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A night to remember (MMF)

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We had agreed to meet him at a local Irish Pub type restaurant. Whenever we are setting up a first meeting with a single guy, it is always somewhere public until we know that we all click and he is not an incredible jerk.

For some reason, I love the thought of my wife with another man or two….hell, if I could get guys to actually show up all at the same time I would love to watch her with as many guys as possible. On this night, it would just be one.

Marianne is an incredible beauty and one of the sexiest women I have ever seen. At 36, she has eyes that are to die for and her 5’5” body has an incredible “you know you want to fuck me” look to it! She has the most amazing 34D breasts with nipples that stick out quite far, far enough that normal bras do not hide them well at all…and well; I won’t even get into what an incredible ass she has.

Marianne had worn a pair of tight fitting jeans and a nice, tight, form fitting sweater that shows off her incredible breasts. I knew that she did not want to get too sexy because her expectations of first meetings are quite low. We have had out share of duds or guys that come up with an excuse to not show up.

We were finishing our dinner when my cell phone rang…I thought to myself, here we go again – another excuse. To my surprise, he was letting me know that he was in the area, just searching for a parking spot. It did not take long for him to find us and we all introduced ourselves. Marianne stood up and gave him a hug...Nothing special, just an “it’s nice to see you” hug. I could tell that she would be ok with this one. Simon was a little shorter than me but you could tell that he worked out and was fit. He appeared to be about my wife’s age maybe a few years younger. We all made small talk and it appeared like the evening would not be a let down. Simon was a very confident guy but not cocky. Marianne likes guys that are not afraid to take what they want or let it be known what they need. He excused himself to go to the restroom and I asked Marianne if she would be ok with him…she nodded yes and I could tell that visions were already dancing in her head. When he came back I was paying the bill and asked if everyone was ready to go. Simon had no idea whether he had passed the test or not and we waited until we were outside to let him know. Marianne asked him if he would like to join us back at out place. He very quickly said YES. Marianne then told him that we were about 5 minutes away and that, if it was ok, she would ride with him and I would follow in our car. He did not hesitate. As I went my way to reach our car and they walked the other way, my head started to race with what was probably in store for tonight. I had all kinds of visions of what we would do.

We arrived at our house and walked inside. This has always been the hardest part for us. Here we are – we all know why we are here – but it is not easy going from 0-60 – As I retrieved some drinks from the fridge, Marianne jokingly mentioned taking a dip in the hot tub to “warm up”. Simon immediately jumped in and said how cold he was – we all got a good laugh out of that and continued with a little small talk. Once again Simon said, “it is really cold…the hot tub might be a great idea” and with that Marianne said she would be good with that and looked at me. I glanced at Simon and then I glanced at Marianne and I told them both to go and have fun. I was going to turn on one of the games and just relax until they were all warmed up. I think that startled my wife a little. She hadn’t expected to be left alone with him to start off – but she went back to put her robe on. She returned from our room with just her bathrobe on and a couple of towels and it was clear that Simon had no idea what to do…should he go with her with all his clothes on? Should he take them all off? She took him by the hand and led him out the back door to our deck and the tub. As I sat on the couch I could hear their voices in the darkness. There wasn’t much that I could make out as it was all kind of muffled but I could tell that they were talking and laughing and it seemed like they were hitting it off well. Every once in a while there would be a lull in the conversation and I would have to sit there and wonder what they were doing…were they kissing? Touching? More?? The more I thought about it the more I wanted to get up and take a peek out of the window but I stayed where I was – feeling my cock react to my thoughts.

After what seemed like a long time, but in reality had only been about 20 minutes, the door opened and they came inside. He was wearing a towel around his waste and Marianne had on her robe. He excused himself to the restroom and I asked her if she had fun…she walked up behind me, leaned over, put her arms around my neck and said, “Oh my god yes, he came all over your girls!” I was rather surprised by that – we generally like the night to last longer than 20 minutes and well, I like to watch at least some of it – especially when she gets the guy off – that is quite erotic to me. I think she sensed my disappointment when she said, “Don’t worry baby, we’re not done.” I have to admit, the thought of what happened out there without my knowledge was incredible. My cock was aching to be touched – and my head raced with visions of how it happened. I would have to wait for later to hear that story. Marianne had other things in mind for now.

Simon made his way out of the restroom and Marianne walked back into our bedroom with him in tow. I stayed on the couch for just a bit longer. I saw him follow her into our bathroom and I could, once again, hear them giggling and talking. From my vantage point on the couch, I could see into our room and I saw them emerge from the bathroom and fall onto the bed. Marianne fell down on her back and Simon fell down on top of her – they were locked in a long, hot kiss. I could see her hands making their way down his muscular arms, over to his back and down to feel his ass. Simon started to slowly kiss down her body. Stopping at her tits – taking her nipples into his mouth. She really loves having her nipples sucked and he must have sensed this as he spent some time there. He made his way down her flat belly to her incredible pussy. I watched as she spread her legs open for him to enjoy. It is always such a turn on for me to watch her give herself to another man, there is just something about watching my wife get and give pleasure and watching her with another cock…knowing exactly how it feels when she does those things. I could tell that she was totally enjoying the sensations that his tongue was causing as I made my way into the room. I saw her head turn slightly to watch me as he licked her pussy and sucked gently on her clit. I walked around to where her head was and planted a long, hot kiss on her lips. She moaned and I could tell that he was about to taste one of her incredible orgasms. I moved down to take her nipple into my mouth and sucked and licked and teased it. I could smell his scent all over her as she let out a moan, caught her breath and let out a scream of passion. I could tell that she was soaking him with her juices and he was loving every minute of it. I was rock hard and dying to get in on some of this action.

I think she could tell that I was ready as her hand made its way to feel the outline of my cock through my jeans. Once again she let out a little moan and I could tell she wanted more. She unzipped my jeans and helped me let them fall to the floor. She rolled over on her belly and took my cock in her mouth as Simon knelt on the floor on the other side of the bed. I could watch him staring at her ass. So I started to rub it as she sucked my cock. I crawled up on the bed and had her roll over onto her back again. Now, Simon was staring straight at her pussy. I spread her legs and let my hand wander to her wet pussy. My fingers were getting soaked and I could see that Simon was enjoying the show. I spread her lips apart for him to see as she sucked and stroked my cock. It was amazingly HOT knowing that I was showing another man my wife’s pussy. He stood up and began to stroke his cock – he was not very hard as he had just cum not too long ago. I know that I require quite some time to be able to go there again so I just figured he was trying to feel as good as possible. He rubbed his cock on her pussy as I spread it open for him. The next thing I knew, his cock was sliding inside of her. It must have caught Marianne off guard as well as she stopped sucking my cock and looked up at my face, as if to say, “Are you watching this”? “Do you like what you see”? I looked down to see his cock growing inside of her and her moving her hips to meet his strokes. Watching his cock slide in and out of her pussy…watching her pussy adjust to his cock as it got bigger and harder was amazing. It made my cock stand at full attention, just begging to be touched, sucked or fucked. Every time he pulled back out of her I could see his cock get more and more wet – she was soaked and getting wetter by the stroke – I could tell that she was enjoying getting fucked by this guy we just met. I could also tell that he was enjoying the hell out of fucking my wife as he kept moaning and moving and rearranging her. He would pull her legs up so they were over his shoulders, then he would roll her halfway over…all the while he was getting harder and harder with each stroke inside of her. I lost track, but I am certain that she came all over his cock at least 4 times. It was taking everything I had to not cum – I wanted to but I also wanted to enjoy this for as long as possible.

I pulled back away from her face and just watched the 2 of them go at it. Marianne loves to be fucked slow and easy…and he seemed to get that. Not too many guys do. Most of them think they have to be meat pounding porn stars to give women what they want. Simon seemed to understand this although, at times, he would start to fuck her like an animal. She is ok with this too, but overall she likes it slow and easy – she wants to be able to feel a cock slide in and out of her and she wants to be able for the guy to feel her pussy grab his cock, stroke his cock and hopefully, make him cum. He turned her over, pulled her ass in the air and positioned himself behind her. She leaned her ass up as if she couldn’t wait for his cock to be inside of her again. He slowly entered her this way as she motioned for me to come back over to her. One of her favorite things is to suck a cock while she is being fucked. She said that it is a huge turn on for her. Well, who am I to not give her what she wants? I presented my hard cock to her mouth as he fucked her from behind. His hands were running all over her incredible ass. What a site that was. Her moans were muffled by my cock sliding in and out of her mouth. At one point, I was fucking her mouth and he was fucking her pussy and all she could do was moan and moan and cum and cum. I wanted to be inside of her pussy so badly.

Simon slid out of her again and she rolled onto her back. I crawled up to her face again and rubbed my cock on her lips. I was running my hands all over her gorgeous tits and nipples as he positioned her where he wanted her again. This time, he grabbed her legs, spread her wide and slid his cock inside of her. I was positioned perfectly to watch her get fucked. I could see her lips grab his cock as he slid out of her and suck it in as he slid into her. I could feel her breathing increase as he fucked her and I stroked my cock inches from her face. He had both of her legs in the air as he kept fucking her. I could see his cock get harder and harder with every stroke and my cock was doing the same. She let out a moan and closed her eyes as wave after wave of orgasm shuttered through her body. He was breathing harder and harder and I could tell that he was close as I stroked my cock for her. Simon gasped and said “I’m gonna cum” and slid into her as far as he could go – as we watched his body shake and his cock twitch. Watching him cum inside of her was too much for me and as I stroked, my cock erupted all over her beautiful tits, neck and chin. We all lay there exhausted but well satisfied. We lay there for a while and then Simon got dressed, kissed Marianne goodbye and left.

As I lay there on the bed, she proceeded to tell me what had transpired in the hot tub. She told me that he watched her take off her robe and could hardly believe his eyes as she had nothing on under it. She had told him if he wanted to get warm, he might want to get his clothes off. He did so and joined her in the hot water. She said they made small talk for a while as she moved over next to him in the tub. They were still talking when he slipped his arm around her and kissed her deeply. She said that he could actually kiss. So many of the others were like lizards but he got it right away and kissing him was making her hot. She said that he moved to be in front of her and his hands started rubbing her arms and legs. As she spoke, my cock was awakening again – she smiled and started to stroke me with her hand as she told me the rest of the story. As his hands moved, they found her breasts and he made a comment about how incredible they were. He seemed to really enjoy them as he stayed there for quite a while – caressing, kissing and sucking them – then his hands made their way to her pussy. She stopped him and told him that he couldn’t play with her in that way in the hot tub. The hot water and the chemicals have never been compatible with her body. But she reached out for him and her hands found his cock standing rock hard at attention. She stroked him for a little while to let him know that he would be taken care of. She told me how he took his hands and slid them under her ass and lifted her up off of the seat – he was just holding her in the water, suspended. As they kissed, she would bob up and down in the water and she could feel his hard cock slide up and down on her pussy. She was getting hotter and hotter and really wanted him to fuck her. The tub shut off after its time limit was reached and she sat back down on the bench ledge in the tub. Simon stood to get out and when he did, his rock hard cock was inches away from her mouth. Instinctively, she reached for it and put her lips around it. It was then that he asked her if he could cum on her tits before they went in the house and she said yes – she continued to suck and stroke his cock as he got harder and harder – her hand would play with his balls as he slid in and out of her mouth. She was still stroking me while she recounted this and she could tell that this was turning me on incredibly. She told me how she continued to suck him and stroke him and how she really wanted to make him cum. He watched his cock slide in and out of her mouth and told her that he was ready to cum – he pulled out of her mouth, rubbed his cock on her lips and stroked himself as he began to cum all over her chest and tits – his cum covered her tits, nipples and chest as he stood there shaking….as she told me this, my body tensed up and I erupted all over her hand and my belly. Wave after wave of cum. She loves the fact that watching her or thinking about her with other men makes me crazy and she is looking forward to our next encounter…so am I.

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