front. “Look up” I say. You look up at me. I kiss you. I go into the bag and get the blind fold and place it over your eyes. All you see is darkness. “Roll over”. You obey.

I start sucking your tits. You feel my warm mouth on your nipple. You feel my fingers pinching your other titty. I squeeze harder. The pain shoots straight to your pussy. Then you feel a head between your legs. You feel the tongue. It isn’t mine. The tongue rolls over your clit. I continue to suck your titties. Fingers plunge into you and you hear me order you to come. Immediately the orgasm rocks you. You pump your hips to meet the licks and to drive the fingers deeper. It goes through your body. You scream with pleasure. It feels like it is lasting forever. Then it subsides and you feel the head pull away. You are breathing fast. You have no time to recover when you feel another head between your legs. You don’t know if it is man or woman. You just know it’s different. Once again, you feel fingers sliding inside you. You don’t know where I am. “Tom” you say. “I’m here” my reassuring voice says.

“Stick a finger in her ass”. You feel a lubed finger enter your ass and begin to fuck you. You feel the fingers fucking your pussy and your ass. Immediately another orgasm rocks you. You feel the finger deep inside your ass and you pump hard screaming in pleasure. The orgasm subsides. You feel your pussy throbbing.

You are breathing hard. “Do you want to suck dick?”. “Please” you respond. “On your knees” I order. You obey. You feel a dick near your face and you grab it and wrap your lips around it and suck hard. Only it isn’t me. You feel my hand on the back of your head driving the dick down your throat. I hold it and you start to gag. Just when you feel the panic of not being able to breath I let go and you gasp for air and then I drive your head back on the dick, gagging you again. I let go and you gasp for another breath. You feel another dick near you and you grab it and begin pumping as bob your head sucking another dick. You feel my fingers slide down and enter your pussy. You sense another dick around you, and another. “Suck all those dicks” I say. And you oblige. Grabbing and jacking off a dick as you suck another. Big dicks, small dicks, fat dicks. You suck them all greedily. Then you feel me slide underneath you and you lower your pussy onto me. You begin to grind your hips and another orgasm hits and you take the dick in your mouth deep. You take turns on the dicks as you fuck me. Grinding your hips, orgasm after orgasm. You sense a dick building and it explodes cum in your mouth. You drink it greedily. Then someone else puts a dick near your face and you suck and your mouth is filled again.

Your orgasms are now constant. You suck dicks and you drink cum. You lose count of the number of dicks that you have sucked off. You drain the last one and grind your hips hard against me. I roll you over and start pounding my dick into you. You are exhausted, but I keep going. I drive my dick into you fast and hard. You are screaming with pleasure. You feel yourself squirt and soak the sheets. You want to beg me to stop but you can’t because you can’t breathe. Then I stop.

You wanted me to cum in you, but you know I couldn’t. “When we get home” you hear me say. You are hyperventilating. “Breathe slowly” and you try to slow your breath. Finally you gain control. You breathe more slowly. “Good girl” I say. You taste cum all in your mouth. Your pussy is still pulsating from the pleasure. You reach up and grab your blind fold and take it off. You look around.

The room is empty.

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